Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Liberal Arts Degree Leads to 9/11 Truth

"Harvard President Drew Faust, a Civil War historian, has said that education in the humanities prepares students to challenge the status quo. "That kind of critical thinking and questioning is something we should encourage and instill more fully than we do."

Unless it involves CERTAIN TABOO TOPICS, right?

I'm getting kinda tired of elite hypocrisy, aren't you?

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Student Science Question For Obama

Hit-and-Run Horror in LA

The pain deserves recognition and sacrifice.

Just viewing the photo turns me to tears; the heartbreak in the woman's eyes is too much.

Carmen Bachan, mother of hit-and-run victim Adrianna Bachan, held a picture of her daughter yesterday.
Carmen Bachan, mother of hit-and-run victim Adrianna Bachan, held a picture of her daughter yesterday. (Lawrence K. Ho/ Los Angeles Times via Associated Press)

"Hit-and-run driver kills college freshman, injures another in Los Angeles" by Associated Press | March 31, 2009

LOS ANGELES - A driver hit two University of Southern California freshmen - killing one - and driving off with the other caught on the hood until stopping to let a passenger out to pull the wounded student off the car, police said yesterday.

Adrianna Bachan, 19, of Santa Barbara, was killed and Marcus Garfinkle, 19, of Scottsdale, Ariz., was seriously injured at about 3 a.m. Sunday when the motorist ran a red light and struck them just north of the campus. Garfinkle was pulled off the car and the passenger got back in and it drove away....

I can't believe the callous inhumanity of some people. I'm sitting here in stunned disbelief!

No arrests had been made yesterday.... Police said there were four or five witnesses to the hit and run, which occurred as the students were returning to campus after attending fraternity parties in the neighborhood.


None of the witnesses saw the car's license plate. Police hoped the public or a car-repair shop worker might spot the vehicle, which has a cracked windshield and a damaged front end.



Fargo Flood Confirms Global Warming a Fraud

"flooding, which was caused by heavier-than-average winter snows, combined with spring rains and an early freeze last fall that locked a lot of moisture into the soil"

A what?

What more do you need, readers?

Weathering the MSM Lies

"Blizzard tests inundated levees, patience of Fargo residents; Dikes shored up in bid to avert more flooding" by Dave Kolpack and Matthew Brown, Associated Press | March 31, 2009

FARGO, N.D. - A blizzard battered North Dakota yesterday, threatening to create wind-whipped waves that could lash the patchwork levee system that has shielded much of Fargo from the swollen Red River.

Engineers scrambled to shore up the dikes in hopes of averting the latest potential disaster nature has inflicted on this beleaguered city. The winter storm was expected to bring up to a foot of snow and 30 mile-per-hour winds and big waves that could weaken the levees. Officials admitted that no one knows whether the levees will withstand the punishment.


It is NO LONGER WINTER, you fart-misting f***s!!!

This is DELIBERATE DECEPTION by the MSM so they can HOLLER GLOBAL WARMING the first warm day!!!! Mark my words, folks!!!

"The difficulty with an epic flood is nobody has been through it before," said Tim Mahoney, the city commissioner. "You can't ask someone, 'Hey, what's going to happen next?' "

Think God is unhappy with the Afghanistan escalation? Just asking....

The Red River dropped to 38.96 feet yesterday, nearly 2 feet below its peak but nearly 21 feet above flood stage. City officials have said they would breathe easier when the river falls to below 36 feet. Authorities were not especially worried about the snowfall because flood levels will have dropped by the time it melts. But forecasters have warned all along that the river could rise. They believe the river could drop 2 more feet in the coming days before inching upward again.

Some residents in the Fargo area said yesterday's snowstorm amounted to a kick in the gut after a grueling week of filling sandbags and fortifying their homes against flooding, which was caused by heavier-than-average winter snows, combined with spring rains and an early freeze last fall that locked a lot of moisture into the soil....

And the LYING MSM hasn't helped.

Engineers are worried that the levees could give way at any time, and they sent teams out to vulnerable areas yesterday to strengthen the system. National Guard members placed sheets of plastic over the levees to shield them against waves. Corps engineer Tim Bertschi said when water pressure gets strong enough, the sandbags can begin to shift, a weakness that surging water will exploit.

Another potential problem is posed by large chunks of ice in the river's currents. When those chunks hit a levee, they can speed its erosion or punch holes in the plastic sheeting. Once water gets in, a levee becomes much more susceptible to failure.

As the city waited for the storm, schools and many businesses were closed for a second week, meaning thousands of people are not drawing paychecks and are eager to get back to work....


Yeah, the people are worried about GETTING BACK to WORK!!!!

I think they HAVE BIGGER PROBLEMS right now, and WORK ain't on of 'em!!!!


Is It Getting Hotter in Here?

Could be....

"Two-way communication between NStar and consumers will also allow the company to eventually ask customers to help reduce electricity consumption during peak-demand periods.... when the utility has a need to reduce load for whatever reason"

Like in the summer when its hot out?

"The EPA attributed the decrease to fewer days with temperatures exceeding 90 degrees"



"Utilities plan to let consumers watch energy use" by Erin Ailworth, Globe Staff | March 31, 2009

Thousands of Massachusetts electric utility customers could be using cutting-edge technology next year that will let them monitor electricity use, increase efficiency, and make it easier to access renewable energy.

Four utilities this week are expected to file proposals with the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities, outlining "smart grid" pilot programs, which are required under the Green Communities Act signed last year by Governor Deval Patrick. The proposals must be filed by tomorrow and be approved by the state.

Stephen Connors, a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Energy Initiative, said environmentalists and others have been pushing for smart-grid technology for over a decade because it will enable consumers to use less electricity and benefit the environment....

Under National Grid's two-year pilot proposal, approximately 15,000 meters that read energy consumption almost in real-time would be installed in homes and businesses in a 30-square-mile area of Worcester that includes Webster and Tatnuck squares, Airport Hill, and the city's northwest area. Customers could access the information via the Internet, by a thermostat readout, or through text messaging, and use the data to change their consumption patterns....

The company's pilot program - the largest of the four proposed - is expected to cost consumers about $57 million, or less than a dollar a month for each of National Grid's 1.3 million electric customers. But program participants are expected to save 5 percent, or about $70 a year, on their energy bills.

This is what they PROMISE!! See Obama's Face Fart for more.

NStar's plan, meanwhile, calls for partnering with Tendril Networks Inc., a Colorado energy-efficiency company, to provide nearly 3,000 customers in Newton and Hopkinton with energy-consumption information - accessible on the Web - gathered from electricity meters every 15 seconds. Two-way communication between NStar and consumers will also allow the company to eventually ask customers to help reduce electricity consumption during peak-demand periods.

"The customer could say, 'All right, when the utility has a need to reduce load for whatever reason, send a signal to my smart thermostat,' " said Doug Horan, an NStar senior vice president.

Western Massachusetts Electric Co.'s pilot proposal concentrates on 600 to 800 low-income customers in the Springfield area who would be offered several different options. One features a discounted rate for the first 300 kilowatt hours of power they use each month, and a higher rate thereafter - similar to a cellphone plan that costs more for extra minutes.

Company spokeswoman Sandra Ahearn said the goal is "to encourage conservation" and "give our low-income customers some valuable tools to reduce their energy consumption and thereby save."

Seriously, since when the hell did business ever give a rat's ass about the poor?

And the Globe expects us to buy this slop-shit?

State and utility officials said they hope such programs revolutionize the electric grid.

That is what the AGENDA-PUSHING GOAL really is!!!!

"We think it can save an enormous amount of money for the consumers," said Ian Bowles, secretary of the state's Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. Bowles said he envisions a smart grid that rewards customers with lower bills if they use more electricity during off-peak hours.

Well, there is a REASON it is PEAK HOURS!


I work enough at night, asshole!!!


Al Gore's Girls

"Ships deployed to monitor N.Korea launch" by Associated Press | March 31, 2009

SEOUL - .... Two American journalists working for former vice president Al Gore's Current TV media venture remained in North Korean custody after allegedly crossing the border illegally from China on March 17. The state-run Korean Central News Agency said early today that the two reporters would be indicted and tried for illegal entry and "hostile acts."


So what is fat-ass Al up to?

The world according to Al Gore

Global warming guru Al Gore spoke at the Citi Performing Arts Center Wang Theatre last night, part of "Speaker Series: The Minds That Move the World." (Bill Maher and Ann Coulter had a rousing good time a few weeks back.) These days, the former VP is chairman of Current TV, an independently owned cable and satellite nonfiction network based on viewer-created content and citizen journalism."

Oh, so GASBAG AL was GRABBING his WANG while HIS SPY GIRLS are in a North Korean prison, huh?

Here's what else was on the names page:

"Madonna in Malawi

Madonna and her three children toured a day-care center in Malawi built by her charity yesterday as critics slammed the star's attempt to adopt a second child from the poor African nation and a judge delayed a ruling in the case until Friday. Some child advocacy groups say the 50-year-old pop star's plans to adopt a young girl have been fast-tracked because of Madonna's money and status (AP)."

It figures that the jooish skank makes the

Here is another whore they featured. Sick of hearing about them, too!

Tom Brady's Building Bonanza

Tom Brady is Not Really Hurt

Obama Takes a Walk in the Woods

I'm of mixed feeling on this issue. I am for preserving the environment; however, I don't trust globalists to do it. Seems to me they are sealing off much off the country after which they can heard us into the compact urban cities in their slave society. I don't know; maybe I've seen EndGame too much.

The Globalist Ted Turner's Land Grab

"Obama signs bill protecting 2 million acres of wilderness" by Associated Press | March 31, 2009

WASHINGTON - President Obama signed legislation yesterday setting aside more than 2 million acres as protected wilderness. Obama called the new law among the most important in decades "to protect, preserve and pass down our nation's most treasured landscapes to future generations."

Obama said the law guarantees that Americans "will not take our forests, rivers, oceans, national parts, monuments, and wilderness areas for granted, but rather we will set them aside and guard their sanctity for everyone to share. That's something all Americans can support."

It all sounds good, so why am I so suspicious?

The unending agenda-pushing and lies? That means pollution will stop, right?

The law represents one of the largest expansions of wilderness protection in a quarter-century. It confers the government's highest level of protection on land in nine states.

Land protected ranges from California's Sierra Nevada and Oregon's Mount Hood to Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado and parts of the Jefferson National Forest in Virginia. Land in Idaho's Owyhee canyons, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan, and Zion National Park in Utah also won wilderness protection.



"House votes to protect wilderness" by Associated Press | March 26, 2009

WASHINGTON - Congress set aside more than 2 million acres in nine states yesterday as protected wilderness, from California's Sierra Nevada mountains to the Jefferson National Forest in Virginia. The legislation is on its way to President Obama for his expected signature.

The bill would be one of the largest expansions of wilderness protection in a quarter-century. It would confer the government's highest level of protection on land in California, Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Virginia, and West Virginia.


Fascism in the Name of the Environment

Bush Bankrupted Pension Insurance Fund


Throughout my whole life, I never believed the lying looters' promises. I'm never going to see a pension, Social Security, or retirement -- nor are the millions of young people behind me.

They have LOOTED the NATION, people, and it is time to WAKE UP and SMELL the S*** PILE!!!!

These (continuing) "BAILOUTS" have been nothing more than the GREATEST HEIST in WORLD HISTORY.

Corporate Pension Funds Next in Line for Bailout Loot

"Pension insurer shifted to stocks; Concern increases as losses mount; Failing plans could overwhelm agency" by Michael Kranish, Globe Staff | March 30, 2009

WASHINGTON - Just months before the start of last year's stock market collapse, the federal agency that insures the retirement funds of 44 million Americans departed from its conservative investment strategy and decided to put much of its $64 billion insurance fund into stocks.

That can't have been good.

Switching from a heavy reliance on bonds, the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation decided to pour billions of dollars into speculative investments such as stocks in emerging foreign markets, real estate, and private equity funds....

No statistics on the fund's subsequent performance were released. Nonetheless, analysts expressed concern that large portions of the trust fund might have been lost at a time when many private pension plans are suffering major losses. The guarantee fund would be the only way to cover the plans if their companies go into bankruptcy.

"The truth is, this could be huge," said Zvi Bodie, a Boston University finance professor who in 2002 advised the agency to rely almost entirely on bonds. "This has the potential to be another several hundred billion dollars. If the auto companies go under, they have huge unfunded liabilities" in pension plans that would be passed on to the agency.

Translation: you are fucked, America. It's over. There is no money left.

In addition, Peter Orszag, head of the White House Office of Management and Budget, has "serious concerns" about the agency, according to an Obama administration spokesman.

Last year, as director of the Congressional Budget Office, Orszag expressed alarm that the agency was "investing a greater share of its assets in risky securities," which he said would make it "more likely to experience a decline in the value of its portfolio during an economic downturn the point at which it is most likely to have to assume responsibility for a larger number of underfunded pension plans."

Little late now, isn't it?

However, Charles E.F. Millard, the former agency director who implemented the strategy until the Bush administration departed on Jan. 20, dismissed such concerns. Millard, a former managing director of Lehman Brothers, said flatly that "the new investment policy is not riskier than the old one."

Ah, yes, the revolving door of Wall Street and Washington.

He said the previous strategy of relying mostly on bonds would never garner enough money to eliminate the agency's deficit. "The prior policy virtually guaranteed that some day a multibillion-dollar bailout would be required from Congress," Millard said.

But you had to go and make it worse just before you left town, huh?

He said he believed the new policy - which includes such potentially higher-growth investments as foreign stocks and private real estate - would lessen, but not eliminate, the possibility that a bailout is needed.

So that it NOW will cost TRILLIONS MORE? WTF is this double-talking nonsense from these lying looters?

Asked whether the strategy was a mistake, given the subsequent declines in stocks and real estate, Millard said, "Ask me in 20 years. The question is whether policymakers will have the fortitude to stick with it."

(Blog editor is beside himself right now; we NEED THAT MONEY NOW!!!!)

But Bodie, the BU professor who advised the agency, questioned why a government entity that is supposed to be insuring pension funds should be investing in stocks and real estate at all. Bodie once likened the agency's strategy to a company that insures against hurricane damage and then invests the premiums in beachfront property.

Yeah, good question.

See: Swapping Partners Good For Health

The Difference Between Deval Patrick and Mitt Romney

Since he issued that warning, he said, the agency has gone even more aggressively into stocks, which he called "totally crazy."


The agency's action has also been questioned by the Government Accountability Office, the investigative arm of Congress, which concluded that the strategy "will likely carry more risk" than projected by the agency. "We felt they weren't acknowledging the increased risk," said Barbara D. Bovbjerg, the GAO's director of Education, Workforce and Income Security Issues.

Analysts also believe the strategy would not have been approved if the government had foreseen the precipitous decline in the stock market. Now, they warn about a "perfect storm" scenario in which the agency's fund plummets in value just as more companies go into bankruptcy and pass their pension responsibilities onto the insurance fund. Many analysts say it is inevitable that the agency will face significantly increased liabilities in coming months.

Yeah, ALL those CORPORATIONS are going to fob of their retirement costs on YOU, American taxpayers!!! I'm wondering how many more burdens those assless, narrow shoulders can bear.

"The worst case scenario is coming to pass," said Mark Ruloff, a fellow at the Pension Finance Institute, an independent group that monitors pensions. He said the agency leaders "fail to realize that they are an insurer of pension plans and therefore should be investing differently than the risk their participants are taking."

The Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation may be little-known to most Americans, but it serves as a lifeline for the 1.3 million people who receive retirement checks from it, and the 44 million others whose plans are backed by the agency.

The agency was set up in 1974 out of concern that workers who had pensions at financially troubled or bankrupt companies would lose their retirement funds. The agency operates by assessing premiums on the private pension plans that they insure. It insures up to $54,000 annually for individuals who retire at 65.

Despite its name, the agency does not necessarily guarantee the full value of a person's pension and is not backed by the full faith and credit of the government.

Faith and credit of whom?

How can a government give something it doesn't have?

You'll never see that promised money, American.

Nonetheless, agency officials say that if the pension agency fails to meet its obligation, the government would come under intense political pressure to step in. That means taxpayers - including those who don't get pensions - could be asked to pay for a bailout.

Currently, the agency owes more in pension obligations than it has in funds, with an $11 billion shortfall as of last Sept. 30. Moreover, the agency might soon be responsible for many more pension plans. Most of the nation's private pension plans suffered major losses in 2008 and, all together, are underfunded by as much as $500 billion, according to Bodie and other analysts. A wave of bankruptcies could mean that the agency would be left to cover more pensions than it could afford.

In the early years of the George W. Bush presidency, the agency took a conservative investment approach under director Bradley N. Belt, who favored putting only between 15 and 25 percent of the fund into stocks. Belt said in an interview that he operated under "a more prudent risk management" style and said he "would have maintained the investment strategy we had in place." Belt left in 2006 and Millard arrived in 2007.

Under Millard's strategy, the pension agency was directed to invest 55 percent of its funds in stocks and real estate. That included 20 percent in US stocks, 19 percent in foreign stocks, 6 percent in what the agency's records term "emerging market" stocks, 5 percent in private real estate and 5 percent in private equity firms.

Millard said he thought he had little choice but to seek a higher investment return in part because Congress had limited the agency's ability to charge higher premiums based on each plan's likelihood of drawing on the agency's funds. The agency's board - which consists of the secretaries of Treasury, Labor, and Commerce - approved the new investment strategy in a meeting in February 2008.

Just in time for the thing to collapse.

Seeing as this "crisis" has been ENGINEERED ON PURPOSE by same said a-holes, SOMETHING is a-STINKIN'!!

Bushbama are BANKRUPTING the American people FOREVER and that will lead to the DESTRUCTION of the UNITED STATES and the creation of a NORTH AMERICAN UNION under the guidance of a GLOBAL GOVERNMENT!!

What do you think they are meeting over in London? "Fixing" the VERY PROBLEMS THEY CAUSED?

But the board members have had only a limited role in the agency's operation, meeting only 20 times over the 28 years before 2008. The board is also too small to meet basic standards of corporate governance, according to an analysis by the Government Accountability Office.

"The whole model of having three sitting Cabinet secretaries with day jobs overseeing a $60 billion investment portfolio and occasionally owning significant percentages of large American companies is fundamentally flawed," said Belt, the former agency director.

The Government Accountability Office is preparing a new review of the investment policy, but in the meantime it continues to place the agency on its list of federal programs at "high risk."


Oh, yeah, about that pension you were expecting:


The stock market's decline has already ravaged your 401(k) plan. Now it could hurt your pension, too.

Under a law that took effect last year, underfunded pension plans may be forced to limit lump-sum payments and suspend cost-of-living increases for retirees. In addition, some plans could be frozen, preventing current employees from earning credit for additional years on the job.


Holy shit, AmeriKa!!!!!!!


"Companies are going to have to make drastic decisions about their pension plans," said Peter Austin, executive director of BNY Mellon Pension Services, which advises businesses on retirement plans. Pension funds are typically invested in a mix of stocks, bonds, and other securities, most of which have fallen sharply. By some estimates, thousands of pension plans could be affected by the law because their funds have become so depleted....



The law has already started affecting some local employers. For instance, Boston book publisher Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Co., notified its 5,000 employees last week that effective April 1 they no longer have the option of receiving a lump-sum payout at retirement. Now, they can only receive half the money, with the rest paid in traditional monthly payments.

How many shits in the face can you take, America? You gobbling it up?

Also see: The Textbook Industry

"We had no choice," said Houghton-Mifflin spokesman Josef Blumenfeld. "The law doesn't leave us with any latitude."

We had no choice, we had to retain talent, blah, blah, blah, blah!!! Pfffffttt!!!

Nortel Networks Corp., a telecommunications equipment maker that recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, said it was also required to stop making lump-sum payouts because its pension was underfunded. Nortel, based in Canada, has 30,000 employees, including about 680 in Massachusetts.

So WHERE does all this MONEY GO, anyway? Where the f*** does it go?

While the way retirees receive their pensions may be affected by funding problems, the plans themselves are not at risk. Even if a company files for bankruptcy, most traditional pensions are guaranteed by the federal Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. - up to $54,000 annually for someone who retires at 65. The agency said it guarantees more than 29,000 private pension plans.

Yeah, YOU GOT IT, taxpayers!!! YOU ALREADY WAITING with a BAILOUT for these guys!!! Heck, you will be PICKING THEM UP from EVERYONE!!!!!

See: Corporate Pension Funds Next in Line for Bailout Loot

But the law does require companies to cut back on some benefits that employees may have counted on, said Robert D. Webb, a partner at the Boston law firm of Nutter McClennen & Fish. Webb said the restrictions are intended to act as a "safety valve" to ease pressure on underfunded plans.

Do you FEEL LIKE a DUPE YET, worker?

Specifically, when pensions are less than 80 percent funded, the law bars companies from disbursing more than 50 percent of a benefit in a single payment.

While retirees traditionally receive a pension as a lifetime monthly payment, roughly half of companies offer lump-sum payments, said Carrie Duarte, a principal at PricewaterhouseCoopers' human resources practice in Boston. Most workers who have the option take it, she said, so they can have more control over their money by investing in a tax-deferred retirement account.

You are REALLY GETTING the SHAFT in EVERY ORAFICE, aren't you, Amurkan worker? Where are you? Why are you not revolting?

The law also makes it more difficult for companies to sweeten pensions, such as by adding early-retirement benefits, cost of living increases, or faster vesting. The restrictions don't apply to public pension plans covering government workers.


And those government pukes? They cut themselves a good enough deal as is!!!!!

The law becomes even tougher when plans fall below 60 percent funding levels. Companies are then barred from making any lump-sum payments or providing "shutdown benefits" - accelerated pension payments - that some employees are promised if their offices close.

Is it OKAY that THEIR PROMISES are SHIT, readers? You went and worked hard every day (unless you are in government, save cops, firefighters and teachers) on a CONTRACTUAL PROMISE, and yet HERE the CONTRACT has CHANGED (but not for AIG guys, no, gotta adhere to those or the whole system will collapse, oh)!

WTF has HAPPENED to America?

That is why I SAY it is AmeriKa now, because THIS is OUTRAGEOUS!!!! This NATION has been LOOTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For pensions that cover union workers at more than one firm, the law requires restrictions on lump-sum benefits when they fall below the 65 percent funding threshold or suffer other liquidity problems. More than 100 such plans nationwide were critically underfunded last year, according to the US Department of Labor. That included the New Bedford Fish Lumpers Pension Plan, which notified the Labor Department in April 2008 that it faced a deficit and was considering trimming benefits, including early-retirement and disability payments....

Yeah, fuck the fishermen and their hardships, huh? I'm so god-damned disgusted by this, that is why you are getting the spew!!!!

Jerry Mingione, a principal at Towers Perrin, a Connecticut company that advises businesses on retirement benefits, estimated that nearly half of pension plans may have to limit disbursements unless they step up contributions or find other ways to avoid the restrictions....

Yeah, right; bankrupt businesses are going to plow money into pensions when they can fob it off on the government. Quit lying to us, will you, Globe?

Duarte of PricewaterhouseCoopers said she has spoken to executives at Massachusetts companies who are scrambling to ease the impact on workers. For example, she said, some are contributing more money to pension plans, while others are looking to trim benefits.

I'd like to see these "some" they keep talking about, as opposed to "others." Damn, that's a common theme that runs through the propaganda we call "newspapers" here in AmeriKa!!!!

"We are having many more discussions," Duarte said. "Companies are trying to do the right thing."


How much more shit we gotta eat, huh?

Geithner Says Globalists Know Best

The arrogance just flows from the guy.

Also see: Boston Globe Censors Geithner's CFR Appearance

"Geithner said Washington alone was equipped to salvage an economy that has seen jobs lost and credit shrink

Ummm, info alert, asshole: YOU and THEY are the ones who PURPOSELY CREATED THIS MESS, so SHADDUP!!!!

"Geithner says market won't solve woes" by Associated Press | March 30, 2009

WASHINGTON - Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner defended his approach to fixing the country's economic mess yesterday, saying "the market will not solve this" while disclosing a bailout fund for battered banks has $135 billion left and might need more.

Geithner used his first Sunday talk show appearances to promote President Obama's massive government spending plan to ease credit, help borrowers, and inject billions of dollars into the financial sector.

Ummm, yeah, whatever, lying MSM:

U.S. Banks Driving Credit Crunch ON PURPOSE!!

Bush Administration Created Credit Crunch Crisis

Banks Cut Off Credit

Long kept behind the scenes, the treasury secretary has emerged as the administration's champion of a plan that fueled an uptick in Wall Street markets.

"We came through a period where people borrowed too much and we let our financial system take on much too much risk," Geithner said. "And the consequences of those choices, made over years, were a huge boom. And that boom, the air is now coming out of that and that's causing enormous damage."

Whose WE, shitbag?!!!!!!!!

Obama and his administration last week announced a program to help banks free themselves of so-called "toxic assets."

Toxic Assets Toxic For Taxpayers Only

The plan calls for the administration to partner with private investors, the Federal Reserve, and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. to buy as much as $1 trillion in toxic assets from banks. Geithner cautioned against immediate expectations.

"It's very important for people to understand that, you know, it took us a long time to get into this mess. It's going to take us a while to get out of this," he said. "Progress is not going to be even. It's not going to be steady."

I'm so sick of being massaged by liars.

Geithner said Washington alone was equipped to salvage an economy that has seen jobs lost and credit shrink....


So Geit gets more help:

"Obama taps 3 for posts in Treasury

WASHINGTON - President Obama announced three senior Treasury Department nominees Saturday.

Helen Garrett, an economist and lawyer who is vice president of academic planning and budget at the University of Southern California, is Obama's choice for assistant secretary for tax policy.

Obama has tapped Michael Barr, an adviser to Clinton administration Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, as assistant secretary for financial institutions.

George Madison is Obama's pick for general counsel at the Treasury Department. Madison is a former executive vice president and general counsel at TIAA-CREF.



And now, across the sea where they are all meeting:

"Tougher financial rules to be a focus of summit; But banks oppose global regulation" by Bloomberg News | March 30, 2009

PARIS - Leaders of advanced and emerging economies are closing ranks behind plans for tougher rules on financial markets to prevent another collapse like the one that wiped out much of Wall Street.

A global approach to regulation has been gaining momentum ahead of the Group of 20 summit Thursday in London. President Obama, UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and their G-20 counterparts aim to merge their national blueprints for strengthened regulation into a united front to rein in hedge funds, derivatives trading, executive pay, and excessive risk-taking by financial firms.

I'm tired of talking and arguing about it, readers. It is WHY this "crisis" was manufactured in the first place and why AIG was leading the news, and why you are being sold reregulation now.

"There is reason for optimism that progress toward stronger global regulation has begun," says Daniel Price, who was President George W. Bush's G-20 negotiator.

Nothing has changed except the color of the president's skin.

Agreement would provide the summit with a measure of success even as leaders remain at odds over trade policy, fiscal stimulus, and the dollar's status. A joint regulatory approach is crucial to prevent investors from seeking out markets with the most permissive rules, setting off a race to the bottom as countries vie to attract capital.

Only for WAGES, it seems!!!!

The call for greater regulation unites China, possessor of the most vibrant economy in the developing world, and the United States, which has the world's largest economy. China's central bank governor, Zhou Xiaochuan, challenged the West to fix flaws in financial supervision on March 26, the same day US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner outlined a broad initiative designed to do just that.

"Having the US and Chinese on board makes it a whole lot more likely" that an international framework will eventually emerge, said Harvard University's Kenneth Rogoff, former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund.

Rogoff said "it seems virtually certain that four to five years from now, the world will have either a global financial regulator or, more likely, a treaty on global financial regulation with a secretariat, akin to the World Trade Organization." Yet "nothing is going to happen quickly."

So we are told by the globalsists. I prefer another source:

Why the End of America is Closer than You Think

John Taylor, a former US Treasury official now at Stanford University, said the process is "going to be drawn out." That will give financial firms the opportunity to seek changes that dilute new restrictions, said Richard Portes, of the London Business School. "Banks are lobbying ferociously against anything that will undermine their businesses and pay," he said.

Like that is something that is ahppening?


Had enough foooleys yet?

Globalist George Says Obama Should Have Acted Sooner

They are important to listen to; however, I can hardly tolerate globalist scum like this guy. I was undecided on this question during the last election because the globalist, moral-destroying George Soros funded the yes effort (I voted yes because the agenda-pushing paper said no).

"Soros says commercial real estate to fall 30%" by Bloomberg News | March 27, 2009

WASHINGTON - Billionaire investor George Soros said US commercial real estate will probably drop at least 30 percent in value, causing further strains on banks....

Soros, 78, said the risk of further declines in property prices is reason for the Obama administration to move quickly to recapitalize banks. Soros said Obama acted too slowly on a banking overhaul and should have moved immediately upon taking office.

Haven't the banks been shoveled enough trillions?

"At that moment of enthusiasm, fresh out of the gate, he would have gotten that money, and then we could have recapitalized the banks the right way, which would be to draw a line over the existing past accumulated bad assets and create new banks on top of these old banks," Soros said.

Soros also said the United States may face a new round of inflation should the flow of credit recover because of the large increase in the money supply stemming from the Federal Reserve's purchases of Treasury securities.

This is the kind of thing Ron Paul and others are/were warning about -- and yet you never see them or him in the agenda-pushing paper, do you?

US central bankers decided last week to buy as much as $300 billion of long-term Treasuries and more than double mortgage-debt purchases to $1.45 trillion, aiming to lower interest rates.

Nearly $2 TRILLION still not enough for Soros, 'eh?

What cut or currency manipulation has this guy got going?

"In order to make up for the collapse of credit, we are effectively creating money," Soros said. "If and when credit is restarted, you would then have an incredibly swollen monetary base, which, if it were leveraged, you would have an explosion of inflation.

Like what happened to Germany in the 1920s, huh?

"Right now we are in a period of deflation, but it could easily tip over, where you are facing inflation. You are then faced with the prospect of draining money supply as fast as credit is created."


Obama's European Excursion

Already souring on him, are they?

That's what happens when you are
Bush in White-Face!

"Obama also pledged to listen and consult rather than lecture and dictate. The implication was that countries and their leaders would be more willing to help if asked differently"

And check this out:

"Obama jets across the Atlantic tomorrow on an eight-day, five-country trip"

WTF is the CARBON FOOTPRINT gonna be on that?

I'd rather HE NOT GO THEN!!!!

Don't you CARE about the EARTH, Obama?

: Obama Breaks Wind Over Environmentalists

Obama's Face Fart

Obama Drops Nuke on Liberal Base

So that's just more fat mist from you, huh, guy?

"Obama may find Europe reticent on some US goals; Diplomatic style could get big test" by Jennifer Loven, Associated Press | March 30, 2009

WASHINGTON - President Obama's first European trip could dampen his hopes that a new diplomatic style will convert once-reluctant allies into cooperative global partners.

From taking in Guantanamo Bay prisoners to sending more troops into Afghanistan's most difficult regions and spending their way out of economic crisis, European nations remain reticent about some of the toughest US priorities.

Obama jets across the Atlantic tomorrow on an eight-day, five-country trip that will be dizzying even by the usual peripatetic standards of presidential foreign travel. The overseas tour will introduce him to the world stage.

That's some change; Bush was the same way, remember? Always hurrying, gotta run!

Well, not always, right, 'bamer?

He will attend international summits on complex, urgent topics - the global financial meltdown and the downward-spiraling fight against terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He plans individual meetings with leaders important to US strategic interests, from nations including Russia, China, Britain, France, Germany, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and India. Obama also will make his first stop in a Muslim nation, Turkey.

Wildly popular around the globe but relatively inexperienced in foreign affairs, Obama also will squeeze in a Buckingham Palace audience with Queen Elizabeth II, joined by his wife, Michelle; deliver a speech in France on the trans-Atlantic relationship and an address in Prague on weapons proliferation; and hold a round-table session with students in Turkey....

I'm sure he'll have a great time.

When Obama went to Europe last summer as a presidential candidate, he was received like a rock star. His welcome this time is expected to be no less enthusiastic. Since taking office, Obama has made down payments on several campaign promises that had endeared him to Europe, such as addressing global warming, ending the Iraq war, and closing the US prison camp at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. Each had stoked acrimony toward former President George W. Bush.

I haven't highlighted anything because I'm tired of the shit-shovel!!!

Obama also pledged to listen and consult rather than lecture and dictate. The implication was that countries and their leaders would be more willing to help if asked differently....

Nile Gardiner, once a foreign policy researcher for former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher and an analyst on Europe at the conservative Heritage Foundation, said the divide between the United States and Europe on stimulus spending, for instance, threatens to be "as big as the trans-Atlantic divide over the Iraq war." He criticized the administration for poorly handling both trip preparations and its relations with traditional allies.


I love the LIES regarded as TRUTH!!!

: Prop 102: Iraq and Government Lies


Israel Admits At Least 14 Gazans Die Every Day

Could be more if Israel initiates military aggression.

"The Israeli military argues that about 400 people die from natural causes in Gaza every month"

Really, what more is there to say?

Also see

One Day Wonders: Gaza's Health Crisis

One Day Wonders: Gaza's Fuel Cuts

Israel to Attack Gaza Again

Actually, despite the world's shifting attention, the assault never stopped.

I guess
Netanyahoo means he is going to escalate again.

"Gaza militants accused of weapons smuggling" by Amy Teibel, Associated Press | March 30, 2009

JERUSALEM - Palestinian militants have smuggled nearly 70 tons of explosives and bomb-making materials and other weapons into Gaza since Israel ended an offensive meant to choke off the arms flow, a senior Israeli defense official said yesterday.

If ISRAEL SAYS IT I instantly dismiss it! Too many lies and false-flags on their record.

Also see: The Gaza Rocket Squads

Where Are the Iranian Weapons?

Israel Likes to Lie

How do you know an Israeli is lying? He opens his mouth and speaks.

The assessment by Yuval Diskin, the chief of Israel's internal security service, reinforced a growing feeling among Israelis that the government ended the war too soon....

See: Spring Cleaning the War Chest of Propaganda

More Photos From Palestine

The weapons are coming in through Gaza's porous border with Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, despite improved Egyptian interdiction, Diskin said.... There was no way to verify his assessment.

Odd for AP to even question it. WTF?

Using sophisticated technology and human informants, Israel has kept close tabs on Gaza since it withdrew its forces from the area in 2005.

That's how the AP describes a WAR CRIMINAL SIEGE, huh? Keeping close tabs?

Israel launched its air and ground assault in late December in an effort to stop rocket and mortar attacks on Israel from Hamas-ruled Gaza and stanch the stream of arms reaching the territory through underground tunnels from Egypt. More than 1,400 Palestinians were killed, including 926 civilians, the Palestinians say. Thirteen Israelis also died.

The attacks from Gaza have dropped off considerably but have not stopped: The military reported yesterday that 185 rockets and mortars were fired since the military campaign ended. But the threat of escalation remains, as the reports of continued smuggling suggested.

"It is testimony that next time, we should go to something more complete in order to prevent the rearmament of Hamas," said Yuval Steinitz, a close associate of Benjamin Netanyahu, the incoming prime minister. Israel accuses Iran of funding and arming Hamas.

Then SHOW us the MONEY, so to speak!, lying NaZionist Joo!

Netanyahu, who is expected to take office tomorrow, has said the Gaza offensive did not go far enough and Hamas should be toppled.



However, he stopped short of saying he would attack Gaza again to bring that about.

What he means is NOT YET!!


Israel Absolves Itself

Like that is something new?

Israel Likes to Lie

"Israel disputing accounts of military abuses in Gaza" by Ethan Bronner, New York Times | March 28, 2009

JERUSALEM - Israel is pushing back against accusations of civilian abuse in its Gaza war, asserting that the overwhelming majority of its soldiers acted honorably and that the account of a killing of a woman and her two children appeared to be an urban myth spread by troops.

I'm sorry, but the NaZionist pigs that rule Israel are really the worst bunch of liars ever to come along. This is disgusting, readers. I mean, WE ALL SAW WHAT HAPPENED in JANUARY!!!

For the lying, land-stealing, mass-murdering genociders of Iz-ray-HELL to come out with this type of report is truly ghastly. No wonder the world hates Israel now.

Officers are stepping forward, some at the urging of the top command, others on their own, offering numerous accounts of having held their fire out of concern for civilians, helping Palestinians in need and punishing improper soldier behavior....


The accounts that have received the most attention came from a taped conversation of Gaza veterans at a pre-military course where soldiers told of a sniper killing a woman and her two children walking in a no-go zone and another of an elderly woman shot dead for approaching a commandeered house....

Almost everything about the Gaza operation has caused controversy

Only IN the JEW PRESS of AmeriKa, folks, because the rest of the world sees nothing controversial at all. WE KNOW what ISRAEL DID THERE, and NO AMOUNT of JEW LYING and PROPAGANDA is going to CHANGE the FACTS!!!!!

- how many Palestinians were killed and what percentage were civilians, whether the rise in the number of religious Israeli soldiers has led to zealotry, and whether the use of overwhelming military force was a legitimate response to years of Hamas rocket fire on Israeli civilians....

Especially after Hamas had observed a truce and halted most rocket fire.

See: Israel Lied About Truce, Rocket Attacks

So the REAL "CONTROVERSY" is simply NaZionist murderers with their panties in a bunch because WE CAUGHT 'EM RED-HANDED!!!!!!

The Israeli military argues that about 400 people die from natural causes in Gaza every month, a possible cause for the gap in the two counts.


Un-frikkin'-real!! Even as Israel attempts to "defend" itself it INDICTS ITSELF!!!

400 DEAD a MONTH because of the SIEGE, huh?



JERUSALEM - The Israeli military's top lawyer closed an investigation into accusations of misconduct during the recent three-week war in Gaza, concluding yesterday that charges made by graduates of a military preparation school were "based on hearsay" and had been "purposely exaggerated."

In a written statement, the Israel Defense Forces said that Brigadier General Avichai Mandelblit concluded there was no evidence to support the most serious charges, including accusations that civilians were shot without cause and soldiers unnecessarily destroyed or defaced property.

Notice how the Zionist AmeriKan MSM has stuck to those two incidents? Never gone near WMD use, never gone near all the children slaughtered, etc, etc.

It's one of the reasons why I no longer find the AmeriKan jewsmedia credible about anything.

"Once the claims were checked, they were not supported by the facts," the statement said.

Why don't you take a stroll, readers.

See what liars these NaZionist c***-suckers are?

Mandelblit was quoted in the release criticizing the soldiers who had made the allegations during a forum set up at the Rabin Military Preparation Center earlier this year.

"It is unfortunate that none of the speakers at the conference was careful to be accurate in the depiction of his claims, and even more so that they chose to present various incidents of a severe nature, despite not personally witnessing and knowing much about them," Mandelblit said.

So how did you conduct your investigation, shitter? I'm sure you went and talked to Palestinian witnesses in Gaza and went to the actual sites. No?

Salt shaker, please, you fucking liars!!!!!!! What a DISTASTEFUL BUNCH of genuine lying shit asses!!!!

"It seems that it will be difficult to evaluate the damage done to the image and morals of the IDF and its soldiers" as a result of the allegations, he added.

FUCK the IOF, asshole!!! Awwww, the POOR, POOR, ZIONIST ASSHOLES!!!!

The head of the center forwarded the allegations to military officials after the conference, and later published them in a newsletter distributed to the center's alumni. The charges made at the Rabin center are part of ongoing controversy that has developed within Israel and internationally over the country's 22-day Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.


In fact, they din't think it went far enough!!!

Undertaken to quell rockets fired by Islamist groups from Gaza into Israeli towns and villages, the military operation involved hundreds of air strikes, mortar and artillery fire, and the movement of several thousand Israeli soldiers into Gaza.

But it WASN'T an INVASION!!!!!!

Are you SICK of the BULLSHIT LIES of AmeriKa's jewpress yet, because I sure am.

Between 1,200 and 1,400 Palestinians were killed - the two sides differ in their estimates. Israel acknowledges there were at least 295 civilian deaths.



Also see: MSM Miracles: One-Day Israeli Wonders

Occupation Iraq: The Dead is Past



Slow Saturday Special: Iraqi Surge of Violence

Occupation Iraq: 15 Attacks a Day

I rest my case, readers.

"Soldier pleads guilty in deaths; Fourth convicted in killing of Iraqis" by Craig Whitlock, Washington Post | March 31, 2009

BERLIN - A US Army sergeant pleaded guilty to murder yesterday in the deaths of four Iraqi prisoners in 2007, telling a military court that the slayings were "in the best interest of my soldiers."

That is FIVE YEARS IN, readers, and I'm sure the occupiers attitude hasn't improved much. So how many Iraqis were wasted by our fine fighting troops today, MS?

Sergeant First Class Joseph Mayo, 27, was sentenced to 35 years in prison and became the fourth soldier convicted in the killing of four Iraqi men in Baghdad in the spring of 2007. The prisoners were each shot in back of the head while handcuffed and blindfolded, then dumped into a canal, according to testimony at the US Army's Rose Barracks Courthouse in Vilseck, Germany.

And then it was claimed by the military and MSM that insurgents executed them.

Related: Occupation Iraq: Medic!

The Iraqis had been arrested on suspicion of attacking US military patrols in Baghdad after they were found in possession of rifles and ammunition. Frustrated by a lack of evidence to keep them in detention, however, members of Mayo's infantry unit took the prisoners to a remote area and executed them, according to testimony and evidence presented in the case.


"I really believed I was protecting my soldiers," Mayo told the court yesterday. "I take full responsibility for my actions. Now I have to pay for my mistake."

He pleaded guilty to premeditated murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

A medic in the unit, Sergeant Michael Leahy, 28, was convicted last month and sentenced to life in prison, with the possibility of parole, after he confessed to killing one of the prisoners and shooting another.

Master Sergeant John E. Hatley, 40, is also scheduled to face court-martial next month on murder charges for shooting one of the prisoners.

In his testimony yesterday, Mayo said Hatley suggested that the soldiers take matters into their own hands rather than free the Iraqis. "He said we should take care of them. I agreed."

Two other soldiers, Specialist Steven A. Ribordy, 26, and Specialist Belmor Ramos, 24, pleaded guilty last year for being accessories in the murders. Charges against two other members of the unit have since been dropped....


The Boston Globe Smells Fishy

As opposed to the engineered and manufactured poison that the pro-corporate, pro-biotech, pro-poison paper incessantly promotes, we get a diss when it comes to all-natural things. I wish I could say I'm surprised, but I'm not.

The Boston Globe Can Eat S***!

Farts Are a Food Group

"Fish oil pills offer no help for heart patients; Didn't prevent second attack, study concludes" by Marilynn Marchione, Associated Press | March 31, 2009

ORLANDO, Fla. - .... The research doesn't mean that fish oil is of no value, and the study didn't address whether it can help prevent heart disease in the first place, doctors said.


But they WANT YOU to EAT S***!!!

Does the oil have PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS in them, too!!!?

The prescription version used in the study, sold as Omacor and Lovaza in the United States and as Zodin in Europe, is a highly purified and standardized form, different from what many consumers buy off the shelf....

Translation: it's a TOTALLY HORSHIT STUDY done by AGENDA-PUSHING "scientists."

The American Heart Association recommends that adults eat fish at least twice a week, said Alice Lichtenstein, a Tufts University nutrition professor and Heart Association spokeswoman....



See: Catch of the Day!


"Vitamins are not of equal value; Americans love supplements, but there is no evidence the pills make most of us any healthier" by Elizabeth Cooney, Globe Correspondent | February 23, 2009

Now keep in mind this is an AGENDA-PUSHING SHIT RAG for the PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANIES and THEIR POISONS, readers!

So WHY would they want you to RUN DOWN VITAMINS, huh?

Every day, half of America downs a multivitamin, and feels better for it. Never mind a multitude of research showing that vitamin supplements provide no proven health benefit for most people.

Remember the claim of "multitude" of research, readers, because they will DISPROVE that LIE in the SAME DAMN PIECE!!! I LOVE IT when a NEWSPAPER LIES to YOU -- in the SAME ARTICLE!!!!

And WHY would they want people to STOP TAKING VITAMINS? So you GET SICK and need a PRESCRIPTION DRUG?!!!!!

The same people who routinely take vitamin pills - health-conscious consumers who already have a good diet - are least likely to need them, researchers say. That holds true for children, too, a recent survey found. "As Americans, we seem to sometimes perceive, or maybe misperceive, that more is always better," said Patsy Brannon, a professor of nutritional sciences at Cornell University. "But that's not always the case."


Now, there is fresh evidence for that view. A Women's Health Initiative trial, part of a massive national study best known for finding risks in hormone therapy, tracked multivitamin use in more than 161,000 postmenopausal women. After eight years, it found that taking multivitamins made no difference in whether women developed cancer or cardiovascular disease.

First of all, read further and you will find that the first half of this article is SO FULL of LIES you could run for office on it!

Secondly, I KNOW PEOPLE who SWEAR RELIGIOUSLY by vitamins -- and THEY are ALL HEALTHIER than SO MANY OTHER SLOBS I SEE around here (knock on wood)!!!

The findings are consistent with other recent studies showing that calcium and vitamin D had no influence on women's risk of breast cancer, and vitamin E, vitamin C, and selenium did not affect men's risk of prostate or other cancers.


In other words, consumers' money might be better spent on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fish, low-fat dairy, and legumes that constitute a healthy diet....



People worried about giving up their vitamins can take comfort in the trend toward food fortification.


Today's orange juice contains calcium and vitamin D, and even Coke and Pepsi have jumped on the functional food bandwagon, offering versions with vitamins and minerals.


You are LOSING ME and LOSING ME FAST, Globe!!!!

Folic acid has been added to the food supply since 1996....

And flouride to the water -- which just happens to be POISONOUS and cause CANCERS!!!

Some research even demonstrated possible harm from taking vitamin supplements.

Oh, yeah? Like what?

Megadoses of beta carotene, for example, increased the risk of lung cancer in people who smoked or worked in the asbestos industry.


This is OUTRAGEOUS, readers, this STINK-SHIT PROPAGANDA passed of as "news."

Vitamin D and calcium can up the risk of kidney stones in some people....

Yeah, and VITAMIN D is NEEDED!!


On the OTHER HAND, the NORTHERN WHITES (like me) suffer from TOO LITTLE Vitamin D -- which is WHY WE HAVE LIGHT SKINS (so the body will absorb all the vitamin D it needs) and need supplements such as MILK!!

Btw, I FAIL to see the CONNECTION to KIDNEY STONES -- but then again, I rarely drink milk.

Vitamin D is getting attention now, with intriguing suggestions about cancer, diabetes, and multiple sclerosis. Most Americans, especially in the northern part of the country, don't get enough of the sunshine vitamin through exposure to sunlight or from their diets....

Yeah, I KNOW -- but look at the agenda-pushing liars trying to tie vitamin D to all sorts of illnesses. Pretty good racket when we can't exist withoput vitamin D, huh?


While the jury is out, multivitamins - which can cost consumers as much as $50 a month for the more complicated formulas - may help people with limited food intake.


Looks like I know wher 'bamer's tax cut is going!

Men eating fewer than 1,500 calories a day or women eating fewer than 1,250 calories might find it otherwise difficult to get all the nutrients they need.

Oh, so VITAMINS help STAVE OFF HUNGER, huh? Yeah, NO REASON you would WANT THOSE, Amurkns!!!

Related: The Vitamin Diet

AmeriKa's Hunger Industry

Breakfast, Brought to You By....

Meanwhile, down at the U.N.:

"Every table was set with a single fresh rose (from the rose gardens outside, I was told) and a full complement of three forks, two knives, and two spoons in silver plate..... The buffet tables could have graced a high-end ocean liner. I watched a gentleman in colorful African garb pile his plate with slices of roast sirloin and potatoes mashed with feta cheese. A post-retirement-age couple from the East Side scarfed up most of the egg rolls, though more came out quickly....

I made for the roast leg of lamb with rosemary sauce after I filled my salad plate with chilled asparagus and slices of a duck and pork terrine.... fresh tomato soup and bowls of pasta primavera.... The dessert buffet table practically groaned under a spread of apple and pumpkin pies, cheesecakes, tarts, half a dozen cheeses, sliced fruits, bowls of berries, and, off to one side, three urns of ice cream"

And that was just for LUNCH!

Also see: Globalist Gluttons Gorge Themselves

The MSM and the Meal

Yup, but the PAPER is LOOKING OUT for YOU, shit-eating Amurkn!!!!!!

Women of childbearing age should take folic acid to prevent birth defects, and women with heavy menstrual cycles may benefit from iron supplements. Older people can preserve bone strength by taking additional calcium and vitamin D.

Yeah, but, VITAMINS DON'T DO ANYTHING FOR YOU, remember? Remember the TONE of the FIRST HALF of this piece of shit?

But the rest of us may already be getting more vitamins than we need, or should have....

Why? They DON'T HURT ANYTHING and you CAN'T OD and DIE off them like the PRESCRIPTION POISONS!!!!

And wait until you get this:

The debate over vitamins shows no sign of slowing down.

Oh, so NOW it is a "DEBATE!!!!" In the FRONT END of this piece it was a DAMN NEAR CERTAINTY!!!

The Women's Health Initiative study, while a valuable contribution, is not the final word, specialists caution.

WTF? After this stink-shit elite cited them as the definitive piece of evidence to start this piece out?

NOW we find out, well, NOT SO FAST, NOT SO CLEAR?!!


"There may still be benefits of multiple vitamins that were not seen in this recent report because the study was relatively short," Walter Willett, chairman of nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health, said of the study. "Conditions like cancers, heart disease, and dementia develop over decades, not just a few years."

Translation: the "study" this agenda-pushing piece of shit put so much credence in, well, turns out it was NOTHING but a PIECE of AGENDA-PUSHING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

It was an observational study, meaning scientists watched what happened to women who chose to take multivitamins and compared them to women who didn't. Observational studies can hint at cause and effect, but more rigorous clinical trials, in which people are randomly assigned to take multivitamins or not, would carry more weight.

Yup, they MAD UP THEIR OWN BULLSHIT and called it gold!!

Also see: Scientists Admit They Made Up Global Warming Data

So much for MSM "SCIENCE," huh, readers?

Remember, the "findings are consistent with other recent studies" -- EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT!!!

Hey, what's ONE MORE BATCH of LIES in a PAPER FULL OF 'EM!!!!????

For now, researchers are eager for the results of one of the next big vitamin studies in the pipeline. The Physicians Health Study II, a Harvard-led randomized clinical trial of multivitamins in men over 50, will release its findings in 2012.

Well, I'LL BE HERE to DEBUNK that CROP of LIES -- provided I SURVIVE the NEXT THREE YEARS of VITAMINS, Globe!!!





That's the KIND of thing you also find in HORSESHIT if you DIG THROUGH IT ENOUGH!!!! I think I FOUND SOMETHING TODAY, didn't I?!!