Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Another Slow Saturday Special: The Mun Murder

I call it slow Saturday because the papers know that is the least read day of the week, and they tend to cover the most thorny and troubled stories then.

A Slow Saturday Special: Statehouse Slush Fund

Once again, the Globe TELLS YOU NOTHING anyway.

"Grand jury investigating death of Wellesley teen who left party" by Jonathan Saltzman, Globe Staff | March 7, 2009

A grand jury is weighing whether anyone should be charged in last month's death of Elizabeth Mun, the 16-year-old Wellesley girl who was found facedown in an icy stream after leaving an all-night house party in Andover, according to a lawyer for a member of the family who lives at the house.

John R. Valerio, an Andover lawyer who represents 18-year-old Zachary Zimmerman, said people have been summoned to testify before an Essex County grand jury that began hearing evidence Feb. 27 but declined to identify them.

"Suffice it to say that we know there have been persons who have come before the grand jury to give testimony," he said. He added that his client was understandably concerned, but "we think the district attorney's office is just doing a thorough investigation, which is obviously to their credit that they treat it this seriously."

A spokesman for Essex District Attorney Jonathan Blodgett declined to comment on whether a grand jury was hearing evidence.

Elizabeth Mun, a student at the prestigious Concord Academy, was found at 10:40 a.m. Feb. 15, facedown and unresponsive in a partly frozen brook about 200 yards from Zimmerman's house, according to police reports. She had left the party on foot around 5 a.m., and police started searching about two hours later after partygoers could not find her. She was pronounced dead at 5:27 p.m. at Children's Hospital in Boston.

Essex authorities said that Zimmerman's mother, Laurie, and no other adults were at the house at the time of the party. Authorities were investigating whether alcohol played a role in the death. The state medical examiner's office has performed an autopsy and toxicology tests, said Lieutenant James Hashem, an Andover police spokesman, but no results have been released.

The Eagle-Tribune first reported yesterday that a grand jury was hearing evidence.

Laurie Zimmerman's lawyer, Neil F. Faigel, also of Andover, said he was aware of the grand jury from news reports and that he and his client believe that "after all the facts are brought to light, Ms. Zimmerman will in no way be found responsible for the truly tragic events associated with that evening."

Among the charges that a grand jury might bring, said legal specialists, is one that says it's illegal for anyone to "knowingly or intentionally supply" alcohol to someone under 21. That is a misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail, a $2,000 fine, or both.

Mun was the second teenager in the state to die after leaving a party in recent months. On Oct. 20, 17-year-old Taylor Meyer of Plainville was found dead in a swampy area after wandering off from a drinking party in Norfolk. Police charged a 21-year-old North Attleborough man and a 19-year-old Plainville man with providing a bottle of rum to her. --more--"

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Amazing how the GLOBE MISSES SO MUCH, huh?

Investigation update:

"Police, DA continue investigation into Mun's death

by Bethany Bray

Staff Writer

.... Homeowner Laurie Zimmerman was not at home the night of the gathering. Attempts to reach Zimmerman for comment were unsuccessful; the number listed in the phone book for Laurie Zimmerman, 58 William St., has been disconnected. A message left at her business line, Zimmerman Associates, was not returned....

Bill Fahey, director of Andover Youth Services, who knows the Zimmerman family, said he has not spoken with the family since Mun's death. Laurie Zimmerman has two high school-aged children, Zach and Zoe.

"They're just a great family," said Fahey. "Laurie's been a great supporter of the youth center, and Zoe and Zach are great kids. They've been involved in playing some sports (with youth services), the music scene and community."


Yeah, they are just great kids!

That's Zachary with the three black labs and an unidentified friend. His My Space page indicates that he's full of himself but you can see there's nothing special about him - a common Jewish look. Two years ago when he was only 16, he blogged, "Just got back from the cape, visited my cousins there. Saturday went to a seafood place...heh i ordered a Budweiser and they gave me one no questions asked, so that was pretty neat. On the way out my cousin was like hey you should snag that bottle of steak sauce...so i did...and gave it to my aunt as a gift." What a jerk. This kid was headed for the big trouble he's in now.



"Though the Andover investigators into the death of Elizabeth Mun at the home of Laurie Zimmerman two weeks ago have remained strangely silent (feels like a cover up), it appears that other authorities in the state are taking measures to avoid another tragedy. Though alcohol has not been verified as a factor in Elizabeth's death, someone knows something because a $10,000 state grant has just been issued from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security. Enterprise News states: "The grant comes after two teenaged girls died after parties involving alcohol. Elizabeth Mun, 16, of Wellesley, a Concord Academy junior was found dead earlier this month in Andover in water in a partially frozen creek. Taylor Meyer, 17, of Plainville, a King Philip Regional High School senior, was found dead in two feet of water in a Norfolk swamp last October, after attending a drinking party in the area of former Norfolk Airport."

Starting next month teenagers will be working undercover to target businesses that may be selling alcohol to underage customers. The goal is to take away the source of alcohol to minors, thus preventing tragedies. The grant will also be used to educate people about hosting parties — and why teens should not be served alcohol at private house parties.

Too bad there's not a grant for mandatory classes to educate parents who don't respect the underage drinking laws. Parents who allow their children to drink. Parents like Laurie Zimmerman.


But she's a great mom, according to Fahey!

Of course, we know the end result of this case, don't we?

"Lawyer sure kid who had party will be cleared; Teen died after leaving bash

by Jessica Fargen | Saturday, March 7, 2009

he attorney for an Andover teen who threw the party that ended in the death of one of his Concord Academy classmates says he does not believe felony charges will result from a grand jury investigation launched last week.

John Valerio, attorney for 18-year-old Zachary Zimmerman, who threw the Feb. 14 party, said he became aware of the investigative grand jury a week ago when subpoenas were issued. His client did not receive a subpoena, he said.

The Globe left that vague. Why?

“We’re fairly confident that once everything has been presented we don’t anticipate any charges,” Valerio said.

Yup, a KID GETS CHARGED in the MEYER CASE, but NOT HERE when it's a JEW INVOLVED!! Need I type more?

Elizabeth Mun, 16, of Wellesley left the party at Zimmerman’s Andover home at about 5 a.m. on Feb. 15 wearing only a jacket, shorts and shoes, investigators have said. She was found five hours later in an icy brook about a quarter of a mile from the house. She was pronounced dead at Children’s Hospital at 5:27 p.m.

Zimmerman’s mother, Laurie Zimmerman, who owns the William Street house, was away that night for Valentine’s Day and didn’t return until her son called her the morning of Feb. 15, said her attorney, Neil Faigel. She did not know there was going to be a party and she didn’t supply alcohol, he said.


And if the FAMILY is SO GREAT, how could she NOT KNOW about the BOOZE, huh?

“She had no knowledge whatsoever that there would be any type of social gathering inside the house,” he said. “It’s her steadfast belief that after all the facts are out and investigated, that she in no way will be found responsible for any of the tragic events associated with that evening.”

Valerio echoed that, saying he believes the grand jury will “clarify things immensely and people will understand you can’t jump to conclusions.”

Translation: the COVER UP will be SUCCESSFUL!!

Btw, when was the last time a BRAND JURY was needed? Wasn't in the Meyer case!!!!

Mun’s death remains a mystery. Authorities have not released the cause of her death. The results of a search warrant executed at Zimmerman’s home the day she died are impounded, although police were seen carrying out boxes of booze.



Why must I go to the BOSTON HERALD for the INFO, Globe?

The Boston Globe's Hatchet Job on the Boston Herald

And notice how this information remains unmentioned by the Globe:

"Laurie Zimmerman is the president of Zimmerman Associates.... This is not the first time a police investigation has focused on her. Oregon authorities searched her home in November 2003 when she was suspected of stealing the identity of a woman there. No charges have been filed in that case. During the search, police found two ounces of marijuana and she faced criminal charges for illegal possession of a class D substance. The case was continued without a finding for six months and later dismissed."

Oh, this just gets BETTER and BETTER!!!

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Jewish mob being covered for again, 'eh, Globe?