Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday Leftovers: Alter Exposed

Reposted for those who say us bloggers never investigate things and claim we just rage and rant with no foundation.


Let alone the fact that I am completely turned off to attack-dog Olbermann, the controlled-opposition outlet who has proved since this last election that he is nothing but the "left's" version of O'Reilly.

Watch the video, and observe the agenda-pushing Alter's use of the term "jihad" to describe the pro-patriot movement (while Olbermann uses a selectively-poor example of Michelle Bachman, as is his agenda-pushing wont, to represent the insurrection and TAR ALL REPUBLICANS) and then WATCH ALTER LIE about the WORLD CURRENCY (about 6 minutes in, readers)!!

No one is talking about it and no one has heard anything, Jon? Better tell
Tim Geithner!! Better tell the Chinese dude!

last week Zhou, the central bank governor, called for a new global currency"

Olbermann -- sadly -- is NOTHING MORE than an AGENDA-PUSHING SHILL!!!! That's WHY he is ON TV to begin with, and why ANYONE who MAKES the MSM is SUSPECT (as well as some who don't)!

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"China challenges US leaders; Urges quick and bold action on financial crisis" by Elaine Kurtenbach, Associated Press | March 29, 2009

SHANGHAI - .... China has made its agenda clear: It wants a stable US dollar, and has even advocated the creation of another global currency altogether. It is leery of protectionism. And it is demanding a larger say in how financial systems are regulated and rescued, while holding back on any promises for new rescue or stimulus measures of its own.


No wonder liberals are so 'too-pid! They heads full of s*** like this!!!!!

"So far, China has been playing a game set up by other powers. Now China wants to be part of the agenda or rules-setting," said Ding Xueliang, a China specialist at Hong Kong's University of Science and Technology.

That's gonna start a war, sir, because the USraeli globalists ain't gonna go along with that. I guess that explains today's spy story on China!

Whether Beijing has a workable alternative vision for the future of world finance remains to be seen. But China's growing assertiveness also suggests a sharpening urgency over its vulnerability to the global financial meltdown.

Fearful of any moves that might weaken the dollar and imperil China's estimated $1 trillion in Treasuries and other US government debt, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao has urged the United States to remain "a credible nation."

We already lost it all and nothing can get it back.

In other words, Beijing wants Washington to avoid spurring inflation with excessive government spending on bailouts and stimulus packages.

The GALL of having to AGREE and ALIGN with the COMMUNIST CHINESE!!!!!

To keep the value of its own currency steady - some say undervalued - the Chinese government must recycle its huge trade surpluses. The biggest, most liquid option is US Treasuries. But a weakening dollar saps the value of those investments.

The Chinese "are being hurt more than anyone else by the mismanagement of the dollar," said William Overholt, a senior research fellow with Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government.

All being done ON PURPOSE, I might add!!!

Underscoring that grievance, last week Zhou, the central bank governor, called for a new global currency to end the dollar's dominance in trade, foreign reserves, and commodity pricing.

So HOW DOES IT FEEL to be LIED TO, LIBERALS? Not very good, huh? But I'll bet you all think Olbermann is so cool, and really dig his shtick!!!!! That's why I no longer have respect for liberals, and it shows in my commentaries.

Echoing proposals that have been debated for years, he urged the International Monetary Fund to create a "reserve currency" based on shares in the organization held by its 185 member nations, known as special drawing rights, or SDRs.

So ALTER is an UNABASHED, UNASHAMED, and INTENTIONALLY DECEITFUL and DECEPTIVE LIAR, 'eh, because he CAN NOT NOT KNOW this information!!!!!!! Proposals BEEN DEBATED for YEARS, huh?

Such a move would "achieve the objective of safeguarding global economic and financial stability," Zhou said in an essay released by the central bank both in English and Chinese.

Given the wariness of most governments about relinquishing any sovereign control over their currencies, few even in China view Zhou's proposal as likely to catch on anytime soon.

"Nobody believes the current global monetary system will be changed soon. It's more like a warning or signal to America to let them know how important it is to keep the dollar stable," said Ding Xinghao, president of the Shanghai Association of American Studies, a private academic think-tank.

Yeah, except:

"Why the End of America is Closer than You Think

While the sheeple of America are caught up in their hypnotic dreams of world domination, white-collar hoodlums in Washington D.C. and Wall Street are stealing everything!

Given these circumstances, it is not difficult to predict the demise of America as we know it. The U.S. dollar will eventually collapse or be abandoned. This could happen literally overnight, or it could take years, but make no mistake: The American people will not be forewarned of the collapse of the dollar. It will be a sudden, surprise announcement, and all the politicians and banking elitists who engineered the whole thing will pronounce their "shock" that such a thing could happen! "We could never have predicted this," they will insist, even while the whole thing was actually engineered by the very same people.

One day, Americans will wake up and discover that all banks are on "bank holidays" (which means that someone in Washington is taking a holiday with your money while YOU can't access it).

Within hours, the National Guard will roll into the cities of the United States, and Americans will find themselves penniless prisoners in their own country. Anyone who protests will be arrested or shot. Law will be dispensed at the end of military rifles, and the President will get on television and explain how this is all being done for YOUR benefit! It's for your own safety and protection, didn't you know?

From here, it's difficult to say exactly what will unfold. We could see UN troops on U.S. soil, the IMF taking over the U.S. banking system, and the forced transition to a global currency. Other possibilities include the Balkanization of the formerly-united States of America, with regional nation-states declaring their own independence from Washington.

During this chaos, just-in-time delivery of food and products will grind to a halt. Store shelves will be emptied. A healthy economy of barter will immediately spring up to fill the void. Those who have things to trade (toilet paper, butter, salt, sugar, matches, gold, silver, food, fuel, etc.) will eat. Those who don't will starve. Health will plummet and infectious disease will become a very real threat in many cities. The conventional medical system will, of course, be utterly useless and will run out of medicine within days or weeks.

This economic transition chaos will be short-lived, however, and from the ashes of economic turmoil will spring a new nation (or nations) of People who have finally awakened from their complacency. New governments will be forged, and the fields of economic ruin will be ripe for the planting and sprouting of new ideas from a new generation of visionary leaders.

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Nevertheless, the paper returns to the agenda-pushing fooleys!

China's stolid and somber president, Hu Jintao, will likely focus on cooperation rather than table pounding when he meets President Obama for the first time at this week's London summit on the financial crisis.



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