Sunday, March 29, 2009

Boston Sunday Globe Weather Report

Like a regular "newscast" let me give you the daily lies and contradictions:

"Fears of catastrophe ease in N.D. with new forecast; Weather service says Red River is receding" by Dave Kolpack and Jim Suhr, Associated Press | March 29, 2009

FARGO, N.D. - .... The river is retreating because cold temperatures have been freezing water that normally would be flowing into the river....

Global warming, yup. See: The Great Frozen Flood of 2009

Officials deployed high-tech Predator drone aircraft, called up more National Guard troops, and asking residents to form neighborhood dike patrols to look for any breaches in levees.... The flooding was brought on by heavier-than-average winter snows, spring rains, and a rapid thaw of the snow pack that sent the Red River to record-high levels in Fargo.

A winter storm was predicted to hit North Dakota early next week, although the worst of the snow is expected to dissipate by the time the weather reaches Fargo....



That came on March 21st, so this is NOT a WINTER STORM you LYING SACKS of S***!


Wha' happen,

So you can understand the anger when I turn the page of the paper and see this, right?

"Obama team pushes new role for US in climate change talks" by Dina Cappiello, Associated Press | March 29, 2009

WASHINGTON - At its first negotiations on climate change, the Obama administration is trying to persuade other countries that the United States does care about global warming and wants to shape an international accord....

"Gore said the single most important policy change would be placing a carbon tax on burning oil and coal."

But whether the country, which is the second-largest source of heat-trapping pollution, is ready to sign onto a deal by year's end could depend on Congress....

President Obama has acted to reduce US greenhouse gases and wants Congress to pass a cap-and-trade program.... --more--"

Yes, Obama's Face Fart

Need to take the rage up a (brief!) notch a bit?

"Storm brings flooding and snow

BILOXI - A spring storm dumped heavy rains, baseball-sized hail and whipped up winds across the Southeast yesterday, flooding homes and cars in parts of Mississippi and Alabama. The system also hit the central part of the country with snow, prompting blizzard warnings and a disaster declaration in Kansas (AP)."

Yup, but up above it's a WINTER STORM! Sigh!!

And SNOW in KANSAS?!!!!!!