Sunday, March 29, 2009

Put Twitter Out of Work

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The Boston Globe is All aTwitter!

"Social downsizing; One firm's recent layoffs unfold on Twitter, with some people even getting job offers" by Scott Kirsner, Globe Columnist | March 29, 2009

.... A layoff for our Twittery new times....

The fact that the MSM loves Twitter is really making me suspicious. It must be a data-mining spy operation, otherwise the MSM wouldn't be all hot for it!

Though layoffs are always painful, there's something new going on here - especially in the way these laid-off employees weren't silent, and in the way their network of friends and contacts leaped in to help them....

Are you as OFFENDED as I AM at the GLOBE'S INSULT?!!!!

The founder of another social media company had seen his updated Facebook status, noting he was suddenly and unexpectedly in the job market. This entrepreneur got in touch with the former Mzinga-ite through a Twitter message, and this past Wednesday made him a job offer, which he's now considering.

Yeah, Twitter is great!