Sunday, March 29, 2009

Massachusetts Citizens Sour on Patrick, Bailouts

All you have to do is read the Globe's comments sections to the posts I link to see it, never mind their poll.

I guess arrogantly giving the tax money away while whacking services and insulting us didn't go over too well with us. Imagine that!

And we were never for the bailouts. But you call, you call, you call down there, it doesn't matter. Aide takes the call while the tape is running and is silent, then click.

"Hints of hope amid the gloom; Poll indicates half expect some recovery in '09" by Robert Gavin, Globe Staff | March 29, 2009

Nearly 2 in 3 Massachusetts residents, or 65 percent, said they approve of how President Obama is dealing with the national economy. In contrast, fewer than 1 in 3 residents, or 28 percent, approved of Governor Deval Patrick's handling of the state economy....

The poll suggests many don't believe the trillions of dollars committed by the government and Federal Reserve are going to the appropriate people and places. Three out of four said they would oppose another stimulus bill right now.

But they still give Obama high marks for his handling of the economy. Unlike Patrick, the president is being given more latitude because of his brief time in office. In interviews, people who participated in the poll said the governor seems more interested in continuing business as usual on Beacon Hill than addressing the state's economic problems....


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