Saturday, March 28, 2009

Obama the Comedian

One-liners all over the place!!!!

"Obama stresses green in chat with astronauts

President Obama managed to take his pitch for green energy to space yesterday, talking to orbiting astronauts about solar panels.

"We're investing back here on the ground [in] a whole array of solar and other renewable energy projects and so to find out that you're doing this up at the space station is particularly exciting," Obama said during a half-hour call with the space shuttle Discovery as it was linked with the international space station.

The president invited middle school students to take part, and when one asked the astronauts what they ate, he managed to sneak in a cultural reference to an orange-flavored drink they almost certainly had no clue about.

"You guys still drink Tang up there?" Obama asked with a laugh.


Oh, another joke, ha-ha!

"Obama joked that "the only thing less popular than putting money into banks is putting money into the auto industry"

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Do you see me laughing, readers?