Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday Leftovers: Honest Bernie

The mafia media still doesn't tell you anything, and obviously never will.

"Boston firm close to $15m deal to buy part of Madoff's business" by Associated Press | March 29, 2009

Madoff faces a maximum sentence of 150 years.
Madoff faces a maximum sentence of 150 years.

That photo confirms it! Madoff the LYING TURD!

NEW YORK - A deal has been reached to sell the part of Bernard Madoff's company that investigators are fairly certain was honestly run, and the company buying the operation said it is confident it is not acquiring a den of thieves.


(Blog editor can't comment because he's rolling on the floor)


A court-appointed trustee overseeing the liquidation of Madoff's assets announced Friday he has reached a potential $15 million deal to sell his market-making business to the Boston firm Castor Pollux Securities.... The sale price is just a fraction of the $700 million that Madoff recently estimated the business was worth, a figure that had been laughed off as irrational by some observers....

(Yeah, I'm still laughing!!!)

The market-making division managed by Madoff's brother and two sons was separate from the secretive investment advisory business central to the scam....

Yeah, right.
See: Madoff's Brother

The trustee has been selling off Madoff's business assets, including works of art in his midtown Manhattan office, to cover thousands of claims brought by victims of the former Nasdaq chairman's multibillion-dollar pyramid scheme....

How come they don't put a number to it anymore?

During the plea, Madoff described the investment advisory business as "the vehicle of my wrongdoing." But he also maintained "the other businesses my firm engaged in, proprietary trading and market making, were legitimate, profitable, and successful in all respects."

Yeah, the LIAR claimed he was on the UP-and-UP!!!!

I mean, c'mon, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!

In November, Madoff notified 4,800 investors that their money had grown in value to nearly $65 billion, a sum investigators say was fictitious. Authorities believe the amount clients probably trusted with Madoff may have been closer to $17 billion, money he admitted he never invested.


The FBI and regulators are still trying to determine whether members of Madoff's inner circle were in on the fraud.



Please read
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Let's also give you a Slow Saturday leftover, shall we?

"UK considers bringing charges against Madoff" by New York Times | March 28, 2009

Oh, yeah, that WOULD be a SLOW SATURDAY SPECIAL, wouldn't it, Globe?

British authorities said they were making progress in their investigation into whether workers in London helped the disgraced financier Bernard L. Madoff carry out his Ponzi scheme and that charges in the case might be filed this year.

"The British operations were a cog in the giant washing machine," David Jones, a spokesman for the country's Serious Fraud Office, said yesterday, adding there were, however, still "lots of questions to ask."

He declined to specify who or how many people had been questioned in the inquiry and exactly how long it might run. The fraud office part of the criminal justice system, initially opened its investigation into the British operations of Madoff in January, focusing on residents who lost investments and whether any criminal offenses were committed on British soil. "We would expect to bring any charges - assuming the evidence is there - this year," Jones said.

Assuming? He confessed!


Let's take a look at the Jewish piece of crap, again, shall we?

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