Sunday, March 29, 2009

Patchwork Employment

Except they:

mostly.... supplement her full-time job"

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Final Insults: Job Market

The Boston Globe Insults the Unemployed

Had enough insults yet?

"For some, a patchwork of jobs pays the bills" by Associated Press | March 27, 2009

The most important thing to the pro-creditor, pro-looter paper: pay those debt collectors.

NEW YORK - Simone Sneed has been a brand ambassador for a phone company, a backup singer in a local theater, a freelance grant writer, and a psychic in a scavenger hunt - all for a day.

Sneed found those jobs and many others in Craigslist's Gigs section, where she finds work for a few hours or a day to earn extra cash....

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At a time when many have trouble finding one job, some intrepid job-seekers like Sneed are creating a patchwork of many, all short-term gigs found through Craigslist and other sites.

Translation: If you ain't workin', it's your own fault! Never mind those thousands and thousands of monthly job cuts. Goes for the Boston Globe as much as anyone else, so the insult is piled on top of injury.

When she didn't get tenure, English professor Diana Bloom used the website's Services section to advertise herself as a tutor, editor, and translator. She's been able to make a living through the work the website directs her way since 2002, while staying home with her young son.... But most such gigs and part-time work offer no health benefits, no sick days, no paid vacations.

No retirement plans: A Bonus By Any Other Name....

Job postings are down overall on Craigslist, said Jim Buckmaster, chief executive of Craigslist .org. But postings for short-term gigs are up. Newspapers also run ads for temporary work.

Yeah, newspapers will save us says the self-serving paper!

And temp agencies are reporting a flood of applicants. Active Staffing Services in New York, Jersey City, and Hialeah, Fla., has had to turn away applicants because they have so few jobs to give them.... For Sneed, the Craigslist gigs are mostly a tool to pay off bills and student loans and supplement her full-time job.

Excuse me? SUPPLEMENT her WHAT-TIME JOB???? They never say!

For a scavenger hunt in Albany, N.Y., she dressed up to sit in a coffee shop and wait for team members. "I had to pretend to be a psychic, read their fortune, and then give them a piece of paper with the next clue on it," she said. "It was super campy and fit my temperament. I do enjoy indulging in a bit of melodrama every now and then."


She'll probably take up an offer next for $75 to $100 to paint faces at a child's birthday party. "I'll use the extra money to pay off my school loan," she said. "Every little bit helps."

And THAT is the TOP PRIORITY for YOUR MONEY, America, or should be: PAY OFF the USURIOUS and LOOTING CREDITORS!!!!!!!!


And don't look to the profitable Google for work:

SAN FRANCISCO - Google Inc. is jettisoning nearly 200 workers in its largest round of layoffs yet, demonstrating that even highly profitable companies are feeling the recession's pinch....

Or it's an excuse to cut labor costs and increase profits!

Google's housecleaning nevertheless is a sobering sign of the hard times around the globe.

Not for everybody: Google Execs Did Good

Coming off a year in which the company earned $4.2 billion on revenue of $22 billion, Google still is trimming expenses in an attempt to protect its profit margins and prevent its slumping stock price from falling even further.

Whatever it is, it is NOT for YOU, workers and customers!

Google's fortunes are tied to ad spending that's dwindling as both marketers and consumers squirrel away more cash....



"Despite layoffs, Google looks to fill about 360 openings" by Reuters | March 29, 2009


SAN FRANCISCO - Google Inc. is hiring to fill about 360 jobs, even after it announced plans to lay off almost 200 sales and marketing employees in its third round of job cuts this year.

The openings, listed on Google's website, range from software engineers to sales and marketing positions to one opening for a food-services manager at the company's Mountain View, Calif., headquarters. The Web giant acknowledged over-hiring in certain areas when it announced the 200 layoffs Thursday.

In January, Google said it would eliminate 100 full-time recruiters and said the shuttering of its broadcast radio advertising business could result in 40 layoffs in February. Google has more than 20,000 people doing an incredibly diverse array of jobs, said spokesman Matt Furman....

Half of the roughly 360 job openings are in Google's US operations, while the rest are in far-flung locations, including Ireland and Australia....

Need I even type it?

Part of the change may owe to the fact that Google has sharply reduced its pace of acquiring outside companies. Google has also pulled the plug on certain projects that were not as successful as hoped, such as its decision to shutter initiatives to sell advertising on broadcast radio and in print media.

Why, NO ONE READING the PAPERS (smile)?