Monday, March 30, 2009

Pakistan on Obama Watch

Maybe this is the next country in line for USraeli attack -- although you poll voters think otherwise.

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"Pakistan needs to be more accountable, Obama says" by Associated Press | March 30, 2009

WASHINGTON - .... President Obama said US ally Pakistan needs to be more accountable, but ruled out deploying US troops there....

No, he'll do that next door and then send them in: U.S. Special Forces Active in Pakistan

The president also bemoaned the tenuous security situation in Afghanistan, saying, "Unless we get a handle on it now, we're gonna be in trouble."

The paper actually wrote "gonna?" You guys READING ME (blush)?

About that handle, 'bamer, you going the wrong way; exit door over there!

Obama taped the interview Friday, the same day he launched the fresh effort to defeat Al Qaeda terrorists in Pakistan and Afghanistan....

Yup, "Al-CIA-Duh," yup!

Obama has irked Pakistan since taking office in January by retaining a powerful but controversial weapon left over from the Bush administration: unmanned Predator drone missile strikes on Pakistan along its border with Afghanistan. Pakistan has urged Obama to halt the strikes.

But not very hard:

"Pakistani officials have made clear that they regard the Predator attacks as a less objectionable violation of Pakistani sovereignty"

Obama said our main thrust has to be to help Pakistan defeat these extremists.

Then stop making them, funding them, directing them!

Asked if he meant he would put US troops on the ground in Pakistan, Obama said: "No." He noted that Pakistan is a sovereign nation and said: "We need to work with them and through them to deal with Al Qaeda. But we have to hold them much more accountable."


I'm tired of the propaganda; however, if you haven't yet, cast a vote for WHO YOU THINK the US or Israel will attack next (after a false flag that sets it off, of course).