Monday, March 30, 2009

MSM Miracles: One-Day Israeli Wonders

As surprising as they are to see in the mafia media, they are quickly gone:

"Israeli says US denies him entry; Netanyahu aide cites spy issue" by Aron Heller, Associated Press | March 19, 2009

JERUSALEM - Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu's choice for national security adviser said yesterday that he has been denied an entry visa to the United States for the past two years because US authorities linked him to a Pentagon spy case.

Israeli officials refused to publicly discuss the case of Uzi Arad, a former Mossad intelligence officer and close Netanyahu aide. A US State Department official said visa records are confidential under American law and cannot be discussed.

Wanna read something spine-chillingly creepy, readers?

On the day of the 9-11 attacks, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asked what the attacks would mean for US-Israeli relations. His quick reply was:

"It's very good…….Well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy (for Israel)."

"Netanyahu says 9/11 terror attacks good for Israel"

"We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq," Ma'ariv quoted the former prime minister as saying. He reportedly added that these events "swung American public opinion in our favor."

And he's gonna be their new PM!

CUI BONO, readers?

U.S. putting a stop sign up on next false flag?

Arad said American officials erroneously tied him to Lawrence A. Franklin, a former Defense Department official who pleaded guilty to providing classified defense information to two pro-Israel lobbyists. Franklin was sentenced to more than 12 years in prison.

The two former lobbyists for American Israel Public Affairs Committee - Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman - have been charged with illegally disclosing sensitive national defense information to people who are not entitled to receive it.

What ever happened to that AIPAC spy trial , 'eh, readers?

The 2005 indictment against Franklin, publicly available on the Internet, refers to a meeting he held at the Pentagon cafeteria with "a person previously associated with an intelligence agency of Foreign Nation A and discussed a Middle Eastern country's nuclear program."

Arad confirmed he was indeed that person and had discussed Iran with Franklin, but insisted the 2004 meeting was "superficial" and had nothing to do with the charges against the Pentagon spy.

"We had coffee and we talked about the agenda of the day - nothing classified, nothing secret, nothing related to espionage," Arad told The Associated Press yesterday. "If I was not a Mossad employee in the past, they would not have noticed me. My sin was that I was in the past in the Mossad. It's not a big deal, and I believe that this issue will be resolved."

Once Mossad, always Mossad!

Arad confirmed that two years ago, he applied for a visa and but was denied, under section 212-3 (A) of the US Immigration and Nationality Act, which bars entry for those suspected of intent to engage in espionage or sabotage. Arad said he has not applied for a visa since.

9/11, 9/11, 9/11, 9/11!!!

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Israeli spy ring

Zionist AmeriKan MSM Short Sells 9/11 Short Sells

"With regard to visa records, they are confidential under US law, so I am not able to discuss any particular case," State Department spokesman Robert Wood said yesterday.

At least, not while Israel possesses my bosses balls.


Canadians Bust Mossad Computer Hacking Cell in China

This next one was a shock as well; however, I did notice there was NO MENTION of the WMDs ISRAEL USED!!!!!

AI All Over Israel

And yet?

"Israel orders inquiry into alleged abuse; Conduct of own troops is the focus" by Amy Teibel, Associated Press | March 20, 2009

JERUSALEM - Israel's military yesterday ordered a criminal inquiry into its own soldiers' reports that some troops killed Palestinian civilians, including children, during the Gaza war by hastily opening fire, confident that relaxed rules of engagement would protect them.

Protect them from official policy? As for any ISRAELI investigation, pffffft!

Think I'm going to believe those liars?

Their accounts, published in a military institute's newsletter, echo Palestinian allegations and feed into human rights groups' contention that Israel violated the laws of war. Soldiers also reported the wanton destruction of civilian property.

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The troops spoke at a get-together with students enrolled in a military preparatory course. The transcript of the session appeared this week in a newsletter the institute publishes, Israeli newspapers reported. The head of the course, Danny Zamir, told the Haaretz daily he was "shocked" and relayed the reports to Israeli military chief Lieutenant General Gabi Ashkenazi because he feared serious ethical lapses among troops.

And what about the LYING LEADERS who ORDERED the NaZionist monsters?

The military said it was not aware of the reported incidents but that its top lawyer has ordered military police to investigate. Speaking to Israel Radio, Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Israel "has the most ethical army in the world" and reports of exceptions would be "checked carefully."

That doesn't help dispell the stereotype, NaZionist shitter! What CHUTZPAH!!!!

In one published account reported by Haaretz and the Maariv newspaper, an Israeli sniper killed a Palestinian woman and her two children after they misunderstood another soldier's order and turned the wrong way. The sniper was not told the civilians had been released from the house where they were confined and, in compliance with standing orders, opened fire when they approached him.

Of course, were he a "Muslim suicider" it would be in the paper every day!

In another account given at the military institute, an elderly woman was shot dead while walking on a road, even though she was close enough for the soldiers to see whether she posed a threat, Maariv said. Haaretz said the woman was shot from 100 yards away.

Forget the range; how does ANY OLD WOMAN pose a threat? Seriously!

"The climate in general, from what I understood from most of my men whom I talked to, was . . . the lives of Palestinians, let's say, are far less important than the lives of our soldiers. So as far as they're concerned, they can justify it that way," an infantry squad leader was quoted as saying.


According to Israeli government figures, during the course of the Gaza operation nine soldiers were killed and 336 wounded. Four of those soldiers died in "friendly fire" incidents. Official figures say that during the same period Palestinian rocket fire into Israel killed four civilians and injured 182.

Heavy Palestinian civilian casualties and widespread destruction during the three-week war provoked international outcry against Israel, which halted its fire on Jan. 18. Palestinians say over half of the more than 1,300 Gazans killed were civilians.

How come much more emphasis was placed on Israel and the attacks they suffered, readers? They were mentioned first in the Zionist War Daily, and also got more print! We get Israeli wounded but no Palestinian wounded?

However, Gur Rosenblatt, 35, a reserve infantry major who said he took part in fighting all over Gaza during the offensive, told The Associated Press he witnessed no wrongdoing.

Unreal! This is considered "news reporting?"

"I was with my soldiers in the thick of the fighting and there was absolutely no incident where soldiers purposely hurt civilians or damaged their property," he said. "In fact we risked our own lives in order to protect civilians and their property. Even when Palestinians had rigged buildings with explosives or attacked us from homes we did our best not to harm civilians."

The LYING, HOLOCAUST-DENYING CHUTZPAH of the NaZionist s***ter really goes TOO FAR!!!!!!

Israel says the toll published by the Palestinians is inflated but has acknowledged loosening its rules of engagement in Gaza to minimize military casualties.


Troops operating in densely populated areas, for example, were supported with heavy tank and artillery fire that sometimes flattened entire neighborhoods. Rights groups have accused Israel of using disproportionate force and failing to protect civilians.

Translation: WAR CRIMES!!!


After that sanitized report, here's one that was somehow slipped in regarding thoe MISSING WMDs of ISRAEL (and not the Saddam kind; the ISRAELIS USED THEIR REAL, not imaginary, SUPPLY of WMD)!!!!

JERUSALEM - Israel fired white phosphorous shells indiscriminately over densely populated areas of Gaza in what amounts to a war crime, Human Rights Watch said in a report yesterday.

The New York-based group called on the United Nations to launch an investigation into alleged Israeli violations of the rules of war, including the use of white phosphorous, during its three-week Gaza offensive.

Good luck: Israel Owns the U.N.

The Israeli military said yesterday that the shells were used in line with international law. "The claim that smoke shells were used indiscriminately, or to threaten the civilian population, is baseless," the military said in a statement.

And since the minute Israel opens its mouth it lies, well, you know....

International law permits the use of phosphorous weapons as flares or to create smoke screens masking the movement of troops.

But NOT the DROPPING of them on PEOPLE!!!!

The group documented only some of the cases, including white phosphorous shells fired at a Gaza City hospital, the UN headquarters, a school, and a market.

And THOSE are only SOME of the CASES (conventiently mentioned in the last paragraph of my Jew War Daily report)!!!!

In six attacks, 12 civilians were killed and dozens were wounded, said Human Rights Watch researcher Fred Abrahams.


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