Monday, March 30, 2009

Students Deeply Inhale Fart-Misting Gas

I saw it when I was at the school. Heck, I believed it myself back then. Now I question everything they ever told me over there.

"Warming makes energy a hot subject" by Los Angeles Times | March 30, 2009

WASHINGTON - In what could be an encouraging sign of change in the longstanding shortage of American students preparing for high-tech careers, the hottest subject on college campuses across the nation seems to be renewable energy - a surge of interest largely stimulated by the specter of global warming.

Ooooooh! The SPECTER LURKING in the BACKGROUND! Ya scared as you are freezing your ass off, 'murkn?!!!

No chance of ending the occupations, huh?

Concern about climate change is apparently galvanizing more undergraduate students to turn toward a subject involving science and engineering, some educators suggest, in much the same way that Moscow's launching of the Sputnik space satellite jolted baby boomers to turn their eyes to the stars. What remains uncertain is whether enthusiasm for the science and technology of renewable energy sources will carry over into graduate school and swell the ranks of Americans with advanced degrees in such subjects....


The rising interest in renewable energy is so new that it's not clearly reflected in the latest enrollment figures, educators say. But leaders from a range of schools - including Arizona State University, Indiana University, and the University of Colorado - say energy and sustainability are the hottest topics for their students.

President Obama is mounting a multibillion-dollar push to boost "clean energy," in hopes of creating millions of domestic jobs. The effort includes stepped-up support for graduate students doing research in the area.

He's mounting something all right.... YEOW!!!!

At the White House last week, he told a group of academics and energy entrepreneurs that "innovators like you are creating the jobs that will foster our recovery." The United States has struggled in the past two decades, however, to produce enough homegrown scientists and engineers to meet demand.

I suppose that's what all the H1-B visas and such are for, huh?

Yup, go get ejerkated, 'murkn!! Too bad they dummed ya down.