Sunday, March 29, 2009

Congress to Burn Books

You know, like Nazi Germany.

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"High court may trim McCain-Feingold; Question whether measure applies to 'Hillary' movie" by Robert Barnes, Washington Post | March 25, 2009

WASHINGTON - .... The government's lawyer rattled the justices by asserting that Congress possessed the power - hypothetically - to ban some political books before an election....

Good. No more self-adulating piles of autobiographical bulls***!!!

Deputy Solicitor General Malcolm Stewart... quickly found himself pulled into a discussion of something at issue in neither the law nor the case: whether the government could prevent using corporate or union funds to publish a book that mentioned a candidate for office within the election time frame.

I suppose they need not even do that; publishing houses reject stuff all the time. It's known as self-censorship in a self-censoring society!

Stewart said that it could, though he quickly added that there was an exception in the law for the media, and that the law said nothing about books....


As for the media, if there isn't, there will be soon: Senate Says Newspapers Are Non-Profits