Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Science Tracking bin Laden

The first tool they will need:

Not very technological, is it?

"Researchers say science can help find bin Laden" by Colin Nickerson, Globe Correspondent | March 9, 2009

Applying nighttime satellite images, advanced geographical techniques, and mathematical models to history's biggest manhunt, researchers say they have a strong idea where Osama bin Laden went after escaping from Afghanistan in 2001 - and where he may be hiding still.

Yeah, and we all know where
. Some hillside in Afghanistan.

Dead guy

The researchers, using what is billed as the first attempt to apply scientific methodology to the pursuit, point to the lawless frontier town of Parachinar in northwest Pakistan as a prime place to search for the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks.

Then GO GET 'EM, CIA (ha-ha-ha)!!!

"If bin Laden's alive, he could be sitting there now," said Thomas W. Gillespie, the University of California at Los Angeles geographer who led the study, published online in the MIT International Review....

That's a MIGHTY BIG STINKER of an IF, guy!!!

The United States has spent hundreds of millions of dollars in a conspicuously unsuccessful seven-year hunt for the leader of Al Qaeda.... Bin Laden is thought to suffer from kidney disease requiring dialysis, and, thus, electricity. He needs an anonymous but secure facility in a place where neither high walls nor assault rifle-toting guards would attract notice....

Critics say Parachinar is an unlikely spot for bin Laden because the settlement's population is heavily Shi'ite Muslim, whose members fear and feud with the surrounding region's huge Sunni majority.

Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda acolytes are fundamentalist Sunnis, so the choice of Parachinar might seem incongruous. But the wild and wooly center is also home to substantial numbers of Afghan Sunnis, and the bloody animosity between the two groups is itself a sort of camouflage.... --more--"

Have you HAD ENOUGH of the MSM BS, folks?

So now the sectarianism is a COVER -- when the Zionist war-promoters and agenda-pushers say it is?



WASHINGTON - US efforts to identify and thwart the growing threat posed by Pakistani extremists who enjoy easy access to the United States - and already have a significant presence here - are being undermined by the government of Pakistan, according to current and former US and Western counterterrorism officials.

Talk about SETTING UP the NEXT PATSIES!!!!!!

After the terrorist attack in Mumbai, India, in November 2008, the FBI and other US agencies went on red alert, searching for evidence of plotters in the United States. But they were essentially shut down in efforts to work the Pakistan side of the investigation, not only to find additional plotters but to learn more about Lashkar-e-Taiba, the Al Qaeda-affiliated Pakistani militant group suspected of orchestrating the attacks, and its global network of cells.

I am SO SICK of hearing about "Al-CIA-Duh" when we KNOW WHAT THEY ARE NOW!! And if the MSM will continue to PROMOTE THAT LIE, then WHAT ELSE (everything) are they LYING ABOUT?

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III flew to Islamabad last week, in part to seek better cooperation. But the FBI and other US officials have been denied access to about 20 members of Lashkar, including about six senior officials also suspected of heading the group's global operations and fund-raising....

Bruce Riedel, a former South Asia specialist for the CIA and National Security Council, said after the Mumbai attacks that Pakistan has long protected the militant groups. He warned that a "global jihadist syndicate" of disaffected young Pakistanis is the most likely mechanism for launching an attack in the United States, possibly with Al Qaeda.

Riedel, who chairs the Obama administration's Pakistan-Afghanistan strategy review, said Mumbai was only the latest of several attacks by such militants on soft targets frequented by Americans. US and allied intelligence shows that potentially tens of thousands of Pakistanis have trained in Lashkar's guerrilla camps in Pakistan, and many of those trainees have gone on to work with Al Qaeda.

Oh, they WENT to WORK for "Al-CIA-Duh," huh?

That includes a small number of US residents, some of whom are believed to have returned to the United States. Nearly a dozen Americans, including many members of the "Virginia Jihad Network," have been convicted in US courts of training at Lashkar. Evidence confiscated from other young militants shows a Lashkar interest around the United States, according to interviews and court testimony.

Pffft! It's called a SET-UP FRAME-UP, folks, so when the NEXT FALSE-FLAG comes the GOVERNMENT can POINT to PAKISTAN!!!!

And CUI BONO, 'eh?

But authorities say their greater concern is the thousands of disaffected Westerners and Pakistanis in Britain and other "visa waiver" countries in Europe who travel frequently to Pakistan. An unknown number of those have trained in Lashkar camps, and they are free to travel to the United States with only a cursory last-minute background check. --more--"

Then WHAT GOOD did all the SPYING POWER DO, huh, you FUCKING FALSE-FLAGGING FRAUDS?!!!!! Sorry, but WE'S WISE to that shit now!!!!!

And as if we needed more (pushing the agenda a bit hard, aren't they?):

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan's shaky government threatened the opposition leader with sedition charges yesterday after he called for protests against the president, raising the stakes in a political crisis that threatens to weaken the country's fight against Al Qaeda and the Taliban....

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The Obama administration has yet to make any public statement on the crisis, but last week Britain appealed for political unity, saying the bickering was distracting the country from the threat posed by militants such as Al Qaeda and the Taliban - a point illustrated last week by an attack on Sri Lanka's cricket team that killed six people.... --more--"