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The AmeriKan "Al-CIA-Duh"

"“NC terrorists were supported by CIA”

Russia Today
Thursday, July 30, 2009

The terrorist group arrested in North Carolina and its leader Daniel Patrick Boyd received substantial aid from the CIA in the past, says investigative journalist Wayne Madsen.

"Alleged `jihadist' known as friendly store owner

"Doubts start to surface about latest US "Terror" arrests." -- Wake the Flock Up

Also see: The "Al-CIA-Duh" Hammer

I just wanted you to know those things before reading the MSM BS.

"In N.C., terror arrests bewilder neighbors; Say family was devout Eighth suspect still sought" by Campbell Robertson, New York Times | July 29, 2009

WILLOW SPRING, N.C. - The federal authorities say Boyd and two of his sons took their convictions beyond religious faith and into domestic terrorism. They were among seven men charged on Monday with supporting violent jihad movements in foreign countries, including Israel, Jordan, Kosovo, and Pakistan. An eighth man was still being sought in the case, said a spokeswoman for federal prosecutors in Raleigh, about 20 miles north.

The men are charged with stockpiling automatic weapons and traveling abroad numerous times to participate in jihadist movements. There is no indication in the indictment that they were planning attacks in the United States, though prosecutors said they had practiced military tactics this summer on private property in a rural county near the Virginia border.

Their plans apparently involved a suicide attack, according to an e-mail Boyd sent in 2008 to another defendant, Hysen Sherifi, about dying as a martyr.... Boyd, the son of a Marine, is a convert to Islam, and received training from Islamic radicals in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the indictment said. Prosecutors said much of the activity took place over the last three years, citing coded conversations among the defendants, exchanges of cash, numerous gun purchases, and a Kalashnikov demonstration in Boyd’s living room.

Boyd, the central figure in the indictment, is also charged with lying to federal agents in the summer of 2007 about his reasons for a trip to Israel. According to the indictment, he and several other defendants had intended to join violent jihadists in the Palestinian territories, though the trip was ultimately unsuccessful. It was the second trip to Israel mentioned in the indictment. Boyd is said to have taken his son Dylan to Gaza to meet jihadists in March 2006, though that, too, was apparently unsuccessful.

Highlighted in the indictment, but not part of the charges, was a period that authorities say Boyd spent with his brother in Afghanistan and Pakistan from 1989 to 1992, training with and supporting fighters who were trying to overthrow the Soviet-backed government in Kabul.

Federal law enforcement officials in Washington said that the men charged on Monday were not seen as serious terrorist threats to the United States or US interests abroad, and that there were no indications of ties to Al Qaeda or other militant groups. But the officials said there was concern that the group was amassing a sizable number of powerful automatic weapons, given the elder Boyd’s record as a foreign fighter.

Neighbors were startled, even angered by the arrests, which they learned about only when federal agents, some carrying assault weapons, swarmed over the lawn of the Boyds’ cream-colored two-story house. The house, with a Ford Bronco in the driveway and a swimming pool in the back, looks like any other in the quiet subdivision, and neighbors said the Boyds were generally no different than anyone else, other than being nicer than average.....

This is REEKING, readers!

Prosecutors said Daniel Boyd had stopped attending local mosques this year because of “ideological differences’’ and had begun meeting for Friday prayer services in his home.

The Boyds had the usual interactions with the neighbors - tool swapping, rides to school - and other than a day when the house was egged, which neighbors attributed to their religion, their faith did not seem to be an issue.

All of which has left neighbors wondering whether there was some kind of mistake. “I don’t believe any of this,’’ said Jeremy Kuhn, 20, who lives across the street. “And it’s going to take a whole lot of evidence to convince me otherwise.’’

Neither do I!


Believe the lying government and newspapers?

Fool me once....

“If he’s a terrorist, he’s the nicest terrorist I ever met in my life. I don’t think he is’’

Neither do I!

RALEIGH, N.C. - Israel denied entry two years ago to members of a North Carolina family that includes three men accused of plotting to execute terror attacks in foreign countries, an official said yesterday.

Daniel Boyd, 39, was arrested Monday with six others, including two sons. Authorities contend Boyd was the ringleader of a group that was preparing for a “violent jihad,’’ though prosecutors have not detailed any specific targets or time frame.....

Boyd’s wife, Sabrina, told a Raleigh newspaper that he and one of their sons flew to Israel in 2007 to visit Muslim holy sites but were denied entry and detained for two days. That followed a trip Daniel Boyd had made with another son, who is not charged, to Israel a year earlier. She denied any malevolent motive for their visits....

Sabrina Boyd, 41, urged the public not to rush to judgment.

“We have the right to justice, and we believe that justice will prevail,’’ she said in a statement. “We are decent people who care about other human beings.’’

That is a misplaced belief when it comes to AmeriKa's courtrooms.

Prosecutors said Boyd received terrorist training years ago in Pakistan and brought the teachings back to North Carolina, recruiting followers willing to die as martyrs waging a holy war. Frustrated by Raleigh-area mosques that he saw as too moderate, Boyd started breaking away this year to hold prayers in his home, prosecutors said.

In the last two months, he took two group members to north-central North Carolina to practice military tactics and use weapons. “It’s clear from the indictment that the overt acts in the conspiracy were escalating,’’ US Attorney George E.B. Holding said.


Boyd’s neighbors defended the drywall contractor. “If he’s a terrorist, he’s the nicest terrorist I ever met in my life. I don’t think he is,’’ said Charles Casale, 46, a neighbor in Willow Spring.


Oh, he ain't one but it STILL COMES IN HANDY, don't it, agenda-pushers?

"Security Chief Urges 'Collective Fight' Against Terrorism Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano urged Americans on Wednesday to join a "collective fight against terrorism" that combines the efforts of individuals, companies and local, state and foreign governments.

"The tyrant is recruiting their counter-revolutionary army!" -- Wake the Flock Up

"Holder: Homegrown Terror Threat Increasing

"Translation: The US Government knows it has pushed the people to the brink of revolution" -- Wake the Flock Up

Homegrown terror top priority for Obama Administration

"Napolitano seeks new recruit in terror fight: you; Strategy shift stresses greater collaboration" by Spencer S. Hsu, Washington Post | July 30, 2009

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano called on Americans yesterday to join a “collective fight against terrorism,’’ emphasizing the shared role of individuals and of local, federal, and foreign governments in confronting a persistent threat.

9/11 was an INSIDE JOB!!!!!! 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB!!!!!! 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB!!!!!!

Billed by aides as a major address outlining the Obama administration’s approach to preventing terrorist attacks, Napolitano’s speech marked a striking change in rhetoric from her predecessors under President Bush.

Napolitano described a strategy that emphasized collaboration instead of unilateral federal action and spread responsibility for bolstering preparedness and security across society.

So WHAT FALSE FLAG is in the works, Jan?

“I am sometimes asked if I think complacency is a threat. I believe the short answer is yes,’’ Napolitano said. “But I think a better question is this: Has the US government done everything it can to educate and engage the American people? The answer is no.


“Countering the terrorist threat is not just the efforts of one agency, or one element of society,’’ Napolitano said. Returning to New York City, where she planned later to visit the site of the World Trade Center towers destroyed on Sept. 11, 2001, Napolitano made her most extended remarks on the subject....

I'm offended.

Her speech, “Common Threat, Collective Response: Protecting Against Terrorist Attacks in a Networked World,’’ came after critics accused Napolitano of playing down the subject in her first appearance before House lawmakers last winter, when she did not use the word “terror’’ or terrorism in her prepared remarks.

Just wondering why the MSM is playing down the fact that the speech was at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Not the first time they have edited it out.


WASHINGTON - When Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton stepped back to center stage here yesterday to present an ambitious blueprint for America’s role in the world, the State Department billed it as a major foreign policy address.

Appearing before a crowd of hundreds to outline US foreign policy goals....

At this point I realize the article has LEFT THIS OUT (looking at it in my printed paper):

Her address to the Council on Foreign Relations.... --more--"

Now WHY would the U.S. press want to EDIT OUT THAT?

This time, she cited variants 23 times in little more than 20 minutes.

Must have been like the 2004 Repuglican convention in there.

She noted the terror threat has not abated. American hotels were targeted in bombings earlier this month in Jakarta, six Americans were among 164 people killed in a commando-style assault in Mumbai in November, and three Americans were among 54 killed in a Marriott Hotel in Islamabad in September, she said.

That clues you into the fact that all those attacks were FALSE FLAGS!

The Boston Globe's Indonesian Insult

AmeriKan MSM Pinning Mumbai on Pakistan Patsies

Amerikan MSM Fingers Israel for Mumbai Attacks

The Mumbai Myth Takes Hold

The Zionist AmeriKan MSM's Pakistan Cover Story

“While the shock and the pain and images of 9/11 stay with us, the terror threat is even more decentralized, more networked, and more adaptive than on 9/11,’’ Napolitano said.

Yes, 9/11 is a day I will never forget because that was the FIRST FLASE FLAG OPERATION I ever heard of -- after four years of college history!

She said, for example, the nation needs better technology, training, and linkages with 780,000 local law enforcement agents, promising to support 70 state-run, intelligence “fusion centers’’ that began under the Bush administration.


Among other things, intelligence officials are developing a standard electronic system to report and track suspicious activity nationwide. Napolitano singled out the need for greater cooperation from companies that control most of the critical targets such as power plants and communication systems. More than dollars, Napolitano said, the nation needs “the active engagement of employers’’ to identify key national resources and to plan how to secure them.

When does it end, America? When you have to sig heil at the door?

“We may be better prepared as a nation that we were on 9/11. But we are nowhere near as prepared as we need to be,’’ Napolitano warned bluntly.

So WHEN is the NEXT GOVERNMENT-SPONSORED and DIRECTED "terror event," Jan?

Overseas, she said, Justice Department and homeland security officials were continuing work begun by the previous administration, forging agreements to combat serious crime with 13 countries and working with Europe and others to share more data about air passengers, collect fingerprints from travelers, and scan cargo.

“The consequences of living in a state of fear, rather than a state of preparedness, are enormous,’’ Napolitano said.



Message to government and media (not that they care, but):


Ever hear of the term BACKFIRE?

The Boston Globe's Pakistan Insults: War Wind Down

"The military operation in the Swat Valley and surrounding areas is winding down"

That's why the MSM is ignoring the mass-murdering slaughter and refugee crisis.

See my
Pakistan labels for the latest reports from the AmeriKan MSM.

This stuff is so rank I just wanted you to know what s*** the newspapers are feeding us about what is going over up there.

'Taliban recruited children, officials say; Allegedly used young people as suicide bombers" by Asif Shahzad, Associated Press | July 29, 2009



Vice Admiral Jeffrey Fowler, the Naval Academy’s superintendent, said a big part of the increase in applications in Annapolis is due to the school’s summer seminar. The program brings students who have finished their junior year of high school to the academy for six days to show them what life would be like at the picturesque riverside campus. For 2,250 spots in the program, the academy received more than 6,000 applications this summer.The Naval Academy also has been reaching out to students in seventh and eighth grades"

Oh, HOW EVIL, ‘eh, America?


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - Security forces have rescued several children forcibly recruited by the Taliban, allegedly to be used as fighters or suicide bombers, and there could be hundreds more of them, officials said yesterday.

The claim came as a suicide car bomber rammed his vehicle into a checkpoint in Pakistan’s North Waziristan tribal region, causing an explosion that killed two police and wounded five other security officials, authorities said.

That is one of the few incidents of violence they reported this week -- as if there were no war at all.

Pakistani troops are engaged in offensives against the Taliban in various areas along the lawless border with Afghanistan, fighting militants often drawn from among the local communities.

Lieutenant General Nadeem Ahmed, who heads a special support group tasked with handling the return of people displaced by three months of fighting in the Swat Valley and surrounding areas, said he had met with nine boys rescued from the Taliban.

“They have been brainwashed and trained as suicide bombers, but the nine who I met seemed willing to get back to normal life,’’ he told Pakistani state-run television.

Ahmed’s deputy, Lieutenant Colonel Waseem Shahid, later clarified that it had not been determined whether all the boys were being trained as suicide bombers.

“What we are saying is that they are Taliban recruits. They are trained. They could have been used for any purpose,’’ Shahid told the Associated Press.

Ahmed said on state-run TV that the children had told him there were many more, possibly hundreds, like them.

“It seems that there are some 300 to 400 such children who the Taliban had taken forcibly or who they were training,’’ Ahmed said.

Major Nasir Ali, spokesman for forces in Swat, told AP that most of the several children who had been rescued were taken from a Taliban training camp in Swat after a firefight, although some had turned themselves in later.

He did not say when the rescue occurred.

“The account we are getting from these boys is that there could be many more such cases, and we believe that most of them have dispersed among the public,’’ he said.

Ahmed said that a psychiatrist would examine the children to recommend how they should be reintegrated into society.

“It will be a big challenge’’ to reverse the indoctrination they received, he noted.

He said the boys had sometimes been lured by offers of food, but that they had been underfed and some had fallen ill.

Militant spokesmen could not be reached yesterday for comment on the allegations.

On Sunday, authorities in Swat’s main town of Mingora presented several teenagers alleged to have been forcibly recruited by the Taliban. Seven boys, their lower faces covered to prevent them being recognized, were shown to reporters.

One, a 16-year-old Shaukat Ali, said the militants abducted him while he was playing cricket. He said they told him they wanted him to be “a warrior’’ and offered to pay his family for his services.

Bashir Ahmad Bilour, senior minister of North West Frontier Province where Swat is located, said that dozens of children had been rescued by security forces and ranged in age from 6 to 15.


I'm sorry, world. Maybe this is all true; however, because of my lying, Muslim-hating, war-promoting, Zionist War Daily I refuse to believe it at this point. This plays perfectly well into their agenda. If they don't flog the women as war propaganda, it is the children -- as if Muslims don't love their children as much as we do. That's why they are wailing when the air bomb flattens the house and kills the kids.

SULTANWAS, Pakistan - Village leaders in a former Taliban stronghold are rebuilding their own militia to protect the area from militants holding out in nearby hills after fleeing the Pakistani Army’s offensive last spring.

The military operation in the Swat Valley and surrounding areas is winding down, but sporadic fighting persists - a sign that the Taliban have not given up. Locals say Taliban fighters are hiding in the hills outside Sultanwas, a village pulverized by air strikes and tanks during Pakistan’s offensive.

Wow, and I didn't see or hear a thing in my War Daily. WTF?

So villagers are leaving nothing to chance: They have reorganized their own militia and say they are talking to nearby villages to join forces. Pakistan’s authorities say such militias, known as lashkars, can prevent the Taliban from rebounding in the strategic area north of the capital. The groups have been compared to Iraq’s Awakening Councils, which helped US forces turn the tide against Al Qaeda there.

The concept is an old one in Pakistan, where lashkars have augmented security in the lawless tribal belt along the Afghan border. But they have not been a feature of the more peaceful districts such as Buner, which includes Sultanwas, and in the nearby Swat Valley.


I didn't see any reference to the OVER 3 MILLION REFUGEES this crisis has caused? Pathetic. That's what AmeriKa's MSM is: pathetic

The Boston Globe's Afghanistan Insults: Lost in Translation

I'm sorry; they just don't look like "terrorists" to me:

DAVID GUTTENFELDER/ASSOCIATED PRESSJosh Habib (far left), a 53-year-old translator, along with two Marines, spoke to Afghan villagers. He has hiked in extreme heat, and said this is not the job he signed up for.
Josh Habib (far left), a 53-year-old translator, along with two Marines, spoke to Afghan villagers. He has hiked in extreme heat, and said this is not the job he signed up for. (David Guttenfelder/Associated Press)

"Some translators not fit for duty; Officers say they endanger troops" by Jason Straziuso, Associated Press | July 26, 2009

NAWA, Afghanistan - Josh Habib lay in a dirt field, gasping for air. Two days of hiking with Marines through southern Afghanistan’s 115-degree heat had exhausted him. This was not what he signed up for.

Habib is not a Marine. He is a 53-year-old engineer from California hired by a contracting company as a military translator. When he applied for the lucrative linguist job, Habib said, his recruiter gave no hint he would join a ground assault in Taliban land. He carried 40 pounds of food, water, and gear on his back, and kept pace - barely - with Marines half his age.

What, the recruiter not speak English?

US troops say companies that recruit military translators are sending linguists to southern Afghanistan who are unprepared to serve in combat, even as hundreds more are needed to support the growing number of troops.

I just felt a draft, kiddo.

Some translators are in their 60s and 70s and in poor physical condition - and some don’t even speak the right language.

Americans, how much longer are you gonna put up with this s***?

And that’s not the worst of it. Troops say low-skilled and disgruntled translators are putting US forces at risk.

The company that recruits the most US citizen translators, Columbus, Ohio-based Mission Essential Personnel, says it’s difficult to meet the increased demand for linguists to aid the 15,000 US forces being sent to southern Pashto-speaking provinces this year as part of President Obama’s increased focus on Afghanistan. Only 7,700 Pashto speakers live in the United States, according to the 2000 Census.

Mission Essential’s senior vice president, Marc Peltier, said the linguists the company deploys to Afghanistan, Iraq, and other countries meet government standards. The military sets no age or weight requirements, he said. How translators come to believe they won’t face danger could originate with recruiters.

Corporal William Woodall, 26, of Dallas, who works closely with translators: “The companies are just pushing bodies out here.’’

Gunnery Sergeant James Spangler, who is in charge of linguists at Camp Leatherneck, the largest US base in Helmand Province: “They’re going to tell you whatever it is to get you hired.’’

Khalid Nazary, an Afghan-American citizen living in Kabul, called Mission Essential about a job and let an AP reporter listen. He asked whether he would go to “dangerous places.’’

“Oh, no, no, no. You’re not a soldier. You’re not a soldier. Not at all,’’ the recruiter, Tekelia Barnett, said. “You’re not on the battlefield.’’

The Afghan-American asked repeatedly whether he would be sent on battlefield missions. Barnett said he would translate for soldiers at schools, mosques, or hospitals. After being pressed on the point, Barnett said the linguist would be subject to “any’’ assignment, and if he didn’t want the task, he could quit.


No actual war report there. Try this one:

"British support of Afghanistan fight not flagging, ambassador says; Vows commitment will be long-term" by James F. Smith, Globe Staff | July 31, 2009

Britain’s ambassador to the United States, Sir Nigel Sheinwald, acknowledges that the battle against Al Qaeda and Taliban fighters in Afghanistan is facing “very difficult and traumatic moments,’’ with American and British forces both suffering a surge of casualties.

But Sheinwald says public support for British involvement in Afghanistan is not flagging the way support crumbled for Britain’s participation in the invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Then he is a LIAR!!!!

Related: Poll: Brits Say Afghan War "Unwinnable"

A majority of the British public believes the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan cannot be won and British troops should be withdrawn immediately.

What more is there to say?

With about 9,000 troops in Afghanistan, Britain is by far the biggest contributor of forces in the NATO operation there after the United States.... Sheinwald spent the past two days in Washington with visiting Foreign Secretary David Miliband, who discussed Afghan policy with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and others.

During a visit to Boston yesterday, Sheinwald said public opinion in Britain remains evenly divided on the Afghanistan operation. “People will rightly mourn every single loss of life,’’ he said. “But the public will be prepared to understand the high level of casualties if they see that our forces are being deployed in a strategy that is credible and which is starting to achieve success.’’




The ambassador said Britons understand that turning the tide will not be accomplished in a matter of weeks, “but over the next year or so.’’ He warned that Afghanistan would need global support for decades to develop the capacity to govern and protect itself.


“We’re going to have a very long-term commitment to Afghanistan’s future,’’ he said. “This is not just one year; this is going to be for decades. We’re going to help them get to a state which they can ward off the return of the Taliban and Al Qaeda. That’s our strategic objective. We need to avoid the vacuum returning. And that’s what this huge effort is about.’’

No it's not; it is about PROTECTING the OPIUM TRADE and GUARDING OIL PIPELINES!!!!


Please see my
Afghanistan labels for more on the atrocious lack of coverage of the actual war, readers.

The Boston Globe's Invisible Ink: Yucky Yucca

Part of a new series that examines articles that never appeared in my printed paper but did appear on the website.

Obama Caps Off the Betrayals

"Senate approves $34.3b energy bill" by Associated Press | July 30, 2009

WASHINGTON - The Senate passed a $34.3 billion energy spending bill yesterday that backs up President Obama’s promise to close the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste facility. The bill, passed by an 85-9 vote, also covers hundreds of water projects being undertaken by the Army Corps of Engineers.

The Yucca Mountain project 90 miles from Las Vegas was designed to hold 77,000 tons of waste, but has been strongly opposed by the Nevada delegation, which had been outgunned in its efforts to kill it. The move fulfills a campaign promise by Obama to close Yucca Mountain, which was 25 years and $13.5 billion in the making. It would, however, leave the country without a long-term solution for storing radioactive waste from nuclear power plants.

He finally fulfilled one, huh?

The waste disposal problem has become worse since the federal government scrapped plans to open Yucca Mountain. Instead, radioactive fuel rods are now stored in concrete and steel canisters on the grounds of nuclear plants around the country....

Just waiting for 'terrorists," right?


Meanwhile, what else has the Senate been up to?

"Senators want to ban texting while driving"

"Congress urges pardon for boxing champ"

Are you kidding?

That is what they are wasting time on and getting paid tax dollars to do it?

The Boston Globe's Invisible Ink: Goldman Sachs

Related: The Boston Globe's Invisible Ink: Haiti

"Benefits of Goldman Sachs chiefs cited in push for tax on insurers" by Leslie Wayne and David M. Herszenhorn, New York Times | July 27, 2009

NEW YORK - Goldman Sachs is one of the nation’s richest banks, and hundreds of top Goldman employees have a healthcare package to match - one of the “gold-plated Cadillac’’ plans cited by those involved in the healthcare debate in Washington.

Goldman’s 400 or so managing directors and the bank’s top executive officers participate in the bank’s executive medical and dental program as part of their benefits, according to disclosure documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The program generally costs the bank $40,543 in premiums annually for each participant’s family.

Those taking part in the plan include the company’s chief executive, Lloyd C. Blankfein, and four other top officers, as well as managing directors, whose base salary is $600,000....


Also see: The Boston Globe's Golden Insults

The Boston Globe's Indonesian Insult

Related: Slow Saturday Special: Indonesian Insult


Gladio-style terror in Istanbul, New York, Jakarta, Mumbai and London, linked to 'Moslem' Militants and Israel?



"Another “Islamist” Bombing Case Made By Anonymous Notes and Discredited Witnesses"

"Group says it bombed Jakarta hotels" by Associated Press | July 30, 2009

JAKARTA, Indonesia - Police were investigating the origin of an Internet message claiming responsibility for twin hotel bombings in Indonesia’s capital nearly two weeks ago. The group calling itself Al Qaeda Indonesia said the attacks targeted the American business community.

Here we go again....

Watch: VIDEO


Prop 101: Al-CIA-Duh and the OSI

Prop 101: Al-CIA-Duh's Greatest Hits

Prop 101: The "Terrorism" Business


New York Times Admits War on Terror is U.S. Creation

That enough for ya, 'er....

The message surfaced yesterday and was purportedly signed by Noordin Mohammed Top, a key terrorist suspect in Southeast Asia. It said the attacks were carried out by a splinter faction of the Al Qaeda-linked regional militant group Jemaah Islamiyah. An expert on regional terrorism said the language resembles claims by Muslim extremist groups and may be authentic. The splinter group has been considered the most likely perpetrator of the hotel attacks. An unexploded bomb recovered from the scene resembled devices used by the group before and documents seized from members indicated they intended to hit prominent Western targets.

It really doesn't matter anymore. I'm longer fooled by this bullcrap, and can smell it for what it is.

Police said they were investigating the message but were not certain it was from Malaysian fugitive Noordin or whether it would provide clues in the hunt for those responsible for the blasts that killed seven and wounded more than 50 at the J.W. Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels. The statement, which surfaced the same day the hotels reopened for guests amid tightened security, said the bombings targeted the US business community and “infidels who fight Islam and Muslims.’’

The July 17 attacks in Jakarta’s upscale business district have forced Indonesia to reevaluate its widely praised fight against violent Islamists, which combined a “soft’’ social element of de-radicalization with the systematic arrests of hundreds of suspected militants.


Written in Arabic and Indonesian, the message was posted on a previously unknown website Sunday and vowed to follow up by posting footage of the carnage. Police spokesman Sulityo Ishak said they are trying to authenticate it as part of their inquiries into the blasts, which broke a four-year lull in terror attacks in the world’s most populous Muslim nation....

The STENCH is ENORMOUS, readers!


What an insult!

Letting the newspaper into my home and it backs up and overflows the toilet!

Some guest!

The Boston Globe's Insults for Israel

Whatever they print (or don't print), it is a one-sided, Zionist insult.

"Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak gave his approval"

Related: Insults of the Day

The longest-running war crime currently existing on the face of the planet.

"Cement shipments allowed in Gaza" by Reuters | July 30, 2009

JERUSALEM - Israel will allow some cement into the Gaza Strip for reconstruction, officials said yesterday, signaling flexibility on a blockade as Washington intensified efforts to broker peace with the Palestinians.

After Hamas Islamists assumed control of Gaza in 2007, Israel curbed imports that it said could be used to make arms or bunkers. The lack of cement and steel has been especially felt since Israel’s December-January offensive, which devastated the coastal strip.


"Hamas overwhelmingly won Palestinian Parliament elections in 2006"


Hey, what is ONE MORE jewsmedia OMISSION or OUTRIGHT LIE, right, readers?

Although the West shuns Hamas, Gaza’s deepening privation and isolation have hindered the US-led campaign to revive peace talks between Israel and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The announcement that cement would be admitted for three Gazan projects coincided with a visit to Israel by US national security adviser Jim Jones. He follows closely on US Defense Secretary Robert Gates and senior US envoy George Mitchell.

Related: Israeli Arrow Points to Iran

After meeting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday, Mitchell said he saw “good progress.’’ Netanyahu and President Obama are trying to bridge a rift over Jewish settlements on West Bank land Palestinians want for a state.

How you gonna get a state out of this?

Israel's Slow-Motion Genocide in Occupied Palestine
One Israeli official said that Defense Minister Ehud Barak gave his approval in principle to the cement imports before this week’s influx of American officials.

After a while I'm just sick of the one-sided bias. No mention of the war-criminal siege's effects, no mention of the Israeli carnage. You got a little bit-blurb as an offensive (it sure as hell was) above and that's it.

The Defense Ministry was working on ways to ensure that the cement reached only its intended humanitarian projects, rather than Hamas, the official said. Another Israeli official said that one of the projects would be a flour mill in Gaza.


Also see:
Israeli Blockade is Good Business For Hamas

Of course, they can always say they did cover it:

"Israeli report defends strikes on Gaza" by Associated Press | July 31, 2009

JERUSALEM - An Israeli government report released yesterday insisted that “incessant’’ Hamas rocket attacks forced Israel to hit Gaza hard earlier this year, countering allegations of war crimes but acknowledging that more than a dozen criminal inquiries are underway.

What liars!

The removed Israeli government graph: 'Monthly distribution of rockets hits.'

On the 4th November, the day when Americans were watching the results of the Presidential election, the Israeli army broke the ceasefire by raiding the strip.


The 160-page report was called the first comprehensive Israeli government study of the punishing offensive in December and January that killed more than 1,100 Palestinians.

While technically true, the death toll is over 1,500 and STILL RISING due to the SIEGE! And at least 14 Gazans die every day because of the war-criminal seige.

It was an attempt to answer allegations by Palestinians, the UN, and human rights groups that Israeli forces committed war crimes during the three-week operation, including indiscriminate and intentional firing that killed civilians.

And their own soldiers: Slow Saturday Special: Violent Jewish Protests

Israeli warplanes, tanks, and artillery obliterated Palestinian government buildings and destroyed or damaged thousands of apartments, houses, businesses, and factories.

Notice how the Zionit AmeriKan MSM never mentions the WMD use?

Ten Israeli soldiers were killed during the conflict, along with three civilians who died in rocket attacks.

Well, that last sentence proves my point.

The Israeli government report said it was not meant to be an “assertion of infallibility,’’ but rejected the allegations one by one, attributing excessive damage and casualties to understandable wartime mistakes.

They truly are vile, disgusting vermin with their outrageous and inhumane lies.


Here's a list of stories the Globe either ignores or under-covers:

Israeli leader calls Obama 'slave'

"And with the very next check Obama sends to Israel, that leader will be proven correct" -- Wake the Flock Up

Israeli Settlers Set Fire To Palestinian Fields, Stone Cars During Rampage

Jewish fundamentalists storm al-Aqsa Mosque

The Boston Globe's Iranian Insult: When Irish Arms Are Open

Related: U.S. Using Internet Against Iran

Israeli Arrow Points to Iran

Parade of US Officials Begging Israel for More Time

And remember, we are a nation that engages in
rendition and has secret black site prisons and floating dungeons based upon unholy and damnable lies regarding 9/11.

"Despite sharp criticism, Iran announces trials for post-election protesters" by Lee Keath, Associated Press | July 30, 2009

CAIRO - Iran’s leadership faced sharp criticism yesterday from top clerics and even conservative supporters over prison abuses, including detainee deaths and the brutal beatings of protesters arrested in the post-election crackdown.

The U.S.' hypocritical chutzpah knows no limits, and it is insulting.

In a move likely to anger the opposition, officials said that trials will begin Saturday, with the prosecution of around 20 protesters.... The bodies of several young protesters have been turned over to their families in recent weeks, all showing signs of beatings or other abuse while in custody, according to pro-opposition websites, citing accounts from relatives. Among them was the son of a prominent conservative, which has brought a wave of criticism from the camp that generally backs the government.

Opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi and his allies were planning a ceremony today in the sprawling Behesht-e Zahra cemetery outside Tehran to honor those who died in the fierce suppression of the protests. Supporters also plan rallies in various parts of the capital - raising the likelihood of new clashes with security forces.

You can bet on it!

Further pressuring Iran’s leadership, several top theologians harshly condemned the crackdown - a significant show of anger from the Islamic republic’s spiritual patrons.

One of them, outspoken dissident Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri, derided an order by the supreme leader this week to close Kahrizak prison, where at least one detainee was killed.

Can the government deceive people by closing a detention center and blaming all the faults on a building?’’ he asked in a statement yesterday....

They can TRY!!

We call it GITMO!

"The bill rejects President Obama’s $100 million request for the Pentagon to close the Guantanamo Bay detention center in Cuba."

Many prisoners are being held in secret locations, and families often spend weeks trying to find out who is holding their loved ones.


Accounts from released prisoners appeared on opposition websites this week, describing beatings and other abuse at the hands of guards and interrogators. One told of being held at Kahrizak prison on Tehran’s southern outskirts since his arrest in a July 9 protest.

“We were at least 200 people in one room, and everyone was getting beatings with sticks. The groans filled the place . . . The walls were all bloody,’’ he wrote. At one point the guards turned out the lights and beat the prisoners for a half hour in complete darkness, contended the protester, who said he was released on Monday.

Hey, maybe it did happen; however, the problem is I no longer believe a damn thing the AmeriKan jewsmedia says, or simply see an agenda-pushing reason behind it. Sorry, MSM, but the lies destroyed the relationship.

As in other prisoner statements, he wrote anonymously because he had been warned not to speak of his detention. His and the other accounts could not be independently confirmed....

That's my whole newspaper in a nutshell.


"'Ireland agrees to take 2 Guantanamo detainees" by Shawn Pogatchnik, Associated Press | July 30, 2009

DUBLIN - Ireland’s agreement yesterday to take two homeless Guantanamo prisoners demonstrates that patient diplomacy between the United States and Europe is starting to play its part in shutting down the notorious US prison.

The MSM's ability to dismiss the juxtapostion and contradiction of the two situations is really awesome, folks!!!

Daniel Fried, the Obama administration’s special envoy tasked with closing the camp, is back in Europe this week seeking to build on a European Union agreement clearing the way for any member of the 27-nation bloc to accept prisoners who could face persecution in their homelands.

Time to clear out the traitorous Jews staffing the AmeriKan government.

What, accept them after we tortured and persecuted those innocents?

While most European states remain frosty to the idea of taking Guantanamo prisoners off American hands, a growing number of nations - including Belgium, Finland, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, and Spain - say they definitely or probably would take at least one of the approximately 50 prisoners.

Ireland is the second EU nation, after France, to make a firm commitment to take particular prisoners. Slovenia is the next stop on Fried’s European tour. The moves offer ammunition to critics of US lawmakers who, faced with strong opposition from their home districts, have opposed any Guantanamo resettlements on American soil.

Note the ho-hum approach. How come Iran wasn't accorded the same respect, readers? Of course, YOU and I KNOW WHY!!!!!

The human rights watchdog Amnesty International says many European nations have complained about the illegality and injustice of the internments without trial in Guantanamo - and now must step up.

Of course, we are not Iran so no newspaper outrage is needed.

It lauded Ireland’s commitment to take two Uzbek men who would likely face torture and reimprisonment if sent back.


Some of the biggest EU players, Britain and France, say they want to restrict their intake of ex-Guantanamo prisoners to people with citizenship or residency ties. Others, such as Germany and current EU president Sweden, say they have taken many refugees from earlier conflicts and expect the United States to explain why it shouldn’t be the first port of call for all of Guantanamo’s homeless.

Because OUR FAT-HEADED POPULATION and GOVERNMENT has its cranium so far up the Zionist ass our heads are bumping up against the insides of their skulls.

Fried’s contacts with other EU nations in recent weeks have produced a growing list of countries committed to taking in at least someone from the seven-year-old prison. “We’re grateful to the government of Ireland for their willingness to join our effort to close Guantanamo through this humanitarian gesture,’’ said Sara Mangiaracina, a State Department spokeswoman in Washington.

My government makes me sick.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration said yesterday it was prepared to release one of the youngest prisoners being held at Guantanamo Bay, days after signaling it might bring him to the United States for a criminal trial. Government attorneys asked a judge to give them three weeks to release Mohammed Jawad. He’s been held at the US facility for nearly seven years since being arrested for allegedly wounding two US soldiers.

No apology?


About that guy:

WASHINGTON - A judge ruled yesterday that one of the youngest detainees brought to Guantanamo Bay is being held illegally and must be released.

US District Judge Ellen Huvelle’s order does not end the case of Mohammed Jawad, however. Deputy Assistant Attorney General Ian Gershengorn told the judge that as the United States negotiates with the detainee’s home country of Afghanistan for his return next month, the Justice Department also is pursuing a criminal investigation.

How long has he been in captivity? Seven years?

F*** you, Holder, you fascist f***! You are no better than the last guy, and in a lot of ways worse.

Gershengorn said Attorney General Eric Holder has not yet decided whether to indict Jawad, who allegedly threw a grenade that wounded two US soldiers and their interpreter in December 2002. That means it’s possible he could be brought to the United States for a criminal trial.

Is he gonna get rights like Bush gave the "terrorist?"

Huvelle said she had no authority to prevent an indictment, but she encouraged prosecutors to think hard about problems with the case, including Jawad’s mental competency to stand trial and the fact that he’s already been incarcerated for 6.5 years.

So even if he gets out he's ruined.

“After this horrible, long, tortured history, I hope the government will succeed in getting him back home,’’ she said.

And that is EXACTLY what it is, no doubt!

How come the AmeriKan jewsmedia isn't getting all worked up about that?



TEHRAN - Iranian security forces clashed with thousands of demonstrators across Tehran and struggled to maintain control yesterday after opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi was prevented from visiting the graves of those killed in protests last month, including Neda Agha Soltan, 27, whose final moments were filmed and broadcast around the world.

Related: Who killed Neda Agha-Soltan?

CNN: Iranian envoy: CIA involved in Neda's shooting?

The clashes were some of the most intense in recent weeks, suggesting the anger that fueled demonstrations in the days after last month’s disputed presidential elections continues to run deep....

This is what is known as a psyop. It's purposes are two-fold: sow doubt and division amongst Iranians while convincing Americans it would be a good idea to go to war. People are on our side and they want us to invade.

In fact, I think it is likely we will be greeted as liberators.

Yesterday’s demonstrations show that 50 days after his apparent victory, authorities have not been successful in stamping out unrest. Ahmadinejad won the June election in a landslide, according to official results, but opposition candidates say the vote was rigged.

Notice how the crap MSM AVOIDS OUR SHIT ELECTIONS back here at home?

Yup, Bush steals two elections and not a damn peep from 'em.... but when it comes to the Iranians!!!

Protests in the first days after the election brought hundreds of thousands of people to the streets, shaking the foundations of the Islamic republic before a fierce government crackdown stalled the opposition’s momentum. Security forces yesterday worked aggressively to put down the protests, fearing any major defeat in the streets would give new energy to the opposition. Police fired tear gas, attacked demonstrators with batons, and smashed car windshields. But the protesters fought back, battling hand to hand with security forces in some of the most violent confrontations of the summer.

Yeah, I noticed Obama never criticized that violence.

In one case, three members of the much feared voluntary militia known as the Basij were beaten with their own batons after a group of opposition activists pulled them off their motorcycles near a park. The motorcycles were set on fire, witnesses said. “The people have taken over the streets,’’ one witness said yesterday evening before police regained control.

Yeah, you see, it is OKAY if U.S. ASSETS, AGENTS, and THUGS use violence!!!!

Elsewhere, protesters were throwing stones from an overpass onto security personnel driving motorcycles on the highway below, witnesses reported.

Now that is NOT ONLY DANGEROUS, that is CRIMINAL!!!

That is how PEOPLE GET KILLED!!!

Stoo-pid ass kids do that here in AmeriKa, and if you are driving underneath the bridge it is NO FUN!!!!!!

Obama, where are you?

Dumpsters were set on fire all around Tehran’s sprawling Mosala prayer complex where leaders of a movement calling for the annulment of the June 12 presidential elections had been denied permission to gather. The government has severely restricted the activities of journalists, so it was impossible to verify witness reports.

Then WHAT GOOD ARE YOU reporters, anyway?

I mean, I keep hearing you guys have the contacts and respect we don't, but the powers you sereve can blow you off anytime and you can never confirm a damn thing!!

Across Tehran, cars honked in support of the protesters, and security forces promptly smashed their windows. One family was pulled out of a sedan by members of the Basij, after which the car was wrecked by blows from sticks and batons, witnesses said.

What witnesses? Sorry to doubt you, jewsmedia, but you have proven yourself an untrustworthy piece of Zionist crap.
Just because you report it doesn't mean I'm gonna believe it.

The protesters responded with violence of their own. “I saw a man throw a brick right in the face of a riot police officer. He fell on the ground,’’ one witness said.

Has Obama lost his voice?


Also notice that certain plane crashes get loads of attention from the Zionist MSM and others not so much. That tells you something right there.

Trying to hide a hand, MSM?

The Boston Globe's African Insult: African Taliban

It's really just too many lies at this point from the Muslim-hating, war-promoting, agenda-pushing Zionist AmeriKan MSM. I don't believe a word they say anymore -- nor should I.

"Taliban, although the group has no known affiliation with Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.... a group that wants to impose Taliban-style rule across this multi-religious country.... the Nigerian Taliban"

Well, when you are planning a world war based on lies, these connections help a s***-eating public gulp down more bowls of s*** stew.

Aren't most, if not all, countries multi-religious? Hey, what's one more piece of agenda-pushing propaganda, huh?

: "Nigeria fighting rages as death toll passes 300

"In the rush for unexploited natural resources, Africa is fast becoming the new Middle East. And various countries are looking to prop up any governments - no matter how corrupt they might be - to protect those assets for themselves. As reported in: on 7 June, 2009:

"President Umaru Yar'Adua of Nigeria, halfway through his presidential mandate, has undermined the country's foremost anti-corruption body, done little to rein in an abusive police force, and failed to address the root causes of the escalating crisis in the Niger Delta, Human Rights Watch said today. Human Rights Watch said in a letter to Yar'Adua that there have been serious setbacks during the first two years in addressing Nigeria's chronic human rights problems and endemic corruption." -- Wake the Flock Up

Also see: All Quiet on the African Front

AmeriKa's African War Agenda

Thus we get "Islamists" as a "threat."

"Militants attack police station in Nigeria" by Associated Press | July 27, 2009

ABUJA, Nigeria - Islamist militants attacked a police station in northern Nigeria yesterday, and police killed 39 militants and arrested more than 150, a police spokesman said.

After the "militants" called a ceasefire and the Army sent boats there, huh?

Why do I not believe the authorities, huh?

The Islamist fighters attacked a station in the capital of Bauchi State, said Mohammed Barau, state police spokesman. He said no police officers were killed. Fifteen Islamist fighters were injured and 156 were arrested, he said.

“The fundamentalists, known as Pokoharam in the local language, are those clamoring for the prohibition of Western education in the state,’’ Barau said. “They were armed with different types of dangerous weapons. There were so many of them.’’

Emmanuel Ojukwu, Nigerian national police spokesman, said the fighters were “armed with guns, bows and arrows, and explosives.’’

Ojukwu said calm in Bauchi, the state capital, was quickly restored.


Remember that lie, please.


Children took refuge yesterday in a police office after clashes between security forces and Islamist radicals in Maiduguri. Fighting in the northern Nigerian city raged for a second day.
Children took refuge yesterday in a police office after clashes between security forces and Islamist radicals in Maiduguri. Fighting in the northern Nigerian city raged for a second day. (Pius Utomi Ekpei/AFP/Getty Images)


"Tense calm in Nigerian towns; Troops surround militant hide-out" by Njadvara Musa, Associated Press | July 29, 2009

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria - Army troops traded fire with Islamic militants yesterday and surrounded the suspected hide-out of a radical Muslim leader accused of orchestrating three days of violence in Africa’s most populous nation.

A tense calm returned to several towns elsewhere in northern Nigeria after authorities imposed curfews and poured security forces onto the streets to quell militant attacks against police, which have killed dozens of people since Sunday.

Sporadic gunfire was reported through the day in Maiduguri, capital of Borno state, where some of the worst violence occurred Monday. Police exchanged intermittent fire with militants as they tried to raid their camps in the city, according to local journalist Olugbenga Akinbule. He said more than 3,000 people had been displaced in the city.

That's a different place than the Monday report, readers. WTF, MSM?

Later in the day, the army sent armored vehicles to Maiduguri and deployed them in a residential district that is believed to be a stronghold of the sect. Officers said they believed militant leader Ustaz Mohammed Yusuf was holed up in a house in the district. As army vehicles approached and opened fire, sect members fired back, soldiers said. An Associated Press reporter in the area saw smoke billowing above homes.

That's keeping calm.

Army Major General Saleh Maina said troops were hunting for sect members in homes and a mosque and near the Maiduguri railway station. He said the operation was being carried out “to prevent further loss of lives and property.’’

By causing further loss of lives and property.

National police Chief Ogbonnaya Onovo said Monday that at least 55 people have died in the violence since it began Sunday, including 50 militants and five police officers. His spokesman Emmanuel Ojukwu said yesterday authorities were still adding up the number of dead and arrested, and declined to give total figures.

Late Monday, President Umar Yar’Adua’s called for calm and ordered security forces “to take all necessary action to contain and repel the sad and shocking attacks by extremists on police posts and public buildings.’’


Nigeria’s 140 million people are nearly evenly divided between Christians, who predominate in the south, and primarily northern-based Muslims. Shariah, or Islamic law, was implemented in 12 northern states after Nigeria returned to civilian rule in 1999 following years of oppressive military regimes. More than 10,000 Nigerians have died in sectarian violence since then.

Seeing as that is the only time the racist, agenda-pushing Zionist MSM mentions it, one is forced to ask CUI BONO? WHO benefits when Christians and Muslims are at each others' throats?

Combine that with the goal of establishing African bases and VOILA!

The radical sect behind the latest violence is known by several different names, including Al-Sunna wal Jamma, or “Followers of Mohammed’s Teachings’’ in Arabic, and “Boko Haram,’’ which means “Western education is sin’’ in the local Hausa dialect. Onovo referred to the militants as Taliban, although the group has no known affiliation with Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.


That's why you are getting the insult theme; I'm simply sick of this s*** passing itself off as news.

"Hundreds flee battle in north Nigeria" by Associated Press | July 30, 2009

Great; another refugee crisis the MSM can ignore.

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria - Soldiers in tanks and armored cars besieged the shelled compound of a radical Islamist sect and sporadic gunfire exploded as hundreds of innocents fled yesterday, the third day of fighting in the northern city of Maiduguri.

Relief official Apollus Jediel said about 1,000 people had abandoned their homes, joining 3,000 displaced this week in four states caught up in the violence. It is not known how many scores of people have been killed. Police say most of the dead are militants, from a group that wants to impose Taliban-style rule across this multi-religious country of 140 million. Dozens of people have been arrested.

Reporters on the ground say the trouble started with militants attacking a police station in Bauchi state Sunday. Then they attacked police in Kano, Yobe and Borno, of which Maiduguri is the capital. But President Umaru Yar’Adua disputed that, saying troops struck first.

“I want to emphasize that this is not an inter-religious crisis and it is not the Taliban group that attacked the security agents first, no. It was as a result of a security information gathered on their intention . . . to launch a major attack,’’ the Nigerian leader told journalists before he left Tuesday night for a state visit to Brazil. “The situation is under control,’’ Yar’Adua said.

So the MSM or government lied? May the saints preserve ye, lady!

But people around Maiduguri railway station area, a stronghold of the sect, said they were kept up all night by running gunbattles. From dawn, people started streaming out, carrying bundles of belongings and cooking pots.


And not to fear. The GOVERNMENT EXECUTED the GUY!

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria - The leader of the Islamist sect blamed for days of violence in northern Nigeria was fatally shot while in police custody, officials said yesterday.

The police commander of Borno state announced on state radio that Mohammed Yusuf, leader of the sect some call the Nigerian Taliban, has “died in police custody.’’

He gave no further explanation, but the state governor’s spokesman, Usman Ciroma, said: “I saw his body at police headquarters. I believe he was shot while he was trying to escape.’’

Yeah, sure. The authorities ALWAYS say that!

Yusuf’s death could provoke more violence, though his followers in the Boko Haram sect may be in disarray. Troops shelled his compound in the northern city of Maiduguri on Wednesday, but Yusuf, 39, managed to escape with about 300 followers, some of them armed. His deputy, Bukar Shekau, was killed in the attack, according to Army commander Major General Saleh Maina.

Troops killed about 100 militants by an AP reporter’s count. Soldiers then launched a manhunt, and Yusuf was reportedly found in a goat’s pen at the home of his in-laws.

I don't know, readers.

First spider holes, now goat pens?

Please watch: Video: Lies which justify war

Leading Nigerian rights groups accuse security forces of killing bystanders. A military spokesman denied the accusation and said it was impossible for rights workers to tell who was a civilian and who was a member of Boko Haram, which means “Western education is sin’’ in the Hausa language.

The government warned people to evacuate before the attack on the compound, then shelled it and stormed the group’s mosque.

And NOW we find out it is JUST as the BLOGS have said all along -- despite the one-sided, pro-government reporting by the Amerikan MSM.