Monday, May 31, 2010

If I Had Bought a Boston Globe Today

These are some of the stories I might have read and marked for tossing into the trash.

"On health care, lobbyists flex muscle
A bone-scan provision buried deep in the sweeping new health care bill represents a narrowly tailored, special-interest political victory and suggests the health care lobby is still robust. (By Christopher Rowland, Globe Staff)

New experience: Interns pay to work
For-profit businesses are increasingly taking advantage of the number of students who, in a tight job market, are willing to forgo a paycheck for practical experience. (By Bella English, Globe Staff)

Obama and family spend weekend in Chicago home

Good friends, good food, and the comforts of his own home. President Obama enjoyed all three when he brought his family home to Chicago for a long Memorial Day weekend. On Friday, Obama interrupted his getaway to visit the Louisiana coast for an update on efforts to stop the flow of oil into the Gulf.

Vermont Yankee plant radioactive leak found and fixed (By Dave Gram, Associated Press)

A new leak of radioactive material was found and fixed at the troubled Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant, officials said over the weekend. Vapor and water containing 13 radioactive substances were found late Friday coming from a pipe in a hole workers dug to find the source of an earlier leak.

The leak was the second mishap connected with the startup. On Wednesday, the reactor “scrammed’’ — went into automatic shutdown — when a problem developed with equipment in the switch yard where it connects to the power grid.

In January, plant officials announced that radioactive tritium, which can cause cancer when ingested in large amounts, had turned up in a monitoring well. In investigating, the company spent months digging wells, only to find more tritium and other radioactive substances.

Meanwhile, plant officials acknowledged they had misled state regulators and lawmakers regarding whether the plant had underground pipes that carried radioactive substances.

Answers as elusive as evidence on topic of alien abductions (By Stephen Smith, Globe Staff)

Why would I want to pay to read a PoS tabloid?

BP official says Gulf leak may persist into August (By Ben Nuckols, Associated Press)

Another area I am tired of soft-serve s*** from government and MSM.

Oil spill complicates forecasts on eve of the hurricane season (By Holbrook Mohr, Associated Press)

Actually, the MSM told us that was a
good thing, so....

Bases in 7 states compete for new jets (Associated Press)

Marine who topped Afghan toll had pined for return to combat (By Paul J. Weber, Associated Press)

Hope he got what he wanted, sig heil.

US fishermen face attacks from Mexican pirates (By William Booth, Washington Post)

Better recall that armada from Somalia, U.S.


NATO, US look to Afghan jirga to boost unity (By Alissa J. Rubin, New York Times)

I don't read those as a matter of principal.

Some are four-day items, others one-day wonders.

I'll let you guess which is which.

I'm sorry, readers, I am simply no longer interested in what the Boston Globe has to say.

I'm tired of the lies and insults, and sorting through half of May's unread copies yesterday proved it to me. I reached the point where I decided "who cares?" anymore. Now I am sorting through the select clippings I was going to bring to you and tossing many of those, too.

If I WANT the REAL NEWS and the TRUTH -- and not some divisive, distorted, obfuscating, Muslim-hating, agenda-pushing, war-promoting, Zionist shit slop -- I'll GO the the BLOGS listed to the RIGHT from NOW ONE, thank you!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Slow Saturday Special: From One to One Thousand

I'm tired of screaming for an end to the wars, AmeriKa.


"Grim US milestone in Afghan conflict; 1,000 troops dead in war" by Robert H. Reid, Associated Press | May 29, 2010

KABUL, Afghanistan — The American military death toll in Afghanistan reached 1,000 at a time when President Obama’s strategy to turn back the Taliban is facing its greatest test — an ambitious campaign to win over a disgruntled population in the insurgents’ southern heartland.

More casualties are expected when the campaign kicks into high gear this summer. The results may determine the outcome of a nearly nine-year conflict that became “Obama’s war’’ after he decided to shift the fight against Islamist militancy from Iraq to Afghanistan and Pakistan, where Afghan insurgents find sanctuary.

The grim milestone was reached in a roadside bombing just before the Memorial Day weekend, when America honors the dead in all its wars....

Already the new focus on the once-forgotten Afghan war has come at a heavy price.

Actually, I am SICK of the SHIT JOURNALISM and INSULTS!!!





More than 430 of the US dead were killed after Obama took office in January 2009.

I'm sorry, but WHO CARES ANYMORE?

Don't like it?


The number of US troops in Afghanistan has now surpassed the total in Iraq — about 94,000 in Afghanistan compared with 92,000 in Iraq, where the war is winding down....

I will BELIEVE THAT when there is NOT ONE SINGLE U.S. SOLDIER or CONTRACTOR in that nation.

Until then, the MSM can shove the same lies they have been telling us for years!

The tally is based on Defense Department reports of deaths suffered as a direct result of the Afghan conflict, including personnel assigned to units in Afghanistan, Pakistan, or Uzbekistan. Other news organizations count deaths suffered by service members assigned elsewhere as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, which includes operations in the Philippines, and the Horn of Africa, and at the US detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

At least 675 troops from allied countries have died in the war, according to an AP tally based on announcements of foreign governments. They include 288 British service members.

Establishing the number of Afghan dead is far more difficult, particularly for the first several years of the war....

You know, the PEOPLE WE HAVE KILLED!!!!

Related: Afghanistan is the New Auschwitz

Oh, MILLIONS THERE, too, huh?

The 1,000th US death comes midway between the president’s decision last December to send 30,000 more US troops to Afghanistan and a gut check on the war’s progress that he has promised by the end of the year.

Makes you want to puke.

And END by the end of the year, MSM?

WHY the LIE?

After a long and wrenching conflict in Iraq — which has claimed nearly 4,400 American military lives — Obama has promised not to be backed into an open-ended war in Afghanistan. He has insisted that some US troops will come home beginning in July 2011.

That is NOT the END of THIS YEAR, MSM!

What LIARS!!!

Can NOT BELIEVE a DAMN WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like these polls:

Most Americans — 52 percent — say the war is not worth the cost.

TRY 75% or MORE, MSM!


The negative assessment in a new Washington Post-ABC News poll followed a brief rise in support for the war after Obama refocused the US war plan last year.

In an AP-GfK Poll in March, the public was about split: 50 percent said they opposed the war and 46 percent favored it. That was within the poll’s margin of error.


Even the people who were for the thing want out now.

The ONLY ONES who want to stay are the DRUG-LAUNDERING BANKS, WAR-PROFITEERS, and INTELLIGENCE-BACKED DRUG SMUGGLERS -- and their agenda-pushing, mouthpiece MSM of AmeriKa!

In the poll, 57 percent said they would oppose sending more troops to Afghanistan and 49 percent approved of the job Obama is doing on Afghanistan. That’s equal to his overall approval rating and one of the higher ratings he gets on any issue.

Wait a minute: HOW can his OVERALL APPROVAL RATING be 49 when Afghanistan is one of his HIGHER RATINGS!!

I mean, the MATH DOESN'T ADD UP, Americans!

What it does add up to is JUST ANOTHER WAR-PROMOTING MSM LIE, America!!!!


War Worship Weekend: Spiked by Star Wars

I can hear the music....

Darth Vader’s entrances [in] “Star Wars’’

Williams was already a success in the film world, with “Jaws’’ and “Star Wars’’ and “Superman’’ under his belt, when the Pops tapped him to lead the orchestra in 1980.


I'm sorry, readers, but I will be taking the rest of the day off to enjoy the marathon.

During this time I will be sorting and sifting the rest of May's unread Globes and setting up the stories I will be posting tomorrow.

Thanks for sticking with me and have a good day.

War Worship Weekend: Avatars in Afghanistan

When you think about the analogy it is accurate as hell.

"Knowing the enemy, one avatar at a time; As military crafts virtual Afghan villages, some scientists raise ethical concerns" by Farah Stockman, Globe Staff | May 30, 2010

WASHINGTON — It’s a familiar scene in Afghanistan: Donkey carts and hawkers fill the market square. Bearded men in traditional garb drink tea and search for work. A US visitor scans their faces, trying to distinguish friend from foe.

But this village is virtual. The villagers are bits of software code, and the Americans who “visit’’ are players in a videogame-like program designed not only for training purposes but for intelligence analysis.

The program, which loosely resembles the game SimCity, is part of a US government effort to develop sophisticated computer models of real Afghan villages — complete with virtual people based on actual inhabitants — in an attempt to predict their reaction to US raids and humanitarian aid.

The project, spearheaded by a University of Pennsylvania engineer at the behest of an undisclosed US government agency, straddles the line between research and intelligence as part of a wider US effort to design software capable of forecasting human behavior in war zones.

This type of research, often referred to as “human terrain mapping,’’ has attracted increased funding in recent years from US military planners who believe it will become a crucial tool for combating terrorism and insurgencies.

Yup, going to make the whole world one big control grid on the computer.

If successful, supporters say, it could save lives by helping the US government anticipate — and address — violent conflicts before they erupt.

Maybe NOT INVADING PEOPLE over LIES would help?

Readers, I apologize; however, I AM SO SICK of this MSM SHIT being shoveled as NEWS!

Also see: The Downfall of a Once Great Reporter

Maybe they never were one and I just thought they were when I was still a naive idiot.

“War is the worst-case scenario,’’ said Barry Silverman, who has received more than $500,000 in federal funding to build a virtual Afghan village. “The goal is to resolve things long before that.’’

Depends on who you are, Barry.

See where and to which interest the tax money always goes, Americans?

Silverman is one of a handful of modelers who attempt to reproduce human belief systems in the virtual world.

“I think the goal in the long run would be to just crank out village after village,’’ he said.

Like I said, the global control grid.

They already have you in the camera's eye, Americans -- and you paid for that, too.

It is not his first attempt to model real people. In the past decade, a US agency has paid him to model the Palestinian intifada, Al Qaeda figures, leaders in the Middle East, and 27 Iraqi political figures. In 2008, he was asked to make detailed guesses about events in Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam, based on his models. The US agency measured his forecasts against real events, and they turned out to be more than 80 percent accurate, he said.


The US military has built computer models of the real world for decades. In the 1970s and 1980s, the Pentagon developed flight simulators to train pilots, and war games to teach soldiers to counter virtual missiles. By the 1990s, the Pentagon began populating simulators with increasingly realistic virtual people....

After the Sept. 11 attacks, the US military and intelligence agencies turned to this technology not only for training, but to help understand — and even predict — the behavior of real people overseas....

Why not TALK to THEM instead?

Computer models are an improvement on old-fashioned informants and spies because they are designed to catch connections that human analysts might miss. Models help policy-makers tackle a host of complex problems, from electricity grid expansions to snarled traffic.

Navy Captain Dylan Schmorrow, who works in the Human Social Culture Behavior Modeling program in the Office of the Secretary of Defense, a program launched in 2008 to improve the science behind the models, said he was hopeful that they would one day be as sophisticated as forecasts of the weather and economic activity....



Schmorrow added that the military’s interest has increased exponentially in recent years, although the programs are impossible to track since many are classified. His own budget has more than doubled to $25 million to support some 50 separate research projects, while the budget for human terrain teams has grown from $20 million in 2005 to nearly $100 million this year.

The funding has flowed to a wide range of projects. Iris Bohnet, a professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School, received funding to study how trust is built in the Middle East....



Are you REALLY WASTING WAR MONEY on that, Americans?


Yeah, the WARS are only like a VIDEO GAME, kids.


Just reset!

What Is Wrong With Hollywood

MSM Monitor Movie Matinee

War Worship Weekend: Globe Opens Its Eye on Gaza

Sighted the ships at the bottom of page A2.

Hamas  police patrolled off the coast of Gaza City, awaiting the aid flotilla  headed there in defiance of an Israeli embargo.
Hamas police patrolled off the coast of Gaza City, awaiting the aid flotilla headed there in defiance of an Israeli embargo. (Mahmud Hams/AFP/Getty Images)

Also see
: Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale

Boston Globe Keeps Eye on Gaza Blockade Breakers

Globe Eye on Gaza

Better look quick or you might miss it, readers.

"Ships bringing tons of supplies to Gaza delayed" by Karoun Demirjian, Associated Press | May 30, 2010

JERUSALEM — Ships carrying 10,000 tons of supplies and hundreds of pro-Palestinian activists to blockaded Gaza were being held up near Cyprus yesterday, as organizers tried to get nearly two dozen high-profile supporters on board.

The flotilla was to set sail toward Gaza yesterday, in any event, and approach the territory today, about 24 hours behind schedule, said Greta Berlin, one of the activists.

And the world APPLAUDS them!!!!!!!!

A showdown with the Israeli Navy appeared inevitable.

Just what Israel needs: MORE BAD P.R.

I suppose at this point, it no longer matters.

Nothing can repair their stinking image save a 180-degree turnaround of which they are incapable.

Israel’s deputy foreign minister, Danny Ayalon, reiterated yesterday that the ships would be intercepted, denouncing the sea convoy as a provocation and violation of maritime laws. Israel and Egypt imposed a blockade on Gaza after the Islamic militant group Hamas seized the territory by force three years ago.

When they keep repeating a lie, well....


"Hamas overwhelmingly won Palestinian Parliament elections in 2006."

Also see:
Wanted: A Newspaper That Tells the Truth

Yup, NO LONGER to be believed when it comes to ALL THINGS ISRAEL!

In Gaza, Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said the flotilla signals the end of the blockade.

And Israel.

Every journey starts with a small step.

“If the ships reach Gaza, it’s a victory for Gaza,’’ Haniyeh told some 400 supporters yesterday, after touring Gaza City’s small fishing harbor where several smaller vessels breaking the blockade have docked in the past. “If they are intercepted and terrorized by the Zionists, it will be a victory for Gaza, too, and they will move again in new ships to break the siege of Gaza.’’

You know, HE IS RIGHT! This is a WIN/WIN for GAZA no matter what!

Either they receive vital supplies or Israel is once again exposed as the monster it is.

In Cyprus, organizers were trying to find a way to have two dozen would-be passengers, including 19 European legislators and an elderly Holocaust survivor, join the ships anchored in international waters off the island.

The Cypriot government did not allow smaller boats to ferry the group to the flotilla, citing the need to protect the island’s “vital interests,’’ including economic ties with Israel.

So the Cypriots are scared of Israel, huh?


Related: Turkish military aircraft fleet will protect the Free Gaza flotilla!

The Turks have turned on Israel!

I guess that's what happens when you support a coup against them, 'eh, Israel?

War Worship Weekend: Iraq Memorial

Not for the millions of Iraqi dead.....

"In Iraq, military works to save memorials; Remembrances of fallen troops dot the country" by Rebecca Santana, Associated Press | May 30, 2010

JOINT BASE BALAD, Iraq — In words etched in stone, painted on concrete barriers, scribbled on hospital walls with magic markers, American troops in Iraq have followed a tradition as old as war itself: honoring their dead.

Now, as the United States prepares to dramatically decrease its military presence in Iraq this summer, American commanders are trying to decide what to do with the vast collection of plaques, street signs, and painted concrete barriers dedicated to the men and women who shed their blood in this desert country.

In the Vietnam War, units brought home their memorabilia and memorials when they rotated out of the country. When the United States closed down bases around Germany at the end of the Cold War, the memorabilia was also preserved.

Now, it’s Iraq’s turn. But preserving some of the memorials could prove a difficult task.

At Forward Operating Base Warrior in Kirkuk, a long row of 22 concrete blast barriers painted black greets visitors at a helicopter landing pad. On it, volunteers last year painted in yellow the names of almost all the 4,400 US service members who died in Iraq — a piece of craftsmanship that evokes the spirit of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington in its honest simplicity.

Yeah, THANKS for the WAR-PROMOTING, AGENDA-PUSHING LIES that led us there, war-criminal AmeriKan MSM!!!

“I tried several times to walk down this wall and read every name, to say it in my head. It really makes an impact, and it’s very hard to do,’’ said Sergeant Kevin McCulley. “There’s over 4,000 names on this wall, fathers, sons, daughters, wives. Everyone on this wall has a family.’’

And so did all the Iraqis that have been killed in the illegal and massive war crime.

The dead Iraqis do not even merit a mention in the piece.


War Worship Weekend: Ode to Obomber

"The Obama administration has authorized such attacks more frequently than the Bush administration"

More of a mass-murder than George Bush, can you believe it?

Is that the change you wanted, America?

"Under Obama, US opts for more killings, not captures, of terrorists" by Karen DeYoung, Washington Post | February 15, 2010

WASHINGTON - When a window of opportunity opened to strike the head of Al Qaeda in East Africa last September, US special operations forces prepared several options. They could obliterate his vehicle with an air strike as he drove through southern Somalia. They could fire from helicopters that could land at the scene to confirm the kill. Or they could try to take him alive.

So which "
Al-CIA-Duh" would that be, huh, WaPo?

The made-up "Al-CIA-Duh?"

Or the "Al-CIA-Duh" CREATION for the COURTROOM!?


Prop 101: Al-CIA-Duh and the OSI

Prop 101: Al-CIA-Duh's Greatest Hits

Prop 101: The "Terrorism" Business

New York Times Admits War on Terror is U.S. Creation


The White House authorized the second option. On the morning of Sept. 14, helicopters flying from a US ship off the Somali coast blew up a car carrying Saleh Ali Nabhan. One set down long enough for troops to scoop up enough of the remains for DNA verification. Moments later, the helicopters were headed back to the ship.

The strike was considered a major success, according to senior administration and military officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the classified operation and other sensitive matters. But the opportunity to interrogate one of the most wanted US terrorism targets was gone forever.

The Nabhan decision was one of a number of similar choices the administration has faced over the past year as President Obama has escalated US attacks on the leadership of Al Qaeda and its allies around the globe. The result has been dozens of targeted killings and no reports of high-value detentions....

The Obama administration has authorized such attacks more frequently than the Bush administration did in its final years, including in countries where US ground operations are officially unwelcome or especially dangerous.

Improvements in electronic surveillance and precision targeting have made killing from a distance more of a sure thing. At the same time, options for where to keep US captives have dwindled....

Yeah, right.

Some military and intelligence officials, citing what they see as a new bias toward kills, questioned whether valuable intelligence is being lost in the process. “We wanted to take a prisoner,’’ a senior military officer said of the Nabhan operation. “It was not a decision that we made.’’

One problem identified by those within and outside the government is the question of where to take captives apprehended outside established war zones and cooperating countries....



But it is more of a SURE THING!

"US report faults drone operators in civilian deaths; Grave errors made in air strike that killed 23 Afghans" by Dexter Filkins, New York Times | May 30, 2010

KABUL, Afghanistan — The US military released a scathing report yesterday on the deaths of 23 Afghan civilians, saying that “inaccurate and unprofessional’’ reporting by a team of Predator drone operators helped lead to an inadvertent air strike this year on a group of innocent men, women, and children....

Well, they are ALL INADVERTENT(?) -- WTF? Like the guy's thumb slipped? -- because they are KILLING ONLY INNOCENTS!!

Sorry, but 9/11 was an INSIDE JOB!

NATO forces are wearing out their welcome....

For about nine years now.

The deaths also highlighted the hazards in relying on remotely piloted aircraft to track suspected insurgents.

Gee, the WaPo piece above made it sound like is was a great thing.

In this case, as in many others where drones are employed by the military, the people steering and spotting the targets sat at a console in Creech Air Force Base, Nevada....

Mass-murders at the computer terminals!

Predator drones contain cameras that beam real-time images to their operators and some are armed with missiles. In this case, the operators tracked the convoy for more than three hours but failed to notice the women who were riding along, the report said.

Sure they did -- or they just didn't care.

Did you make your kill quota today?

The report said that two children were spotted near the vehicles, but the Predator operators reported that the convoy contained only military-age men.

After the initial attack, the helicopter’s crew spotted brightly colored clothing, and, suspecting that civilians might have been in the trucks, stopped firing.

So not only are they getting missiles but they are getting machine-gun fire from choppers, 'eh?



War Worship Weekend: Making the Transition

If not, give them another pill.

"Some soldiers find no relief in transition units; Army defends efforts to help returning troops" by James Dao and Dan Frosch, New York Times | April 25, 2010

COLORADO SPRINGS — A year ago, Specialist Michael Crawford wanted nothing more than to get into Fort Carson’s Warrior Transition Battalion, a special unit created to provide closely managed care for soldiers with physical wounds and severe psychological trauma.

A strapping Army sniper who once brimmed with confidence, he had returned emotionally broken from Iraq....

He was prescribed a list of medications for anxiety, nightmares, depression, and headaches that made him feel listless and disoriented.

And CUI BONO there, 'eh, reader$?

His weekly session with a nurse case manager seemed inadequate to him. And noncommissioned officers — soldiers supervising the unit — harangued or disciplined him when he arrived late to formation or violated rules.

Last August, Crawford attempted suicide with a bottle of whiskey and painkillers. By the end of last year, he was begging to get out of the unit.

“It is just a dark place,’’ said the soldier, who is waiting to be medically discharged from the Army. “Being in the WTU is worse than being in Iraq.’’

Created in the aftermath of the scandal in 2007 over shortcomings at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Warrior Transition Units were intended to be sheltering way stations where injured soldiers could recuperate and return to duty or gently process out of the Army....


But interviews with more than a dozen soldiers and health care professionals from Fort Carson’s unit, along with reports from other posts, suggest that the units are far from being restful sanctuaries.

For many soldiers, they have become warehouses of despair, where damaged men and women are kept out of sight, fed a diet of powerful prescription pills, and treated harshly by noncommissioned officers. Because of their wounds, soldiers in Warrior Transition Units are particularly vulnerable to depression and addiction, but many soldiers from Fort Carson’s unit say their treatment there has made their suffering worse.

Some soldiers in the unit, and their families, described long hours alone in their rooms, or in homes off the base, aimlessly drinking or playing video games.

“In combat, you rely on people and you come out of it feeling good about everything,’’ said a specialist in the unit. “Here, you’re just floating. You’re not doing much. You feel worthless.’’

At Fort Carson, many soldiers complained that doctors prescribed drugs too readily. As a result, some soldiers have become addicted to their medications or have turned to heroin. Medications are so abundant that some soldiers in the unit openly deal, buy, or swap prescription pills.

Heavy use of psychotropic drugs and narcotics makes it difficult to exercise, wake for morning formation, and attend classes, soldiers and health care professionals said. Yet noncommissioned officers discipline soldiers who fail to complete those tasks, sometimes over the objections of nurses and doctors.

At least four soldiers in the Fort Carson unit have committed suicide since 2007, the most of any transition unit as of February, according to the Army.

Senior officers in the Army’s Warrior Transition Command acknowledged that addiction to medications was a problem, but denied that Army doctors relied too heavily on drugs. And they strongly defended disciplining wounded soldiers when they violated rules. Punishment is meted out judiciously, they said, mainly to ensure that soldiers stick to treatment plans and stay safe.

“These guys are still soldiers, and we want to treat them like soldiers,’’ said Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Grantham, commander of the Warrior Transition Battalion at Fort Carson.

The colonel offered another explanation for complaints. Many soldiers, he said, struggle because they would rather be with regular, deployable units. In some cases, he said, they feel ashamed of needing treatment....

Yeah, the military never does anything wrong and never mistreats or short-changes its soldiers.

Not in AmeriKa.


War Worship Weekend: You're in the Navy Now!

"Gates says Navy must rethink its arsenal" by Associated Press | May 4, 2010

WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates yesterday called into question the Navy’s heavy and expensive arsenal of ships and subs.

In a speech before naval officers and contractors, Gates did not say he was planning to cut any programs or its budget. But he did say the military must rethink whether it can afford such a massive naval fleet at a time when the Army and Marine Corps need more money to take care of troops and their families.

“Do we really need 11 carrier strike groups for another 30 years when no other country has more than one?’’ Gates asked.

He noted that the Navy’s most expensive resources are not on the front lines when it comes to countering many modern threats, such as piracy.

“As we learned last year, you don’t necessarily need a billion-dollar guided missile destroyer to chase down and deal with a bunch of teenage pirates wielding AK-47s’’ and rocket-propelled grenades, Gates said.

John Pike, director of the defense website, in Alexandria, Va., said this is the first time, as far as he knows, that Gates has addressed the cost of maintaining the roughly 300-ship Navy.

Pike said Gates, by raising the issue of the size and composition of the fleet with the Navy league, had entered “the Lion’s den’’ — a reference to the pushback he’s likely to get from Congress. Many lawmakers protect the Navy shipbuilding industry because it means jobs in their districts.

This year, the Defense Department requested nearly $190 billion to buy and develop weapons, but only 10 percent of that is dedicated toward counterinsurgency, humanitarian, and similar missions.


But no
unemployment extensions, America.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Globe Eye on Gaza

As promised, keeping a close watch.

Today's report

Also see:
Boston Globe Keeps Eye on Gaza Blockade Breakers

Any questions?

Top Kill Created Bigger Gulf Gusher

Truth Updates that the AmeriKan newspaper won't give us:

TOP KILL Fails - Gulf oil spill BOP Blown A Huge Hole

Third Giant Underwater Oil Plume Discovered

What BP does not want you to see

What the Globe does shovel today

"BP makes little headway in battle with spill; Obama tours the Gulf Coast ‘Top kill’ effort not ruled out" by Clifford Krauss and Jackie Calmes, New York Times | May 29, 2010

HOUSTON — BP engineers struggled yesterday to plug a gushing oil well a mile under the sea, but as of late in the day they had made little headway in stemming the flow.

Amid mixed messages about problems and progress, the effort — called a “top kill’’ — continued for a third day, with engineers describing a painstaking process of trying to plug the hole, using different weights of mud and sizes of debris like golf balls and tires, and then watching and waiting. They cannot use brute force because they risk making the leak worse if they damage the pipes leading down to the well.

Despite an apparent lack of progress, officials said they would continue with the process for another 48 hours, into tomorrow, before giving up and considering other options, including another containment dome to try to capture the oil.

Try COMPLETE FAILURE, concealing MSM!!!

President Obama, who visited the Gulf Coast yesterday, spoke broadly about the government’s response to the environmental disaster, saying that “not every judgment we make will be right the first time out.’’

I saw his news conference on CNN and the guy was totally unimpressive.

Related: Visiting Gulf, Obama Tells Residents 'You Are Not Alone'

He spent two hours and met only with official authorities, huh?

It's the third term of George Bush, folks.

Nor were there perfect answers yesterday about the status of the top kill effort. For the second day, public statements early in the day from BP and government officials seemed to suggest progress. Only later in the day did they acknowledge that the effort was no closer to succeeding than when they started....

That's when I stopped reading the NYT report.

What would be the point?


Also see:
So where is Obama today?

Chicago for the weekend?

Gulf Gusher

House Cuts Unemployed Health Care to Fund Wars

And then they got outta town and went on vacation!

"Bill that would repeal ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ is sent to Senate" by Jim Abrams, Associated Press | May 29, 2010

WASHINGTON — The House voted, 229 to 186, to pass a defense bill approving more than $700 billion for military programs....


And you, out-of-work Americans?

"House votes to extend jobless benefits; Bill would help 100,000 in Massachusetts" by Matt Viser, Globe Staff | May 29, 2010

WASHINGTON — The measure still needs to be approved by the Senate, whose members have left for a weeklong Memorial Day break.

Related: Senate Remembers to Fund the Wars

Yeah, thy didn't forget that before they left.

That means thousands of Bay State residents will have their unemployment checks disrupted once the emergency program expires Wednesday....

Related: Senate to Let Unemployment Extensions Expire

Senate Balks on Unemployment Benefits in Favor of Bank Bailouts

Yeah, there is NOT GOING to BE ANY EXTENSION, dear AmeriKan!

The benefits extension was the key piece of the $112 billion bill.

So $700 billion for an empire built upon lies gets approved but $100 billion for food on the table is denied.

Welcome to the democrappy that is AmeriKa, world.

But approval came only after several turbulent days of negotiations between Democratic leaders, who sought to extend programs from the economic stimulus bill, and party moderates and conservatives, who resisted adding to the federal deficit. Leaders eventually agreed to kill $24 billion in Medicaid assistance to cash-starved states and $7 billion for health insurance COBRA subsidies for laid-off workers.

But the WARS RECEIVE 100x that much, Americans!!!

Republicans contended that the $58 billion in tax increases to partially pay for the measure — including $11 billion from quadrupling to 34 cents the per-barrel tax that oil companies pay into the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund — are job killers....

Yes, YOU will be PAYING for the GULF CLEANUP, dear American taxpayers -- unless you still believe your lying government and its shit-shoveling front man that it will be BP.

The decision to cut payments would leave Massachusetts with a $700 million hole in its budget....

The bill also includes a provision that would dramatically raise taxes for venture capitalists.

Massachusetts has the second-highest volume of venture capital investment, surpassed only by California, and some in the venture capital community have been warning that the change would discourage the long-term investments that are vital to the growth of technology, biotech, and other companies....

Pissing away your pensions and college endowments, that is what they are doing.

Ever notice that the AGENDA-PUSHING PAPERS only wants to see a TAX on YOU, average Americans?

They NEVER WANT a TAX on the FAVORED INTERESTS they represent and that are ALREADY GETTING TAX LOOT GIFTS from lootislators!!!!


Slow Saturday Special: Diver Down

They don't call me Rocker for nothing.

Let's get the war worship off to a good start this weekend:

2 Bay State women diving into uncharted territory

Doing a little muff diving, 'eh?

Also see:
Down Periscope

Related: Navy seeking to allow women to serve on subs


"Navy to allow women on submarines; New Pentagon policy also bans undersea smoking" by Craig Whitlock, Washington Post | May 9, 2010

WASHINGTON — The new policy has drawn protests from active-duty and veteran members of the submarine service, as well as wives of sailors....

Most female members of the military are gay, so no need to worry, wives.

The military also has long expressed concern about the health risks of secondhand smoke on submarines, where the percentage of smokers is far higher than in the US adult population at large.

Submarine commanders have been trying to reassure their crews — as well as lawmakers — about the changes. The Navy announced the smoking ban April 8 and said it would offer programs to help sailors kick the habit by the end of the year....

I imagine THAT will cause more problems than the ladies.


Anchors away, ladies!

What repetitive filler, huh, readers?

Oh, yeah, the other kind of dive

"Republican Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts said yesterday he would not join a filibuster to prevent the full Senate from voting on the amendment. “No, no, no,’’ he said when asked whether he would attempt to stop the measure from coming to a vote. “Filibusters never — it’s not my style....’’

Some sea change in Congress you voted for, Massachusetts.


Tired of the s*** fooleys yet?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Obama's Gulf of Mexico Monster

Yeah, it's over for him.

Obama's Mistake

I mean, he can still issue orders and be the government and all that but he'll never win back the enormous faith the American people had in him when he first assumed the office.

This is WORSE than KATRINA, folks!



"Gulf leak eclipses Exxon Valdez as worst US spill" by Greg Bluestein and Ben Nuckols, Associated Press Writers | May 27, 2010

-- As the world waited....

Two teams of scientists calculated the well has been spewing between 504,000 and more than a million gallons a day. Even using the most conservative estimate, that means about 18 million gallons have spilled so far. In the worst-case scenario, 39 million gallons have leaked.

Related: Prominent Oil Industry Insider: "Theres Another Leak, Much Bigger, 5 to 6 Miles Away"

Newspaper is not telling me that!

That larger figure would be nearly four times the size of the Exxon Valdez disaster, in which a tanker ran aground in Alaska in 1989, spilling nearly 11 million gallons.

"Now we know the true scale of the monster we are fighting in the Gulf," said Jeremy Symons, vice president of the National Wildlife Federation. "BP has unleashed an unstoppable force of appalling proportions."

But we got "terrorists."

The spill is not the biggest ever in the Gulf. In 1979, a drilling rig in Mexican waters -- the Ixtoc I -- blew up, releasing 140 million gallons of oil....

Yeah, that makes us all feel a lot better about this, MSM, thanks.


Polls show the public is souring on the administration's handling of the catastrophe, and Obama sought to assure Americans that the government is in control....

Even when it isn't.

And we are SOURING in SO MANY WAYS!!!!!


Related: Gulf leak tops Valdez as nation's worst spill (By Clifford Krauss and John M. Broder, New York Times)

Just one more reason I am sick of the Boston Globe and their games.


2 more days till BP knows if well plug try works

"Top Kill" Has FAILED In the Attempt to Plug the Oil Leak Using Mud ... Now BP Will Try to Add Some "Junk" to the Mix to Try to Seal the Holes

Also see: Spill Baby Spill's Photos

New BP logo

Gulf of Mexico oil spill: clean-up boats recalled after crews suffer health problems

Yeah, NOTHING ABOUT THAT in my paper, either!

Obama's Mistake

How you liking the "change," America?

Just as Bush was criticized for being on vacation in Texas when Katrina bore down on New Orleans, Obama has been criticized for golfing, fund-raising, and, on last night, heading to Chicago for a holiday weekend while oil laps up in the marshes and beaches of Louisiana....

Obama will
try to defuse that by interrupting his Chicago homecoming today for his second day trip to Louisiana"

Yeah, he is REALLY CONCERNED, isn't he?

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Obama's Oil Slick

A President Under Pressure

See who he IS CONCERNED ABOUT, America?

"Obama accepts blame on oil spill response; Says US will act to stop, clean up leak" by New York Times | May 28, 2010

WASHINGTON — “In case you’re wondering who’s responsible, I take responsibility,’’ Obama said as he concluded the news conference.

Then YOU are FIRED!

“It is my job to make sure that everything is done to shut this down. That doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. It doesn’t mean it’s going to happen right away or the way I’d like it to happen. It doesn’t mean that we’re not going to make mistakes. But there shouldn’t be any confusion here. The federal government is fully engaged, and I’m fully engaged.’’


But critics were not mollified, and Republicans kept up their efforts to equate Obama’s problems in the gulf with President George W. Bush’s response to Hurricane Katrina in 2005. A Web video posted by the National Republican Senatorial Committee spliced Obama’s own “never again’’ words about Katrina together with liberal commentators demanding that he do something about the oil spill.

“And he just looks like he is not involved in this,’’ James Carville, the Democratic strategist and television pundit, said from Louisiana in the video. “Man, you got to get down here and take control of this and put somebody in charge of this thing and get this thing moving. We’re about to die down here.’’

Yes, I WATCHED HIM and his wife on Anderson Cooper, readers.

Maybe we should throw a tea party for 'em, huh?

Obama brushed off the Katrina comparisons, arguing that the government has made “the largest effort of its kind in US history’’ and was in charge of BP’s response.

Oh, the ARROGANCE!!!!

“Those who think we were either slow in our response or lacked urgency don’t know the facts,’’ he said....

That lying PoS is talking "facts?"

Still, there were uncomfortable echoes of Katrina. Just as Bush cast aside Michael Brown, the head of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Obama addressed reporters just hours after Elizabeth Birnbaum, his director of the Minerals Management Service, resigned under pressure.

Related: Gulf Oil Overseer Sees Smoke From Pipe

Also see: Child-porn site featured networking

Japan moving to block online child porn

Are those the sites the meth addicts were frequenting?

Just as Bush was criticized for being on vacation in Texas when Katrina bore down on New Orleans, Obama has been criticized for golfing, fund-raising, and, on last night, heading to Chicago for a holiday weekend while oil laps up in the marshes and beaches of Louisiana.

Obama will try to defuse that by interrupting his Chicago homecoming today for his second day trip to Louisiana....

But the president’s concessions of missteps were striking. Admitting fault, after all, is not a common presidential habit and happens only under great duress.

The passive voice has been a favorite technique.

President George Bush said “mistakes were made’’ during Iran-contra. President Bill Clinton said “mistakes were made’’ during campaign finance scandals. And President George W. Bush said “mistakes were made’’ during the firing of federal prosecutors.

And on the IRAQ WAR and the LIES, right, MSM?



"The president’s entourage wrecked his runway"

Then stay away, Obomber!

MSM Says Hurricanes Will Clean Oil Spill

"A hurricane might help break up the oil spill"

By doing what, DUMPING IT ON LAND as SEA SPRAY and RAIN -- as the "cleanup" such as it is -- is abandoned?


"US forecasts up to 7 major hurricanes; Gulf oil spill not expected to affect storms" by Jennifer Kay, Associated Press | May 28, 2010

MIAMI — The Atlantic hurricane season will probably be a busy one that may spawn as many as 23 named tropical storms, including up to seven major hurricanes, a number that is not likely to be affected by the Gulf oil spill, the US government said yesterday....

A hurricane might help break up the oil spill staining the Gulf of Mexico....

though there are fears that winds and waves could push the oil deeper into estuaries and wetlands.

Can you SEE WHY I HAVE HAD IT, dear readers?

This is AmeriKan JOURNALISM!!!!

Government scientists said yesterday that anywhere from 500,000 gallons to a million gallons a day have been leaking from the site where an oil rig exploded April 20, killing 11 people....

The expanding slick has coated wildlife and marshes in Louisiana, but Lubchenco said the spill is still small relative to hurricanes — which sometimes can span the entire Gulf.

Oh, I'm sure that comparison puts this all into perspective so I'm just going to forget about it.



Although some oil could be pushed inland by a storm as it makes landfall, it could be difficult to determine whether it leaked from flooded cars or factories, Federal Emergency Management Agency chief Craig Fugate said....

Yeah, not like they are DIFFERENT KINDS of OIL or anything!

Yeah, they can GO OUT and MEASURE the TAR BALLS in the Florida Keys and tell us oil hasn't reached there yet because it is not the same but if it spills inland because of a hurricane, who knows?

Have you NOT HAD IT with the LYING AmeriKan GOVERNMENT?!


This is about LIABILITY EXPOSURE!!!!!!!

National Hurricane Center director Bill Read said Wednesday that his biggest concern for the season is a storm striking Haiti, where hundreds of thousands of people have been living in makeshift camps since the Jan. 12 earthquake.

What about all that rebuilding the world rushed in to do?

All forgotten now.

And WHERE did all that MONEY GO?

Heavy rains can trigger serious flooding and mudslides in the mountainous Caribbean country, but no evacuation plans exist for displaced communities....

Will we read about in the paper if it happens?


Chemical Dispersant Caused New Oil Leak in Gulf

(Blog editor just shaking his head in fury)

"In another troubling discovery, marine scientists said they have spotted a huge new plume of what they believe to be oil deep beneath the Gulf, stretching 22 miles from the leaking wellhead northeast toward Mobile Bay, Ala. They fear it could have resulted from using chemicals a mile below the surface to break up the oil....

And it KILLS all the LIFE wherever the oxygen-depleting stuff is deployed!


Also see:
The New Dead Zone

And NOW they have caused MORE OIL to LEAK!

Senate Remembers to Fund the Wars

I was worried there for a minute.

Also see:
Senate to Let Unemployment Extensions Expire

No money for that, huh?

"Senate approves $60b war funds, disaster relief bill; Move for more jobless aid stalls in House" by Shailagh Murray and Lori Montgomery, Washington Post | May 28, 2010

WASHINGTON — The Senate approved emergency war funding and disaster relief yesterday, but a larger bill, packed with jobless aid, business tax breaks, and other economic incentives, stalled in the House amid rising deficit concerns....

Why did you elect Democrats again, America?

The Senate adjourned last night without passing any portion of the jobless package, amid a growing concern among Democrats that government spending is out of control....

As they plop down BILLIONS for WARS!!

Yeah, when it comes to ANYTHING YOU WANT, Americans, then spending is out of control!

But if you are a bank, war-profiteer, or Israel the check gets cut right away.



"230 Quincy teachers receive layoff notices; But $2.3m in wage giveback may cut number" by Molly A. K. Connors, Globe Correspondent | May 28, 2010

About 230 Quincy teachers received pink slips yesterday, but officials said the $2.3 million in wage concessions this week by the teachers union will end up saving some of those jobs.

“I’ve been spending the whole day responding to panicked questions and people crying,’’ said Paul Phillips, president of the Quincy Education Association....

Related: School's Out Forever For Some Boston Teachers

BILLIONS for WA.... awww, forget it!!!!!!!!!!

Phillips and school officials said it is unlikely that all 230 people, roughly 25 percent of school personnel, will lose their jobs. The School Committee had until May 30 and June 15 to notify tenured and nontenured teachers that they would be laid off, and the union’s concession was so recent that officials did not have time to apply the $2.3 million in savings....

The union made the concessions as the schools faced a shortfall of more than $9 million for fiscal 2011, which begins July 1....


"The percentage of public schools where more than three-quarters of students are eligible for free or reduced-price lunch — a key indicator of poverty — has increased in the past decade....

Think there is a CONNECTION, dear readers?


And if that is true why are the kids so fat?

Government food not good food, huh?

Also see
: Meet First Lady Michelle Obama

Massachusetts Adopts Arizona Immigration Law

Yeah, here is why: Boston Globe Traffic Ticket

Oh, one of the elite was finally affected, huh?

"Senate vote hits illegal residents; Measure restricts immigrants’ access to state services" by Noah Bierman and Maria Sacchetti, Globe Staff | May 28, 2010

The vote stunned advocates for immigrants....

Well, when you are used to bullying and getting your way....

After about a half-hour of debate, immigration advocates say, the amendment dramatically changed the state’s image as a compassionate, immigrant-friendly state.


Only three years ago, some Massachusetts officials were critical of a dramatic federal immigration raid at a New Bedford factory and the state even sent social workers to Texas to check on immigrants who may have been separated from their children.

GREAT USE of YOUR TAX DOLLARS as SERVICES are SLASHED, huh, Bay State taxpayers?

And Massachusetts didn't send them for the innocent Mormons who were raided and seperated, did they?

War Looter's Wednesday: Immigrants Matter Most


Patricia Montes, executive director of Centro Presente in Somerville, immediately scheduled a rally for noon tomorrow on Boston Common in protest. Eva A. Millona, executive director of the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition, said she asked for an urgent meeting with Attorney General Martha Coakley.


Hitching a Ride With Homeland Security

Illegals Already Have Amnesty

“The poorest and the least able to defend themselves will suffer so that the powerful people on Beacon Hill can get reelected,’’ Millona said....

I don't know what happened; usually they are WORKING FOR YOUR ORGANIZATION!

"A Suffolk University/7 News poll released last night found that 84 percent of the voters want a measure requiring proof of citizenship for state services."

Oh, you mean like what I as a CITIZEN have to do?


The Senate vote puts added political pressure on House leaders and the governor. Patrick has taken some action against illegal immigration, including signing an executive order requiring state contractors to weed out illegal immigrants, but has said that efforts to block services for illegal immigrants are about “trying to invent a villain for political purposes.’’

Sort of like DEMONIZING MUSLIMS for the ISRAELI-INSPIRED and ENACTED INSIDE JOB of 9/11, huh, guv?

Who cares where the tax money goes, right, taxpayers?


Boston Globe Keeps Eye on Gaza Blockade Breakers

I told you we would keep a close eye on them this weekend and give the world media a chance:

Flotilla of UK ships crosses Channel to mark 70th anniversary of Dunkirk evacuations

(Exasperated blogger drops his chin to his chest and sighs)

What they did give us, dear readers:

"Netanyahu wants Palestinian talks; Says issues can be resolved face to face" by Sylvie Corbet, Associated Press | May 28, 2010

PARIS — Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel is in Paris for a ceremony welcoming Israel into the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, a group of leading world economies....

Another globalist organization inviting its own destruction.

The OECD is essentially an economic think tank that advises the world’s richest countries on the best practices in matters including trade, corporate governance, and taxation....

Then how come they are such a mess?


No, you won't find the answer to that question there.

Look here

"I’m not going to go into all of the intricate details, which are made intricate by those using the confusion to engage in criminal activity. I’m just going to lay it out as a direct statement and you can assume it is true, even if there are other factors at work. When money gets tight, it’s because the Central Banks caused it. When the housing market crashes or any other financial problem occurs, the Central Banks, along with Goldman Sachs, or Wall Street, if you prefer, caused it. When war breaks out anywhere in the world it is because the Central Banks want to generate capital from financing both sides of the conflict. When any nation in the world is suddenly in serious financial trouble or on a breathing apparatus, due to the weight of crushing debt on their chests, the Central Banks caused it in order to loot the resources of that country without paying for them.


Also see:
The Gathering Darkness and it's Inescapable Destiny

So what other shit does the Boston Globe shovel today?

"Israel indicts 2 Arab citizens as spies" by Ben Hubbard, Associated Press | May 28, 2010

JERUSALEM — Israel indicted two prominent activists from its Arab minority yesterday for allegedly spying for the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, deepening a case that has raised tensions with the country’s Arab minority.

Both men denied the charges, the latest in a series of cases in which the government has accused Arab citizens of aiding Israel’s staunchest enemies.

Israel’s Shin Bet security service said....

That is when I stop reading.

Israel considers the Iranian-backed Hezbollah, which battled Israel to a stalemate in a monthlong war four years ago and is believed to possess tens of thousands of rockets, one of the greatest threats to the Jewish state.


According to the Shin Bet....

Again, I no longer like reading lie after lie after lie.

Adalah, an Arab legal center in Israel that is representing Arab activist Amir Makhoul, said he had confessed to false charges after “harsh interrogation methods’’ that included sleep deprivation and being handcuffed to a small chair in painful positions for many hours....

Yeah, EVER NOTICE that AmeriKa's torture is mentioned far more often in the Zionist AmeriKan newspapers than ISRAELI TORTURE, dear readers?

I sure have!

Just a SMALL CLUE as to the HIERARCHY that rules the AmeriKan MSM.

Wouldn't an American paper focus more on the torture byanother than its own (especially given the woeful coverage of official enemies in the war-promoting war daily)?

Shin Bet officials had no immediate comment....

The one time I wanted to hear from them. Means they are guilty.

And if they deny, well, they are guilty to because if it comes out of an Israeli's mouth it is a lie.

Makhoul, who leads an umbrella network for Arab advocacy groups, was arrested on May 6 but was prevented from speaking to a lawyer for 12 days, Adalah said. Israel imposed a gag order on the case, releasing only limited information until charges were filed yesterday.

A second Israeli Arab, Omar Saeed, was indicted on lesser charges of contacting a foreign agent, and transmitting information to an enemy. Israel also prevented Saeed from speaking to a lawyer for 16 days after his arrest on April 24. He, too, denies all charges.

The cases highlight the deep mistrust that often runs between Israel’s Jewish majority and its Arab minority, about one-fifth of the population.

Yeah, the VIOLENCE of EXTREMIST ZETTLER TERRORISTS is somehow not really a problem.


Although they enjoy citizenship rights — unlike their Palestinian brethren in the West Bank and Gaza Strip — Israeli Arabs have suffered from decades of discrimination, high unemployment, and poverty.


Some in Israel consider them a potential fifth column that could threaten the Jewish state by working with its enemies in neighboring states....

Awww, ONCE AGAIN it is the POOW, POOW, JEWS NARRATIVE in my MSM paper!



Yeah, nothing about the
Israeli spy ring in my Zionist AmeriKan newspaper-- ever.

Slow Saturday Special: Zionist Spies Set Free