Monday, March 22, 2010

Illegals Already Have Amnesty

"federal immigration law allows people to hire illegal immigrants as domestic workers intermittently.... It is not illegal to hire an illegal immigrant"



illegal immigrants, who mow the lawns, trim the hedges, clean the swimming pools, park the cars, serve the hors d'oeuvres, tidy up the mansions, and do many of the other things that make life so enjoyable for the rich"

Yeah, they would NOT WANT an American with all those ICKY-POOH TAXES like Social Security, etc, when they can have an illegal around for a few months at BELOW-MINIMUM WAGE STANDARDS!!

Also see: Hitching a Ride With Homeland Security

So the GOVERNMENT GAVE THEM a RIDE to a JOB YOU WOULDN'T DO, huh, Amurkn? Are you FINALLY SEEING the FRAUD of the "DEBATE" and the DISINGENUOUS NATURE of the agenda-pushing, Zionist-controlled press?

Sort of understanding why the job losses keep on coming, huh? If the companies aren't leaving the government is letting(?) -- more like bringing, and we know why and whom they serve -- the workers in full throttle.

That's why they can't keep track of the border, etc, even with "terrorists" out there while they need to crawl up your ass every which way, American.

It's called FASCISM, how do you like it?

And I have to say, while Ms. Henderson here should not be absolved I wouldn't gainsay her if she asked WHY ME?

The Globe's opening statement:

"Ex-US official facing immigration charges

A former top Homeland Security official from Boston is set to go on trial for allegedly encouraging her housekeeper to remain in the United States illegally. Lorraine Henderson, former regional director of Homeland Security, Customs, and Border Protection, was suspended after her arrest in December 2008. She is scheduled to go on trial today in US District Court. Prosecutors say the Salem resident continued to employ a Brazilian housekeeper even after a fellow agent warned her about the woman’s status. An affidavit also alleges Henderson employed two other illegal immigrants. Henderson was responsible for stopping illegal immigrants from entering the country. The charge carries a maximum 10-year prison sentence (AP)."

I'm just wondering whose toes in government she stepped on, aren't you?

A diverting distraction for you, America -- as if government is seriously addressing the issue (if they were serious, it would have been solved already; get us into wars quick enough for no damn reasons at all)!

"Border security ex-official’s trial starts; Housekeeper will testify against her" by Jonathan Saltzman, Globe Staff | March 16, 2010

A former top official for the US Department of Homeland Security in Boston violated a law she had taken an oath to uphold by encouraging a Brazilian housekeeper who was an illegal immigrant to stay in the country, a federal prosecutor told a jury yesterday.

Lorraine Henderson — who is suspended without pay from her job as regional director of Homeland Security, Customs, and Border Protection — was caught on a wire worn by her housekeeper, Fabiana Bittencourt, advising Bittencourt not to leave the United States because she would not be let back in, said Assistant US Attorney Diane C. Freniere.

It's a self-fulfilling prophecy.

How much taxpayer loot is all this double-crossing, inter-departmental, s***-show fooleys costing a bankrupt wallet, taxpayers?

That flushing sound is your nation going down the toilet.

The housekeeper was secretly cooperating with authorities.

Government going to let her stay then, right?

She had allegedly cleaned Henderson’s Salem condominium for several years, even though a co-worker who had also employed Bittencourt later warned Henderson that the housekeeper was in the country illegally, Freniere said.

“Lorraine Henderson violated the same immigration law that she had taken an oath to uphold,’’ Freniere said in her opening statement to jurors in US District Court in Boston....

So who did she piss off? Why is she being made an example?

Henderson’s lawyer, Francis J. DiMento of Boston, opted not to make an opening statement, but told District Court Judge Douglas P. Woodlock that he may change his mind when the trial resumes today.

After the jury was excused for the day, DiMento told Woodlock that prosecutors did not have enough evidence to convict his client and asked him to acquit Henderson. DiMento said federal immigration law allows people to hire illegal immigrants as domestic workers intermittently, and so Henderson broke no laws.

“The laws forbidding employment of illegal aliens does not apply to casual domestic workers,’’ he said, as his client sat nearby.

Need I even comment?

But Freniere replied that the government had charged Henderson with a far more serious offense than hiring an illegal immigrant, encouraging one to remain in the country. That is a felony punishable by up to five years in prison unless it was done for financial gain, and then the maximum sentence is 10 years.

Anyone tired of a lying, incompetent(?), hypocritical government?

Woodlock declined to grant the motion for judgment of acquittal, saying he wanted the jury to hear the evidence first. He said he would give DiMento greater latitude than usual to ask witnesses about whether Henderson’s actions violated immigration law.

The trial is expected to last six to eight days.

When Henderson was arrested on Dec. 5, 2008, prosecutors characterized the case as an extraordinary example of hypocrisy by a law enforcement official who managed 190 armed officers who oversee ports of entry in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

It's system wide, Americans, and I'm not typing you anything you didn't know.

As Boston area port director, she oversaw the inspection and admission of foreign nationals at sites such as Logan International Airport, T.F. Green International Airport in Rhode Island, and Bradley International Airport in Connecticut. But advocates for immigration reform said at the time that the case illustrated the broken nature of the immigration system and the near impossibility for ordinary Americans to avoid doing business with undocumented workers.

And you wonder why there are no jobs, 'eh?

Henderson hired Bittencourt in 2003, paid her $70 to $80 every two weeks in cash....


There is ONE of your PART-TIME JOBS you can NOT GET, Americans.

In December 2005, the headquarters of Customs and Border Protection sent employees a memorandum warning them not to hire illegal immigrants while off duty. As a result, Freniere said, Ehrlich checked with Bittencourt about her status, and the housekeeper admitted that she had illegally entered the United States from Mexico. Ehrlich fired Bittencourt and advised Henderson to do the same.

Two years later, however, Ehrlich learned that Henderson was still employing the housekeeper and told federal officials, the prosecutor said. That prompted authorities to track down Bittencourt and persuade her to tape-record Henderson secretly.


Like DO THIS or YOU ARE OUT of the country TONIGHT, right?

That type of famous U.S. ans MSM-described "persuasion?"

I guess she should be thankful she wasn't tortured.

(Bittencourt faces immigration charges, but the matter has been deferred through July.)

Oh, she getting a DEAL CUT like I suggested above?


"Housekeeper testifies against customs official; Brazilian recounts help she got to remain in US" by Shelley Murphy, Globe Staff | March 19, 2010

A Brazilian housekeeper testified yesterday that she paid $10,000 to be smuggled across the Mexican border into the United States in the summer of 2001 and put on a plane to Massachusetts.

Fabiana Bitencourt, 31, of Peabody said she got a job bagging groceries at a Stop & Shop by using a fake Social Security number, obtained a Maine driver’s license with no questions asked about her immigration status, and earned up to $800 a week cleaning houses.



And yet the UNEMPLOYMENT and LOST JOBS continue, 'eh, America?

Oh, and world, DO NOT LISTEN to the LYING GOVERNMENT and its MOUTHPIECE MSM when it comes to that score. Why do you think state tax takes are cratering?

One reason: THIS ARTICLE I'm posting!!!!

It is ALL CONNECTED, folks, and once you work your way around the chain of issues you find it is all part of the New World Order Agenda!

One reason this has remained such a problem all these years.

Government doesn't mean to "solve" this problem at all!!

And rest assured, whenever they do "solve" something it is NOT FOR YOUR BENEFIT!

Then, the government caught up to Bitencourt. In May 2008, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents confronted her with allegations she had been cleaning the Salem condominium of Lorraine Henderson, a top official of the Department of Homeland Security.

“The only thing I thought about was I just had a baby and I was afraid they were going to put me in jail,’’ Bitencourt said tearfully in federal court yesterday, adding that she agreed to cooperate, to secretly record conversations, and to gather evidence that led to Henderson’s indictment.

Bitencourt, who speaks some English, testified in Portuguese as an interpreter translated into English for jurors during the fourth day of Henderson’s trial in US District Court in Boston on a charge that she encouraged an illegal alien to remain in the country.

More taxes needed to pay for that, right, Americans?

Henderson, 52, was suspended without pay from her job as regional director of homeland security, customs, and border protection after her arrest 15 months ago.

At the request of federal agents, Bitencourt said she showed up at Henderson’s home on Sept. 9, 2008, wearing a hidden body recorder and asked for help with an immigration issue.

Yeah, start cannibalizing yourselves; that's what all immorally, politically-corrupt, economically-bankrupt empires do.

“You know somebody who’s . . . can help me?’’ Bitencourt asked, according to a recording of the meeting played for jurors on Wednesday. She added she wanted to be “legal,’’ and “I have a little problem.’’

Henderson, according to the recording, pointed out that Bitencourt’s baby was a US citizen and said, “You have to put in paperwork and file, but you . . . have to be careful, ’cause they’ll deport you.’’

Henderson said she was on her way to Washington, but would find out “what you have to do and if there’s an easier way.’’

Bitencourt told Henderson she had come from Brazil, without a visa, seven years earlier.

“Wow,’’ said Henderson, according to the recording. “You can’t leave. Don’t leave . . . ’Cause once you leave, you will never come back.’’


During his opening statement to the jury, Boston attorney Francis J. DiMento, who represents Henderson, said that all Henderson did was hire Bitencourt to clean her home occasionally, which is not a crime.

It is not illegal to hire an illegal immigrant to perform sporadic domestic work; however it is a felony to encourage or entice an illegal immigrant to remain in the country....

Isn't that what the job does (even as ours are leaving)?

Bitencourt said she stopped cleaning shortly before her son was born in February 2008 and had two friends, who also were illegal immigrants, clean Henderson’s condo until she was able to resume her business later that year.

Bitencourt said she is now a legal resident.

After the government rested its case yesterday, Henderson took the stand briefly and is scheduled to resume testifying today.

Born and raised in New York City, Henderson said she started working at the Customs Service when she was 17, a week after graduating from high school. She told jurors she worked her way up through the agency.

Like I am going to feel sorry for her?

She "worked hard," huh?

Do you know how offensive that sounds to ordinary, average Americans who are getting hammered with losses and lies?


And HOW MUCH was she TAKING DOWN per year?

"Ex-security official says she did not question housekeeper" by Shelley Murphy, Globe Staff | March 20, 2010

A former top official for the US Department of Homeland Security testified yesterday that she did not question her Brazilian housekeeper about her immigration status, despite a colleague’s warning that the immigrant was in the country illegally.

“I didn’t think we had the authority to ask her if she was legal,’’ said Lorraine Henderson, taking the stand during her trial in federal court on a charge that she encouraged an illegal immigrant, the housekeeper, to remain in the country.

Henderson, 52, who was suspended without pay from her job as Boston area port director for Customs and Border Protection after her arrest 15 months ago on the charge, told jurors that she did not believe she had done anything wrong.

It is not a crime to hire an illegal immigrant to perform occasional domestic work, but it is a felony to encourage or entice that person to stay in the United States.

Henderson said she did not know that Fabiana Bitencourt had paid $10,000 to be smuggled into the country in the summer of 2001 when she hired her in March 2004 to clean her two-bedroom Salem condominium.

She said she paid Bitencourt $75 per cleaning about twice a month between 2004 and 2008, and referred her to a neighbor and co-worker, Nora Ehrlich.

She says she got twice that!

So ONE of YOU is LYING!!!!

But Ehrlich warned her in December 2005 that she had fired Bitencourt, Henderson acknowledged. Ehrlich urged her to fire the housekeeper, too. Henderson said Ehrlich told her, “I think she’s illegal. I asked her if she had a green card and she started crying.’’

Henderson said she responded, “Is that it? Whatever.’’

That is who is in charge of keeping illegals out of the country.

Nice lawful attitude, huh?

Describing an office climate at the Homeland Security’s office on Causeway Street in Boston that was marred by childish behavior and personal squabbles, Henderson told jurors that she and other colleagues disliked Ehrlich and called her unflattering nicknames.

Henderson testified that she dubbed Ehrlich “Dora the Explorer,’’ and even kept a Dora doll in her office.

“I know it sounds really mean, but she was all over the place,’’ said Henderson, admitting that she ignored Ehrlich “a lot,’’ but regrets ignoring her warning about the housekeeper....

Yup, this is what YOUR TAX DOLLARS a PAYING FOR over a WHOLE SET of LIES and BULLS***, America!

During cross-examination yesterday, Assistant US Attorney Diane C. Freniere noted that Homeland Security guidelines prohibit employees from knowingly associating with illegal immigrants, yet Henderson continued to let Bitencourt clean her home for years after being warned by Ehrlich.

“Did it occur to you to say, ‘Hey, this isn’t a personal thing, I work for the government, are you here illegally?’ ’’ Freniere said.

“No,’’ Henderson said.

Henderson acknowledged that at the time, she was sitting on a national disciplinary review board that reviewed cases all over the country and recommended disciplinary action for Customs and Border Protection employees who broke the rules.

Bitencourt, 31, of Peabody, testified Thursday that she cooperated with agents after they showed up at her door in May 2008. She secretly recorded conversations with Henderson and helped gather evidence against her....

Yesterday, Henderson said she thought Bitencourt was mistaken, and that she was a legal resident because she had given birth to a baby, who was a US citizen, in February 2008.

Immigration is obviously not my expertise,’’ said Henderson, adding that she later learned that giving birth to a baby in the United States doesn’t automatically make an immigrant a legal resident....

So what is the PENALTY for PERJURY, huh?

Henderson said she was shocked when agents showed up at her home on Dec. 5, 2008, and arrested her.


Government shits ALWAYS THINK THEY ARE ABOVE the LAW!!!!!!!!

And REMEMBER what I asked earlier?

What is the COST per YEAR for YOU, taxpayers!

She was suspended from her $140,000-a-year job without pay.

All over a GOD-DAMNED LIE, America!!!!

She told jurors she is now earning $10.25 an hour working as a part-time cashier at PetSmart, and works as a dog walker and dog sitter....


Welcome to the REAL WORLD, scum!!!!


And you SURE COULD USE a SINGLE-PAYER HEALTH PLAN, couldn't you, illegal?

"Hurt, uninsured immigrant workers face repatriation" by Deborah Sontag, New York Times News Service | November 9, 2008

GILA BEND, Ariz. - .... Antonio Torres's experience illustrates the haphazard way in which the American healthcare system handles cases involving uninsured immigrants who are gravely injured or seriously ill. Whether these patients receive sustained care in this country or are privately deported by a hospital depends on what emergency room they initially visit.

Deporting sick people?

This is almost as bad as Israel denying Palestinians care!!


The Illegal Immigrant Imprisonment Industry

Detained to Death

Oh, yeah, Land of the Free, right.

And this government has your best interests at heart, slave?

There is only limited federal financing for these fragile patients, and no governmental oversight of what happens to them. Instead, it is left to individual hospitals, many of whom see themselves as stranded at the crossroads of a failed immigration policy and a failed healthcare system, to cut through a thicket of financial, legal and ethical concerns....


Look, I have no love for illegal immigrants putting a strain on the health system (yes, I understand this guy was a legal one); however, EVEN I would not TURN THEM AWAY!!!

And if we had TRUE NATIONAL HEALTH CARE like France, Canada, or England, then THIS NEXT wouldn't be a problem, would it?

I saw "Sicko," and the American who fell down in England got treatment, no problem.

But then, maybe that is the point of all this, huh?

Keep us all divided and at each others throats.

Of course, the U.S. has TRILLIONS for WARS and BANKS, and BILLIONS for
CORPORATIONS and ISRAEL with nary a problem 't all.

I get tired of typing it.