Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bullying the Massachusetts Legislature

Who else?

ADL and gay lobbies!

I was just wondering why they are silent on the agenda-pushing, war-promoting MSM and the lies they told (and continue to tell) that have led to the deaths of thousands?

How about Israel's grinding into the dirt of Gaza as well as its proclivity to threaten and attack its neighbors?

How about a bullying Congress pushing crap legislation against the will of the American people?

Nothing much to say on that kind of bullying, huh?

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Yeah, what about that bullying (and then telling outrageous lies about it)?

Now that we have established that the Glob and government are never looking out for your interests and who they really serve, is it any surprise?

This is about brainwashing and controlling kids by monitoring everything they do.

And anyone who reads this blog knows that VIOLENCE is NOT ADVOCATED here!

The idea that my PAINED and ANGRY commentary due to the unending lying and looting is NOT BULLYING!

It is DESERVED, and if you don't like it don't read it!!!

And given the pension problems, the bankrupting health costs, the giveaway of tax loot, and all the other problems this state has they are working on this?

"Backers try to build support for antibullying bill; Senate expected to vote on bill one calls ‘overdue’" by Martin Finucane, Globe Staff | March 5, 2010

The ADL is leading a 50-member coalition of organizations ranging from the Massachusetts Association of School Committees and the Massachusetts Teachers Association to the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association and Microsoft Corp....

“If you think about it, children, psychologically, they’re very fragile,’’ said Senator Kenneth J. Donnelly, the Senate vice chairman of the committee.

“Would we allow someone to go up in the playground and break someone’s arm? We wouldn’t,’’ the Democrat representing the Fourth Middlesex District said. “Why would we allow people to do some serious psychological damage to someone?’’

No, but we allow Palestinians to suffer and starve at the hands of Israel's WMD assaults and we send the same kids of to war based on an unholy lies.

You reach a point where the pablum that comes from these pricks is so offensive it is time to turn away.


No Apple For This Teacher

Yeah, I'm sure that is good for the kids, too.

But that's looting, not bullying.

And what a bunch of little bitches we have around here.

"For many, ‘mean girl’ practice starts early; Bullying on rise in lower grades" by Bella English, Globe Staff | March 9, 2010

Give me a good old southern girl anytime (I love twisting the knife, sorry).

Schools and child development experts are beginning to acknowledge that bullying begins at the earliest ages, and they are taking steps to combat it by promoting kindness and leadership skills....

Like George W. Bush blowing up frogs with firecrackers?

He went on to murder millions with his lies!


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Tell it to Israel first off, 'kay?

"Senate OK’s bill to curtail bullying; Emotions high on Beacon Hill" by James Vaznis, Globe Staff | March 12, 2010

The state Senate, heeding emotional pleas from hundreds of students, unanimously passed a bill yesterday that aims to curb bullying at schools and in cyberspace.

Yup, this is what they are working on over there.

One wonders how my generation survived school because we had bullying, too.

During the emotional deliberations, which lasted more than an hour, senators repeatedly invoked the tragedies of two Western Massachusetts youths who killed themselves after allegedly being bullied in separate instances over the past year....

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Yup, it's emotional and such an important issue -- but it only took an hour.

I guess whatever is easier.

The bill, which now heads to the House, was one of two approved by the Senate yesterday aimed at fostering a safer and healthier learning environment for the state’s schoolchildren. The other bill would rid school vending machines of soda and junk food during school hours, among other initiatives.


Meanwhile budgets are being cut, teachers being let go, and schools being shuttered!

The Senate will work with the House, which passed a similar nutrition measure in January, to reconcile differences, and a spokeswoman said that Governor Deval Patrick looks forward to signing a bill soon.

You are paying them for this, Massachusetts taxpayers?

Approval of the bullying prevention bill was widely expected among advocates because the Senate has passed similar measures at least twice before, only to run into problems in the House.

Eldridge said that yesterday’s bill represented the strongest measure yet passed by his colleagues. The unanimous backing adds momentum as the measure goes to the House.

The bill would require school districts to adopt a policy to prevent and address bullying at school and on the Internet, including a requirement to notify parents of victims and perpetrators. It also empowers school administrators to discipline students if they bully peers on the Internet outside school, in cases where it affects a victim while at school, and to refer any case that involves criminal actions to law enforcement officials.

Yup, let's criminalize everything kids do that we don't like.

That will teach 'em -- how to live in a fascist society!

After the session, Senate President Therese Murray told reporters she believed that the bill would be effective in combating bullying and that Prince’s suicide highlighted the need for a state law.

But some advocates for students, while happy to see a bill passed, raised concerns that senators watered down the bill to save school districts money. The Senate softened language that required that all school staff receive training on how to identify and respond to bullying....

“We believe training of education staff is essential to the success of this bill,’’ said Arline Isaacson, cochairwoman of the Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus. “A lot of good and well-intentioned educators want to help and do the right thing, but they don’t know what to do. They want and need training.’’

Yup, we know who is behind the agenda.

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That's not bullying, huh?

Even before the Senate took up the bill, some advocates for students said it lacked teeth because it did not require school districts to report bullying to the state Education Department as a way to ensure that administrators properly handled the cases. But some specialists on bullying worried that such a requirement would cause districts to shy away from addressing the problem, fearful that a state report could potentially cast their school in a negative light.

Yeah, this was a great idea. Really cleared things up. Should have just stayed out of the fucking thing!

Yesterday, some senators tried unsuccessfully to add a much stiffer reporting requirement that would force districts to notify the district attorney of any instance of bullying.

Robert Trestan of the Anti-Defamation League New England, which has been pushing for passage of a bullying bill for years, said that reporting bullying cases to the district attorney was “overkill,’’ arguing that it is sufficient for school administrators to determine which cases should be referred to law enforcement.

“The goal is to educate, not to take 7-year-old kids out of school in handcuffs,’’ Trestan said.

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Well, that is what is happening, a**hole!

His group, however, supports a reporting requirement to the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, which could then periodically audit school districts for compliance.

Yup. It is just about GETTING the STATE FURTHER up YOURS and the KIDS' ASSES, folks!!!!

Representative Martha M. Walz, a Boston Democrat and House chairwoman of the Joint Committee on Education, said she expected the House would swiftly approve a bullying-prevention bill, which is a priority for Speaker Robert A. DeLeo.

Yes, this they get right through! Sigh.

“There is very strong interest among House colleagues to pass antibullying legislation,’’ said Walz, adding that members have also been receiving hundreds of letters of support. “There are too many horror stories that we are getting from our constituents and their children that are happening at school and online. It’s time to force schools not addressing the problem to do something to keep their children safe.’’

Don't let them go there!!!

That will solve the problem.


And you have to love the play on words:

"Antibullying bill may lose punch; Backers say vital sections dropped" by Jenna Russell, Globe Staff | March 18, 2010

Yeah, as far as I know there was no physical violence.

Not like what Palestinians and the victims of USraeli invasions have to endure.

Proponents of an antibullying bill set to be debated in the state House of Representatives today say last-minute changes, made in the House Ways and Means Committee, have removed the heart of the legislation, stripping it of its most vital protections.

Interesting word choices.

According to critics of the move, who said they discovered the revisions yesterday, the bill reworked in recent days by the House committee does not include a key paragraph mandating that school staff members report bullying to the principal and that the principal investigate promptly, call in law enforcement when needed, take appropriate disciplinary action, and notify parents.

The paragraph was included in the version passed by the state Senate last week.

“To me, this is the meat of the law, a tool for parents to hold schools accountable and ensure their kids’ safety, and without it, it’s essentially the status quo, where some schools can do the right thing and others can opt out,’’ said Robert Trestan, civil rights counsel for the Anti-Defamation League’s Northeast region and a leader of efforts to pass the new law.

There he is again in my *ewspaper.

“Anyone who cares deeply about bullying will be hard pressed to support this version,’’ he said.

Go tell it to Israel.

Leaders of the House committee did not respond to phone calls and e-mails about the changes late yesterday. Many legislators took the day off in observance of Evacuation Day, the controversial Suffolk County holiday.

Yeah, why not? What is one more day of stolen tax loot anyway?

Proponents of the bill say they are also troubled by another change, first adopted in the Senate, that makes antibullying education for teachers optional. Yesterday, they were scrambling to find sponsors for amendments to reverse both changes.

“We believe the leaders want a good bill, but they might not realize how this undercuts any real solution,’’ said Arline Isaacson, cochairwoman of the Massachusetts Gay and Lesbian Political Caucus.

You see who is pushing this, right?


Bullying: More training, fewer mistakes

Yeah, that is their megaphone.

And as expected, the legislators all bent over and bowed down:

"Bullying bill OK’d in House, 148 to 0; Advocates praise late changes in measure" by David Abel, Globe Staff | March 19, 2010

The Massachusetts House, after an emotional debate, unanimously approved a bill yesterday that seeks to curtail bullying in schools and in cyberspace, mirroring similar legislation passed last week by the Senate.

House lawmakers, as senators did last week, invoked the deaths of Phoebe Prince, 15, of South Hadley and Carl Joseph Walker-Hoover, 11, of Springfield, who committed suicide after allegedly being bullied in separate incidents over the past year.

“This bill aims to secure our students from bullying, both during the school day and after school hours,’’ House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo said in a statement. “In light of recent tragedies, the House has taken the appropriate steps to protect our students from the terror of bullying and cyber-bullying.’’

So army recruiters won't be allowed in the doors anymore?

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Yeah, signing up with a bully to occupy foreign lands for oil and Israel is okay!

The legislation will now have to be reconciled in committee between the House and Senate....

“It’s a stunning turnaround,’’ said Derrek L. Shulman, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League of New England. “They took a bill that was so weak this morning, one that we considered opposing after years of working on this, and made it stronger than the Senate’s bill.’’

Yeah take a crap health care bill because nothing is perfect; however, when it comes to what the almighty *ew wants, just chew, swallow, and smile!!!!!

He and other advocates said the bill was an improvement because it requires school officials — bus drivers, cafeteria workers, teachers, and others — to report bullying to a school’s principal.

The bill defines bullying, in part, as “the repeated use by a perpetrator of a written, verbal, or electronic expression, or physical act or gesture . . . directed at a victim that causes physical or emotional harm or damage to the victim’s property; places the victim in reasonable fear or harm to himself or of damage to his property; [or] creates a hostile environment at school.’’

Where were you guys when I was a kid?

All those fights I had to get bloodied up defending myself.

After a while, people stopped f***ing with me.

If principals determine that the bullying constitutes a criminal act, they would be required to report the incident to law enforcement.

So what about WAR CRIMES, huh?

Who do they get reported to, and why is there NOTHING DONE about THEM, huh?


The measure, however, does not include a mandatory fine for school employees who do not report bullying, as one amendment introduced yesterday called for.

Well, nothing is perfect, right?

Some lawmakers said the lack of such of fine made the proposed law toothless; while others said that any official who does not report an incident would be subject to being fired.

The advocates added that the House version is an improvement because it requires school officials to undergo training to identify and respond to bullying, in person and online....

Representative Martha M. Walz, a Boston Democrat and House chairwoman of the Joint Committee on Education, said it was not clear how much it will cost to train school employees across Massachusetts. She said the costs will be borne by the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

That means YOU, taxpayers!!

“We’re not talking about millions of dollars,’’ Walz said, noting that they had an initial draft budget of $150,000 for training.

These people are unbelievable.


The bill also requires officials at some private schools where the public subsidizes special needs students to report bullying and undergo training; whereas the Senate bill, which made reporting and training optional, includes all private schools.

“The House bill is a very strong antibullying bill, and we’re very grateful that the leadership heard our concerns,’’ said Arline Isaacson, cochairwoman of the Massachusetts Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus, which has long lobbied for such a bill. “This will help thousands of kids across the state.’’


Is it going to stop bullying?


It is just going to add another layer of state oversight funded by broken taxpayers.

In a news conference after the bill passed, DeLeo said he decided to make changes in the legislation approved by the Ways and Means Committee after hearing from Walz and other members at a meeting earlier in the day.

“I was bullied, actually,’’ DeLeo joked. “No, I listened to the members.’’

Oh, ha-ha-ha, you stinking PoS!

Now he decides to listen.

So you listening when we say no casinos, s***ter?


And then there is this disgusting crap:

"Sexting probed as child porn; Nude photo of girl reportedly sent" by Eric Moskowitz, Globe Staff | March 6, 2010

BELMONT - In the latest apparent case of teens using cellphones to send explicit pictures, police are investigating reports that dozens of students at Chenery Middle School used their phones to circulate a nude photo of an adolescent girl.

No, I don't want to see it.

Police and the Middlesex district attorney’s office are looking into “a report of possible child pornography,’’ Belmont police Lieutenant Richard Santangelo said yesterday.

Neither Santangelo nor District Attorney Gerard T. Leone Jr. would discuss details of the case, but an official familiar with the investigation, who requested anonymity because of its ongoing nature, said the picture may have been forwarded to as many as 40 or 50 students.

Going to be hard to walk the halls -- in more ways than one.

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Yeah, HOME SCHOOLING is looking better all the time!

The incident occurred at a middle school that recently held a seminar for parents to encourage the responsible use of technology by their children and where corridors are labeled Cooperation Way and Respect Boulevard.

Throw that cellphone or iPuke or whatever away.

Nothing is as urgent as the propagandists tell you.

Life will go on, kids, and people will still be there a few hours from now.

Nationally, 20 percent of teenagers report having sent or posted nude or seminude photos of themselves online or via phone, according to a 2008 study by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

Did someone say decaying society full of rot?

In Massachusetts, cases involving racy photos and texts have made headlines in Newton, Falmouth, and Billerica, among other locations. Those cases, however, have involved only a small number of students, not widespread forwarding of photos.

“The message to parents is: Get educated. Know what your kids are doing, and lay down ground rules. Don’t be afraid to - and in fact we urge them to - monitor their kids’ use of electronic devices,’’ Leone said.

Monitor this (phone flying out window)!!!

Looks like you will just have to do it at home when the parents are not around, kids.

For youths, the message is that “when you send a visual image of yourself to others electronically, one, you have lost absolutely all control of that image, and, two, you can never get it back.’’

Yup, that's why I disdain crap. I write, I read, I analyze, that's it.

In Belmont yesterday, School Superintendent George Entwistle released a statement, but declined to be interviewed.

Entwistle said Chenery principal Deborah Alexander notified police Thursday afternoon after learning that a student had an inappropriate photo stored on a cellphone. He said the matter, which originated outside school, underscores an important message: “Technology used for the wrong purpose can be dangerous and potentially illegal.’’


In interviews yesterday, one member of the Chenery Parent Teacher Organization considered it “pretty normal stuff’’ for teenagers....

What is wrong with our kids?

Why do they all want to be exhibitionists?

I blame the Zionist-dominated culture and value system as promoted by the mass media, folks. The secular, soul-destroying values hollow out the moral fiber of a nation until it collapses (the endlessly expanding empire and wars for Israel doesn't help, either).

Thomas Scott, executive director of the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents, said the case is an example of widespread and insidious behavior.

“Kids think they’re not going to get caught, because they think this is something they can do secretively, but it’s very destructive to the kids who are involved doing this, particularly to the victim,’’ he said.

They dying on the battlefield or having a limb blown off? Just asking.


For Shakespeare fans at Wellesley, the play’s the thing

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Just keep it clean, will ya?

Wellesley High will discuss graffiti



Oh, yeah, you want to talk real violence?

"No trend in new cycle of violence; Activists, police voice concern; Keeping peace seen as an ongoing task" by Milton J. Valencia, Globe Staff | March 5, 2010

A spasm of deadly violence over the last five days...

Police said the killings were unrelated and that violence comes in cycles.


But the numbers are a painful reminder for police officials and community activists who have been working to maintain peace that violence can burst out at any time....

As long as you are not texting anyone.


See: Nudity: There’s not an app for that

Marketed the stuff then told not to do it!!

Long sigh!

What is Your State Legislature Doing Today?

You are paying pensions, benefits, and salaries for that kind of important work as your taxes are looted, 'eh, Bay State?

And the ideas are catching on nationally:

"Legislators rethinking how to regulate teens and ‘sexting’" by Tamar Lewin, New York Times | March 21, 2010

NEW YORK — In Iowa, Jorge Canal is on the sex offenders registry because, at 18, he was convicted of distributing obscene materials to a minor after he sent a picture of his penis by cellphone to a 14-year-old female friend who had requested it.

What is wrong with kids today?

In Florida, Phillip Alpert, then 18, was charged with distributing child pornography and put on the sex offenders registry because after a fight, he sent a photograph of his nude 16-year old girlfriend by e-mail to dozens of people, including her parents.

Don't get married anytime soon, 'kay?

In most states, teenagers who send or receive sexually explicit photographs by cellphone or computer — known as “sexting’’ — have risked felony child pornography charges and being listed on a sex offender registry for decades to come.

But there is growing consensus among lawyers and legislators that the child pornography laws are too blunt an instrument to deal with an adolescent cyberculture in which all kinds of sexual pictures circulate on sites like MySpace and Facebook.

Well, it sounds like the politicians are perverts, huh?

Yeah, let's LOOSEN the RULES so we can see young people and their naked bodies on the web.

These guys are just as bad as the Catholic priests!

Last year, Nebraska, Utah, and Vermont changed their laws to reduce penalties for teenagers who engage in such activities, and this year, according to the National Council on State Legislatures, 14 more states are considering legislation that would treat young people who engage in sexting differently from adult pornographers and sexual predators.

This is making me sick, readers. What a sick culture.

And on Wednesday, the first federal appellate opinion in a sexting case recognized that a prosecutor had gone too far in trying to enforce adult moral standards. The opinion upheld a block on a district attorney who threatened to bring child pornography charges against girls whose pictures showing themselves scantily dressed appeared on classmates’ cellphones.

“There’s a lot of confusion about how to regulate cellphones and sex and 16-year-olds,’’ said Amy Adler, a law professor at New York University. “We’re at this cultural shift, not only because of the technology, but because of what’s happening in terms of the representation of teen sexuality as you can see on ‘Gossip Girl.’ ’’

There is your agenda again: a "cultural shift."

Of course, don't get caught smoking a joint, kid.

You will be forfeiting any college aid.

Last year, a 14-year-old New Jersey girl was arrested and charged with possession and distribution of child pornography after posting dozens of sexually explicit photographs of herself on MySpace.

Why are kids so self-centered and stoo-pid these days?

Such cases, lawyers say, are far afield from what the child pornography laws were intended for.

Hey, they HAUL PARENTS into court for taking a photo of the kid in the bathtub, so WTF?!!!

So, too, was the case of Canal, which was upheld last year by the Iowa Supreme Court.

Canal was 18 when he sent the picture of his erect penis to a 14-year-old schoolmate, along with another picture of his face, with the text “I love you’’ on it.

So he was doing her, huh? That's statutory rape.

The girl thought she had erased the image, but her parents found it and passed it to the police.

I would be furious at my parents.

What the hell are you doing going to the cops?


“The child pornography law was about protecting children from pedophiles,’’ Adler said. “While sexting is bad judgment, it’s simply not what the Supreme Court had in mind when it crafted the child pornography law. It just doesn’t make sense that in a lot of the sexting situations, the pornographer and the victim are one and the same person.’’

How does she know what the Supreme Court intended?

And why this sick shit has taken hold I will never know.

As a practical matter, young people are rarely, if ever, jailed under the child pornography laws for the practice.

Then why all the concern, print, and space?

Some of the 14 states considering legislation would make sexting a misdemeanor, while others would treat it like juvenile offenses such as truancy or running away....

One recent survey found that about one in five teenagers reported having engaged in sexting. Another found that almost half the boys in coed high schools had seen a picture depicting a female classmate nude.

I went to school in the wrong era.

There are two basic scenarios. In one, a teenager shares a nude picture, usually with a romantic partner. In the other, a partner, or more commonly a former partner, distributes the image....

Emotionally naive idiots!

There are those who favor decriminalization....

Well, yeah, but then you are a pervert.


And it IS all about CONTROLLING KIDS, folks:

"Which plastic is right for college kids?; Parents have new choices, from no card to prepaid" by Eileen AJ Connelly, Associated Press | March 21, 2010

NEW YORK — Choosing what kind of plastic a college-bound student should carry may seem like an easy decision to make. But a new law making it harder for students to get their own credit cards means most parents now have to choose whether to help their kids get one, or send them off with less flexible choices like debit or prepaid cards.

Probably a good thing.

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Quick, cut it up right now, kid.

The right choice could help a graduate enter the working world with a strong understanding of how credit works and a solid credit rating. The wrong choice could be costly, not only in terms of how much debt gets charged up, but also in the potential damage to the credit histories of both parents and student.

Yeah, the INDOCTRINATION starts early!

One part of the new credit card law says applicants under 21 must prove they can pay the bill, or have a cosigner. But most parents want their kids to have some card available, at least for emergencies.

Who would ever think of that?

That leaves parents to debate whether they should cosign, or get their child a card linked to their own account. They might also ask if a debit card or prepaid card would suffice.

The answers depend upon several factors, including the student’s spending habits, whether they have any income, and the strength of the parent’s own credit history....

College campuses were targeted as a prime market by credit card companies in recent decades. They dangled freebies like T-shirts and pizza in exchange for filling out applications, and consequently undergraduates developed a serious credit habit....

Yeah, everyone knows about those vultures.

Even as parents want to help their kids avoid graduating with a boatload of debt, they also know the importance of a credit history for their future....

Widespread ignorance about how credit cards work is one reason to be cautious about cosigning a card for a student.

“I have always encouraged parents to avoid cosigning for their children’s credit,’’ said Bruce McClary of Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions. Should a child not pay the bill on a cosigned card, the parent would be held responsible. “Not only can it divide a family, it can destroy everyone’s credit, if the situation goes wrong.

No matter what it is.... agenda-pushing at the root of it all.

Given how hard the recession has hit household finances nationwide, it’s also possible many parents will be unable to help their kids get cards, because their own credit has been damaged.

Yeah, this is a great economy, huh?

Yeah, better get that bullying and sexting law through.

And even if they can get credit cards, some parents may think their kids aren’t yet responsible enough to handle them....

So WHAT do you do with an OUT-of-CONTROL, MASS-MURDERING WAR MACHINE of a GOVERNMENT, 'eh, kids?

Your bills CHUMP CHANGE to the TRILLIONS the U.S. OWES!!!


And they are the biggest bullies on the block!