Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hey, Neighbor!

(F***er just flipped me off!)

It is an age-old dispute over what it means to be a good neighbor

I wouldn't know; I live in Massachusetts.

Wheeling Around Boston

Just as bad, isn't it?

Auto mogul Boch embroiled in feud with neighbors

Yeah, we are used to that kind of thing up here.

Brookline neighbors still have concerns about planned Mormon chapel

Ever notice synagogues or temples are never a problem?

Want to go get a bite to eat?

"Case of alleged extortion, with an upscale twist; Developer’s enforcers sought expensive watches, FBI says" by Shelley Murphy, Globe Staff | February 9, 2010

It’s not your typical extortion case: A Boston real estate developer was charged yesterday with dispatching several enforcers to threaten a local realtor and his family over a $90,000 business debt....

The alleged shakedown occurred at the Bristol Lounge at The Four Seasons Hotel in Boston on Feb. 1, just feet from oblivious diners, but apparently under the watchful eyes of Boston police and FBI agents who launched an investigation after the victim earlier reported the threats.

David Gefke, 48, who is president and founder of First Capital Mortgage Group in Boston and East Springfield LLC, was arrested late Friday and brought into US District Court in shackles yesterday to face an extortion charge. Appearing with him was Michael B. Lee, 29, an Irish national living in Dorchester who is charged with extortion for allegedly trying to collect the debt for Gefke....

During conversations that were secretly recorded by the FBI, the victim later asked Gefke, “Why did you send leg breakers to see me?’’


Related: Hub realtor sought police, FBI help when family threatened

No lover's quarrel there.

"Woman convicted in fire deaths of 2 girls; May get life term, chance of parole" by Milton J. Valencia, Globe Staff | February 17, 2010

Prosecutors had argued that Nicole Chuminski, of South Boston, started the deadly fire by throwing a fire bomb at the home after an argument the night before with Anna Reisopolous, her lover and the girls’ mother....

I'm already not liking where this is going.

The findings of neglect in the girls’ life led to sweeping changes at the state Department of Children and Families, which acknowledged it failed to rescue the two girls from their hardships.


"State's errors detailed in deaths of two sisters" by Donovan Slack, Globe Staff | December 19, 2008

The state agency responsible for children failed at the most fundamental levels to save the lives of two South Boston sisters who survived years of neglect in a home torn by drug addiction, violence, and emotional dysfunction only to die in one another's arms in an arson fire in April, an investigation by the state's new advocate for children found.


See: They Died in Each Others Arms

Social workers from the Department of Children and Families who visited repeatedly documented neglect of the children, but failed to stop it, the investigation concluded. Caseworkers failed to perform even rudimentary checks with police or other agencies whose information would have clearly signaled trouble. The department's internal records were so poor, the probe found, that officials failed even to "connect the dots" of the information they themselves had collected. Those failures allowed the plight of 14-year-old Acia Johnson and 3-year-old Sophia to go unnoticed, the investigation found.

"By leading lives involved with drugs, crime, and violence, the parents exposed their children to the violence of other people with similar behaviors," Gail Garinger, the child advocate and a former juvenile court judge, concluded in a summary of her report, released yesterday after a six-month investigation. "However, DCF also missed opportunities to recognize the dangers to Acia and Sophia, and to intervene."

The girls died when a fire, which officials say was set in a jealous rage by their mother's lover, swept through the West Sixth Street row house where they lived. The children lived there with their mother, Anna Reisopoulos, even though state social workers had determined five years earlier that she and the girls' father, Raymond Johnson Sr., were unfit parents and gave custody to a grandmother.

Execute him. These are the kind of people we don't need around.

Social workers failed to sufficiently document incidences of neglect by the parents dating back to 1995, the investigation found, and the agency did not interview other people involved in the children's lives who could have shed light on the dangers they faced.

"This was really a systemic failure in this case," Garinger said in an interview yesterday....


Social workers never realized the children were living at the South Boston house even though the workers repeatedly visited them there, and even though their mother reported they were living there when she applied for food stamps, cash assistance, and housing subsidies. The home was also listed at Acia Johnson's school as her primary residence.

The department would eventually document cocaine use, violent domestic fights, and bizarre incidents, including one in which Acia's father left the girl on the side of the road and led police on a car chase after a traffic stop.

In all, social workers investigated roughly a dozen complaints of abuse and neglect in as many years, including two in the months before the fire. Last February, Sophia Johnson was found wandering outside, alone, on a cold winter day.


On March 14, just three weeks before the fire, Reisopoulos chased her son Raymond into the backyard with a hammer. Social workers, notified by police, were called to the scene but took no immediate action....

What, would he have had to bash the kids skull in to get a reaction?

You guys just picking up a check, aren't you?



At least they saw justice done, huh?

Chuminski, who was also convicted of two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon for injuring the girls’ mother and brother in the fire, is expected to be sentenced tomorrow to at least life in prison with the eligibility for parole in 15 years.

Screw that!

You have to admit, it is a lot more cost-effective.

It was not clear yesterday if Reisopoulos would attend the sentencing hearing. She is being held in a county jail on unrelated charges....

Gee, I wonder what those could be, an why the Glob is shielding her.

Assistant district attorneys David Fredette and Julie Higgins argued during the trial that Chuminski started the fire at about 3 the morning of April 6, 2008, in a fit of rage after fighting with Reisopolous at a wedding reception in Weymouth.

Reisopolous, now 35, stole the wallet of Chuminski’s cousin and was thrown out of the reception. At the time, Chuminski tried to defend Reisopolous from her relatives.

But prosecutors argued that Chuminski returned to the Reisopolous home on West Sixth Street early the next morning still in a rage and shouted at her to open the door, calling her a whore and accusing her of sleeping with someone else.

Yeah, everyone loves those kinds of things happening in their neighborhood. About two more seconds and I'm on the blower to the cops.

Reisopolous and her son, Raymond Jr., Acia’s twin, said that they heard Chuminski yelling from the street. Soon after, the fire started. Reisopolous said she saw a “burst of orange flames.’’

Still in a drunken state from the wedding reception, she called to the third floor to have Acia bring down Sophia. She ran downstairs to wake up Raymond.

But Acia could not make it down through the thick, black smoke. She and Sophia were found dead in the closet of their bedroom....

A Globe report months later highlighted not only the tragedy of the girls’ deaths, but also the neglect that affected them. Their mother was a drug addict, their father was in and out of jail, and the children were surrounded by their mother’s violent relationship and were left to care for themselves....




"Social workers never realized the children were living at the South Boston house even though the workers repeatedly visited them there, and even though their mother reported they were living there when she applied for food stamps, cash assistance, and housing subsidies"

Yeah, Globe left that out, too.


"Two life terms for two lives lost in ’08 fire; Chuminski sentenced in deaths of girls, 3 and 14" by Milton J. Valencia, Globe Staff | February 19, 2010

The woman who set the roaring blaze that killed two young sisters as they huddled together in their South Boston home two years ago was sentenced yesterday in Suffolk Superior Court to two consecutive life terms in prison, the last chapter in a horrific fire and murder trial.

Nicole Chuminski, 27, will have to complete the mandatory 15-year sentence for each of two convictions of second-degree murder, meaning she will serve at least 30 years in prison before she is eligible for parole. She would begin serving the sentence on the second conviction if and when she is granted parole on the first.

Prosecutors and the girls’ family said justice was served for the killing of 14-year-old Acia Johnson and 3-year-old Sophia, victims of a woman who took her rage out on the girls’ mother, Anna Reisopoulos, her lover of a few months, by setting fire to their home....

Reisopoulos, 35, asked for forgiveness for neglecting her children, and for exposing them to her violent relationship with Chuminski.

“I ask that I please be given this opportunity to express my deepest apologies to my kids so I can close this chapter and move on with the brightest memories that I instill in my heart,’’ she said....

I don't know what is worse, that "apology" or this:

The fire.... also showed Acia’s enduring love for her sister, as she cradled the little girl in their dying moments. Their charred bodies were found still holding each other.

“It’s a haunting vision, but it’s also a beautiful vision, the way Acia was holding her,’’ Assistant District Attorney David Fredette said....

I'm sorry, readers, but our public servants are sick!!!

There is NOTHING BEAUTIFUL about that TRAGIC SCENE, I'm sorry!!!

Nothing beautiful about KIDS BURNING UP in a CLOSET because of drunk lesbian lout throwing firebombs!!!!


A different case out here, readers:

"Fund to aid Northampton fire victims tops $80,000

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. --A charitable fund established to help people who lost property in a string of arsons in Northampton late last year has raised about $83,000.

Also see: Hothampton

Massachusetts Hotfoot

Organizers say although the Northampton Neighbor's Relief Fund remains open, there are no more major fundraising events planned. They say $60,000 will go to people who lost property in the string of 15 arson fires in the early morning hours of Dec. 27, and the remainder will go to the Red Cross. Two people died in a house fire, and officials estimate property damage at $1.5 million. A local man is facing murder charges in connection with the fatal fire. John Ebbets, chief executive of United Way of Hampshire County, which is administering the fund, tells The Daily Hampshire Gazette that the response was "amazing."

Yeah, that's us country folk out here!!


Time to say goodbye, readers -- until later tonight.

There are some children I am going to

Children’s play restrictions spur suit

Yeah, somehow that's where things always end up in Massachusetts.

A Whale of a Story

Must be for getting so much MSM coverage, 'eh, world?

Whale kills trainer at SeaWorld in Fla.

SeaWorld to keep killer whale that drowned its trainer

SeaWorld set to resume whale shows after attack

SeaWorld resumes orca whale show

Four straight days, Glob?

Stimuloot Sunday: Selling the Stimuloot

Related: Administration Telling the Truth About Stimuloot

Which is to say they are lying, of course.

"Cabinet members talk up stimulus; 35-stop tour aims to counter GOP claims of failure" by Philip Elliott, Associated Press | February 17, 2010

WASHINGTON - President Obama, defending his economic stimulus plan on its first anniversary, is dispatching members of his Cabinet across the country in a weeklong push to highlight the stimulus program, and to try to calm an anxious public as Democrats head into potentially devastating midterm elections....

Vice President Joe Biden, who has led efforts to implement the stimulus plan, is expected to again push Congress to pass a jobs bill to help some of the 8.4 million people who have lost their jobs since the recession began.

At least they got the number correct this time, readers.

Obama’s fellow Democrats planned to promote programs putting people back to work under the $787 billion spending bill.

Something just doesn't jibe between those last two sentences, Cap'n.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius was touring a medical center in Atlanta, and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano was promoting stimulus projects in Virginia and Texas.

Why is Homeland Security out pimping stimuloot instead of worrying about.... Homeland Security?

In all, senior administration officials are scheduled to visit 35 communities before Friday to counter Republican claims that the massive deficit-spending program has failed.

What is the carbon footprint on all that?

Obama plans to surround himself at the White House today with people who have jobs because of the stimulus plan, then travel to Colorado and Nevada.

He really is out of touch, and so soon into his term.

Obama’s political team believes bricks-and-mortar projects across the country could help Democrats stave off emboldened Republicans and their attempts to reclaim majorities in Congress. Although voters have soured on the stimulus spending, individual components have fans across party lines.

The tax cuts Democrats included in their bill have the backing of 70 percent of the public, according to a CNN poll last month. Another 80 percent support the infrastructure investments, such as the water projects that the Environmental Protection Agency’s chief, Lisa Jackson, plans to highlight in Columbus, Ohio, tomorrow.

Even so, 56 percent of those surveyed opposed the broad plan, according to the CNN poll....

Yeah, how is that when we allegedly think it is so great, CNN?

Man, am I ever tired of skewed polls serving the MSM agenda.


And I really expected better out of the man after what we have had for eight years prior, America.

"Obama says stimulus bill averted deeper economic crisis; A year later, he repudiates GOP criticism" by Michael D. Shear and Alec MacGillis, Washington Post | February 18, 2010

WASHINGTON - President Obama’s remarks capped an extensive push by the administration and its Democratic allies to rehabilitate the public perception of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which critics say has been costly and ineffective.

Sir, we are TIRED OF BEING LIED TO!!!!

Can't you understand that?

“No large expenditure is ever that popular, particularly at a time when we are also facing a massive deficit,’’ the president said. “.... but.... the American people are rebuilding a better future....’’

Yeah, I thought we got rid of the cheer-leading, too.

The president ridiculed Republican members of Congress who voted against the legislation last year but have been eager to accept stimulus spending on behalf of their own constituents. He accused them of playing politics by calling the bill a failure “even as many of them show up at ribbon cuttings at projects in their district.’’


The president’s remarks followed an op-ed article in USA Today by Vice President Joe Biden and an aggressive effort by the Democratic National Committee to paint GOP members of Congress as hypocrites.

Republicans refused to give ground. House minority whip Eric Cantor of Virginia said in a statement that, “In the year since the Democrats’ ‘stimulus’ program was enacted, over 3 million jobs have been lost, billions of dollars have been wasted, and an unprecedented debt has been passed on to our children - these are not the results that America hoped for.’’

Of course, the Repugs are silent when it comes to the war and bank loot tossed down the drain.

But Obama insisted that the program had been run “cleanly, smoothly, transparently,’’ and he said the administration will do “everything in our power to turn this economy around.’’

Meaning nothing.

And he has to be kidding about transparency after all the made-up figures, etc.

Although most economists agreed on the need for the stimulus, the package was politically fraught from the outset. Republicans charged the White House with letting Democrats lard the bill with pet priorities.

Well, that is what they did.

Liberals contended that the package was not big enough, especially given that $70 billion went toward a temporary patch for the alternative minimum tax, which was not seen as a stimulus to the economy.

The White House maintains that the bill passed was the most politically feasible one. The measure got no Republican votes in the House and squeezed through the Senate with three GOP votes.

Independent analysts such as the Congressional Budget Office generally agree that it helped end the recession, added several percentage points to gross domestic product growth, and created or saved at least 2 million jobs.

By what measurement? You see that link at the top of this post?

But with job losses far deeper in 2009 than the administration expected, the stimulus has not kept unemployment from climbing to 10 percent.

Then the stimuloot failed unless you got some.

Republicans have seized on job-creation tallies reported by the recipients of stimulus money, questioning their reliability.

As WELL THEY SHOULD! A piece of equipment is not a person!


And here is confirmation that it did:

A fact: Stimulus created jobs

If the Boston Globe claims it, the opposite must be true.

We all know how loose they are with the facts. The war lies have proved that.

Opponents often motivated by strictly ideological or political concerns....

Oh, THEY are a FINE ONE to TALK!!!!


Stimuloot Sunday: Obama's Present to Governor Patrick

Proving even stimuloot has political strings.

"State gets $132.7m boost from US; Funds from stimulus will help close gaps" by Matt Viser, Globe Staff | February 19, 2010

That what the guv said he needed to get through the year?

The federal government gave Massachusetts an unanticipated $132.7 million boost yesterday, which will help significantly in closing any budget gaps during the remaining four months of the fiscal year and could put the state on better financial footing heading into next year.


Administration Telling the Truth About Stimuloot

Don't go CHANGING the TERMS of DEFINITION like the BUSH GUY used to, Obama!!

The funds, which come through the federal stimulus bill and were announced late yesterday afternoon by the Obama administration, are meant to relieve strains on state coffers by offsetting the cost of Medicare prescription drug coverage....

“This is not money that we accounted for,’’ JudyAnn Bigby, the state’s secretary of health and human services, said last night. “It is an additional source of revenue for the state.’’

Sorry for ripping you off, fellow citizens of America.

I'd send it all back if I could.

Massachusetts officials have not yet identified how the money will be used. Any appropriations would have to be approved by the Legislature and, while the funds will come through health care reimbursements, it could free up spending in other areas of the state budget.

“Wow. Wow,’’ state Senator Steven C. Panagiotakos, a Lowell Democrat and chairman of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, said last night when told of the news. “This amount of money certainly is going to help us get through this year.

“It’s good to hear $132 million on the plus side as opposed to $132 million on the minus side. That’s where it’s been recently.’’

There are still expenses that could come in higher than expected in this year’s state budget, including snow and ice removal accounts that are notoriously underfunded, but the added US funds will help an already strained budget.

Yeah, thanks for buying into the global warming lies, local legislators, and saddling us with out-of-balance budgets and sloppy roads.

The adjustments involve a complex set of payments that states provide to the federal government for Medicare prescription drug coverage for residents who are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid. Because of the announcement, Massachusetts will pay $480 million to the federal government, instead of $613 million.

So it isn't even funding we are talking about -- the government only reduced a payment?

I'm sorry, but that is NOT FOUND MONEY, folks!

Once more we have STATE SHENANIGANS where BUDGETS are concerned! This is not a STIMULUS HAND-OUT even!

The changes announced yesterday are retroactive to Oct. 1, 2008, and will continue at least through the end of this year.

In essence, it means the state will pay less to the federal government than originally planned. It means about $108 million in unplanned revenue will be available next month, with $24 million more coming in June and October, according to Bigby.

That is a strange phenomena. Because a payment is less we are getting a check back.

“I could spend [that money] in about three minutes,’’ said state Representative Charles A. Murphy, a Burlington Democrat and chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. “To have that money at our disposal is extremely helpful.’’

Yeah, even if we have to borrow to do it, etc, etc, etc.

It's a pile of money that isn't even there and this guy is already dreaming up ways to spend it. That's the essence of what is wrong with Massachusetts.

The state has dealt with more than two years of declining revenues that came as a result of the global economic downturn, and Governor Deval Patrick several times has made midyear budget cuts, most recently in October. State revenues have been meeting expectations in recent months, which has prevented any further cuts.

At least, that is what the lying government and Glob are telling you, readers.

Related: State Wears Rose-Colored Glasses When Looking at Revenue

Because state officials have relied heavily on one-time revenues that will soon no longer be available, the budget woes are likely to continue....


Sounds like an OUT-of-CONTROL GOVERNMENT to me.


Stimuloot Sunday: T to the City

Why? I won't be using it.

After what I've seen and read in the Boston Globe I am never going into Boston again.

"Stalled Fitchburg rail project gets a $55.5m federal boost" by Noah Bierman, Globe Staff | February 18, 2010

The federal government plans to spend $55.5 million to extend the Fitchburg commuter rail line and build a new station, part of an effort to reduce gridlock on Route 2 and help people who cannot afford to live near Boston get to jobs in the city and its close-in suburbs, officials announced yesterday.

Governor Deval Patrick said revitalizing “gateway cities’’ like Fitchburg, regional hubs with struggling economies, is critical to the state’s economic future. “This is another example of a project or an issue or a need that has been languishing for decades,’’ he said. “It’s huge in terms of the number of jobs right now.’’

With better access between Fitchburg and Boston, recent college graduates and young families could settle in the Fitchburg area, where housing is relatively cheap, yet retain access to jobs inside Interstate 495, said Hunter Ridgway, chief of staff for US Representative John W. Olver, a Democrat who represents the area.

My puke.

“Staying in Massachusetts becomes affordable,’’ Ridgway said....

$ay what?

Yeah, I'm sure the knee-jerk tax increases to fund public pensions and corporate welfare have really helped.

The state and federal governments had recently committed to spending another $200 million to upgrade the full line’s track and signal system in hope of reducing travel time between Fitchburg and Boston from 90 minutes to under an hour. The line, which carries 6,100 passengers on weekdays, is one of the T’s least reliable.

And it SERVICES my end of the state?

What a COMPLETE SURPRISE, readers -- NOT!!

The planned new station and parking lot next to Route 2 is intended to draw about 400 additional rail passengers a day and increase access for existing passengers who live west of the rail line and who often find themselves backed up in Route 2 traffic or unable to get a parking spot at train stations near Fitchburg. The project would also link a freight line that uses the tracks with a nearby industrial park, with an eye toward more commerce.

In addition to the Fitchburg grant, the state won $20 million for transportation and land improvements around Wonderland Station in Revere to help jump-start a development project, and another $20 million to upgrade train bridges in New Bedford, an early step in bringing passenger rail service to the South Coast. Patrick has long promised to build a passenger line to Fall River and New Bedford, but has delayed plans in order to identify a source to pay the estimated $1.4 billion to $1.9 billion cost.

Patrick hailed yesterday’s grant as an important sign that the federal government is committed to helping with a Fall River-New Bedford line. Patrick said that the rail line would have to be funded “in phases and in bits and pieces, because that’s how it has to get done.’’

Yesterday’s grants are part of the federal stimulus program, designed to jolt the lagging economy. The state has committed to finish the projects in two years.

Massachusetts fared poorly in a competition last month for $8 billion in high-speed rail grants.

Related: More Stimuloot Lies

But the state took in a much larger proportion of yesterday’s transportation grants, winning $95.5 million out of $1.5 billion awarded nationally.

Transportation advocates have praised state and federal governments for putting an emphasis on building rail and transit projects as part of the latest stimulus round. But there is debate about which projects bring long-term benefit to the economy and the environment.

“The commuter rail extension is fine,’’ said Anthony Flint, public affairs director for the Lincoln Institute, a Cambridge think tank. “But you could argue you’d get better bang for the buck by going for funding for aspects of the Green Line extension’’ in Somerville or other bus or subway projects in the urban core, that would carry more passengers and reduce sprawl, he said.

David Luberoff, executive director of Harvard’s Rappaport Institute, another think tank, said adding 400 passengers per day to the Fitchburg Line would neither reduce traffic substantially nor rearrange the job market.

More wasted stimuloot, 'eh, America?

Like busy work, and mostly bureaucrats shuffling paper.

“Those numbers don’t suggest a kind of enormous, transformative effect,’’ he said.


Stimuloot Sunday: States Stiff Poor

One would imagine they are used to it by now.

"Stimulus Funds for Welfare Jobs Untouched

Desperate though they are to fill gaps in their budgets, more than half the states in the country haven't touched a $5 billion pot of federal stimulus funds meant to find work for welfare recipients.

Leaders in most states have hesitated to pony up the matching funds the program requires to create jobs that might not last after the federal subsidy's Sept. 30 sunset date....

Critics contend states could suffer in the long run, as employers are encouraged to focus on creating cheap, disposable positions rather than long-term job growth.

It's a paycheck, right?

States should "offer incentives to businesses to hire more qualified people, since there is a better chance these people will be retained once the incentives are removed," said Don Sabbarese, director of the Econometric Center at Kennesaw State University in Georgia.

The federal infusion does little to get people permanently off welfare, while draining money that could be used to make long term economic repairs, he said.

Yeah, we are too busy giving billions to banks for bonuses.

But THAT is NOT welfare, is it?

"If these jobs are not in areas of sustainable demand and growth, they will not lead to sufficient, marketable skills," Sabbarese said. "And the money spent on these programs will be wasted."

Like the bank bailouts, America!

Wouldn't you have rather had that money go to a poor person?

The emergency fund created by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 is designed to help states that have seen a rise in TANF costs as more families turn to the federally funded, state-operated aid program. States can use the cash to provide basic financial assistance to families, as well as to pay employers to create or fill low-level jobs with unemployed TANF recipients or low-skilled workers who might otherwise turn to the welfare program....

Or not use it at all.


Stimuloot Sunday: Unemployment Helps the Economy

So says the U.S. Senate and AmeriKan MSM:

"Reid pushes to extend jobless, health benefits; $100b proposal also helps states pay Medicaid bill" by Andrew Taylor, Associated Press | February 24, 2010

WASHINGTON - There is nothing new in the emerging measure to spur job growth.

Then it isn't a jobs bill, is it?

Instead, it would extend provisions that senators in both parties say have generally been helpful to the economy....


The most costly piece of the measure would continue to provide additional weeks of benefits to jobless people whose unemployment insurance would otherwise expire.

Yes, extending unemployment for nearly two years has been helpful to the economy(?) -- especially as millions more have been added to the rolls.

They have been extended several times by Congress since June 2008. The core benefit is 26 weeks, with up to 20 additional weeks in states with high unemployment....

I love the obfuscation over the duration and extensions, MSM.


I'll give them another chance

"Senate Democrats offer jobs measures; House members may want a more ambitious plan" by Andrew Taylor, Associated Press | February 25, 2010

WASHINGTON - House members, however, feel pressure to pass it anyway to score a win for President Obama and the Democratic Party, which has dropped in opinion polls and could face losses in midterm elections.

Yeah, WHO CARES if it is bad legislation or more debt, the DemocraPs need a POLITICAL VICTORY!

It’s the first major bill to pass the Senate since the Christmas Eve passage of a deeply controversial health care bill and the subsequent election of Massachusetts Republican Scott Brown, which demonstrated the Democrats’ falling standing even among voters who tend to back them.

Yeah, well, when they TURN INTO CORPORATIST CANDIDATES and are the SAME as REPUGLICANS, what are we supposed to do?

And make that tended for me. Those days are long gone.

Democrats promise additional measures to create jobs, including help for small businesses having trouble getting loans, aid for cash-strapped state governments, and subsidies for people who make their homes more energy efficient. But worrisome budget deficits could make future measures difficult to pass....

You saw the top of this post, right?


Besides, why worry?

You aren't getting the extensions anyway because of some dick Repug.

"Unemployment benefits at risk; Ky. Republican stalls Senate bill" by Stephen Ohlemacher, Associated Press | February 27, 2010

WASHINGTON - The Senate failed to extend programs for laid-off workers yesterday, jeopardizing unemployment benefits scheduled to expire tomorrow.

The benefits are part of a larger package of government programs, from highway funding to loans for small businesses, set to expire because senators couldn’t agree on how to pay for them.

The House passed a bill Thursday extending the programs for one month while lawmakers consider how to address the issues long term. Senate Democrats repeatedly tried to follow suit Thursday night and yesterday morning, but they couldn’t overcome the objections of a single lawmaker, Republican Jim Bunning of Kentucky, that the $10 billion bill would add to the budget deficit.


And WHERE were the BRAVE DEMOCRAT SOULS all these years when Repugs held sway in the Senate, huh?

Heck, where is the socialist Sanders when you really need him?

The bill would extend unemployment payments to laid-off workers and provide them with subsidies to help pay health premiums through the COBRA program. It would extend funding for highway projects and spare doctors from a 21 percent cut in Medicare payments. It would also extend a small-business loan program, the National Flood Insurance Program, and the copyright license used by satellite television providers. Senators said more than a million rural viewers would not be able to watch local stations on their systems without an extension.

Now THAT will get the American people to stir.

The dispute leaves the programs in limbo as the Senate struggles to overcome partisan bickering over a budget deficit projected to hit a record $1.56 trillion this year.

Related: Democrat's Deficit

Democrats are eager to address unemployment, with the jobless rate just under 10 percent and congressional elections looming in November.

Related: The Angry America

Yeah, now they are eager to address issues.

Some Republicans, however, are not eager to accommodate.

At issue are the several tiers of unemployment insurance available to workers whose initial 26 weeks of benefits have expired. The federal government funds several types of extensions for people who have been jobless for longer than that.

For how long exactly, MSM (try 99 weeks, readers), and why the obfuscation?

The cutoff wouldn’t affect most people receiving extended benefits, said Maurice Emsellem of the National Employment Law Project. Instead, people would be prevented from obtaining new benefit extensions. About 1.1 million people could lose benefits in the unlikely event the impasse lasts through March.

But banks got their money the next day.


Military Paymaster

"An additional $90 million for the program has received congressional support in the fiscal 2010 budget"

For the U.S.S. Hindenburg?

"Military interest grows for intelligence-gathering airship; Model could sit over target area, carry a crew" by Walter Pincus, Washington Post | February 18, 2010

WASHINGTON - The US Army Space and Missile Defense Command and the Army Forces Strategic Command are continuing their multiyear search for a futuristic, self-powered, intelligence-gathering airship.

Related: Spy Satellite Shit and Rods From God

The ideal model would be able to linger for more than three weeks over a target area at 20,000 feet, carrying a 2,500-pound payload of signals and imagery interceptors with a view of 173 miles, according to a special notice issued last week.

Its engines would be able to keep a steady speed of 20 knots, but if needed possess an 80-knot “dash speed.’’ Though it is expected to be unmanned and operated from the ground, it may be operated with a crew.

The success in Iraq and Afghanistan of “spy blimps’’ - now tethered to the ground but gathering intelligence such as full-motion video used to identify insurgents - has sparked interest in these new airships.

Yup, but they just don't seem to work on the southern border.

The ambitious and new five-year program for a 250-foot-long “Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle’’ calls for 18 months of performance testing “followed by additional tests and demonstrations conducted in Afghanistan,’’ according to the notice. Under special acquisition rules designed to get new companies into the defense business, the winning contracting team will develop the airship, integrate its payload and other systems to keep them working, then test and support the vehicle. If all things work, the contractor is to support operation of the airship and train military personnel to run it during the five-year contract period.

Did you ju$t hear a ca$h regi$ter, reader$?

This is not a new program, but one that has gone through many changes. Last year, the idea was to have a consortium of companies build a similar system based on a hybrid airship that Lockheed Martin flew in 2006.

Under this plan, one group will build the airship and another provide the payload of sensors and ancillary systems. Last week’s notice is for construction of the airship, but that also includes integration of the payload devices, plus testing to make sure that everything works.

Related: More Drone Data Than They Know What to Do With

An additional $90 million for the program has received congressional support in the fiscal 2010 budget.

Potential bidders must apply for the documents detailing the requirements. They are classified “for official use only,’’ according to last week’s notice. “Office use’’ means potential bidders can show the documents to subcontractors but not disclose them publicly.

However, in May 2009, the Army posted a draft statement of objectives for the vehicle, and that document spells out the thinking at that time.

“Each individual LEMV can provide up to 173 statute miles line-of-sight at 20,000 feet for target reconnaissance, intelligence, surveillance, and other missions in support of the battlefield commander,’’ according to the document.

Translation: The wars will never end until the Empire collapses.


Oh, yeah, remember to ALWAYS SUPPORT the TROOOOOOOOPS!!!!

"Guard troops wait for back pay; Lawmakers lobby Pentagon to fix technicality error" by Martiga Lohn, Associated Press | February 18, 2010

ST. PAUL - Thousands of National Guard soldiers who served extra-long deployments in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other conflicts were supposed to get paid time off when they came home three years ago.

Now, they might finally be about to get their money after years of frustration....

Staff Sergeant Katie Blackwell of Champlin, Minn., who spent 16 months in Iraq as part of a nearly two-year deployment with the Minnesota Red Bulls from 2005 to 2007, estimates she and her husband, also a Guard soldier, together are owed $8,000.

Yeah, but MILLIONS in BONUSES can be handed out to KBR and other war-looters for providing for over-billing and shoddy services.

“We’ve been overseas to fight for our country. When I came home, I didn’t expect to have to fight on the home front,’’ she said.

Now you know better.

The Pentagon’s fix comes after intense pressure from members of Congress and as Minnesota legislators were considering appropriating state money to make up for the unpaid federal dollars.

Not that the soldiers do not deserve it; however, ONCE AGAIN TAX LOOT goes to MILITARY while SERVICES for CIVILIANS are SLASHED!

All over LIES, American!!!!!

The Pentagon didn’t announce when the soldiers would be paid, but Representative John Kline, a Minnesota Republican, said Defense Secretary Robert Gates’s office told him the checks will go out by March 19.

Notice how banks got theirs the very next day?

A spokeswoman in Gates’s office referred a question about the timing of payments to the Army. An Army spokesman, Major Tim Beninato said the timing would vary depending on how quickly states return lists of qualifying soldiers.

Run around has already started.

Since the Iraq war started in 2003, the military has relied heavily on National Guard and Reserve troops, sending them into combat more frequently and for longer tours than ever before.

That's the NEW GUARD, AmeriKa, so GET USED TO IT!

The soldiers were promised the paid leave, called Post Deployment Mobilization Respite Absence, for deployments that lasted more than a year. The program also recognized frequent deployments....

It's a GOOD LESSON for them: MILITARY NEVER KEEPS its promises and is NOT LOOKING OUT for YOU, private!!!


Democrat's Deficit

Can't blame Repuglicans anymore since YOU have had Congress for the last four years and the White House for one.

"Senate increases federal borrowing limit" by Washington Post | January 29, 2010

WASHINGTON - The Senate agreed yesterday to raise the legal limit on government borrowing to a record $14.3 trillion, a total that would permit the Treasury Department to cover the nation’s bills through the end of this year.

The vote fell strictly along party lines, with all 60 Democrats supporting and 39 Republicans opposing a plan to increase the cap by $1.9 trillion. Democratic leaders were able to prevail only because Senator-elect Scott Brown of Massachusetts, a Republican, has yet to be seated.

That election didn't really change much of anything, did it?

Related: Democrats Reconciled to Health Tax

And yet the MSM hypes it as such a sea change(?).

If lawmakers had approved a smaller increase, Democrats would have had to revisit the deeply unpopular topic of the soaring national debt before facing voters in November.

Like we are just going to forget about it because they raised a ceiling we despise?

The agenda-pushing press can't be that naive.

Even as they expanded the Treasury’s ability to keep borrowing, Democrats moved to rein in the historically large budget deficits, which are projected to expand the debt through the end of this decade. As part of the debt-limit bill, the Senate agreed in another party-line vote to revive the pay-as-you-go budget rules that bar lawmakers from increasing future deficits through tax cuts or new entitlement spending.


A similar rule helped the nation balance its budget in the 1990s, but the new version would carve out $1.6 trillion in exceptions....

So even the "pay-as-you-go" resolution they adopted meant nothing.

And you are PAYING THEM for this ARM-WAVING NONSENSE, taxpayers?

With public concern rising over the budget mess deepened by last year’s recession, President Obama has proposed a three-year freeze on much of the government’s discretionary spending, a move that would generate modest savings but send a powerful political signal....

Is a plate of s*** a powerful signal?

Yeah, I guess the stench is a signal, isn't it?

Yeah, the IMAGERY (fart screen?) is MORE IMPORTANT than the REALITY, 'murka!


Take a deep breath now, readers.

"House approves $1.9 trillion increase in US debt; Bill includes new rules to curb deficit" by Andrew Taylor, Associated Press | February 5, 2010

WASHINGTON - The House voted yesterday to allow the government to add $1.9 trillion of debt - an increase of about $6,000 for every US resident and a vivid election-year reminder of the nation’s troubled financial condition.

I don't have it, government.

The huge debt increase, approved 217 to 212, is only enough to keep the government afloat for about another year as it borrows more than 40 cents of every dollar it spends on programs such as defense, health care, feeding the poor, and protecting the environment. The budget tops $3.7 trillion this year, with the deficit approaching $1.6 trillion.

That is how NATIONS DIE and EMPIRES COLLAPSE, America.

But you had a nice, long run, huh?

The huge increase - to $14.3 trillion - to the cap on federal borrowing was designed by Democratic leaders to ensure that legislators would not have to vote again on another increase before the November midterm elections, when they could face voters increasingly angry over government spending and debt....

They think raising the debt limit will remove it from view as a campaign issue?


Economists warn that the rapidly rising debt could force interest rates higher and, if left unchecked, could have serious consequences for the economy.

And the country.

The bill now goes to President Obama, who will sign it to avoid a default on US obligations.

Yes, that is what EVERYTHING is ABOUT DOWN THERE! How can they get their greedy mitts on as much tax loot as they can because of DEFAULT!

That is why this government gives you NOTHING BACK, America! It is PAYING OFF BANKERS from whom it keeps BORROWING MORE!!!!

Ever hear of a VISCOUS CIRCLE, America?

“Defaulting is not an option,’’ said Representative James P. McGovern, a Worcester Democrat and a member of the Budget Committee. “If the United States defaults, investors will lose confidence that the US will honor its debts in the future.’’

Yes, it is ALWAYS ABOUT THEM says "your public servant."

Thirty-seven Democrats, mostly from GOP-leaning districts, voted against the measure. So did every Republican, even though they routinely supported previous increases in the borrowing cap when their party controlled Congress or when Republican George W. Bush was president.

Yeah, which is why I'm tired of the s*** political fooleys.

Doesn't matter who is in charge, they dance to the master's tune.

All of the representatives from Massachusetts joined McGovern in voting for the new deficit ceiling....

Like good liberal Democrats, right?



"The bill also lifted the cap on the amount of money the United States can borrow by $1.9 trillion - to a total of $14.3 trillion. The ceiling was lifted from $12.4 trillion to keep the United States from going into default.


Yeah, that's curbing spending, right, 'bomber.

I thought we got rid of the lies when the last guy left, sigh.

"Budget deficit on track to beat last year’s record; But Jan. figures less than expected" by Martin Crutsinger, Associated Press | February 18, 2010

WASHINGTON - The federal deficit through the first four months of the budget year is running at a record-breaking pace even though the deficit in January was slightly smaller than expected....

The administration marked the anniversary yesterday of the passage of the $787 billion economic stimulus bill, maintaining that it has worked to stave off a second Great Depression while acknowledging that more must be done to return people to work. The administration says it will begin to tackle the deficit in 2011.

Did the procrastination as the country is being bled dry satisfy you, American?

In his budget, the president offered a down-payment on deficit reduction, a three-year freeze on discretionary government spending outside of defense and homeland security.

Of course! Spending on empire and tyranny is sacrosanct in AmeriKa.

The Treasury Department said....

If you want to read lies you know where to go, readers.


WASHINGTON - Reducing the deficit to 3 percent of the gross domestic product would still leave an annual deficit of almost $600 billion, compared with $1.4 trillion last year and nearly $1.6 trillion this year. But it would keep the national debt stable relative to the size of the economy, a goal many economists endorse.

Obama said the red ink could “hobble our economy. It will cloud our future, and it will saddle every child in America with an intolerable burden.... Everything’s on the table.’’

Yeah, EXCEPT "defense and homeland security!"


And I'm sure this TAXPAYER EXPENSE contributed to the situation -- as well as filling up another kind of footprint:

"Obama aims to bolster Senate Democrats out West

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is intervening out West in a brutal election season for incumbents, trying to bolster two vulnerable senators — one of them Majority Leader Harry Reid — and the morale of his party.

Obama ventures Thursday to Denver to raise money and speak up for Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado, who was appointed and is now getting challenged within his party. Obama will end up in Las Vegas for another Democratic fundraiser and plenty of prominent time with Reid, the Nevada lawmaker who is a major target for Republicans in November.

The trip has a public agenda, too....

Meaning YOU are PAYING for the CARBON-SPEWING AGENDA-PUSHING trip, American taxpayers.

Obama's direct involvement comes as the Democrats' command of the Senate grows shakier, jeopardizing Obama's agenda....

Yeah, whatever. Just bulldoze it all into an omnibus or reconciliation bill.


Yeah, I'm sick of the political BS.

Just s*** candy for public consumption to make us think there is a difference down there.

Coming soon: The Trillion-Dollar Interest Payment

Covering Up a Costly and Corrupt Census

Yeah, let's start the Sunday with a real jaw-grinder (sigh):

"Census Bureau wasted millions, audit finds

Page not found

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We apologize for the inconvenience.

-- Your friends at"

Yeah, I love seeing that.

What I am STARING AT in my PRINTED PAPER CLIPPING on the DESK, readers:

"Millions wasted on census as head count approaches

WASHINGTON – Were those pricey Super Bowl ads a waste?

I thought so.

Maybe not, but paying $3 million to census employees who didn't do any work surely was.

The Census Bureau, a month away from its 2010 population count, has already wasted millions of dollars paying temporary employees who never did the work and others who overbilled for travel, according to excerpts of an audit obtained by The Associated Press.

Yup, YOUR GOVERNMENT at WORK for you, taxpayers!

On a positive note, federal investigators said it was appropriate for the Census Bureau to spend $133 million on its advertising campaign, including $2.5 million for Super Bowl spots that some Republicans derided as wasteful.

But the report Commerce Department inspector general Todd Zinser makes clear the government is at risk of wasting millions of additional dollars without tighter spending controls by the Census Bureau on its 1 million temporary workers....

The findings highlight the difficult balancing act for the Census Bureau as it takes on the Herculean task of manually counting the nation's 300 million residents amid a backdrop of record levels of government debt.

Tell me again why we can't have health care and all the other things we want while getting bank bailouts and wars we do not.

Because the population count, done every 10 years, is used to distribute House seats and billions of dollars in federal aid, many states are pushing for all-out government efforts in outreach since there is little margin for error, particularly for minorities and the poor, who tend to be undercounted. At the same time, the national head count will be the most expensive ever, making it a particularly visible sign of rising government spending.

The federal hiring has been praised by the government for giving a lift to the nation's sagging employment rate, but investigators found it also brought waste....

Yeah, it was a lift even if they never did anything.

Yup, government waving around waste and calling it a good thing and evidence of job growth. Great.

The project finished ahead of schedule, but Census Bureau director Robert Groves acknowledged in October the costs had ballooned $88 million, or 25 percent, over the original estimate of $356 million. He promised to work to stop expenses from rising further and said he would reevaluate budget estimates for the entire census operation.

Groves has said he hopes to return tens of millions of dollars to government coffers by motivating more U.S. residents to mail in their form, which avoids costly follow-up visits by census takers. The bureau has said that if 1 percent of Super Bowl viewers change their minds and mail in their form, it will save taxpayers $25 million to $30 million in follow-up costs.

Yeah, somehow wasting taxpayer dollars is going to save taxpayer's dollars.

Is there no limit to the amount of shit government and MSM expect us to eat 'cause I'm full up?

Most people will receive census forms in mid-March, and the Census Bureau is asking residents to return them by April. For those who fail to respond, the government will dispatch some 700,000 temporary workers to visit homes in May.

Among the audit findings:

More than 10,000 census employees were paid more than $300 apiece to attend training for the massive address-canvassing effort, but they quit or were let go before they could perform any work. Cost: $3 million....

Where is my $300 check for doing nothing, government?

Census regional offices that had mileage costs exceeding their planned budgets included Atlanta, Charlotte, N.C., Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Kansas City and Seattle.

The Super Bowl advertising — which included a 30-second spot in the third quarter, two 30-second pregame spots and on-air mentions — was panned by media critics as weak and ineffective....

Like all advertising. They are turn-offs -- literally (click).

But the inspector general's report said the advertising was consistent with government goals of boosting participation in the count.

Was it worth it, exhausted AmeriKan taxpayers?


Local Let Down

Two great high-school tournament basketball games and I get nothing but a score on the scoreboard page. No write-up, no box score, nothing. Same thing over on the alleged website mirror. Games were over by 5. WTF?

Anyhow, I know there are much more important events going on in the world (and will present them and other things shortly); however, my game report is as follows

There will be one representative each from the county down at the Cage this week. The one boys team I expected to see there (and have yet to see) advanced with a 3-point win and will face the defending division champions in the next round for a chance to play in the final on Saturday. I'm looking forward to seeing the game as it will be my first chance to see the best player (and team) in the county.

The game I attended yesterday ending in disappointment for the locals. The home team came out flat and trailed by 15 points after one period. After cutting the lead to 8 with 3 minutes left in the first half, the visitors from Lenox ended the half on a 10-0 run for a 42-24 halftime lead. I was very impressed with them as they had size (a twin tower pair of brothers) and good guard play (with one guy a dead-eye from three-point range).

My friend and I were not expecting much; however, the home team roared back and actually took a 1-point lead with about 5 minutes left in the game. The place was going crazy, but as often happens, the exertion drained the home team and a relaxation point hit as a sense of urgency was renewed for the lower-seeded visitors.
Lenox climbed back on top as and the home team suffered two critical defensive lapses and one of the brothers (separated by a year) drained two huge foul-line jumpers late.

Nevertheless, the home squad battled back and had a chance to tie with eight seconds left. A three-point attempt by the game's leading scorer and senior co-captain just missed as time ran out. Despite the disappointment my friend had it right: What a great game.

From what I saw, Lenox has a chance to upset the heavily-favored New Leadership charter school in the division semi-final next week. The inside height is key as one local team almost upset New Leadership last year. If Lenox can control the turnovers (something that cost the locals a chance at the final last year after leading most of the way), they may surprise some people.

On the girls' side their is also a lone representative that is favored to reach the final. If they do make it they are expected to run into a buzz-saw of a team that has captured 17 of the last 22 sectional titles. Those games begin Tuesday night and are among the most eagerly anticipated in these quarters, for you see, I enjoy the girls games more than the boys. The girls games are the purest form of basketball as it was intended, and they are just as rough, rugged, intense, and hard-nosed as the boys.

Okay, let's pick up where I left off and move on....

"Utility crews out in force to restore power in Mass., N.H.; Work could take days to complete" by Michael Corcoran, Globe Correspondent | February 28, 2010

Thousands of people remained without power yesterday in Massachusetts and New Hampshire as hundreds of utility crews labored to fix electrical wires that were downed Thursday and early Friday by high winds and heavy rains....

The Salvation Army opened several emergency shelters in both states to assist those without power, said spokesman James Purvis.

But you need taxes and government for.... ????

Some New Hampshire residents will probably remain without power for several days, Katya Brennan, a spokeswoman for the Department of Safety Division in Homeland Security and Emergency Management, said. “This is a big event, like the ice storm of 2008.’’

Those in rural areas will probably remain without power for longer than those who live in more populated areas, she said....

I guess I'm glad I live near the metropolis of Hoosiersville out here, 'eh, readers?


: Slow Saturday Special: Brown vs. Obama

Update: In looking at the scoreboard page where said scores were found, I noticed a game scheduled for 4 pm down the road a bit and may attend. Will get as much done as I can here before splitting (if I attend).

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Slow Saturday Special: Brown vs. Obama

It's my guilty pleasure and greatest love; however, I don't like seeing it in the news section.

Senator Brown will oppose Obama in basketball game

: Taking Obama to the Hoop

He's more than welcome to come up here for 10 am when these old bones will be heading that way.
I'll bet I could take Brown, too.


Yeah, that could happen. But I'm going in anyway; maybe I can pass off for a bucket.

Speaking of last night's tournament game, it was canceled to due global-warming-induced(?) snow, and has been rescheduled for 3:30 pm this afternoon -- providing the SNOW STOPS FALLING because I HAVE ALREADY BEEN OUT THERE ONCE and it is COMING DOWN AGAIN!

So I won't have much time to post until later this evening. I feel a bit guilty, dear readers, as items back up; however, this time period (playing and then spectating at the closest thing to pure basketball around) is needed for my sanity.

I will be back later this evening and I promise you a big day of diverse posts tomorrow and Monday (until my evening pick-up game) as no games are scheduled until Tuesday.


"Thousands across region without power; Downed wires, trees have utility crews scrambling" by Travis Andersen, Globe Staff | February 27, 2010

Massachusetts was still reeling yesterday from a Thursday night storm that brought heavy rains and high winds, felled numerous trees and wires, and cut electrical service to thousands of people.

About 60,000 state residents were without power last night, mostly in Essex County and eastern Middlesex County, said Peter Judge, a spokesman for the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency.

Judge said cities and towns reported many instances of property damage....

We got lucky (so far, knock wood); the limb that broke off just missed.


Pelosi's Pressure Beginning to Turn Tide on Health Tax

It sounds arrogant; however, I'm sick of being correct in my analysis:

"a pair of retiring Democrats who opposed the legislation when the House approved it in November appeared willing to reconsider. And some supporters of a House provision strictly banning federal financing for abortion - a complicated sticking point - indicated an openness to different language.... House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California said she saw “good prospects for passing’’ health legislation"

Can you feel her heat, readers?

Democrats Reconciled to Health Tax

Either keep your chairmanship or keep your seat, her choice.

"Odds for health care overhaul long, Democrats push ahead; Aim to revive president’s stalled agenda" by Alan Fram, Associated Press | February 27, 2010

WASHINGTON - Democrats pushed hard yesterday to revive President Obama’s stalled health care overhaul - and pointed to glimmers of hope - but the odds they face still seem long....

On Capitol Hill, a pair of retiring Democrats who opposed the legislation when the House approved it in November appeared willing to reconsider.

And some supporters of a House provision strictly banning federal financing for abortion - a complicated sticking point - indicated an openness to different language.

The outcome could affect nearly all Americans, remaking the way they pay for health care, the kinds of care they’re likely to receive, and where they’re likely to get it....

Yeah, it is handing over the entire health care system to crappy, price-gouging, profit-swimming insurance companies and the bundle of tax loot while requiring you to purchase unaffordable crap care or pay a tax penalty that will then go to same said insurance companies.

It is what was once referred to as a "confidence game."

Despite the signs of movement, the equation remained the same....

Democrats have doubts also.

People who voted ‘yes’ would love a second bite at the apple to vote ‘no’ this time, because they went home and got an unpleasant experience’’ because of their votes, said Representative Jason Altmire, a moderate Democrat from Pennsylvania. “On the other hand, I don’t know anybody who voted ‘no’ who regrets it.’’


Top Democrats spoke of plunging ahead anyway.

Which means THEY SERVE THEIR CORPORATE MASTERS despite their BLUSTER at the insurance companies. All fart-mist fooleys for public consumption, just like the filibuster and Brown flap. Now the Dems only need 51, after the public option and Medicare expansion was rejected and all the other garbage was tossed into the tax bill (because that is all you are left with, America).

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California said she saw “good prospects for passing’’ health legislation and contended Thursday’s meeting showed a GOP content to accept the status quo of insurance companies bullying consumers.

Which is what we will also get with their "reform." The whole population is going to be turned over to them.

That was echoed in the Senate by number two Democratic leader Richard Durbin of Illinois, who said, “We are not going to wait.’’

The primary problem for Democratic leaders is the House. That chamber approved its bill, 220 to 215, in November. But one of those “yes’’ votes came from the only Republican who supported the bill, Representative Joseph Cao of Louisiana, who now says he will oppose the bill.

In fact, Democrats following the legislation say House support has sunk to 200 votes or fewer in recent weeks, following Scott Brown’s stunning GOP victory in last month’s special Massachusetts Senate election and the bill’s modest showing in polls.

Modest showing? We hate it by a 2-to-1 margin at least!

And what that head-count vote total leak tells you is when the rubber hits the road, representatives are more worried about reelection.

And it would prove Pelosi -- or the agenda-pushing MSM here -- a liar, wouldn't it?

The legislation would curb insurance industry practices such as denying coverage to people who are already sick, extend coverage to about 30 million uninsured people, and help many low-income people pay for it, financed by Medicare cuts and new taxes on higher earning Americans and health providers.

What a deceptive paragraph as to what that individual mandate to purchase or face thousands in penalties monstrosity means. But that's AmeriKa's MSM for you; if you read it real closely and for a period of time you can easily spot the agenda-pushing obfuscations and deceptions.

At least for now, Democrats envision prevailing by getting the House to pass the Senate health bill, then sending Obama a separate measure making changes in the Senate package.




"Today’s Senate bill - supported by Obama - resembles a plan drafted by a moderate Republican"

You liberals are going to bite the bullet and vote for that?

Good thing you have