Sunday, January 31, 2021

“I Hope One Day We Are Free Again”

What else is there to say, really? 

I had not intended to post today because it's the last day of the month and everything will soon be submerged under the monthly heading and I felt like I left it in a good position going forward -- if there even is a going forward because when one reads through the paper one sees the Interwebs going down all over the place (India, Uganda) after Trump lost his job and social media megaphone so I suspect it is only a matter of time until this blog disappears along with the rest of the real media.

Then I found this at the bottom of page B1, and was going to make it a Next Day Update until I got the turn-in on page B4 and then the end of the article.

"Pandemic takes heavy toll on Latino-owned businesses in R.I.; The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce estimates 30 percent of the state’s Latino-owned businesses have closed since the outbreak began" by Edward Fitzpatrick Globe Staff, January 29, 2021

CENTRAL FALLS, R.I. — The aroma of rice, beans, and chicharrons. The sound of live Colombian music and Medellín soccer games on the television. The intoxicating swirl of vodka drinks with gummies and fruit.

Before the pandemic, La Setenta Bar & Grill was filled with life, but for much of the past 11 months, the Broad Street bar and restaurant has been dark and empty – shuttered as the pandemic shattered this 1.29-square-mile majority-Latino city of fewer than 20,000 people.

“It’s sad,” owner Natalia Lopera said. “When you open a business, you want to see it grow and support your family and bring these services to the community. When it closes, it’s like your dreams are destroyed.”

I'm going to ignore the agenda-pushing identity politics of the one-sided racists and $upremaci$ts over at the Globe because it's not just Hispanics experiencing that.

From the outset, the COVID-19 outbreak has had a disproportionate impact on Rhode Island’s Latino community, and as the pandemic’s one-year mark approaches, business leaders say the virus is also exacting a heavier toll on Latino businesses.

Oscar Mejias, CEO of the Rhode Island Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, estimated that 30 percent of the state’s Latino-owned businesses have closed since the pandemic began. While there is no official tally and some places might reopen in the months ahead, he fears that up to 25 percent of those businesses will remain closed for good.

“Latino business has been horribly affected,” Mejias said. “It is a huge topic here in Rhode Island.”

Is it?

He noted that most Latino businesses are located in the densely populated cities – such as Central Falls, Pawtucket, and Providence – that have been hardest hit by COVID-19.

The state does not track how many Latino-owned businesses have closed, but a total of 1,721 business entities “dissolved” in 2020.

In Central Falls, Lopera is doing her best to be resilient.

Born in Colombia, Lopera, 33, moved to Central Falls 2-1/2 years ago from Revere, Massachusetts. She said the business was doing well, attracting more than 100 people per day, but when the pandemic struck Central Falls, she felt she had to shut down.

At one point, she and her daughter tested positive for COVID-19. She said they lost their sense of taste and smell, but they did not have a fever and were not hospitalized. 

So you had a cold? 

I mean, c'mon!

Meanwhile, we are told the manipulated PCR tests are the gold-standard and other tests turn up too many false negatives (the truth is the exact opposite, folks, making the pre$$ a criminal outfit spreading lies and misinformation).

That's exhibit A as to why I wanted to take today off. One can only stand so much of this insulting garbage.

Lopera said she received $2,000 from the government during the “pause,” but she has lost a lot of money and could go bankrupt if the business remained closed much longer.

In the last few weeks, Lopera has begun opening La Setenta on a limited basis for meals. She said she is glad that on Friday Governor Gina M. Raimondo lifted a COVID-related curfew that had forced restaurants to close at 10 p.m. on weekdays and 10:30 p.m. on weekends, but she noted the bar area must remain closed because of state restrictions; meanwhile, the state has begun providing vaccines to Central Falls residents because the tiny city is the hardest hit area in Rhode Island.

“I know people are getting the vaccine,” Lopera said. “That is good. We are coming back to a normal world little by little, and I hope one day we are free again.”

The implication being the vaccine will get us back to "normal" when nothing could be further from the truth, and the STARK ADMISSION that we are NOT FREE is JARRING!

That is where the Globe left it, too, just so you know.

"Pandemic pushes people out into the cold ‘no matter the weather’" by Laura Crimaldi Globe Staff, January 30, 2021

It’s a lifeline. It’s a necessity. It’s the best relief, and at this time of year, it’s bitterly cold.

An outdoor escape provides an antidote to the pandemic’s harsh prophylactics of isolation and quarantine, but now requires extra layers of defense against Greater Boston’s frozen winter.

Where is that damn global warming, 'er climate change, when you really need it, huh?

On Saturday, the pursuit of that powerful medicine led to scenes of dogs chasing a ball on a snowy beach in Revere, a surfer riding the waves off the coast of Lynn, and a marriage proposal in the Boston Public Garden.

“There’s no day like the present,” said Mathison Clore after he proposed Saturday morning to his girlfriend, Kelly O’Keefe, on the picturesque pedestrian span in the Boston Public Garden as their families watched from a distance.

Mathison Clore kneeled while proposing to Kelly O'Keefe on the bridge at the Public Garden. Clore said it was a cold day to propose but, "there's no day like the present."
Mathison Clore kneeled while proposing to Kelly O'Keefe on the bridge at the Public Garden. Clore said it was a cold day to propose but, "there's no day like the present." (Craig F. Walker/Globe Staff).

Literally a staged photograph, and that is all I ever get in the Globe -- staged and scripted narratives passing themselves off as real.

While the happy couple and their families only stayed outside for about 20 minutes, even short outdoor trips offer physical and emotional benefits, said Dr. Darshan Mehta, medical director for the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital.

“So at least when we’re out, if we’re walking in the city, you’ll at least see other people, and we can still have conversation,” Mehta said. He advised dressing in layers and covering exposed skin to prevent frostbite.

The city of Boston on Saturday declared a “weather emergency” due to the cold and opened a dozen warming centers. The cold weather is expected to last some days, with a storm coming in Monday.

The weather service forecast called for temperatures to bottom out at about 5 degrees before sunrise on Sunday. The high temperature could reach to only 27 degrees in the afternoon, forecasters said.

On Revere Beach, three friends found relief from the wind by standing in the shadow of the Shirley Avenue Bath House.

“We were adamant about getting out here no matter the weather,” said Roger Perez, who was joined by Casey Billings and Kim Neidermire.

Before Saturday, the group had last been together in August when they enjoyed a “perfect Massachusetts summer day” in Eastham.....

That is when I came in out of the cold.

Of course, “the pandemic was really scary before, it’s still scary, and I don’t know who wouldn’t be scared. I don’t care what line of work you’re in, I’m sure every time you leave your house there’s some trepidation.”

Honestly, I feel sorry for sad sacks of shit like that, living in perpetual fear.

Afraid to leave the house?

I haven't felt like that.

Then it must really be cold!

They tell you to get out there, and then when you get sick it's COVID:

"The state is expected to officially open a mass vaccination center at Fenway Park on Monday, as it begins making doses available for people age 75 and older in a bid to protect some Massachusetts residents most at risk for contracting COVID-19. The expanded vaccination effort comes after the state reported 3,957 new confirmed cases of the coronavirus and 87 new deaths Saturday. A reporting issue involving laboratory results led to lower than usual totals of molecular tests and new cases on Friday, the state said on its website. Winter weather could potentially interfere with vaccine distribution. A storm forecast to begin Monday afternoon and continue into Tuesday could bring up to 6 inches of snow in Boston, with more expected in western parts of the state. Dave McGillivray, who is helping to coordinate logistics for vaccination efforts at Fenway and Gillette Stadium, said Saturday that officials are monitoring the weather. They anticipate keeping vaccination centers open and are working on the proper way to reschedule anyone who cannot come in for a shot, he said, but amid efforts to step up vaccinations, the state’s tally of COVID-19 infections grew to include 73 inmates who tested positive last week at the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office facility in Dedham....."

As a great man once said, nothing someone says before the word “but” really counts (h/t), and it's not same old, same old, Steve (he should also know what a clean break is, no?).

I have to tell you, sometimes I think God is working in his mysterious ways.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

That encompasses page B4 today, and oddly enough the above would also be a Next Day Update, and it is now become clear to me that they are setting up mass vaccination sites up for forced vaccinations.

I had to go to the K section to get this lone NDU:

Quite a 180 from yesterday, huh?

Meanwhile, tomorrow should be interesting if what is rumored happens.

Goldman Sachs is warning that the entire market could crash if they are not stopped.
(ZeroHedge has a pay wall? :( What's next, sex trafficking advertisements?)

The "market manipulation" by the day traders is starting to smell like a crock.

Maybe Liz is right, and someone is crashing this fucker, the USUAL SUSPECTS no doubt!

Or not, and does it even matter?

"People are organizing to hit silver hard Monday to get even with those who stole the election. I kid you not. They are going to bust the $30 silver barrier by all buying in at $35. Once that happens, the price may go to infinity and beyond. The goal will be to put the banks under. Yes, that will lead to economic disaster but it absolutely will fry the living hell out of the fraudsters who stole the election. Americans are PISSED and are basically saying that if they are going to steal the country, it might as well be wrecked. It will make no difference to us anyway, other than it will all start sooner than THEY wanted.

For this to work, you must take posession of your silver, (all you can) and then buy silver futures HIGH, to drive the price up as much as possible AND COLLECT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. WHEN YOU GET THE PAPER, DEMAND DELIVERY.  It has been discovered that banks floated themselves by manipulating the markets to keep silver down. If people force the price of silver to go up significantly over $30, the banks then have to cover their shorts. The more it goes up, the harder the banks get hit and if it can be pushed to $100 ADIOS. They'll be destroyed. And that will be partial payback for kikedom stealing the election.

There WILL be repercussions as a result, but what does mainstreet America have to lose? Main street Americans are already facing losing EVERYTHING. Might as well make the other side that has already formulated doom for the rest of us pay.

Obviously with Biden in they'll just print money and hand it to the banks by the trillions. Therefore, whatever is done has to result in such a massive shift that doing so won't work. Here you go for stealing the election. How about a whole bunch of destroyed banks? Sure, we will all lose our dollars but YOU will be screwed out of the ability to rape us ad nauseum. The election was the litmus test - America needs a reset, on OUR TERMS....." -- Jim Stone

Proving there is a silver lining to all things.

Saturday, January 30, 2021

Rever$e Robinhood

Here are two shocking headlines that sum up the COVID $CAM:

The wealth tran$fer based on COVID is the greate$t hei$t in all human hi$tory, folks, and that stolen loot is now being used to bribe institutions to participate in their own destruction as they control-freak oligarchs redesign the very fabric of life.

"U.S. equities mounted a comeback from their worst loss since October as moves to limit retail traders’ speculation in some companies opened the door for hedge funds to load up on stocks they had been ditching. The S&P 500 rose 1% after trading platforms restricted activity in stocks whipsawed by internet chatter, from GameStop, AMC, and American Airlines. Hedge funds that had shorted the stocks were burned in recent days, forcing them to reduce holdings in shares they loved in order to cut risk. That reversed Thursday, and a Goldman Sachs basket of stocks favored by hedge funds jumped the most since early November, halting a five-day slide. An index of the most-shorted shares tumbled more than 7%, the most since June. GameStop whipsawed, rising as much as 39% in early trading before plunging as much as 68%. It closed down 44%. AMC sank 57%, American was up 9.3% and Tootsie Roll Industries lost 9.5%. The trading restrictions sparked outrage on the WallStreetBets forum where day traders have convened to drive the manic rallies that burned hedge funds. All 11 industry groups in the S&P 500 traded higher, with sentiment also boosted by solid corporate earnings from the likes of Mastercard Inc. and Comcast Corp. and a surprise drop in jobless claims....."

That's a very sanitized view of the full GameStop that erased billions in the blink of an eye.

"Economy cooled in the fall, but 2020 was better than expected" by Ben Casselman New York Times, January 28, 2021

The US economic recovery stumbled but didn’t collapse at the end of last year, setting the stage for a much stronger rebound this year.

Just in time for Joe Biden, how about that?

Gross domestic product rose 1 percent in the final three months of 2020, the Commerce Department said Thursday. That represented a sharp slowdown from the previous quarter, when business reopenings led to a record 7.5 percent growth rate. On an annualized basis, GDP increased 4 percent in the fourth quarter, down from 33.4 percent in the third.

So the economy was roaring heading into the election and and yet somehow Donald Trump lost.

Looking at the quarter as a whole obscures the full extent of the slump: Many analysts believe economic output declined outright in November and December, as rising coronavirus cases and waning government aid led consumers to pull back on spending and forced businesses to shut down, in some cases for good. Personal income actually fell in the fourth quarter, but four weeks into January, the new year looks different, and the rollout of coronavirus vaccines, though slower than hoped, offers the prospect that hotels, bars, and other businesses hurt by the pandemic will see customers return later this year.


I find the analysts belief hard to believe after I was told less than two weeks ago that the nation’s largest retail trade group said holiday sales soared 8.3%, even as the coronavirus kept shoppers away from physical stores, and once again, I am left absolutely speechless and wonder how in the world Trump did not win reelection.

I mean, I'm told that business starts had best year ever even as pandemic raged, and to be sure, many of the people filing the IRS documents will never get off the ground, and those that do probably will take several months to begin operating, but still, there is reason to think the boom is legitimate even if you only make 10 percent of what you used to while the market again nears record highs.

“That fiscal stimulus is helping push the train of the economy through the tunnel, and the light on the other side is widespread vaccination and inoculation,” said Nela Richardson, chief economist at the payroll processing firm ADP.

You f**kers are so goddamn $ick it is making me ill doing this.

The late-year slump was driven by a slowdown in consumer spending, which grew less than 1 percent in the fourth quarter, compared with 9 percent in the third, but parts of the economy that are less exposed to the pandemic helped pick up the slack. The housing market continued to surge, partly because of low interest rates, and business investment was strong, a sign of confidence among corporate leaders.

The economy is still in a significant hole, though. 


Nothing like waiting halfway through the article before totally contradicting the thesis of this stinking swirly.

So what was it, an 8% holiday jump or a less than one percent treading of water?

Still, the rebound has been significantly stronger than most forecasters expected last spring. 


That word, and others like it, are a BS warning, and they are prolific in my paper.

The stronger-than-expected rebound is partly a reflection of businesses’ flexibility: Retailers embraced online sales, restaurants built outdoor patios, and factories reorganized production lines to allow for social distancing, but it is also a result of trillions of dollars in federal aid, which kept households and small businesses afloat when much of the economy was shut down. Despite the loss of millions of jobs, personal income and saving both rose in 2020.

It's being called a K-shaped recovery, which is really no recovery at all, but we all still got rich(?).

“The fiscal stimulus package was not perfect,” said Stephanie Aaronson, a Brookings Institution economist, “but the truth is both Congress and the Fed acted very, very quickly, and I think that did save the economy from a much worse outcome.”

OMG, they are saying that pork-filled piece of crap saved the economy, and if so, why does Biden need $2 trillion now?

Interestingly enough, the very next day I'm told the US economy shrank by an alarming 3.5 percent last year, and what a change from one day to the next, huh?

I liken the whole load of BS to the German retreat from Russia in WWII or like the water coming into the Titanic. 

Good news, Cap'n! 

Less water coming into the boat!

We are still taking on water, but not as fast!

Same with the German retreat.

We're losing ground, but not as much as expected so it's a victory(?).

And you wonder why I am sick of this crap, or do you?

Meanwhile, down at the bottom of the same page:

"Unemployment claims show continuing pressure on the labor market" by Patricia Cohen New York Times, January 28, 2021

New claims for unemployment fell last week, the government reported Thursday, but the elevated levels are fueling worries about prolonged damage inflicted on the labor market by the pandemic and the slow rollout of vaccines.

The national figures for newly filed claims are below the staggering levels of last spring, when the coronavirus started its march across the map, but they continue to dwarf previous records.

The impact of the virus on the service sector, particularly leisure and hospitality, is causing the heaviest toll.

“We need the service sector to come back for the economy more broadly to come back,” said Rubeela Farooqi, chief US economist at High Frequency Economics.

Well, forget it because it is not happening despite all the false promises from authority.

It's not part of the script, and not part of the plan.

“The longer people are unemployed, the harder it is to get back into the workforce,” said Kathy Bostjancic, chief US financial economist at Oxford Economics. “The longer this continues, the more there is a heightened risk of medium-term scarring.”

That is what they are calling the destruction of the middle class and your livelihood?

Medium-term scarring?

The $900 billion pandemic relief bill signed into law last month has provided a bridge of support, but provisions specifically extending relief to jobless workers are scheduled to expire in mid-March.

President Biden has proposed a $1.9 trillion emergency relief package that includes a $400 weekly unemployment insurance supplement, although Republicans and a handful of Democratic lawmakers have balked at the cost of the overall proposal.....


Time to fire off a strongly-worded letter:

"Warren sends letter to SEC over GameStop-Reddit-Robinhood saga, calling for regulation" by Anissa Gardizy Globe Correspondent, January 29, 2021

Senator Elizabeth Warren sent a letter to the chairperson of the Securities and Exchange Commission Friday, asking that the group explain to Congress and the public what they are doing to address the recent market activity surrounding GameStop and other companies.

The Massachusetts senator wrote that the SEC, which oversees the stock market, has failed to control “years of distortion in securities markets,” exacerbating wealth inequalities. She is asking that the SEC respond to her questions by Feb. 5.

Why is she chiming in now?

“The Commission must review recent market activity affecting GameStop and other companies, and act to ensure that markets reflect real value, rather than the highly leveraged bets of wealthy traders or those who seek to inflict financial damage on those traders,” Warren wrote in her letter.

The incoming chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, Sherrod Brown of Ohio, has already said the panel will hold hearings on the GameStop trading activity.

The video game retailer’s stock is surging because a group of investors — some inspired by a Reddit forum — are trying to squeeze the hedge funds and other professional investment firms that have large short positions in the stock; that is, bets on the company’s downfall. The campaign, which is largely taking place through stock trading apps like Robinhood, has worked, so far. At least one hedge fund has closed out its short position to minimize further losses, and GameStop’s stock has gone ballistic, closing Thursday near $200, up from less than $10 earlier this year.


So Liz is firing off a letter because the hedge fund bastards are getting their clocks cleaned?

What a FRAUD is SHE!

Warren has said she thinks the root of the issue is broader than the current saga. She told CNBC Thursday afternoon that “we need an SEC that has clear rules about market manipulation and then has the backbone to go in and enforce those rules.”

“The whole point of having a stock market is so that people across this country, around the world, can invest... so businesses have the money they need to grow and to prosper,” she said. “Instead, what has happened is it has turned into a casino.”

In the case of GameStop trading, Warren said “it appears” there are people trying to manipulate the stock market, but she said it is not clear whom.

“People are liking to tell a David versus Goliath story, but are you entirely sure that is right?” Warren said Thursday. “Are you entirely sure that there aren’t wealthy people on both sides? That hedge funds haven’t moved in on the side of the people who bid up the price of GameStop?”

Oh, man, not only is she shameless, she sounds like a conspiracy theorist!

The people f**king the hedge funds are average people who have had their lives destroyed by the likes of her.

Of course, some stock manipulation is okay. 

It happens all the time and nary a word is said because of where the money goes.

That's our $y$tem, after all.

Time to take a $tep back

But she’s not a fan of the Robinhood platform, either, which has made it easy for first-time investors to invest, but also restricted trading in several companies today, citing “market volatility.” Warren told CNBC such platforms need to be subject to more regulation to make them fair to users.

What a cretin!

Not only do they want to shut down free speech along with the rest of the society, they want trading to be the exclusive province of oligarchs while you are shut out of it in what can only be described as communism!

The SEC declined to comment for this story, but in a statement Jan. 27 it said the agency is “actively monitoring the ongoing market volatility.”

Meet David:

"Here’s why people are talking about GameStop, Robinhood, and a Mass. resident called ‘Roaring Kitty’" by Anissa Gardizy Globe Correspondent, January 29, 2021

Who is the Massachusetts man who kicked off the whole GameStop phenomenon?

Keith Gill is a 34-year-old former employee of MassMutual who, on the Internet chat site Reddit and through YouTube videos, has been pounding the table on behalf of the beleaguered video game retailer since 2019. In doing so, he kicked-off a stampede of fellow Reddit users and other individual investors, sending the once-beaten down shares into the stratosphere, triggering huge losses among veteran hedge fund investors who had shorted the stock, and provoking something of an existential crisis on Wall Street.

The WHOLE HOUSE of CARDS could come down, huh? 

Looks like GameStop is going to be a SCAPEGOAT just as COVID was used to cover the collapse of the world economy. 

Gill could not be reached for comment, but his game plan on the stock is plain to see on Reddit, where he posts under the name DeepF***ingValue and under the moniker Roaring Kitty on YouTube.

In his first interview since the chaos began, Gill told the Wall Street Journal that he “didn’t expect this.” The trader films his popular YouTube videos from the basement of his Wilmington residence, in front of a multi-monitor set up. Gill used to work for MassMutual, and an archived website shows he worked as an investment and financial professional.

So what happened?

“This story is so much bigger than me,” he said.

Gill, though, has amassed a following of traders that don’t resemble the typical Wall Street mogul: many of them go by unidentifiable usernames, use rocket ship emojis, discuss the stock market by way of memes, and talk about sending stocks to the moon, and indeed it has: from less than $10 a share earlier this year, GameStop’s stock price has gone ballistic, at one brief point trading above $500 on Thursday. It closed Friday at $325 a share.

Uh, Liz?

Along the way, Gill and others have become very richon paper, at least. One of his posts from earlier this week purportedly shows that Gill’s investment of $53,000 had ballooned to $48 million, according to published reports, but what started out as a typical argument for a beaten-down stock has morphed into something much larger. Using the Robinhood trading app, where individual investors can buy stocks in small lots, and low-priced options that add to the buying, the Reddit crowd took particular aim at the hedge funds and other professional investment firms that have large short positions in the stock, meaning they bet the shares would decline, but instead, the sharp rise in GameStop’s share price created huge paper losses for those short-sellers, forcing at least one to close out its position to minimize further losses.

They bet against a company and then go out to destroy it so they can clean up on both sides.

That's our $hitty-a$$ $y$tem, and it's always been far from a "free market."

What you are seeing now, and what Reddit and Robinhood brought into, is the government is basically the Sheriff of Nottingham. The Lords called them out when the pea$ants revolted and looted the barn.

Robinhood said it was forced to stop trading in GameStop and several other stocks briefly on Thursday, as did some other trading platforms, triggering a backlash from Reddit investors who see themselves as David to the Wall Street Goliaths shorting the stock. Another Massachusetts resident, Brendon Nelson, filed a lawsuit Thursday against Robinhood, arguing it wasn’t ethical for the platform to bar trading. 


GameStop’s stock surge also prompted public officials to warn of market manipulation. Senator Elizabeth Warren has voiced her concern, asking the US Securities and Exchange Commission Friday to explain what it is doing to address the recent market activity. The agency later said it was investigating.

All of a sudden they are meowing about market manipulation when it affects the people who manipulate it the most for their own benefit and to the detriment of the rest of us!

Of course, all the Congre$$critters hold stock and engage in inside trading (thankfully, Bill Barr buried all that).


"A real life Robinhood story (one that might not end well); Some DIY day-traders are making money at the hands of the rich. Should you be worried?" by Larry Edelman Globe Columnist, January 28, 2021

It’s fitting that the online trading app with the name of Robinhood is playing a starring role in the GameStop black comedy.

The story of how GameStop’s stock went from under $20 to above $500 at one point in a matter of days is, after all, one of separating the rich (Wall Street pros) from their money, and we love to root for ordinary folk (DIY investors) — so much, in fact, that we may overlook the darker elements of their actions, but it’s those darker elements that hold an important warning for all investors, even if you’re a buy-and-hold retirement saver who sticks with low-cost mutual funds.

On the off-chance you haven’t consumed any news media in the past week, GameStop is the videogame retailer whose stock had been left for dead until it became the focus of a prank-turned-social media phenomenon in mid-January. 

To be honest, I wish I hadn't and I regret getting a Globe every day.

That’s when individual investors who congregate on an Internet forum called WallStreetBets banded together to drive up GameStop’s stock price and inflict losses on the billionaire hedge fund managers and other elite traders who had made a lot of money betting against the company.

This merry band of investing rebels succeeded beyond anyone’s expectations (except, perhaps, their own). Their weapons: commission-free online trading, low-priced stock options, and the gall to believe they could turn the tables on the pros.

How galling! 

He isn't really a fan, and he is defending hedge fund para$ites and $cum.

As their buying drove up GameStop’s price, the short-sellers who had bet against the stock had to buy to cover their positions. That further propelled the stock higher, as did market-makers who needed to acquire the shares to facilitate trading.

Estimated losses incurred by the shorts through Wednesday: more than $5 billions, and that doesn’t include other stocks they were betting against, including BlackBerry and AMC Entertainment, that the rebels also targeted.

DIY traders scoring big isn’t new, of course. Remember day traders and the dot-com bubble? And so-called short squeezes — which is exactly what the Reddit raiders did — are as old as short-selling itself.

So will this episode have any meaningful impact on your 401(k)? Most likely not.

“I am viewing this as more of a sideshow,” said Dan Kern, chief investment officer of TFC Financial Management in Boston. “I’m seeing reminders of 1999. Day traders ― by 2001 most of them were doing something other than day trading,” but Kern pointed to the pivotal role social media have played in l’affaire WallStreetBets as a trend investors can’t dismiss.


So not only will your FREEDOM of SPEECH be TAKEN AWAY, because of GameStop you will  no longer be allowed to buy stocks if you are not of a certain cla$$!

Thank Schwab for "$takeholder capitali$m," 'eh?

Time for the pendulum to swing back the other way and the sword of Damocles to be applied.

Not only did the rebels meet on Reddit, their posts quickly ricocheted across Twitter, FaceBook, and even TikTok. Taking on the hedge funds became the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge of January 2021. The power of social media to rally followers and derail Wall Street whizzes won’t end with GameStop.

“The momentum effect that comes from the Internet can be scary,” Kern said.

It's worse than an alleged insurrection fomented on social media!

For Sinan Aral, director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, the GameStop short squeeze is part of a broader — and more ominous — trend.

“We are now witnessing, in real time, the rise of decentralized crowds, coordinated over social media, as a disruptive force in our society,” said Aral, the author of “The Hype Machine,” which examines the profound impact social media are having on politics, the economy, and public health.

Those crowds can do good things, like raise money for ALS or uncover the identity of a criminal caught on security video, but they can also spread disinformation, like the anti-vaxxers, and turn into mobs, like the one that ransacked the US Capitol on Jan. 6, Aral said.

This a$$hole flak is beneath comment for God's sake, and the solution is clear. 

Social media must either be shut down or citizens are to be given credit scores like in China.

If the Russians could interfere in the 2016 presidential election, there is no reason to think that a social media campaign of fake news and disinformation couldn’t wreak havoc on financial markets.

So why didn't Russia interfere this time?

This stuff is getting so awful it's disgusting.

No evidence has emerged so far that the Reddit rebels were spreading disinformation, but regulators are looking at issues such as possible market manipulation.

Because they decided to but stock some rich f**ks were short-selling so they could destroy the company and clean up?

On Thursday, Robinhood, Interactive Brokers, and Webull Financial restricted trading on GameStop, AMC, and other “meme” stocks, apparently under pressure from the firms that clear their trades. In the words of a colleague, it seemed like the Empire ― a.k.a. the Wall Street Establishment — was striking back.

The trading restrictions angered traders who decried not being able to buy and sell without warning and with only vague explanations from their brokers about “volatility,” and political leaders from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Ted Cruz demanded to know why the brokers had blocked their customers, while hedge funds could still trade through their own desks.

$trange bedfellows indeed!

GameStop fell 44 percent to $193.60. AMC tumbled 57 percent.

Is the rebellion coming to an end? Perhaps, as far as the meme stocks are concerned. Remember, in most traditional tellings of the Robin Hood legend, the heroic archer is killed at the end, but trading apps, social media, and no-commission trading aren’t going away. They’ve given DIY investors a better chance against the pros.

“Will there be a populist takeover of Wall Street?” asked Jill Fopiano, chief executive of O’Brien Wealth Partners in Boston. “Probably not,” yet Fopiano wasn’t willing to rule out significant changes ahead for Wall Street: “Who knows. We’ve obviously had so many things happen in 2020 that nobody anticipated.”

Except it was all scripted long ago by the Rockefeller Foundation and Event 201, among other things.

Those traders need to be evicted from the market, so to speak, before there are more kickbacks from the ruling cla$$.

The spew coming from the $cum is $ickening these days:

Yeah, they ended 2020 on a strong note and recovered nearly all of the global sales lost in the pandemic despite a resurgent virus, but it was costly to get there, and the fast food giant fell short of Wall Street’s earnings and sales expectations for the fourth quarter.

Also see:


"Cloud-software firm Veeva plans to add 200 jobs in Boston over the next 18 months; Most employees will work remotely, a possible sign of things to come for the city’s tech scene" by Jon Chesto Globe Staff, January 29, 2021

As cloud-software firm Veeva Systems races to keep up with the growth of its clients in the life sciences sector, the California-based company is turning to the Boston labor market for some help, with plans to add 200 jobs to its local operations over the next 18 months.

Veeva’s expansion could be a sign of things to come for Boston’s tech scene once the pandemic is over and it’s safe to go back to the office. The pre-pandemic routines will not necessarily return to the way they were for many companies that continue to give workers flexibility to stay at home.

I have bad news for them: it is NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE OVER!

Veeva has had a “work from anywhere” policy for years, Veeva chief executive Peter Gassner said.

The Boston office will be an engineering hub. Veeva specializes in software that helps biotech and pharmaceutical companies oversee research and development efforts and communicate with doctors and patients during drug trials.

“We’re about life sciences and software,” Gassner said. “It doesn’t take a genius to realize we should be in Boston.”

The company will be hiring in other cities as well, including Philadelphia, Toronto, and its home base of Pleasanton, Calif. Gassner hopes to double Veeva’s 4,500-person workforce by 2025. The company is on track for $1.45 billion in revenue in the fiscal year that ends Sunday, with a forecast of $1.7 billion for the following year. Veeva’s stock has risen about 90 percent over the last year and is trading in the $275 range, giving it a market value of about $42 billion. 

I sure hope no one is manipulating that!

As it expands, Veeva has an unusual offer for recruits: On Monday, at the beginning of its new fiscal year, Veeva will become the first publicly traded company in the country to convert to a public benefit corporation structure. That means, legally, Veeva can put the interests of new and existing employees — as well as its customers — on par with those of its investors. By contrast, traditional publicly traded companies have a duty to put their loyalties first to the corporation itself and its shareholders.

As a public benefit corporation, Veeva will have additional legal protection to make decisions that aren’t solely driven by shareholder returns. Gassner said he’s seeking people who want to work for a well-performing company with a moral compass and a meaningful purpose.

“We make good profits” but that’s not the only motivation, Gassner said. “We’re a mission-driven company.”

What is the mi$$ion?


"For weeks, as the stock market regularly climbed to records, investors wondered what it would take to snap Wall Street out of its blissful state. The resurgent pandemic certainly wasn’t doing it. Even an insurrection at the U.S. Capitol wasn’t alarming enough to end the rally. GameStop, though? On Friday, the S&P 500 fell more than 1.9 percent, capping a stretch of volatile trading that left the index down more than 3 percent for the week — its worst week since late October. The selling came as Wall Street was consumed by the antics of a group of day traders who have been bidding up a handful of stocks — notably the ailing video game retailer GameStop — and forcing losses on big hedge funds. The traders appear to be mostly small investors who are focused only on a handful of stocks, but they have emerged as a new risk factor for large firms that had bet against those companies with what are known as short sales. For the rest of Wall Street, the worry is that the hedge funds will have to sell shares of other companies to cover their losses on GameStop and AMC — “forced liquidation.” That selling was a factor in the stock market’s 2.6 percent drop on Wednesday."

The market, like the election, is RIGGED!

"It isn’t just GameStop that’s giving investors a reason to sell. They’re also concerned about the rollout of the coronavirus vaccine as countries begin to clamp down on supplies or warn of shortages. The trading Friday reflected some of these concerns. Shares of companies that are sensitive to concerns about the pandemic — including Norwegian Cruise Line, Delta Air Lines and the shopping mall owner Kimco Realty — were among the worst performers on the S&P 500, but the conversation of the week focused on GameStop, and although the Securities and Exchange Commission and several lawmakers have said they’re watching the situation, it’s not yet clear how it will be addressed. “The battle over GameStop is far from over, but there have been huge casualties,” Edward Moya, a senior market analyst at the trading firm OANDA, wrote in a note to clients on Friday. “A solution for this entire market dislocation will take time, and that could suggest this insane trading will continue a little while longer.” The new focus on the market’s disconnect from fundamentals has come after stocks rallied more than 16 percent in 2020 despite the decimation of the economy and the human toll of the coronavirus pandemic. Many investors were already starting to raise concerns about the potential that financial markets had risen far too quickly after the Federal Reserve and lawmakers in Washington took unprecedented steps to shore up the economy and financial markets and as investors anticipated even more spending under a unified Democratic governmentTo some investors, the week’s turmoil served only as a distraction from those positives. Even as stocks fell this week, several large companies, including Microsoft, Apple and Facebook, reported profit and sales growth....."


Also see:

Turns out the iPhone apps secretly shadow people.

Rhode Island's $ilver Bullets

They can $lay COVID:

"With COVID-19 still an issue, R.I. tourism industry looks to avoid a second ‘summer of sadness’; Owners and leaders remain optimistic that an economic comeback is on the horizon" by Alexa Gagosz Globe Staff, January 29, 2021

PROVIDENCE — A little over a year ago, Rhode Island was bustling with visitors exploring the Newport mansions decorated for Christmas and poking into boutiques on Westminster Street in downtown Providence before seeing a live show.

A few months later the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything, and 2020 became a year of canceled or reimagined events, from the Newport Jazz Festival to the International Boat Show, the popular South County’s Seafood Festival, and even WaterFire, which some consider to be the face of the tourism industry in Providence.

Pivoting to virtual events, taking business outdoors, applying for federally funded grants, and postponing large gatherings became the new normal.

Tourism bolsters much of Rhode Island’s economy, and the 10-week long summer season can power some businesses through the rest of the year. So when President Biden recently said the federal government ordered enough COVID-19 vaccine to immunize most Americans by “early fall,” some veterans of the Rhode Island tourism industry braced themselves for a second “summer of sadness” while hoping that perhaps this year would be at least a little better than the last.

“Summer 2021 will be better than summer 2020, but nothing like summer 2019,” said Brian Lavin, a hospitality and tourism management professor at Johnson & Wales University who used to work for the Providence tourism council, “but we’re starting to see that we can’t be as optimistic about this coming summer as people thought we could be.”

So a Dark $ummer, too, huh?

Last year, only 15 percent of hotel rooms in Providence were filled in June; the highest level reached was 31 percent occupancy in August, and revenue from lodging dropped by more than 70 percent compared to 2019. In Newport, where visitors typically come from around the world to see the mansions, lodging sales dipped 25 percent and spending in restaurants declined up to 40 percent in the third quarter.

Evan Smith, chief executive of Discover Newport, said he finds himself awake in the middle of the night trying to figure out new ways to “save tourism” during the pandemic. He said he knows not everyone in the country will receive the vaccine, but businesses and destinations need to boost consumer confidence and convince people that they can travel safely.

“People have cabin fever — even more so this year. They want to travel, just not far,” said Smith, who is planning to target consumers from drive-by markets as far away as Washington, D.C., and Maine in his upcoming advertising campaign.

They are not going to be allowed to travel far, if at all, as Airbnb says travel in 2021 will be regional, not international.

That will require a proof of vaccination passport as the totalitarian technological nightmare continues apace.

The ads will feature health and wellness themes for leisure travelers looking to go to a spa, find the best biking trail, and exercise in an open environment, Smith said. He’s hoping to bring back events on a smaller scale by using rapid COVID-19 tests.

Louise Bishop, chief executive of South County Tourism Council, said she is ready for the “summer of weddings,” many of which were postponed last year.

“We’re turning a corner, but we didn’t have the losses that everyone else did,” said Bishop, who saw visitors hungry for the area’s ocean views rent whole cottages and have their own spaces, allowing them to stay longer.

So when do the bookings start and what shall I wear(?).

On Block Island, where outdoor adventures are always the main attraction, tourism council president Jessica Willis said she froze advertising spending last year, not knowing what would happen with the budget, but with an emphasis on outdoor activities, the area saw an influx of day-trippers, longer lines than usual, and crowded beaches and walking trails. She’s now planning to advertise at the same level as she did in 2019, to help boost hotel and lodging sales.

Cities in Rhode Island took the hardest tourism hits in 2020, as did metropolitan areas in much of the country. Providence lost more than $81 million in hotel revenue last year. The boutique Graduate Hotel remains closed, and the Omni Providence Hotel houses only college students from Brown University.

At this point, experts say it may take until at least 2024 for the city’s tourism levels to get back to where they were during pre-pandemic times — a longer recovery time than other regions of the state are predicting.

Just so happens to correspond to the Great Reset timetable as illuminated by the World Bank document that says project completed by the end of March 2025.

“It’s really hard to paint a broad brush stroke that tourism will be back, up and running, by this summer,” said Lavin, of Johnson & Wales. Some destinations are built to be sustainable, he said, but metro areas are not necessarily so, especially during a global pandemic.

“Providence is a good example of that,” he said. “Right now, it’s like a ghost town. You don’t see anyone, and that’s just not that city.”

Is that what happened to the kids (Globe never bothered to check back)?

“It’s been frustrating, especially on the event side,” said Kristen Adamo, Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau president, but things are looking brighter. There are sporting events booked for this summer at the Rhode Island Convention Center, she said, though the venue is currently being used as a COVID-19 field hospital.

“August is actually kind of busy,” said Adamo, before acknowledging that COVID-19 is still a concern, “but [some] events were originally for 1,000 people,” she pointed out. “What happens now?”

Just check the script.


Let's check out the field house, 'er, hospital:

"Field hospitals open in Rhode Island as COVID-19 cases surge; ‘This can get so much worse before it gets better,’ a Rhode Island health official said" by Edward Fitzpatrick and Felice J. Freyer Globe Staff, November 30, 2020

PROVIDENCE — Rhode Island is opening two field hospitals and public health officials are pleading with residents to stay home as a sharp spike in COVID-19 cases pushed hospitalizations to near-record levels.

Cases based on false positives and outright lies.

A 335-bed field hospital run by Care New England opened Monday in Cranston, while a 594-bed facility at the Rhode Island Convention Center in Providence will begin receiving COVID patients Tuesday. Fewer than a dozen patients were expected to be admitted in Cranston on Monday, while the Providence site anticipates about two dozen on its first day.

The field units are functioning as a relief valve so hospitals can continue treating other ailments, according to Dr. James V. McDonald, a medical director at the Rhode Island Department of Health. “This can get so much worse before it gets better,” he said. “When you look at the numbers, every day they’re constantly going in the wrong direction.”

Then the shutdowns and lockdowns have been miserable failures and need to end now.

On a per capita basis, Rhode Island has been hit harder than any other New England state. It has averaged 850 new cases per day over the past week, or 80 cases per 100,000 people, according to New York Times calculations. In contrast, Massachusetts is seeing from 10 to 48 cases per 100,000, depending on the county. Throughout Maine, the case count is 12 or fewer per 100,000.

Hospital officials said it was hard to pinpoint one reason for Rhode Island’s steep infection rate.

“We are much more densely populated, obviously,” said Cathy E. Duquette, executive vice president and chief nursing executive at Lifespan, the health system that is overseeing the Providence field hospital. “We have 1 million people in a very small geographic location.”

She noted that some of the state’s most densely populated cities, such as Central Falls and Providence, have COVID-19 rates higher than the statewide average.

Dr. Selim Suner, director of disaster medicine and emergency preparedness at Rhode Island Hospital, said he doesn’t know exactly why Rhode Island’s rate is higher, “but it could be because we are not following the instructions.”

He emphasized that people can help lower the rate of spread by wearing face masks, social distancing, and avoiding large gatherings. Also, he said the spread could be curbed with a new medication, called a monoclonal antibody treatment, that can be prescribed for people with underlying conditions.

If so, why is there a need for mass vaccinations with poisonous toxins?

This all BULL$HIT and it is getting more outrageous by the day.

Time to CALL IT OFF! 


Regional differences in COVID-19 can often be explained by differing approaches to public health restrictions, such as mask mandates and closing bars, but the New England states have adopted similar tactics to controlling transmission.

Jennifer Nuzzo, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, said workforce composition can also affect infection rates, if many workers are in jobs that can’t be done from home, and, indeed, a high percentage of Rhode Islanders work in health care, service, and retail jobs.

Since the pandemic started, more than 50,000 Rhode Islanders have come down with COVID-19, leaving 1 million still vulnerable.

As case counts climb throughout the region, Vermont is building field hospitals. The Massachusetts National Guard on Monday began constructing a 250-bed field hospital at the DCU Center, to be staffed by UMass Memorial Health Care when it opens this Sunday.

They are playing a vital roll and were waiting in mothballs, as suspected.

Want to take a look at your room?

Monday began with Rhode Island officials issuing a statewide public safety alert, sent to cell phones around 9:30 a.m.

“Hospitals at capacity due to COVID,” the alert read. “Help the frontline by staying home as much as possible for the next two weeks. Work remotely if you can, avoid social gatherings, get tested. If we all decrease our mobility, we will save lives.”

These f**kers are so goddamn offensive by now it stretches the limits of tolerance.

Dr. Megan L. Ranney, an emergency physician at Brown University who specializes in public health research, retweeted the public safety alert, saying, “This is my state right now. To all the people (who I don’t tag, bc they don’t deserve the notoriety) who accused me of ‘fear mongering’ — I hope you don’t get sick, from #covid19 or anything else, because WE HAVE NOWHERE TO TREAT YOU,” but Department of Health spokesman Joseph Wendelken said COVID-19 patients will be able to go to field hospitals in Rhode Island, and very sick patients will be sent to intensive care units in Rhode Island hospitals. He said there will be no need to send COVID-19 patients to hospitals in other states.


“Today is the first day of the pause,” Wendelken said, referring to a two-week economic step back that Governor Gina M. Raimondo announced Nov. 19, “and we wanted to be sure people understood the new restrictions in place and reiterate the message we have been sharing — that people need to wear masks, practice social distancing, and keep their groups small and consistent.”

During the pause, recreational businesses including bowling alleys, theaters, casinos, indoor sporting facilities, and gyms must close. Bars and bar areas in restaurants are also required to close, while restaurants are limited to 33 percent of indoor capacity and only people in the same household may sit together at a table. Manufacturing and construction jobs, as well as personal services businesses, such as hair salons, are also allowed to stay open with proper precautions, and houses of worship are limited to 25 percent capacity. Residents are being asked to limit their social circles to only people in their households.

“This will not be easy, but I am pleading with you to take it seriously,” Raimondo said in a statement. “Choosing to gather with those outside your household will have ripple effects that will increase the strain on our hospitals and put lives at risk.”

Rhode Islanders must be ecstatic that she is headed to the Washington $wamp.

To help businesses and workers affected by the pause, the Democratic governor last week announced $100 million in aid, including an additional $200 per week for those who are already receiving unemployment. Raimondo did not rule out another economic shutdown if the pandemic get worse.

That kind of crap, money literally printed out of thin air, is more akin to a bribe these days so you won't revolt at your own destruction.

At the convention center on Monday, Lifespan’s Duquette and Rhode Island Hospital’s Suner led a tour of the 100,000-square-foot field hospital.

Instead of dinners and keynote speeches, the space is filled with row after row of hospital beds, with oxygen and power at each bedside. The ballroom is split into large wards.

In an only-in-Rhode-Island touch, the aisles bear the names of streets from each of the state’s 39 cities and towns. Interstate 95 is a main thoroughfare, and the tour began and ended on a positive note — on Hope Street.....

Makes you want to puke, doesn't it?


Soon after the order, one of the fitness clubs was fined for refusing to close during two-week COVID-19 pause and after a client died on site.

Turns out he had received the Pfizer vaccine a mere days earlier.

"Rhode Island will extend economic pause until Dec. 21 to contain COVID-19 spread; Doses of a vaccine could be in the state as early as next week, signaling ‘the beginning of the end of the pandemic’" by Dan McGowan Globe Staff, December 10, 2020

PROVIDENCE — Governor Gina Raimondo said Thursday that she is extending Rhode Island’s economic pause for another week as she attempts to slow a COVID-19 spread that has made the state the nation’s new hot spot for the pandemic.

The decision means gyms, casinos, and other indoor recreational facilities will remain closed until Dec. 21, and restaurants will continue to have extremely limited indoor seating for another week. Raimondo said the state will provide a $200 boost in unemployment benefits for another week, and businesses affected by the pause can apply for relief through the Division of Taxation.

Raimondo said she’s confident the pause, which took effect Nov. 30, has helped the state get a handle on the virus, pointing to mobility data that shows residents aren’t traveling as often over the last two weeks, but the Department of Health reported another 948 new cases on Thursday, and 14 more fatalities, bringing the total number of deaths to 1,498 since March. There were 466 residents in the hospital, and the state has averaged 54 new hospitalizations a day since the beginning of the month.

“It’s getting scary,” Raimondo said during her weekly televised press conference on the virus.

Rhode Island has risen to the top of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s daily national tracker for average daily COVID-19 cases per 100,000 in population, at 123.8. North Dakota and Indiana are the only other states averaging more than 100 new cases a day per 100,000 residents.

Even when the economy begins to reopen on Dec. 21, Raimondo said, businesses will face other restrictions. Gyms and other indoor recreational facilities will be limited to one person per 150 square feet, and indoor dining will be allowed at 50 percent capacity.

Raimondo once against accused school districts that are moving to remote learning for the rest of 2020 of “throwing in the towel,” on students, even as she faces pressures from teachers unions to halt in-person learning for the time being.

Can they get any more disingenuous? 

Here we are in the middle of variants, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh, and yet the Democrat potentates are ordering the kids back to school.

I can't think of a better reason to keep them at home.

Cranston, Warwick, and East Providence are among the larger school districts that have announced plans to move to remote learning. LaSalle Academy, a private school attended by Raimondo’s daughter, also announced this week that it will move classes online until mid January.

“You’re letting the children down and I don’t see any reason for it,” Raimondo said.

In another case of my-$hit-don't-$tink hypocrisy, WOW!

Beginning in January, Raimondo said, the state will offer on-site testing to every school district in Rhode Island, which will allow for all students to be tested. The idea is that if a student or adult falls ill, their close contacts can immediately be evaluated and tested.

Keep the kid home and away from the child-snatching testers.

Dr. Philip A. Chan, an infectious disease specialist affiliated with several Rhode Island hospitals, attended Thursday’s press conference, and laid out Rhode Island’s plan for administering a COVID-19 vaccine once it’s approved. He said the first round of vaccinations could come as soon as next week, and called the news “that bright light” people have been waiting for.

“That is incredibly exciting to me. If offered, I would be the first person at the door to get this,” he said.

Be my guest!

State officials have said the the first doses will go to about 150,000 health care workers, first responders, residents of long-term care facilities, and adults with significant illnesses that make them vulnerable to infection.

“This is the beginning of the end of the pandemic,” Chan said.

Especially now that the 45th president of the United States is gone!


"Rhode Island Governor Gina M. Raimondo is in quarantine again after being informed that she had a close contact last week who tested positive for COVID-19, a spokesman said Monday. Raimondo has tested negative repeatedly, including earlier Monday, communications director Josh Block said. The governor will be out of quarantine on Thursday and will continue working from home until then, he said. He said he could not share information about the person who tested positive. Since she is in quarantine, Raimondo will be unable to address the House and the Senate when they return on Tuesday for the 2021 legislative session, Block said. Officials tried to find a way for her to address legislators remotely, but were unable to do so, he said. Raimondo’s regular coronavirus press conference, scheduled for Thursday, has been postponed until 1 p.m. Friday, Block said."

They are using COVID to HIDE, and have you noticed that very few of them die?


"Should residents of hard-hit cities and towns be vaccinated before other groups? Some epidemiologists think so" by Deanna Pan Globe Staff, December 24, 2020

In Central Falls, R.I., a tiny working-class city with a majority Latino population, the coronavirus has run rampant, triggering a crisis so dire public health officials believe half of its residents will have been infected by the end of the year.

And they won't even know it until they are tested, and will have already achieved natural herd immunity by then.

Now Rhode Island is completing plans to move hard-pressed Central Falls to the front of the vaccination line, giving priority to a densely packed city full of immigrants and people of color who have contracted the deadly virus at staggering rates. Some epidemiologists believe Massachusetts should consider a similar strategy for COVID-19 hot spots where residents, for a litany of reasons, find themselves at heightened risk.

“I think it makes a lot of sense,” said Jessica Leibler, an environmental epidemiologist at Boston University, “when we have data to suggest there are certain communities where risk is aggregated for various reasons,” such as housing density and occupational exposure.

An early virus hot spot, Central Falls, where 19,000 residents live within 1.3 square miles, has the highest rate of COVID-19 cases per capita in Rhode Island, with 15,664 infections per 100,000. About two-thirds of the city’s residents are Latino and thousands are undocumented. Many work poorly paid factory and food-processing jobs and live in cramped triple-deckers, alongside several family members. Regular access to medical treatment is a luxury few can afford, and isolating the sick to prevent transmission can be nearly impossible.

Like all states, Rhode Island is rolling out its vaccination program in phases — starting with health care workers and residents of long-term-care facilities, among others — before gradually opening up eligibilityto more residents. The state’s health director, Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott, said Tuesday Central Falls and other highly dense ZIP codes would be placed in the first phase of the state’s distribution plan.

“Rhode Island will be vaccinating people based on their risk level, and we will continue to maintain a focus on equity,” Alexander-Scott said. “We are finalizing plans to vaccinate in Central Falls early on in the vaccination campaign, and we will move on to other ZIP codes and communities that are hardest hit as well.”

Samuel Scarpino, an assistant professor and head of the Emergent Epidemics Lab at Northeastern University, said states have an ethical imperative to use the vaccine to address the health inequities amplified by the pandemic and communities that have suffered the worst should be prioritized.....

I'm told the “vaccine alone isn’t a silver bullet” Nason Maani, a public health researcher at Boston University who studies structural determinants of health.

In fact, we are being told it will NOT PREVENT INFECTION or TRANSMISSION -- but might lessen the mild symptoms you didn't even notice.



The alleged infection is dropping in the coronavirus hot spot, offering residents a year-end glimmer of hope, and word is a Latino doctor was the first person in Rhode Island to get the COVID-19 vaccine because he wanted to be an example for his community (like Hank Aaron), and he is now focused on building a global investment firm.


"With the pandemic exposing racial disparities in the United States — Black people have died of COVID-19 at nearly three times the rate of white people, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — health officials have been working to promote vaccinations in Black communities, and to combat doubt. So doctors in Atlanta turned to Tyler Perry — a popular and prolific actor, director and studio head — to spread the word to Black audiences that the vaccine was harmless. He agreed to interview the experts, turning it into a TV special that aired Thursday night on BET. On the show, he peppered doctors from Grady Health System with questions about the safety of the vaccine, how it was developed, how it was tested, and how it works. At the end of the interview, with his sleeve pulled up, Perry got the jab as cameras rolled. Perry is one of the most powerful people in the entertainment industry. He built his fortune portraying the character of Madea, a tart-tongued and irreverent matriarch, onstage and onscreen, before retiring her in 2019 to concentrate on other projects, which include running his 330-acre studios in Georgia. Skepticism about the COVID-19 vaccine among Black people has been deeply concerning to health officials. A recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that one in three Black people was hesitant about the vaccine. A recent CNN analysis found that Black and Latino Americans were getting the vaccine at significantly lower rates than white people — rates attributed to, among other factors, lack of access to health care for many Black people, but also to an entrenched mistrust about the medical establishment. On the BET special, Perry spoke of episodes in history that have led to a lack of faith in the medical establishment and the government, among them the Tuskegee Syphilis Study, in which doctors allowed syphilis to progress in Black men by withholding treatment from them, and the case of Henrietta Lacks, a Black woman who died of cervical cancer in 1951, whose cells were used in research without her knowledge or consent. “We as Black people have healthy hesitation when it comes to vaccinations and so on and so forth, and even disease,” he said. Perry said he didn’t want people getting vaccinated just because he had. “What I want to do is give you the information, the facts,” he said. “There’s a lot of misinformation out there.” 

They sure is, and my morning paper is full of it.

God bless the Black people who can smell a rat, and not that it matters, but I never liked Perry's shows and he should be ashamed of himself for betraying his race and people in favor of the Washington and wealthy donors and their nonprofits.

"Hundreds have tried to cut to the front of the COVID-19 vaccine line in R.I.; Appointments were cancelled after health officials realized that people who were ineligible to receive the vaccine had signed up for shots" by Amanda Milkovits Globe Staff, January 7, 2021

PROVIDENCE — With only enough doses available to vaccinate about 1.5 percent of the state’s population against COVID-19 each week, Rhode Island health officials have been working to prioritize vaccinating those at highest risk first.

Several hundred people have already tried to cut in line anyway.

The line-jumpers were caught this week, after health officials realized that a special link given to employers for their workers to register for vaccinations was shared with others, said Alysia Mihalakos, the colead of the state’s COVID-19 mass vaccination workgroup and chief of Health’s Center for Emergency Preparedness and Response. She didn’t identify the employers.

My response would have been, "all right, buddy, cut the shit."

Health officials were preparing to vaccinate about 5,000 EMS workers, police officers, firefighters, and home health care and hospice employees through five regional pods this week. They ended up taking down registration links and canceling hundreds of appointments after discovering that people who were ineligible in this phase of the rollout had made appointments for vaccinations, she said. Health officials are working with the vendor to make sure there are checkpoints so people can’t cheat the system.

“The demand for the vaccine is clearly high and people are willing to push others aside to get themselves and their loved ones vaccinated,” Mihalakos said during a remote news conference Tuesday. “We understand everyone’s concern, and we understand there are a lot of people at the front of the line, and we have limited amounts of vaccine.”

Dr. Philip Chan, an infectious disease expert with the state Health Department’s Division of Preparedness, Response, Infectious Disease and Emergency Medical Services, said there have been no reports of Rhode Islanders suffering adverse side effects from the vaccine..... 

There have been, but it hasn't been "reported," while at the hospitals, “there’s a lot of excitement and people are chomping at the bit.”

They will be spitting it out when they get the second shot in the tsunami of this pandemic.


Really, where is their compassion (most likely in Maine)?

In a little holiday magic, the Rhode Island Supreme Court could be majority women for the first time in history after Raimondo nominated a diverse slate of judges to several courts (including the first Black Supreme Court justice) and after Maria Rivera, the first Latina mayor in Rhode Island, was sworn in at a historic ceremony before going out for a celebratory dinner (they decided to reopen once Bo$ton moved to Phase 3 of its reopen) where the fish put them in the hospital.


I hope you learned something, readers:

"R.I. legislative leaders want to make Rhode Island Promise permanent; The program, which helps to cover tuition for eligible students at the Community College of Rhode Island, was set to expire with the class entering school this year" by Edward Fitzpatrick Globe Staff, January 29, 2021

PROVIDENCE — The state’s top legislative leaders on Friday signaled that they want to continue providing free tuition to eligible students at the Community College of Rhode Island on a permanent basis.

The future of the Rhode Island Promise program had been in doubt, because it is set to expire with the class that will enter CCRI in September, and its champion, Governor Gina M. Raimondo, is poised to become President Joe Biden’s secretary of commerce, but House Speaker K. Joseph Shekarchi and Senate president Dominick J. Ruggerio announced they will introduce legislation to remove the “sunset” provision, making the program permanent.

“The Promise program is an excellent example of how we can prioritize affordable college options for all Rhode Islanders,” said Shekarchi, a Warwick Democrat. “The best investment we can make to help individuals achieve their goals is to give them the access to a college education, which is the pathway to a brighter future.”

Is it, or is it just a debt mechani$m to en$lave students?

“Rhode Island, the nation, and the world are increasingly knowledge economies,” said Ruggerio, a North Providence Democrat. “Higher education is more necessary than ever before, and it has to be available and affordable for all Rhode Islanders.”

Raimondo, a Democrat, proposed the program in 2017, making it available to students graduating high school who begin CCRI the following fall. To keep the scholarship, they must be full-time students who qualify for in-state tuition, maintain at least a 2.5 grade point average, and remain on track to graduate on time.

As a “last-dollar” scholarship program, it funds only the remaining costs of tuition and mandatory student fees after Pell Grants and other sources of scholarship funding are factored in.

Originally, the program had a sunset provision that would have made it expire with the class that graduated high school in 2020 and entered CCRI that fall. The legislature included an expansion in the 2021 budget, extending to the program for students who are now high school seniors.

If the General Assembly passes the bills proposed by Shekarchi and Ruggerio, the program would be available to students “in perpetuity,” the leaders said. The program now costs $7 million per year.

The announcement comes as the General Assembly is facing a budget deficit projected at more than $500 million. According to an analysis by the Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council, the fiscal year 2022 budget deficit will stand at $513.7 million if spending continues to grow as projected and one-time federal funding is no longer available.

Senate spokesman Greg Pare said it’s too soon to answer questions about how the state can afford the program, and Biden has proposed additional funding for state and local governments, but he noted that the program is already factored into the budget because it covers students entering CCRI in the fall for two years.

“It has to be considered in the context of the overall budget,” Pare said, “and we will wait for official revenue estimates to come out in May.”

The announcement comes after CCRI announced the layoff of 45 non-faculty employees in September. At the time, CCRI President Meghan Hughes said enrollment stood at 13,500 – down 9 percent from the previous year amid the pandemic and the resulting economic crisis.

On Friday, Hughes issued a statement, saying she was “extremely grateful” to Shekarchi and Ruggerio for sponsoring the legislation.

“We know that the promise of free college tuition is a powerful message, one that resonates with high school students and their families, many of whom doubted college could be part of their future,” she said. “By making Rhode Island Promise permanent, current high school students, and even today’s middle schoolers, will see a path to a post-secondary degree.”

The program represents “a powerful, effective policy” for the state and its economy, Hughes said. “I believe now, more than ever, Rhode Island families need the security of knowing that, no matter their economic situation, their children have a path forward to a quality degree and, with it, a brighter future,” she said.

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