Monday, November 30, 2009

Sunday Globe Censorship: Saddam Told the Truth

Yeah, I could see why they would want to skip this one.

"Saddam was telling truth in missing Gulf War pilot" by Pamela Hess, Associated Press Writer | November 28, 2009

Yeah, we all kinda know that now!

I think the NO WMD was the first clue, 'eh?

Saddam Hussein was telling the truth, this time. The United States just didn't believe him....

What do you mean THIS TIME?

Prop 102: Iraq and Government Lies

Turns out he was TELLING the TRUTH about a LOT of THINGS!!


So it took the most powerful military in the world 18 years to find the remains of the only U.S. Navy pilot shot down in an aerial battle in the 1991 Gulf War. Michael "Scott" Speicher's bones lay 18 inches deep in Iraqi sand, more or less right where a group of Iraqis had led an American search team in 1995.

Occupation Iraq: Speich in Propaganda

Oh, just ONE MORE LIE the MSM and GOVERNMENT KNEW about, huh? Yup, GOVERNMENT OPENS IT MOUTH and it LIES!!!!!!!!!!

The search for Speicher was frustrated by two wars, mysteriously switched remains, Iraqi duplicity and a final tip from a young nomad in Anbar province. U.S. officials often were blinded by the same myopia that tainted prewar intelligence -- the American conviction that Hussein's government lied about everything.

Well, you can TURN THAT AROUND because in light of Climategate, WE KNOW the AMERIKAN GOVERNMENT and MSM LIES ITS ASSES OFF!!!!!

As it turned out, the Iraqis lied, but sometimes they told the truth....

At this point, I HAVE HAD it with the GARBAGE REVIEW of history!

What is WORSE is that the GOVERNMENT then RAISED HOPES that he was ALIVE so they could BOOST their WAR PROPAGANDA with the PEOPLE!!!!

In 1995, the Red Cross secured permission from Iraq for a humanitarian search team to excavate the crash site. Shepherded by Iraqi officials, the search team was led by a local Bedouin boy to Speicher's half-buried flight suit. Nearby were expended flares, part of an ejection seat and pieces of a life raft. But the searchers found no remains. They left suspicious, convinced that they had been set up even though Saddam's government was telling the truth.... In the summer of 2002, as the Bush administration prepared to invade Iraq, new intelligence intercepts suggested Speicher was being moved between dozens of secret sites inside Iraq.

Before the 2003 invasion, "we were positive we were getting him back," said Buddy Harris, a Speicher friend who later married the pilot's widow. "We were getting ready to go over and meet with him. We had the whole family prepped, with psychologists ready to help."

While the GOVERNMENT KNEW he had been DEAD 8 YEARS!!!!


Bush used Speicher's case as more evidence that Saddam had to be ousted. After Bush cited Speicher in his September 2002 speech at the United Nations, the rumors of Speicher's movements abruptly stopped....

Mission accomplished, 'eh, George?


Yeah, rather than get that, I am treated to this PoS, world

"Channel praising Hussein hits airwaves" by Associated Press | November 30, 2009

BAGHDAD - Turning on their televisions during the long holiday weekend, Iraqis were greeted by a familiar if unexpected face from their brutal past: Saddam Hussein.

The late Iraqi dictator is lauded on a mysterious satellite channel that began broadcasting on the Islamic calendar’s anniversary of his 2006 execution. No one seems to know who is bankrolling the so-called Saddam Channel, although the Iraqi government suspects it is Ba’athists whose political party Hussein once led.

The Associated Press tracked down a man in Damascus named Mohammed Jarboua, who claimed to be its chairman. The Saddam Channel, he said, “didn’t receive a penny from the Ba’athists’’ and is for Iraqis and other Arabs who “long for his rule.’’ Jarboua has clearly made considerable efforts to hide where it is aired from and refuses to say who is funding it besides “people who love us.’’

Iraqis surprised to find Hussein on their televisions responded with the kind of divided emotions that marked his reign. “Iraqis don’t need such a satellite channel because it has hostile intentions,’’ said Hassan Subhi, 28, a Shi’ite who owns an Internet cafe in eastern Baghdad.

Others said they felt a nostalgic sorrow at the sight of their late leader, a Sunni Arab.

Yeah, those were the GOOD OLD DAYS!!!

See: Occupation Iraq; Mixed Marriages

Occupation Iraq: The New Mandaeans

Occupation Iraq: Country in Crisis

Occupation Iraq: Resurrecting Saddam Hussein

That's why Iraq hasn't made the newspaper much, huh?

The channel, broadcast across the Arab world, dredges up the sectarian divisions that Hussein inspired among Shi’ites and Sunnis at a time when Iraq gears up for national elections.

Related: Occupation Iraq: Tortured Logic

Well, if they have increased the MSM in AmeriKa is not telling us!

Iraqi politicians have been arguing over parliamentary seat distribution in a dispute that has inflamed the splits. The wrangling could delay the vote beyond its Jan. 30 deadline. The Saddam Channel debuted Friday, the first day of this year’s Eid for Sunnis. The holiday started Saturday for Shi’ites.


Yup, attacks every day, but this is the s*** served up in my morning Glob.

Slow Saturday Special: Brits Take Stock of Iraq War

Nothing really new here.

Britain Initiates Iraq Inquiry

This is just diversion to try and get the British public to calm down.

Don't you love how they begin one NOW, six years after the fact and when they have left?

"US was impatient to invade Iraq, former UK envoy says; Tells inquiry Bush didn’t care about UN backing in ’03" by David Stringer, Associated Press | November 28, 2009

LONDON - The United States was “hell bent’’ on a 2003 military invasion of Iraq and actively undermined efforts by Britain to win international authorization for the war, a former British diplomat told an inquiry panel yesterday.

Because it was part of the PLAN!

Jeremy Greenstock, British ambassador to the United Nations from 1998 to 2003, said that President George W. Bush had no real interest in attempts to agree on a UN resolution to provide explicit backing for the conflict.

And more than that:

"Bush talked about several ways to provoke a confrontation, including a proposal to paint a US surveillance plane in the colors of the UN in hopes of drawing fire"

That is called a FALSE FLAG, readers!

The former diplomat, who served as Britain’s envoy in Iraq after the invasion, said serious preparations for the war had begun in early 2002 and took on an unstoppable momentum....

Several nations had hoped to stall the invasion of Iraq to allow UN weapons inspectors more time to search for evidence that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction - the key justification for the war. No such weapons were ever found.

And NO WAR CRIMES CHARGES were ever brought!

Yet Bush’s inner circle cared little about what international allies thought and refused to halt plans to invade in March 2003, Greenstock said. He said that even then-Prime Minister Tony Blair was unable to persuade Bush, winning only a brief hiatus of two weeks. “The momentum for earlier action in the United States was much too strong for us to counter,’’ Greenstock said in a written statement to the inquiry panel, provided alongside his live testimony.

Bliar was worried about war crimes charges "because it would serve as an 'insurance policy against the unexpected' if anything went wrong with the military campaign."

Britain’s inquiry is the most exhaustive study yet into the war and will seek evidence from Blair, military officials, and spy agency chiefs. It will not apportion blame or establish criminal or civil liability, but will offer recommendations by late 2010 on how to prevent mistakes from being repeated....

Translation: it is a WHITEWASH COMMISSION!!!!

Look who they are taking "evidence" from, and they are going to offer "recommendations" for the "next time!"

In London, an antiwar rally in 2003 drew an estimated 2 million demonstrators - the largest street protest in a generation.

And the "democracies" STILL DID NOT LISTEN!!

Greenstock told the panel he had his own doubts, and had threatened to resign if no international backing was agreed upon.

Then why didn't you?!!

His threat came before a November 2002 resolution that offered Iraq a final opportunity to disarm and demanded access for weapons inspectors. Efforts to agree on a sterner resolution authorizing military action foundered because the international community believed the United States was “hell bent on the use of force’’ regardless of world opinion, Greenstock said....



Honduran Hold-Outs Win Sham Vote

"the United States agreed to recognize the outcome of today’s vote"

Why wouldn't they? They backed the coup!

"Honduras sets vote, but rifts continue; Critics oppose validating coup" by Tracy Wilkinson, Los Angeles Times | November 29, 2009

MEXICO CITY - The de facto rulers of Honduras will observe more than elections today: They staged the first military-backed coup in Central America in 16 years - and got away with it.

Months of international effort failed to reinstate President Manuel Zelaya, ousted June 28 and deported to Costa Rica. Instead, the most powerful outside mediator, the United States, agreed to recognize the outcome of today’s vote for a new president. Several other countries will not, saying that a “free and fair’’ vote cannot be held under the watch of a de facto regime. Many in Honduras and elsewhere hope the choosing of a new leader will allow the slate to be cleaned and Honduras to emerge from the diplomatic and political isolation.... as well as allowing a coup to stand.

When the AmeriKan MSM usues the term "many" or "some" in a situation like this it is promoting ITS WISHES!!!

Zelaya - who sneaked back into the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, on Sept. 21 and has been sheltered in the Brazilian embassy since - on Friday called on supporters to boycott the “spurious electoral process.’’ Major international election-monitoring groups refused to send observers. Several human rights organizations on Friday denounced a “climate of terror’’ after weeks in which de facto authorities have cracked down on opposition media and arrested scores of opponents.

Yeah, THAT IS WHY Honduras has been NEARLY INVISIBLE in my coup-supporting and concealing paper the last MONTH or so!!!!

A handful of low-charge explosives have detonated in recent days at the Supreme Court and pro-coup businesses.

Can you SAY FALSE FLAG, readers?!

In another setback for Zelaya, Costa Rican’s president, Oscar Arias, who unsuccessfully attempted to negotiate a settlement to the Honduran crisis, said he would recognize the results of the election. To do otherwise, he told CNN’s Spanish-language service, would be to further punish the Honduran people.

Well, LET'S ASK THEM about that (see below)!!!

Roberto Micheletti, the man who replaced Zelaya in the coup but is not on the ballot, promised that “peace and tranquility will prevail’’ in Honduras for the vote. Leo Valladares, a former human rights ombudsman and law professor who did not support the coup, said the elections may be a “first step’’ out of the crisis. But he said the next president must confront the underlying troubles that have polarized Honduras, which is run by a small, stubborn conservative elite.

It is the SAME in EVERY NATION, isn't it?

One leftist political party allied with Zelaya rejected his call for a boycott and decided to participate in the election, saying it was better to attempt to effect change within the system than from the margins....

Translation: Zelaya has been abandoned.

My question to the lefties is, what if the SYSTEM ITSELF is the ROT?!

Initially, the Obama administration, along with most of the international community, strongly condemned the coup and demanded Zelaya be reinstated. As the crisis dragged on, however, the United States seemed to waver....

Actually, I NO LONGER CARE for the PUBLIC HORSE S*** that comes out of the mouths of U.S. government officials and their mouthpiece media s***s.


Why I get THREE DIFFERENT REWRITES, 'er, is beyond me!

"Conservative leads post-coup Honduran election" by Alexandra Olson, Associated Press Writer | November 29, 2009

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (AP) -- Hondurans on Sunday elected a new president whose first challenge will be defending his legitimacy to the world and ending a crisis over a June coup that has isolated one of Latin America's poorest countries.

Porfirio Lobo and Elvin Santos, two prosperous businessmen from the political old guard, are the front-runners.... The United States, hoping to resolve its first major policy test in Latin America, is defending the election while leftist governments allege it whitewashes Central America's first coup in 20 years.

First test and Obama FAILS!

Washington's support matters most in Honduras, which sends more than 60 percent of its exports to the United States, from bananas to Fruit-of-the-Loom underwear, and relies heavily on money sent home from the 1 million Hondurans who live in the U.S.

Why don't we just make it a state then?

President Barack Obama's government suspended development aid and anti-narcotic cooperation with Honduras over the coup. But U.S. diplomats say Hondurans have the right to choose their next leader in regular elections that were scheduled well before President Manuel Zelaya's ouster....

Blah, blah, blah, blah!

Zelaya, the left-leaning president ousted in a June 28 coup, said that overwhelming abstention would discredit the election and the U.S. would regret its stance.

It's already been discredited.

"The United States made a mistake," Zelaya said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press from the Brazilian Embassy where he took refuge since sneaking back into the country from his forced exile. "If they are democrats in their country, they should be democrats in Latin America."


Police fired tear gas at several hundred pro-Zelaya protesters in the northern city of San Pedro Sula, and at least one person was injured and required stitches on his head. Some protesters sat down as police approached, and other later hurled rocks back at police. Police spokesman Orlin Cerrato said protests are banned on election day.

Yeah, and the U.S. is DEFENDING SUCH ACTIONS!!

Btw, that rock-throwing bunch? AGENT PROVOCATEURS to make the GOOD PEOPLE of HONDURAS' PROTEST look bad!

Zelaya has support among many poor Hondurans who believed in his promises to shake-up a political system dominated by two political parties with few ideological differences and influenced by a few wealthy families.

Mauro Romero, 59, had no intention of setting foot in a polling station. "Zelaya is the president that we elected. We don't want the same dinosaurs in power, people who have been there for 30 years, only getting fat," said Romero, sitting on the steps of the Tegucigalpa's peach-colored 18th century cathedral, now covered in graffiti saying "No to the coup!"

But many Hondurans simply want to end a crisis that has eroded an already stagnant economy. Tourists have disappeared from Mayan ruins and rain forests, multilateral lending agencies have blocked the country's access to credit.

In other words, OUR PEOPLE, you know, the ones the American media talks to, just want it to be over!

Turnout was higher in affluent neighborhoods where resentment against Zelaya runs highest....

Honestly, who gives a s*** about another rigged -- and illegal -- election?

Not me!

What the printed Globe whacked away on me:

Human rights activists accuse the interim government harassing groups promoting abstention. On Saturday, about 50 masked soldiers and police raided the offices of Red Comal, a farm aid group in the northern town of Siguatepeque that has opposed the coup, said Miguel Alonso, the program director. He said police seized computers and documents....

Cerrato said the security forces were acting on a court order as part investigations into homemade bomb attacks that have exploded nearly every day in Honduras....



Time for the updates.

"Honduras hopes to move past coup with election" by Alexandra Olson, Associated Press Writer | November 30, 2009

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras --Honduras' newly elected President Porfirio Lobo already faces an international crisis even before taking office: many countries of the hemisphere refuse to recognize his government, chosen in the shadow of a coup.

Election officials said Monday that that the conservative rancher had a strong lead in Sunday's presidential contest and his rival conceded defeat. Election organizers also said that more than 60 percent of registered voters cast ballots -- an increase from the last election -- indicating that most Hondurans rejected calls by toppled President Manuel Zelaya to boycott the vote.

The same lying guys that seized power said that, huh?

The country's interim leaders hoped a strong turnout would prove the vote's legitimacy and free this poor Central American nation from the international isolation that followed the June 28 ouster of Zelaya.

No self-serving self-interest there, huh?

Early signals on their chances were mixed. The United States has said that it will recognize a free and fair vote, but it had made no comment following the election....

Zelaya was already disputing the official numbers. He said his information from polling places indicated two-thirds of voters stayed home, which he insisted meant the election had no legitimacy. The debate over whether Honduras should hold the election without first restoring Zelaya to his office overshadowed the campaign....

Colombia's conservative President Alvaro Uribe joined a list of countries that are supporting the next Honduran government. "Colombia recognizes the next government," Uribe told reporters Monday during the Ibero-American summit in Portugal. "A democratic process has taken place in Honduras with high participation, without fraud."

Criminals code-of-honor, Uribe?


Yeah, the POLICE REPRESSION was missing from that one!

Let's try the next "update."

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras - Porfirio Lobo, leader of the opposition National Party and a rancher, was elected president of Honduras yesterday as voters sought to restore legitimacy to their national government five months after a military-backed coup ousted President Manuel Zelaya....

OMG, that is SUCH CRAP! TOTALLY TWISTED it around!!!!

Perhaps more importantly, election officials said more than 60 percent of registered voters cast ballots - a victory for interim leaders who hoped a large turnout would bolster the vote’s legitimacy. The international community and the Honduran public have been divided over whether the elections should be recognized after the coup....

This is s***, readers! This is OUTRIGHT LYING by the LA Times!!!!

It was difficult to determine turnout. Army patrols were seen in some poorer neighborhoods, where support for Zelaya is strongest. The only pro-Zelaya candidate pulled out of the race, leaving two conservative factions with close ties to the military as the front-runners.

But it was a LEGITIMATE ELECTION, blah, blah, blah, blah!

Despite the political and diplomatic chaos that has engulfed Honduras, yesterday’s vote was relatively peaceful. In San Pedro Sula, police fired tear gas and water cannon at several hundred pro-Zelaya demonstrators, injuring and detaining an undetermined number of people, witnesses said.

BUT it was "relatively" peaceful!


What s*** journalism!

The international community, which failed in its efforts to reverse the first coup in Central America in 16 years, is split over whether to recognize the results of the vote - with the United States at odds with much of Latin America....

Yeah, we are pretty much alone, isolated even!

After initially condemning the coup, the United States decided to support elections with the hope that the country could move on....

Just like they SUPPORTED the COUP!!!!


Uruguay Says Up Yours, AmeriKa!


"Rivals headed to runoff vote in Uruguay" by Associated Press | October 26, 2009

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay - Uruguay faced a stark choice in the election between Jose Mujica, 74, the candidate of the ruling socialist party [and] a former guerrilla who yearns to create enduring socialism, and former president Luis Alberto Lacalle, 69, who wants to downsize government and distance his nation from Latin American leftists.

Smacks of US rigging. We want no more leftists down there!

Uruguayans also considered a voter initiative to remove amnesty for human rights abuses under the 1973-85 dictatorship.... The military amnesty law was passed in 1986 as a balancing move a year after Mujica and other Tupamaru guerrillas were granted amnesty for their crimes.

So the socialists put up a war criminal for office?

Lacalle described the amnesty as key to a peaceful transition to democracy after the 12-year dictatorship and says it should stand.

And the other guy was in on it!

Related: Files in Paraguay Detail Atrocities of U.S. Allies


Others say the country must confront its past, even if it means opening old wounds.

It was true for South Africa, it's true for Uruguay, and it would be TRUE for Americans, too!!

That means JFK, 9/11 and ALL the OTHER TRUTHS you do not want to see.


The result of the run-off:

"Former guerrilla wins Uruguay run-off vote" by Michael Warren, Associated Press | November 30, 2009

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay - A plain-talking socialist who once led an armed revolutionary movement and now scorns “stupid ideologies’’ won Uruguay’s presidential run-off yesterday, keeping the ruling center-left coalition in power, according to three exit polls.

Jose Mujica’s victory keeps the Broad Front center-left coalition in power for another five-year term beginning March 1. The former Tupamaro guerrilla said he will continue the policies of popular President Tabare Vazquez and work to unify Latin America. Mujica’s rebellion in the 1960s caused so much chaos that Uruguayans initially welcomed the 1973-85 dictatorship. He spent all that time in prison, an experience he said cured him of any illusion that armed revolution can achieve lasting social change. Lacalle said his rival would transform the South American country into a radical socialist state, but Mujica campaigned as a consensus builder, and most voters were apparently convinced he would govern from the center.

Mujica’s victory also gave the Broad Front a narrow majority in Congress, where his wife, Senator Lucia Topolansky, was the top-vote getter and therefore is now third in line to the presidency, after Vice President-elect Danilo Astori....

Mujica, 74, vowed to do everything possible to build bridges and avoid creating an atmosphere of tension and drama. He said negotiation and dialogue would be his tools, and cited President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of Brazil as his inspiration.... Many voters said the single five-year term required by Uruguay’s constitution wasn’t enough to consolidate the successes of Vazquez, a Marxist oncologist and former Montevideo mayor who enjoyed 71 percent approval ratings in a poll this month. Vazquez imposed a progressive income tax, using the additional revenue to lower unemployment and poverty, provide equal access to health care to everyone under 18, and steer the economy to 1.9 percent growth this year even as many other economies shrank....

No wonder they wanted to CONTINUE with what they had!!!

Mujica cofounded the Tupamaros, one of many Latin American leftist rebel groups inspired by the Cuban revolution in the 1960s to organize kidnappings, bombings, robberies, and other attacks on US-backed right-wing governments.

Amazing how when GOVERNMENTS do those things it seems to be NOT as much of a problem, huh?

Convicted of killing a policeman in 1971, he endured torture and solitary confinement during nearly 15 years in prison.

Oh, yeah, it is OKAY for GOVERNMENTS to TORTURE, as well -- as long as they are an ALLY or IN the EMPLOY of the U.S.


Slow Saturday Special: Haiti's Florence Nightingale

White American, of course.

It's the only time the wretched place appears in a month and it is a feel-good piece on a
Slow Saturday.

If I didn't know better, I 'd swear the paper really doesn't care about
Haiti or black people. Why no follow up on so many stories, BG?

"She helps Haitians help themselves; Ex-nurse, 83, nurtures artisans’ co-op, family planning clinic she founded" by James F. Smith, Globe Staff | November 28, 2009

GLOUCESTER - Some of the poorest people in the Western Hemisphere....

But some of the proudest!

The first nation created by former slaves -- and its been under attack ever since by its former colonial masters.

She founded a family planning clinic - butting heads early on with Catholic Church policy that forced birth control out of the local hospital. The family clinic now has mobile branches in surrounding villages, and serves 750 women. Hackett also spotted an extraordinary untapped talent in the community - the women’s embroidery skills. So she helped the women create an artisans’ sewing cooperative that now exports finely embroidered garments to the United States and Europe, providing a steady income for more than 70 women.

Hey, it's not like I'm not thankful for the agenda-pushing help for the Haitians (notice how globalists always want you making goods for export, never for yourself); however, there is a sea of poverty there because of the exact exploitative policies the paper promotes.

That's why they don't get back to us, huh, readers?

Don't want you digging to deep.

Hackett’s work long ago earned her the gratitude of Fond des Blancs. Now the nonprofit she created, Haiti Projects Inc., has earned international recognition. It was one of three winners last month of the annual Espíritu Award from the Isabel Allende Foundation, along with the Haiti work of Partners in Health, a global health group founded by a better-known Boston activist, Dr. Paul Farmer. The third winner was the St. Boniface Haiti Foundation, launched by a Catholic church in Quincy, that has worked in Fond des Blancs since 1983. The foundation survived the closure of the Quincy church and, now based in Randolph, runs the hospital and provides education and training programs.

Dr. Wilfrid Cadet, who now runs the growing St. Boniface Hospital, arrived soon after Hackett. In her first days there, he recalled, “She didn’t have a refrigerator. No TV, no radio, nothing, nothing. I never thought she would last this long in Haiti. To live in this rural part of Haiti you must have a mental toughness, as well as the strong desire to help others in need, and she has both.’’

Probably better off without those things.

Your mind doesn't get propagandized and you won't get upset.

Hackett arrived in Haiti after a life marked by personal loss and perseverance....

I thought this was ABOUT HAITI, not her!!!


Korean Compromise?

I hope so; I only wonder how the U.S will try to f*** it up.

"Korean nuclear summit proposed" by Associated Press | November 28, 2009

SEOUL - South Korea’s president announced yesterday that he is willing to meet North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Il in order to resolve the nuclear standoff on the divided peninsula and tackle other thorny issues. President Lee Myung-bak suggested an inter-Korean summit could be held to try to improve relations, which have been strained since the conservative politician took office last year....

I smell a rigged election.


Philippines Massacre was Perverted

Then it is a sex crime.

If at First You Don't Succeed, False Flag Again

Political Massacre in Philippines

I don't know what to make of this stuff anymore, readers. If it's in my newspaper, it's either a distortion, obfuscation, or lie. As we have seen with ClimateGate, the Boston Globe -- New England's largest newspaper -- will not print the truth.

It's called an OMISSION and it is worse than a lie. A lie can be exposed; concealment, on the other hand....

"Women victims in massacre in Philippines were mutilated" by Carlos H. Conde, New York Times | November 28, 2009

DAVAO CITY, the Philippines - Most of the 22 women among the 57 people massacred Monday in the southern Philippines were sexually mutilated, the authorities said yesterday, adding grim details to the catalog of horrors that has already emerged.


“Even the private parts of the women were shot at,’’ the justice secretary, Agnes Devanadera, said on national television. “It was horrible. It was not done to just one. It was done practically to all the women.’’

The National Union of Journalists of the Philippines said it appeared that 30 journalists and their assistants had been killed.

Ever notice when journalists are killed it's news to the AmeriKan MSM, but when ordinary people are being slaughtered every day... ho-hum?

Yeah, the rank elitism stinks -- the same as this s*** story and stench from those graves.

They were killed to eliminate witnesses, investigators said. About a dozen victims were the relatives, lawyers, or supporters of Esmael Mangudadatu, a local politician whose determination to challenge the entrenched Ampatuan clan in a gubernatorial election touched off the violence.

There is your cover-story paragraph for the rolodex when this agenda-pushing item needs featuring again.

Nothing about the arrest, etc, 'eh, MSM?


And just as quickly, it vanishes.

Lies have a way of doing that in the AmeriKan newspapers when they become outrageous and

Somalia Sending Terrorists to America

Yeah, and "Al-CIA-Duh" sent them!!!!

"Al-CIA-Duh" School in Somalia

Readers, I have had it with the s***-slop passing as news. I feel so bad for Americans. Even if you picked up a newspaper thinking you are finding out about the world you are only finding dog s*** here in AmeriKa!

"Somali camps may pose threat to US; Insurgent group linked to Al Qaeda" by Mohamed Olad Hassan, Associated Press | November 30, 2009

MOGADISHU, Somalia - The recruits gather in scorching desert hideouts in Somalia, use portraits of President Obama for target practice, learn how to make and detonate bombs, and vow allegiance to Osama bin Laden.

Oh, the DEAD ONE?!!!

Training camps in the lawless nation of Somalia are attracting hundreds of foreigners, including Americans, and Somalis recruited by a local insurgent group linked to Al Qaeda, according to local and US officials. American officials and private analysts say the camps pose a security threat far beyond the borders of Somalia, including to the US homeland.


In interviews, former trainees gave rare details on the camps, which are scattered along desert footpaths, rutted roads, and steamy coastal dens.

And they didn't behead you afterward?

So which conference room and what hotel in Washington did you guys meet, MSM?!

They say the recruits are told the United States is the enemy of Islam. US and Somali officials say Somalia’s Al Shabab jihadist, or holy war, movement is growing, and uses foreign trainers with battlefield experience from other conflicts.

Yeah, I'LL BET!! They are bearded and WHITE!!!!!!

The threat posed by the training camps was underscored in federal court documents unsealed Nov. 23 in Minneapolis, home to a large ethnic Somali community. An indictment against several Somali-Americans who allegedly fought in Somalia said trainees at one camp included dozens of ethnic Somalis from Somalia, other African countries, Europe, and the United States....

Oh, my LYING, FALSE-FLAGGING, GOVERNMENT SAYS so and my AGENDA-TRANSMITTING MSM DUTIFULLY tell me this is true so it must be!!!!

Among Al Shabab’s ranks are an estimated 200 to 400 foreigners from Pakistan, Chechnya, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, and other countries, many of them veterans of fighting in Afghanistan and Pakistan, said Mark Schroeder, an Africa analyst at the global intelligence firm Stratfor. The proliferation of jihadist training camps raises concerns that Somalia will become the next Afghanistan, a sanctuary for Al Qaeda-linked groups to train and plan attacks.

So they are going to blow a whopper of a false-flag and blame shitty Somalia?

Even I'm not bothering with that one. This is just more agenda-pushing s***, setting the stage for some small fry op that will justify occupation in that vital Horn-of-Africa country.

The Somali government seems powerless to do anything about it.

What government? We are not helping them. We stabbed them in the back three years ago.

“The threat posed by Al Shabab is something that we pay very, very close attention to,’’ Vice Admiral Robert T. Moeller, the deputy commander for the US military’s Africa Command, said at the command’s headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany. The Somali government is backed by 5,000 African Union peacekeepers but controls only a few blocks in Mogadishu.

Told you we are not helping them.

The insurgents are so confident that they stage executions of suspected spies there.

Oh, did they kill that guy?

Oh, SPIES as "journalists," huh? PFFFFFT!!

Jihadists linked to Al Shabab can also roam through neighboring countries without attracting much attention and already cross boldly into northern Kenya. US officials are concerned Somali-Americans who fought with Al Shabab will return to the United States and carry out attacks. As many as 20 from Minnesota have been lured to their ancestral homeland to join the jihad. At least one blew himself up in a suicide attack in Somalia.

One of the documents unsealed in Minneapolis gave details on that attack. It said Shirwa Ahmed, a naturalized US citizen and Minneapolis resident, took part in a truck bombing in Bossaso, Somalia, on Oct. 29, 2008, against offices of a regional intelligence service. Ahmed, who was alone in the truck, was identified through a print obtained from a finger found at the bomb site.

After a while you just get sick of the MSM s*** sell.

Lies, lies, more lies, and more lies.

A Somali-American from Seattle is also suspected of also having taken part in a suicide attack against an AU peacekeeper base on Sept. 17.



Black Sunday: Ethiopia's Egregious Export


The Hungry Holocaust

Shouldn't this government be charged with war crimes?

If not for what they have done to
Somalis and the Ogaden, then certainly for this:

"Wealthy nations outsource crops to Ethiopia’s farmland; Trend is driven in part by last year’s global food crisis" by Stephanie McCrummen, Washington Post | November 29, 2009

BAKO, Ethiopia - In recent months, the Ethiopian government began marketing abroad one of the hottest commodities in an increasingly crowded and hungry world: farmland.

Swaths of the country available at bargain-basement prices. “Vast, fertile, irrigable land at low rent. Abundant water resources. Cheap labor. Warmest hospitality.’’

This impoverished and chronically food-insecure Horn of Africa nation is rapidly becoming one of the world’s leading destinations for the booming business of land leasing, by which relatively rich countries and investment firms are securing 40- to 99-year contracts to farm vast tracts of land.

Governments across Southeast Asia, Latin America, and especially Africa are seizing the chance to attract this new breed of investors, wining and dining executives, creating land-leasing agencies and land catalogs to showcase their offerings of earth....

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Sure what it is looking like!

The trend is driven in part by last year’s global food crisis. Relatively wealthy countries are shoring up their food supplies by growing staple crops abroad. The desert kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for instance, is shifting wheat production to Africa. The government of India, where land is crowded and overfarmed, is offering incentives to companies to carve out mega farms across the continent.


And the "solution" is MORE?

As in MORE PEOPLE SUFFER so the FEW can have MORE!!!!!!

Increasingly, though, purely profit-seeking companies are snatching up land, making a simple, if somewhat grim, calculation. As one Saudi-backed businessman here put it, “The population of the world is increasing dramatically, so land and food supplies will be short, demand will be higher, and prices will rise.’’

I'm sorry, but that sounds WAY TOO MUCH like Damien: Omen II.

The scale and pace of the land scramble has alarmed policymakers and others concerned about the implications for food security in countries such as Ethiopia, where officials recently appealed for food aid for about 6 million people as drought devastates parts of East Africa.

Yes, we SO RARELY HEAR of the DROUGHT in East Africa here in the U.S.

Only when some agenda needs pushing is it brought up!

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization is in the midst of a food security summit in Rome where some of the 62 heads of state attending are to discuss a code of conduct to govern land deals, which are being struck with little public input....

G8 leaders and their wives make a toast at the beginning of the G8 Social Dinner at the hotel Windsor Toya

spread, huh?

The harshest critics of the practice conjure bleak images of poor Africans starving as food is hauled off to rich countries.


Where you been, MSM?!! Gee whiz!!!!

Some express concern that decades of industrial farming will leave good land spoiled even as local populations surge. And skeptics also say the political contexts cannot be ignored.

“We don’t trust this government,’’ said Merera Gudina, a leading opposition figure here who accuses Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia of using the land policy to hold on to power. “We are afraid this government is buying diplomatic support by giving away land.’’

DON'T TRUST ANY GOVERNMENT -- or AmeriKan MSM -- because THEY LIE!!!!

But many experts are cautiously hopeful, saying that big agribusiness could feed millions by industrializing agriculture in countries such as Ethiopia, where about 80 percent of its 75 million people are farmers who plow their fields with oxen.


I mean, they have HAD DECADES and we have MASSIVE HUNGER!!!


“If these deals are negotiated well, I tell you, it will change the dynamics of the food economy in this country,’’ said Mafa Chipeta, the UN group’s representative in Ethiopia, dismissing the worst-case scenarios. “I can’t believe Ethiopia or any other government would allow their country to be used like an empty womb. The human spirit would not allow it.’’

Yeah, and as we know, these globalist pukes at the agenda-pushing U.N. are never lying or anything. Besides, nations seem to allow a lot of LOOTING and WAR, so WTF, U.N. s***ter!

Few countries have embraced the trend as zealously as Ethiopia, where hard-baked eastern deserts fade into spectacularly lush and green western valleys fed by the Blue Nile. Only a quarter of the country’s estimated 175 million fertile acres is being farmed.


Desperate for foreign currency, the government of former Marxist rebels who once proclaimed “land to the tiller!’’ has set aside more than 6 million acres for agribusiness. Lured with 40-year leases and tax holidays, investors are going on farm shopping sprees, crisscrossing the country on chartered flights to pick out their swaths of Ethiopian soil.

No worry about global warming there either, huh?

Indian companies have committed $4.2 billion. Anand Seth, director general of the Federation of Indian Export Organizations, described Africa as “the next big thing’’ in investment opportunities and markets....

Is that why it ALL OF A SUDDEN APPEARED (and just as quickly goes away) in my AGENDA-PUSHING "news"paper?


Black Sunday: Western Equivocating on Equatorial Guinea

Oh, sorry, wrong Guinea.

"Western governments.... turn a blind eye to corruption and repression, their eyes firmly fixed on the West African nation’s abundant oil and gas reserves"

Yeah, if we LIKE your BRUTE of a REPRESSOR, that's fine!

If not, you get the sanctions or the stick!!!!

"Equatorial Guinea leader expected to win reelection" by Michelle Faul, Associated Press | November 29, 2009

JOHANNESBURG - Equatorial Guinea - a violent land of coups, petrodollar wealth, and killer poverty....

Western governments.... turn a blind eye to corruption and repression, their eyes firmly fixed on the West African nation’s abundant oil and gas reserves.

Yeah, that's only a problem when China does it.

two US lobbying firms employed....

American company Exxon Mobil was first to discover oil in Equatorial Guinea in 1994 and US companies continue to dominate the industry there but face growing competition.

Is that why it is now coming in for the tepid criticism in my agenda-pushing newspaper?

Equatorial Guinea’s per capita income has ballooned to about $31,000 a year, on a par with former colonizer Spain and making it the richest nation in sub-Saharan Africa. Yet, with a small population of just 600,000, life for most Equato-Guineans has become harsher: Some 60 percent struggle to survive on less than $1 a day. The UN Children’s Fund says child mortality has increased and a third of children never complete primary school. The average citizen is unlikely to live beyond 50, yet someone in Brazil - with an average annual income of less than $10,000 - can expect to live to 72.

“It’s a scandal,’’ said political analyst Paul-Simon Handy of the South African Institute for Security Studies. “Only some 30 to 40 percent of the population has access to clean water and electricity.’’

That's weird; I hardly ever heard of the place in my newspaper.


JOHANNESBURG - Equatorial Guinea held an election yesterday that was certain to extend the 30-year rule of Teodoro Obiang Nguema, a man accused of draining his nation’s oil wealth to fabulously enrich family and cronies while his people suffer in slums.

What, is he taking lessons from the American presidents?

Western governments that have promised to fight corruption so far have done little, as companies compete for concessions for petroleum and a burgeoning natural gas industry currently dominated by US multinationals....

Yeah, when it is OUR CORRUPTION it is not that big a deal. Makes you think the U.S. and media only use it as a club against those out of favor, huh?

Opposition parties complain campaigners have been attacked and harassed, Obiang gave only six weeks’ notice for the election and coverage in the state-controlled media is skewed....




MSM Still Silent on ClimateGate Crime Against Humanity

Then they are NOT TO BE TRUSTED in any and all things -- something they prove everyday.

"MSM Still Silent on ClimateGate

The ClimateGate scandal broke more than a week ago, and as I survey the MSM (i.e. "elite media", "establishment media", "state-controlled media", "dinosaur media" ... take your pick), the top news stories seem to be Tiger Woods' accident and nasty gossip surrounding him, the media whore couple that crashed the Obamas' Thanksgiving dinner, Sarah Palin drawing crowds (much to the dismay of Libs), the requisite collection of dreadful murder-on-Thanksgiving stories, Black Friday reports, and the "gee, we missed Osama bin Laden back in 2001 in Tora Bora." (Why the hell is that news? We know that already. Talk about re-runs!) These stories are all distractions.

But, where are the reports on ClimateGate?!? Why the hell is the press sitting on this?!? I thought the press loved a good scandal! Could it be that our in-bed-with-Obama-and-the-Left media are going to have to eat major crow?

The scandal is breaking in other parts of the world, but here in the U.S. you only hear about it via the "non-news", such as FoxNews, bloggers, and Glenn Beck. Our press is ignoring what foreign news agencies are reporting, such as this....


: Globe Can't Smell the Global-Warming Fart Mist

The Day My Local Let Me Down

Climate talks progress, but hurdles remain

New England sending a crowd to climate talks


What is their fart-mist footprint going to be, stinkers?

Yup, the Boston Globe sucks and they lie to you via omission, dear readers.

Someone who has pegged them to a T!


by Michael Rivero

Climategate: The Mother of All Deceptions

The recent exposures of fraud coming from the Hadley Climate Research Unit, then followed by similar exposures at New Zealand's NWIA, Australia's climate center, and NOAA have only confirmed the doubts arising from the obviously NON-scientific methods employed by the Anthropogenic Global Warming supporters, hereinafter called the "Global Warming Cult". I call them a cult because of the abandonment of scientific method by many of the acolytes, together with a recent British Court decision that declared belief in Global Warming was accorded the status of a religion.

Human Caused Global Warming is not being researched; it be being promoted. Al Gore and his fellow investors have spent over a hundred million dollars in creating a crisis of human-caused global warming out of (quite literally) thin air. They are not doing this out of the goodness of their hearts. They expect to reap billions in profits from the trading of Carbon Credits, a "license to pollute" available for a price and subject to brokerage fees. One of the people Al Gore relied on to create this scheme was Ken Lay, late of ENRON, aka the Crooked "E".

Coincident with the desire to reap huge profits from the general population of the world is the agenda to promote a global government. Currently, the push for a global government rests on three pillars, Global Warming is one of them, leading to a surrendering of national sovereignty scheduled to occur at the Copenhagen Conference December 7th, 2009. The other two pillars exploited to create the "need" for a global government are a global swine-flu pandemic, requiring a global health organization, and a global financial crisis, requiring a global bank. The political power behind this push for global government is immense; enough to win Al Gore an Academy Award and a Nobel Peace Prize for his film, "An Inconvenient Truth", despite a court ruling pointing out the numerous provable lies and distortions in it.

To any real objective observer, the methods employed by the Cult are not those of science and research but of salesmanship and propaganda. Scare tactics are well in evidence. To anyone of an age enough to recall previous scare campaigns, the hue and cry for Anthropogenic Global Warming is reminiscent of "Killer Bees" and Y2K scares of yesteryear.

To put it bluntly, Anthropogenic Global Warming is a load of government-sponsored bovine excrement. Its purpose is to trick you out of money and obedience. And despite the shrill cries of those who insist that government would never conceive or let along execute such a monstrous fraud upon the people, the fact is that Anthropogenic Global Warming has a very long pedigree of deception behind it.....


What is Global Warming?

Let's get something straight; the climate is supposed to change. In 4 1/2 billion years, there has never been a time when the Earth's climate remained exactly the same. Careful study of the geological and paleontological record shows that the climate is always changing; that the Earth is always getting warmer or colder in long hundred thousand year cycles.

At present the earth is far colder than the Cretaceous but far warmer than the ice ages. Given that the Earth has only recently come out of the Little Ice Age, it stands to reason we should be getting warmer. It is this idea that the Earth can or should be locked into a particular configuration that is artificial and unnatural. And who was to decide what the ideal temperature of earth should be? What is ideal for people living at the equator is hardly ideal for people living in the polar regions.

Global warming cultists like to talk about the balance of nature. This is a very romantic term, and sounds worthy of preservation. But there is no balance of nature. Nature is change. Nature is chaos. Nature is one life form going extinct while another evolves into being. Nature has never been in balance; it is in fact careening through time colliding with the landscape.

Is there really a crisis? Would it really be a bad thing if the Earth were getting warmer?

Warmer temperatures mean longer growing seasons. Longer growing seasons mean more food. And at a time when much of the world's population are going hungry, more food is a good thing.

Is carbon dioxide really such a bad thing? Carbon dioxide occurs naturally. The major sources are volcanoes and respiration from animal life on Earth. As carbon dioxide increases plant life which uses carbon dioxide for photosynthesis will grow more abundantly. Again, producing more food. There are even companies which will install carbon dioxide in enhancement systems for commercial greenhouses because it has been proven that increased carbon dioxide stimulates plant growth and larger crops.

Is carbon dioxide a greenhouse gas? Yes, it is. But it is not the only one. Water vapor is by far the most abundant greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Methane is also a greenhouse gas, more potent than carbon dioxide. But you cannot tax water vapor, and methane is produced by termites and deep-sea microbes, which are far too intelligent life forms to submit to carbon taxes, so the global warming cultists have settled on carbon dioxide as the villain because a portion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere can be traced to human activity.

How much atmospheric carbon dioxide comes from human activity? Not including respiration, human contribution to atmospheric carbon dioxide is .28% of the total atmospheric carbon dioxide.

Now this may not seem like very much, and indeed it isn't. With volcanoes producing far more carbon dioxide than humans, one wonders what all the fuss is about regarding our cars and industry. But the global warming cult has a handy explanation. The global warming cult likes to claim that natural sources of carbon dioxide are already balanced out by natural sinks for carbon dioxide. Volcanoes are offset by treaties. The carbon dioxide emitted by sea life is absorbed by seaweed. By claiming that there is no natural counterpart to human caused carbon dioxide the global warming cult tries to claim that .28% of atmospheric carbon dioxide contributed by human activity is upsetting the balance of nature. But as we pointed out before, there is no balance of nature. It is a romantic notion, but simply not reality.

The Global Warming Fraud

So how do we know we are dealing with a fraud? As noted above, climate change is something that is supposed to happen. The world is always getting warmer or colder. The promotion of a change in the climate as a threat to humankind requiring the paying of taxes and submission to authority is a manufactured construct.

How do we know an agenda is involved? Simple. If the global warming alarmists were really only interested in the welfare of the Earth, one would expect them to be delirious with joy that the threat of anthropogenic global warming doesn't really exist after all. But quite to the contrary, those whose paychecks are dependent on the global warming industry are in a total panic to reassure us that, yes, there is a real danger, and it is all our fault!

Another reason we know Anthropocentric Global Warming is a hoax is that Scientific Method is supposed to allow for others to double-check the work leading to the theory. In other words, starting with the same data and applying the same methods, I should get the same results. But in the case of Anthropocentric Global Warming, this is impossible. The CRU, in response to Freedom of Information Requests for the raw data on which they based their dire predictions of doom, first stalled, then admitted they had destroyed the raw data! We mere mortals are expected to simply take their word their conclusions are accurate. I have to wonder with all the tens of millions of dollars in funding CRU enjoyed, why they could not purchase an extra hard drive to save that raw data!

In ancient times rulers ruled by what ever lie would convince the people that they needed to be ruled. One very common dodge was rule by divine right. I am your ruler because God said so. But as mankind has evolved and become more sophisticated, and understands that the idea of God is more a metaphor than reality, rulers intent on using deception to rule their people have had to come up with more convincing myths. Obey me and I will save you from the Communists. Obey me and I'll save you from the terrorists. Obey me and I will save you from global warming. And so forth...

So the push to sell global government on the basis of human caused global warming is just another variation on the theme of I am the ruler because the gods hath decreed it so.

Maybe it's time for humans to evolve past this latest deception.

As for the actual evidence calling into question the claims of human caused global warming, we can start with the very small percentage of atmospheric carbon dioxide actually created by human industry. The attempt by the global warming cult to claim that natural carbon dioxide is not a problem because nature balances it out, but human caused carbon dioxide is a threat, betrays the agenda of of taking something that occurs naturally and focusing the blame for it onto humans in order to guilt them out of money and obedience.

We have previously documented that temperature sensors used to generate the data that supports the claim of human caused global warming have been cited in the outflow of building air conditioners and in one notable instance right next to a trash incinerator. Clearly given that these are all sources of heat, the readings from these temperature sensors cannot be used to assume that we are measuring the temperature of anything other than air-conditioning outflow and the incineration of trash.

It has been documented and ruled in a British court of law that Al Gore's film and inconvenient truth contained numerous factual errors. In one notable case, a film sequence showing the destruction of the polar caps, turned out to be a fake; a computer-generated sequence from the science-fiction movie the "Day after tomorrow".

Much of the sensationalist media coverage of the issue of human-caused global warming has been exposed as a fraud. A story which claimed Polar Bears were drowning because of global warming was exposed as a fraud in which pictures of summer melt were presented as mid-winter scenes, along with the ludicrous claim that polar bears could not swim to shore to save their own lives.

Then there was the recent video-taped admission by the head of Greenpeace that the claim that Green, and would lose its ice in 20 years was merely a propaganda hoax!

The list of problems supposedly caused by human-caused global warming, from Acne to Prostitution, is endless, with more nonsense being added every day!

The major problem that the global warming cultists have faced is that the Earth has actually been cooling for almost 10 years now. The global warming cultists attempted to rebrand by avoiding the term global warming and saying their agenda was to deal with climate change. Not just any climate change of course but sudden climate change, again the fault of humans, again requiring taxes and obedience to a global authority to solve. But rebranding as the climate change cult did not secure the fact that the predictions for a warming globe were simply not panning out. It was at this point that institutions dependent on funding to study human caused global warming began to adjust their data in order to, as CRU put it, "conceal the decline". Otherwise, trust in the climate scientist was going to be undermined by the fact that they had obviously misguessed which way the temperatures of earth were going predicting that it was going out when in fact it was demonstrably going down.

In the end, the most obvious evidence that the global warming cultists got it wrong, is to look out your doors and windows this winter. Snow has come early to much of the Northern Hemisphere this winter. Ski resorts have opened early, and it looks to be a very hard winter. The same global warming cultists who would point to temperature extremes 10 years ago as proof of their claims, now insist that early snows and frosts and ice should not be construed as evidence of global cooling. Clearly there is a bias at work here.

What is Really at Stake Here?

As I mentioned in the previous section, politicians seek to gain wealth and power and authority by taking something that occurs naturally, transforming it and promoting it as a crisis, and then selling the population a solution in exchange for higher taxes and increased authority over their lives.

Al Gore and his investors have created a crisis called human caused global warming. They have created a product, literally out of thin air, called the carbon credit. This is essentially a license to pollute. And as experience in Europe has already shown, polluters will simply by the license, and pass the cost on to consumers. The pollution will continue, has continued; the only real change is that goods and services cost more than they did before.

These so-called carbon credits will be bought from those who have too many, and resold to those who need more. This will require a brokerage, of which the only one currently in existence is owned by Al Gore and his investors, who stand to make billions of dollars from the trading of carbon credits. This is not unlike the manner in which Enron made billions of dollars off of the people of California by trading imbalances and electricity. It is not a coincidence that Enron's Ken Lay assisted Al Gore in setting up the structure for the trading of carbon credits. Al Gore is doing with carbon dioxide to the world what Ken lay did to California with electricity.

There is a huge amount of money at stake on convincing the people of the world that the Earth is getting warmer, that it is all their fault, and atonement lies with submitting to new taxation.

Those people still supporting AGW (anthropogenic global warming) are dependent on funding to support their current positions. That funding is in turn dependent in the continuation of faith that AGW (anthropogenic global warming) is correct. After all, when Galileo proved that the Earth Orbited the Sun, funding for continued research into epicycles vanished abruptly, along with tenures and the value of every degree issued in the field of Epicycles.

The same applies here. With precious rare exception, every academic whose degree and funding is based on AGW is looking at a stark unemployment picture. In their minds, they are not fighting for scientific truth; they are fighting for their livelihood, and the proof is very simple. If their primary concern was really the long term welfare of planet Earth, one would think the Global Warming Cult would be delighted to find out there really is no danger after all. But, as is clearly evident, the goal is to support the orthodoxy even against the revelation that their core scientific foundation is based on a fraud.

Quite a few people, including President Obama, are financially invested in the Global Carbon Credit scheme, in which licenses are issued to pollute, with the surplus units bought and sold through brokerages. Al Gore and his fellow investors have already spent $150 million to "sell" anthropogenic global warming. They will not walk away from that investment easily.

Beyond the researchers whose degrees and funding are dependent on the continuation of a perceived public threat, the media outlets and government officials who signed onto this campaign are now realizing that they have wagered their entire credibility on AGW (anthropogenic global warming) at a time when their credibility was already strained from Saddam's "nookular" bombs, the economy, 9-11, etc. etc. etc. Climategate could well be the final nail in the coffin of the public's trust of media and government.

Just one example, Paul Hudson, BBC weatherman who in October was sent Climategate emails has been gagged by the BBC.

Over and above the financial incentive, there is another agenda at work. There has been a push forward for the emergence of a global government for many years now. The plan to sell this new global oligarchy to the people the world rests on three pillars. The first pillar is human caused global warming, requiring submission to a global environmental authority. The second pillar was the global swine flu pandemic, requiring submission to a global health authority. The third pillar was the global financial crisis, requiring submission to a global banking authority. All three pillars are in serious trouble. If the pillar of human caused global warming collapses, no doubt it will pull the other two down with it.

Clearly there's a tremendous amount of political and financial power behind the selling of anthropogenic global warming to the people of the world. It is this political power which was able to provide Al Gore with an Academy award for his documentary film and inconvenient truth even though that film has already been exposed as containing multiple factual errors. It was this same political power which obtained for Al Gore a Nobel peace prize again for his documentary film and again awarded even though the deceptions had been exposed in a British court of law.

So much money and political power has been invested in the myth of human caused global warming that if human caused global warming becomes exposed to the general population as a lie and a hoax, many well-known institutions of government and media will likely collapse from the scandal. The establishment is literally fighting for its life. And we should expect them to take any and all desperation measures to prolong and preserve their power and prestige and privilege.

This is a Street Brawl for Truth and Freedom

It is clear that government, the media, corporatized science, have quite literally bet the farm on selling the illusion of human caused global warming as justification for global taxes and global government. In order to bring about global government simultaneous with creating the illusion of a need they have to destroy the credibility of the regional governments and we have seen a great deal of this lately. Now the oligarchs face an awkward choice. They have set the stage for a collapse of the national governments in the global government they wish to install in its place may be collapsing right along with the myth of global government.

Various governments and the media are so heavily invested in selling the illusion of human caused dglobal warming, that if that hoax is exposed, if the public becomes aware of the monstrous fraud involved, those institutions of government and media could very well be destroyed and by their own hands.

Already we are seeing the organizers and perpetrators of this fraud trying to limit the damage from this exposure in several ways. The media is already hard at work attempting to dump the blame and scandal solely on the climate scientists, who after all were only doing what they were paid to do. This is not to say the scientists are not guilty. Quite the contrary, they deserve to be pilloried publicly and humiliated for their betrayal of the public trust. To say that their careers should be ended is an understatement. But in our haste to punish the scientists who assisted in the lies to the world, we must not forget that the scientists were working for somebody; for politicians such as Al Gore, for an agenda called global government, and for those who wanted to get rich by selling a fictitious product called carbon credit.

Yet another tactic being employed to limit the damage from climate gate, is to insist that even though the scientist responsible for the climate warming data have been exposed as holsters that the validity of the data itself must remain above question above reproach. This of course is nonsense. If you hire a contractor to build a home, and discover afterwards that the contractor has a history of using substandard materials and sloppy workmanship, do you continue to believe the home he has built you is solid and durable and safe? Of course not. And yet the global warming cultists are demanding exactly this kind of naïveté from the public at large.

The latest spin is that if one questions the dogma of Anthropocentric Global Warming, then one must be in favor of destroying the Earth. There is no middle ground. Another common propaganda tactic is to accuse those who question the veracity of the Global Warming Cultists is to accuse them of receiving paychecks from oil companies. When one points out that the proponents of Anthropocentric Global Warming are being paid for their work, one gets a "hurrumph" of indignation. It's apparently acceptable for their side of the argument to be well-funded, because in their eyes they are the "good guys." Finally, there is the much-ballyhooed "Precautionary Principle" which states that one should never take any action that might cause harm even if that potential harm cannot be demonstrated or proven. In theory such a prohibition should extend to any actions undertaken in support of the Precautionary Principle itself, but such suggestions get the usual "Hurrumph" of indignation. The cultists are really good at that.

So is climate gate a fraud? Is climate gate a scientific scandal? No. Climate gate is first and foremost a political scandal. More than that it is a global political scandal that involves governments, media, institutionalize science, the banks, universities, indeed a vast cross-section of our ruling classes. It is more than a scandal; climate gate is a crime against humanity. And this is not an exaggeration. The goal of climategate was to extract money from every human being on planet Earth in exchange for a nonexistent salvation from a nonexistent threat. The goal of climate gate was to trick every human being on planet Earth into accepting the yoke of a global oligarchy with no more legitimate claim to power than those who ruled by divine right.

We are at a watershed moment. We may well see a transition to a new and better political structure for the entire world. But it will not be the one that has been designed for us. If nothing else, the ability for government and media to lie to the population of the world on such a vast scale is forever destroyed. Climategate will relegate all of the official stories of the governments of the United States and Great Britain and indeed every government that took part in the human caused global warming hoax to the same level of credibility as Ramses carvings showing his victory over the Hittites. It will be seen as an historic joke by future generations.

But we are not there yet. The forces that have enslaved us with deception and fraud and hoax are desperate to hang onto their power and authority. They are busy coming up with new hoaxes and frauds to scare us back into obedience. And the media well aware that they cannot report on the lies of climate gate without reporting their own complicity are working hand in glove with government to reassert their ability to control what you think and when you think it.

So, what we, the free people of planet Earth, need to do in the coming weeks is become the new mainstream media. The TV networks and other corporate media have been handed their marching orders to resell the illusion of human caused climate change in any way shape or form that will convince you to accept new taxes and the loss of your freedoms. The only way the rest of the world is going to find out about climate gate is if you tell them. Because the TV and news magazines won't. If it's mentioned at all, it will be to trivialize and dismiss it and assure the world it really doesn't matter. BBC is still reporting climate gate as just another computer crime. This is like reporting Watergate as just another burglary!

We have collected together a vast body of evidence calling into question the legitimacy of the claims of human caused global warming. We have collected together a vast body of evidence proving fraud and deception on the part of the global warming cult. Please forward this information to everybody you know. Time is of the essence. Barack Obama as already indicated that he will not be swayed by the exposure of the fraud in the CRU/NWIA data, and fully intends to go to Copenhagen to sign away our national sovereignty as "penance" for our contribution to global warming.

Other observers have commented that the moment president Obama signs that Copenhagen Treaty his credibility as president of the United States will be destroyed. For him to sign away sovereignty of our nation on the basis of a known lie should enrage all Americans and make it clear that the federal government is not working in the interests of the American people any more, but in service to this emerging globalist socialistic empire. Remember; global government is what Hitler wanted. Global Government is what Napoleon wanted. Global Government is what Alexander the Great wanted. Global Government is what the Roman Caesars wanted.

Climategate may well prove to be the final fight in the war between those who would rule us with lies and those who wish to live with truth. Climategate makes it clear that yes, there really are massive conspiracies between government and the media to mislead the general public. You cannot pretend they don't exist; one is right there before you staked out naked on the ground, exposed for all to marvel at! I leave it as an exercise for the reader to decide how many other such deceptions form what we think we know of the world and of history.

There are two paths into the future. Along one lies freedom and truth and prosperity for the people. Along the other lies a socialist dictatorship, born in deception, unable and unwilling to tolerate dissent, and dedicated to robbing the poor to give to the rich.

You need to decide which future you wish to live in.

And you need to decide what you will do about it.


More: "Climategate spells end to the false science of climate change

With the release of over 60 megabytes worth of incriminating emails, and the world getting a glimpse into the world of fanatical pseudo-science, there is little that can be done by the professors who are now on intellectual trial. Whether the emails were leaked or hacked, the people responsible for getting the information out have helped uncover the truth about “climate change” like no news story before it. While there have been piles of evidence to expose the global warming fraud in the past, a written exchange in their very own words is the ultimate proof.

"'Global Warming Meltdown' Article Pulled

On Nov. 20th had a nice article about the hacked emails called "A Global Warming Meltdown" written by by Andrew C. Revkin, of the New York Times.

The article talked about how the emails revealed that scientists were using statistical "tricks" to make charts show a recent sharp warming trend. I went to find that article today on their website and it is gone, it seems to have been pulled. I can't find it on the New York Times website either, a lot of other sites had linked to this article as well, but all you get is the 404 error message.

On Nov. 21 Andrew Revkin wrote another article called "Hacked E-Mail Is New Fodder for Climate Dispute" this article is essentially the same as the article written the day before only the headline is different. hhhhhmmmmm

Today's article on on the subject which is now being called "Climategate" is Hackers leak climate change e-mails from key research unit, stoke debate on global warming. This article seems more directed at killing the messenger and how this may have been done to undermine the Copenhagen meeting...."

"'Climate-Gate' Scandal Should Be Wake-Up Call For Press, Politicians

The misconduct exposed by the e-mails is so apparent that one scientist, Tim Ball, said it marked "the death blow to climate science." Another, Patrick Michaels, told the New York Times: "This is not a smoking gun; this is a mushroom cloud."

"BBC: What happened to global warming?

This headline may come as a bit of a surprise, so too might that fact that the warmest year recorded globally was not in 2008 or 2007, but in 1998.

But it is true. For the last 11 years we have not observed any increase in global temperatures.

And our climate models did not forecast it, even though man-made carbon dioxide, the gas thought to be responsible for warming our planet, has continued to rise.

So what on Earth is going on?

"BBC Shunned Me For Denying Climate Change

FOR YEARS David Bellamy was one of the best known faces on TV.

A respected botanist and the author of 35 books, he had presented around 400 programmes over the years and was appreciated by audiences for his boundless enthusiasm.

Yet for more than 10 years he has been out of the limelight, shunned by bosses at the BBC where he made his name, as well as fellow scientists and environmentalists.

His crime? Bellamy says he doesn’t believe in man-made global warming."

"Climategate Document Database

On November 19, 2009, climate science was severely shaken by the release of a collection of email messages, together with a collection of data and data processing programs, that were hacked or revealed by a whistle blower from the University of East Anglia Climatic Research Unit (CRU), one of the key centers of global warming research. These emails and text files have been the subject of intense debate, calling to question assumptions on anthropogenic (man-made) global warming. They are offered here by PJTV/Pajamas Media in conjunction with the Competitive Enterprise Institute/ for the purpose of education and comment.

"A Convenient Ruse: Man-Made Global Warming Data Destroyed

SCIENTISTS at the University of East Anglia (UEA) have admitted throwing away much of the raw temperature data on which their predictions of global warming are based.

It means that other academics are not able to check basic calculations said to show a long-term rise in temperature over the past 150 years.

"So whatever data CRU announces they will release in the future HAS TO BE MADE UP. i.e. a new set of phony claims." -- Wake the Flock Up

"Climate change data dumped

SCIENTISTS at the University of East Anglia (UEA) have admitted throwing away much of the raw temperature data on which their predictions of global warming are based.

It means that other academics are not able to check basic calculations said to show a long-term rise in temperature over the past 150 years.

The UEA’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU) was forced to reveal the loss following requests for the data under Freedom of Information legislation.

The data were gathered from weather stations around the world and then adjusted to take account of variables in the way they were collected. The revised figures were kept, but the originals — stored on paper and magnetic tape — were dumped to save space when the CRU moved to a new building.

"Climategate: Have They No Shame?

It is clear that the tip-top scientists implicated in the burgeoning Climategate scandal have no honor, but it is also becoming apparent that they have no sense of shame either. Their strategy is to brazen it out and rely on the great global warming alarmist establishment and the mainstream media to circle the wagons.

"The Web Discloses Inconvenient Climate Truths

For anyone who doubts the power of the Internet to shine light on darkness, the news of the month is how digital technology helped uncover a secretive group of scientists who suppressed data, froze others out of the debate, and flouted freedom-of-information laws. Their behavior was brought to light when more than 1,000 emails,and some 3,500 additional files were published online, many of which boasted about how they suppressed hard questions about their data. The emails, released by an apparent whistle-blower who used the name "FOI," were written by scientists at the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia in England. Its scientists are high-profile campaigners for the theory of global warming.

"Search Engines Censoring ClimateGate?

A fantastic article written by Christopher Brooker of the London Telegraph exposing the climate change fraud rocketed to the very top of a Google News search for “global warming,” only to disappear hours later.

“What is going on at Google? I only ask because last night when I typed “Global Warming” into Google News the top item was Christopher Booker’s superb analysis of the Climategate scandal,” writes James Delingpole.

“It’s still the most-read article of the Telegraph’s entire online operation – 430 comments and counting – yet mysteriously when you try the same search now it doesn’t even feature. Instead, the top-featured item is a blogger pushing Al Gore’s AGW agenda. Perhaps there’s nothing sinister in this. Perhaps some Google-savvy reader can enlighten me.”

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"What's the carbon/health footprint of another senseless war?

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Yeah, where are the global-warmers at the antiwar rallies, hmmmmm?