Monday, January 1, 2018

Unhappy New Year

After having abstained from the Globe for several days (and feeling much better for it), I buckled and bought one:

Are you crazy? No, just a (cold) Patriots fan   

Sports gambling case has Massachusetts casinos at the ready

In 2017, we said goodbye to a galaxy of luminaries

That was the top half of the fold, and I said farewell to any interest in reading them, sorry.

How Dr. Phil’s new addiction recovery venture trades on his TV show’s marketing clout

It was the second of two parts as John Henry goes after Dr. Phil and outsources some of the reporting. Apparently, it's all staged and orchestrated like everything else you are seeing in the ma$$ media. Big surprise. I never watched or believed his baloney anyway.

5 Colorado deputies shot, 1 fatally, in ‘ambush’ attack

Was my national lead and the web Globe saw fit to edit out that "tens of thousands of revelers will ring in the new year in Las Vegas under the close eye of throngs of law enforcement officers and National Guard members assembled to keep them safe just three months after the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history. Tourism officials expect about 330,000 people to come to the city for festivities that are anchored by a roughly eight-minute fireworks display at the top of seven casino-hotels. Inside, acts including Bruno Mars, Britney Spears, Celine Dion and Foo Fighters will keep partyers entertained before and after midnight." 

Everything back to normal, huh? 

Expect many more mind-manipulating, staged and scripted crisis drills gone live and further false flag fiction psyops throughout 2018.

Thousands gather in frigid cold for Times Square’s 2018 party

More on the weather and environment later.

Angry at Trump, North Carolina Democrats hope for 2018 gains 

The votes have already been counted.

California rolls out retail marijuana sales

I knew I forgot something.

Seattle settles lawsuit over abuse claims against former mayor

Yes, a child predator (a la Spacey, remember him?) and gay Democrat must be made to go away.

Iranian president urges calm as protests continue

It's my World lead, and it's Operation Ajax 3.0 (the college students are the tell as well as the pre$$ placement) as the protesters call for a return to the monarchy!!

Wasn't there an attempted destabilization of Iran back in Obama's first year in office, too? Tells you where Trump is headed as he says the ‘‘USA is watching very closely for human rights violations!’’ Beyond the audacious hypocrisy is his standing as a Zionist tool and foil. It is said he has given up on Syria, but that's just disinformation. They are already forming another group to have a go at it.

Suicide bomber kills at least 17 at funeral in Afghanistan

Given all the lies that led to all the wars, why should I believe that? I mean, Pence was just there in a trip that was shrouded in secrecy (he entered and left like a thief in the night!). That itself is an admission of failure (and Trump is ramping up the failed strategy) as the trip is now simply unannounced while Pence goes on to threaten Pakistan.

Merkel’s wishes for 2018: more empathy and a new government

Here, here!

Partisans, wielding money, begin seeking to exploit harassment claims

Turns out the whole campaign was meant to be used as a selective political cudgel, something we suspected right from the start. You've been taken advantage of again, ladies, and by some of your own even.

Ohio’s move to toss inactive voters from rolls goes to high court

What does it matter when all selections, 'er, elections are rigged?

Democrats in high-tax states plot ways to blunt impact of new tax law

The $ame people they are worried about are actually going to see a tax reduction as "residents will get a temporary tax cut because of other provisions of the law, including lower tax rates and an increase in the standard deduction, but the cap on the state and local tax deduction could pose a serious threat to state budgets." 

That's their real worry. Forget about the billions in tax revenue that goes for corporate welfare.

"The media have stoked our biases and prejudices and inflamed our differences, but under everything, we are all Americans. Most citizens care deeply about the future of our country and about the need for a better life for their children." 

Yeah, imagine that. The column then immediately begins grinding the ax in a mostly one-sided way for it is all about the media, not Trump.

Time to turn off the light.

‘Massive mental health crisis’ feared for Rohingya children

With all due respect, the flogging of refugee children by the Jewi$h War Pre$$ is disingenuous agenda-pushing given the 70+ years of existence for some Palestinians.

What the item tells me is Myanmar has drifted back into the Chinese orbit and the EUSraeli Empire wishes to transform the Rakhine State into another Bosnia or Kosovo.

Even in Poland, workers’ wages flow to North Korea

The U.S. has already declared war on North Korea (before the seizure of ships began). In fact, we have been at war with them since 1950. Now they are trying to drag Russia and China in for violating sanctions.

The Costa Rican plane crash was not in my printed paper.

There is no mail on New Years, so.....

Despite frigid weather, Boston welcomes 2018

Bitterly cold temperatures are set to continue

Brutal cold hampers region’s firefighters

Duluth, anyone? The view from even colder places

Yes, the cold is all the talk in the Globe. Forget it flying in the face of the fart mist of global warming, as the true poisons being dumped into the earth are barely whispered (do you know where those materials come from and why they need policing?).

Better go get warm.

More fights over Obamacare and Medicaid likely in 2018

Fortunately, "public health is not government surveillance" in America, and what is that smell?

At MatzoBall, the guests were in a festive mood

Need I say more?