Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Kissing Kershner Good Night

And goodbye (sob)....

"Irvin Kershner, who directed the best of the six Star Wars films ("The Empire Strikes Back," and if you disagree you're wrong), died over the weekend at age 87....  

Actually, I do and don't care for the insult.  

See: Revenge of the MSM Monitor 

I find the final installment the best for so many reasons: the Jedi deception and manipulation of Anakin as they disrespect him; the conflict Anakin suffers as he tries to save his wife and baby; Anakin's wish to be honest and open about his love for Padme; the transformation of Palpatine to Emperor; and so many other things. The fact that I watched the film at a midnight showing on opening night and was so exhilarated at 2:30 in the morning that I wanted to see it again added to the specialness of the experience, as did reading the book based on the screenplay.

Also watch: Star Wars & False Flag Terrorism

I can see why the lying, agenda-pushing, war-promoting, cover-up AmeriKan media wouldn't like the more recent set of prequels.

The 1980 production was a darker story than the original. In it, hero Luke Skywalker loses a hand and learns that villain Darth Vader is his father. The movie initially got mixed reviews but has gone on to become one of the most critically praised....  

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Why AmeriKans Hate Avatar 

How come you guys always rip the best movies?

Kershner said he had only one sharp disagreement with Lucas. The script originally called for the heroine, Princess Leah, to tell space pilot Han Solo "I love you" and for him to reply "I love you, too."

"I shot the line and it just didn't seem right for the character of Han Solo," Kershner said.

Instead, actor Harrison Ford improvised the reply: "I know."

Lucas wanted the original line but after test previews agreed to leave in Ford's reply, which has gone on to be one of the best-known lines in the series....   

And not just the series, but in movie history.


Another Kirchner that gets a goodbye kiss:

"Néstor Kirchner; led Argentina out of fiscal crisis" by Michael Warren, Associated Press / October 28, 2010

BUENOS AIRES — Former Argentine president Néstor Kirchner — the country’s most powerful politician along with his wife, current leader Cristina Fernandez — died yesterday after suffering a heart attack, the presidency said.

“It was a sudden death,’’ his personal doctor, Luis Buonomo, told reporters in El Calafate....  


Mr. Kirchner, 60, had undergone an angioplasty after a heart attack in September, but was still expected to be a candidate in next year’s presidential elections....  


Mr. Kirchner worked hand-in-hand with his wife to maintain the ruling party’s hold on power. He was seen as the heir to strongman Juan Domingo Perón and one of the few people capable of managing Argentina’s unruly and chaotic political scene.

It was Mr. Kirchner who did the hard work of managing relationships with labor unions, activist groups, governors, and mayors — the political players who move thousands of voters and whose allegiance is vital to maintaining public order.

Under the Kirchners, Argentina abandoned the “Washington consensus’’ of tight fiscal policies and free trade, isolating the country from foreign debt markets and imposing stringent controls on the flow of money and goods in and out of the country.  

Yeah, they STIFFED INVESTORS and took care of their own needs first!

Mr. Kirchner served as president from 2003 to 2007, bringing Argentina out of severe economic crisis and encouraging judicial changes that set in motion dozens of human rights trials involving hundreds of dictatorship-era figures who had previously benefited from an amnesty.

Also see: I Will Cry For You, Argentina!

And you receive an apology for AmeriKa's role in it all from these quarters.

As secretary general of the Union of South American Republics, or Unasur, Mr. Kirchner mediated one of the many border disputes between Venezuela and Colombia. Both countries’ leaders mourned his loss Wednesday.... 

Isn't the entire hemisphere?


Exorcising the Boston Globe

The power of Christ compels you!

Catholic bishops hold session offering training in exorcisms

Then we better get a priest

Handing the Joint Over in Afghanistan

By the time you get to the end of this post you will be ready to take a hit:

"US begins handing over bases to Afghan military; Marines plan to shift troops to desert posts" by Rajiv Chandrasekaran,Washington Post / November 7, 2010

NAWA, Afghanistan — US Marines have begun handing over some of their small bases to the Afghan army in this once-volatile district in the country’s southwest, a transition that top military commanders intend to cite as proof that the Obama administration’s troop escalation and counterinsurgency strategy are succeeding....     

And if my lying, war-promoting newspaper tells us it's true it  must be.

But the Marine plan still envisages a significant US military presence in the desert and in the district’s main town to provide emergency backup to Afghan soldiers, mentor the fledgling police force, and interdict insurgents seeking to enter the area....   

Translation: Nothing is really changing and their is no progress.

The situation in Nawa suggests that the hand over might lead to the same kinds of differing interpretations that have clouded recent reports of progress in the war, particularly the killing of insurgent commanders by coalition commandos and the talks between a few senior Taliban leaders and members of the Afghan government....     

At this point I begin to wonder what the AmeriKan MSM is smoking.

The Marines’ assessment that they are needed in Nawa beyond next summer — the two-year mark for US forces in the district — could influence a White House review of the war set for December....

“If we can’t get out of Nawa in two years, that calls into question some of the basic assumptions of the COIN [counterinsurgency] strategy,’’ said a senior administration official involved in Afghanistan policy, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss internal deliberations.  

Then why did the deceptive headline and first paragraph blare success?

A farming community of about 80,000 people along the Helmand River, Nawa is regarded by many military and civilian officials to be a model of counterinsurgency operations and the most stable district among those targeted with new forces authorized by Obama last year.... 

The military officials said a final decision on how many troops will remain in the area after next summer will not be made until spring and that it could involve a far greater drawdown than the Marines are forecasting.  

Or it could mean more troops to the area.

US and NATO forces have handed over bases to the Afghan army over the past few years in places that never had much insurgent violence or were deemed unimportant to the campaign against the Taliban....  

Trumpeted as progress the whole time.

The transfer entails significant risks. Although Nawa is one of the most secure districts in this part of Afghanistan, Taliban fighters continue to plant homemade bombs on roads and threaten residents who cooperate with the government. The Marines are betting that ragtag soldiers and a police force beset with internal divisions will be able to hold their own and maintain public confidence....    

Does that sound like a good strategy to end the war and succeed with the mission? 

Backing a loser?


Same day (hidden in the briefs):

"NATO investigates attack on troops

KABUL — NATO said yesterday that it is investigating whether an Afghan National Army soldier killed two coalition service members in southern Afghanistan, where joint forces are pushing into insurgent strongholds. NATO said the coalition and the Afghan government were jointly investigating how the two service members died Friday evening in Sangin, a dangerous district of Helmand Province (AP)." 

And we are going to turn over bases to these guys?

"Afghan border policeman kills 6 US troops during training; Taliban claim responsibility for gun attack" by Heidi Vogt, Associated Press / November 30, 2010

KABUL, Afghanistan — An Afghan border police officer killed six American servicemen during a training mission yesterday, underscoring one of the risks in a US-led program to educate enough recruits to turn over the lead for security to Afghan forces by 2014.... 

I thought we were leaving next year; that's what Obama said. 

Attacks on NATO troops by Afghan police or soldiers, although still rare, have increased as the coalition has accelerated the program.  

Does that make sense to you?   

See: AmeriKan Justice Arrives in Afghanistan  

No wonder they are all f***ed up.

Other problems with the rapidly growing security forces include drug use, widespread illiteracy, and high rates of attrition....

The Taliban claimed responsibility, saying the gunman joined the border police to kill foreign soldiers.

“Today he found this opportunity and he killed six invaders,’’ said Zabiullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, in a statement e-mailed to the media.  

Oh, now they are allegedly e-mailing rather than using the cellphone? 

I'm beginning to wonder whether these mouthpiece media sources are even real.

The shooter opened fire on the NATO troops and then was killed in the shootout, NATO said, without providing additional details....   

Yup, we won't be getting any answers now.

The recent increase in such shootings suggests that the Afghan security forces may be suffering from growing pains.... 

I'm sorry, that is disgusting "journalism" -- as if mowing down our guys is all a normal part of the process. 

Only 11 percent of enlisted personnel and 35 percent of noncommissioned officers in Afghanistan’s army and police are literate, according to NATO trainers.

Then HOW can they READ SOMEONE their RIGHTS?

And before NATO took over the training mission for the security forces, many Afghan police recruits were issued uniforms and guns and sent out to postings without any sort of training in weapons or law enforcement.  

But they made the numbers look good for the Pentagon propaganda.

Drug use is also common among the police, though NATO trainers say they are doing a better job of screening for drugs and kicking out addicts.

At least the TALIBAN were not HIGH on DRUGS like OUR GUYS!! 

Btw, I noticed the PEACE TALKS coverage went away right quick in my war-promoting paper!

Those testing positive for heroin or other hard drugs are immediately discharged, while those testing positive for marijuana use are put on probation while they kick the habit.  

(Sound of blog editor inhaling)


'ere, readers.... (cough, cough, cough)

Muslims Make Synagogue Service

"Muslims tend to have a better understanding of Jewish traditions than Jews do of Muslim ones

I didn't say it; a Jewish person did and it was even reported by the Globe:

"Project aims to build better relations for Muslims, Jews" by Lisa Wangsness, Globe Staff / November 6, 2010

Now in its third year, the “Weekend of Twinning’’ will bring together 100 pairs of synagogues, mosques, and student groups in North America, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. This year’s event comes near the end of a year fraught with tension between Muslims and Jews in Boston and across the world over such issues as the proposed Islamic center near ground zero in New York, the recent interception in Britain and Dubai of explosive-laden packages addressed to Chicago synagogues; and, locally, ongoing controversy surrounding the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center in Roxbury....  

Related: MSM Monitor: 9/11: Mosques and Memories

British Complaint Has Cause and Effect

Hearing the Call of the Minaret

I do, and it makes me sad. 

You see who won't listen and is the one stirring up bad feelings?

Some Jews do (God bless them):

David Lobron, a member of Congregation Dorshei Tzedek, a synagogue in West Newton who is helping to organize the event, said he has noticed that Muslims tend to have a better understanding of Jewish traditions than Jews do of Muslim ones. “Probably most Jewish people have not visited a mosque before,’’ he said. “The Muslims I’ve talked to, a lot of them have been to bar mitzvahs and things like that.’’  

To bomb it, right?


I'm sorry my country is so unwelcoming to you, Muslims -- and that it has engaged in (and continues to engage in) mass-murdering war crimes based on lies.  

I don't know what to do to stop it. Running out in the street and hollering at my fellow citizens won't work, and an hour on a Saturday before "see you next Saturday" doesn't get it done anymore. I feel the best I can do is get on here as a citizen from the offending nation and scream bloody murder at the leadership. None of it was done with my approval, and no one ever listened even after it was proven I told the truth on Iraq.  Now it is considered "bad form" to bring it up.

I haven't been in a mosque because there are none in the area of which I am aware. We have churches and temples out here, and I think a mosque would fit in just fine. 

The call to prayer sounds soothing to me even if I don't go to worship (I'd have to go to Mass, ugh!), and I wouldn't mind a tour some day.

Wikileaking Our Way To War

RelatedThe AmeriKan Media's Poison Pill

This first article proves it:

"Foreign leaders play down release of diplomatic cables" by Debbi Wilgoren, Washington Post / November 30, 2010

WASHINGTON —Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the cables provide proof that the Arab world agrees with his country’s assessment that Iran is the chief danger to the Middle East....  

I thought I smelled bulls***.

In Tel Aviv, Netanyahu said his country wasn’t harmed by the revelations. On the contrary, he said, the leaks proved that many other Middle Eastern countries share Israel’s view that a nuclear-armed Iran “is the most fundamental threat’’ in the region....

Some of the documents concerning Iran were based on meetings between US officials and leaders of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and the United Arab Emirates, who reportedly indicated support for a US-led attack to end Iran’s nuclear program....   


Tensions in the Persian Gulf region have risen since Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates bought $60 billion worth of American weapons. Simultaneously, the influence of Shi’ite political groups has caused increasing concern among the Sunni kingdoms of the Arabian Peninsula who say Iran is aiding the groups to expand its influence.

Publicly, relations between Iran and many key Arab states are friendly, but....

Israel's spies, mouthpieces, and forgeries say otherwise.


The rest of the garbage from the Boston Globe:

"US promises action against data leakers; Military takes steps to better guard secrets" by Anne Gearan, Associated Press / November 30, 2010

WASHINGTON — Striking back, the Obama administration yesterday branded the leak of more than a quarter-million sensitive files an attack on the United States and raised the prospect of criminal prosecution against the online site WikiLeaks.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton asserted that WikiLeaks acted illegally in posting the material. She said the administration was taking “aggressive steps to hold responsible those who stole this information.’’  

What, are you sending the spies back to Israel?

Clinton spoke in between calls to foreign capitals to make amends for scathing and gossipy memos never meant for foreign eyes. 

Israel's way of embarrassing them and telling them who is in control as well as advancing the agenda.

“This disclosure is not just an attack on America’s foreign policy interests,’’ she said. “It is an attack on the international community, the alliances and partnerships, the conversations and negotiations that safeguard global security and advance economic prosperity....’’


The Pentagon yesterday detailed new security safeguards, including restraints on small computer flash drives, to make it harder for anyone to copy and reveal so many secrets.

The young Army private suspected of stealing the diplomatic memos, many of them classified, and feeding them to WikiLeaks may have defeated Pentagon security systems using little more than a Lady Gaga CD and a portable computer memory stick....

Are the BILLIONS in SECURITY worth the COVER STORY CRAP, America?


And WE DON'T EVEN want to TALK, Americans!

"US and South Korea reject talks with North; Military exercises continue off coast in show of force" by Helene Cooper, New York Times / November 30, 2010 

WASHINGTON — The United States, South Korea, and Japan are all balking at China’s request for emergency talks with North Korea over the crisis on the Korean Peninsula, as high-profile military exercises between South Korea and the United States in the Yellow Sea continued in a show of force.

Obama administration officials said that a return to the table with North Korea, as China sought this weekend, would be rewarding Pyongyang for provocative behavior....


YOU DO IT for ISRAEL all the TIME!

Separately, South Korea’s military appeared to step back from one confrontational stance, canceling live-fire artillery drills on the island in the Yellow Sea attacked by North Korea a week ago. The drills were scheduled for today but canceled within four hours of the announcement....   

I am ALWAYS HAPPY when the WORLD takes a STEP BACK from WAR!

It remains unclear just what the United States would accept from North Korea to return to talks....

See who is BLOCKING PEACE, folks?  

Also see: Slow Saturday Special: Korean Calm

At the United Nations, the Obama administration called for tighter enforcement of sanctions against North Korea.  

What a JERK!!!!!!!!!!

The Security Council met to discuss the crisis but did not emerge with any new plans, further reflecting the mounting frustration in the international community over how to rein in North Korea.  

What "international community" would that be? USrael?


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And we can't afford to do that in a post 9/11 world.  

And from the who-cares file:

Kerry’s diplomatic style revealed in WikiLeaks release  

Aww, Israel was kind to Kerry! 

Update: Santorum calls WikiLeaks founder a terrorist

So let's start shutting down the blogs, right?  

Talk about a rigged game and the totality of agenda-pushing propaganda. 

I'm in absolute awe.

Quick Prayer at the Pakistani Mosque

You have to get up pretty early in the morning to fool a Pakistani.  

Or others:

"Who Is Responsible for Suicide-Bomber Academies?

In the following report, Yet Another Mosque Suicide-Bombed Near Peshawar, we read all that we can stand to read about the latest suicide-bomber to strike that embattled country. An interesting Pakistani website today asks the following question: who do you think is responsible for suicide bombings in Pakistan? It is vital to Pakistan’s survival as a self-governing state that it uncover the truth about the suicide-bomber trainers who bedevil the country.

Who really is behind the world epidemic of suicide-bombers that plague not only Pakistan, but much of the world?  If it was true that the Pakistani Army was really responsible for most of the “Islamic” suicide-bombers as some people claim, then most of the bombings would not be happening there.  Whoever perfected the art of suicide-bomber training transplanted the science to multiple countries from a central source....

To state the obvious at this point, all of the previous examples of suicide-bomber training took place in countries targeted by the United States.  That is no coincidence, since it was the CIA which perfected the original “Islamist” indoctrination program which is at the core of all these brainwashing programs.

There is only one organization in the entire free world with the available money, the technical means and the millions of test subjects required and the expertise in “Islamist” indoctrination,  to scientifically compile an information base for constructing a mind-control research program, and that is the Pentagon....

The first military link between the US Army and “al-Qaeda” was provided by Ali Mohamed, the trained psychologist.  He was also a Major in the Egyptian Special Forces, in the very same squad which assassinated Anwar Sadat in 1981, the murder taking place while Ali was at Ft. Bragg taking Special Forces training.  They were all members of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, along with al-Zawahiri.  The mujahedeen later trained by Ali were the ones who were later sent into Bosnia and Croatia on behalf of Pres. Clinton, ferried into the former Yugoslavia by American contractors, as well as in US Army C-130s (SEE:  The Tuzla Airlift).

“Ali the American” was an American Special Forces soldier after that, still later, he worked undercover for the CIA and the FBI on undisclosed missions.  He is the man who took the US Army counter-insurgency training manuals and converted them into Arabic for “al-Qaeda.”   He used the manuals to impart to the militants the same Special Forces training which he had received at Ft. Bragg....


"TTP blames US Blackwater for Darra mosque blast

Peshawar—Former spokesman of the banned Tehrek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Azam Tariq has denied involvement of his organization in the attack on a Mosque in Dara Adamkhel and alleged that US and Blackwater were responsible for the dastardly act in which many innocent worshippers were perished and sustained injuries. Azam Tariq, who hailed from Dara Adamkhel, in telephones to news agencies from an undisclosed location, denied that the blast was the handiwork of any Pakistani militant group or the banned TTP.

“It is the work of Blackwater,” Tariq said in reference to the US security firm renamed Xe. Azam Tariq was active in Dara Adamkhel, his native town but was forced to flee the area after military operation and was presently hiding in Taliban sanctuary in Upper Orakzai and working under the direct command of Chief of TTP Hakimullah Mehsud, the successor of Baithullah Mehsud.

TTP’s second in Command Wali-ur-Rehman Mehsud said that Blackwater was behind most of the incidents wherein innocents were targeted. “Blackwater is doing its job of destabilizing Pakistan by targeting Masajids and killing innocent people and putting the blame on the shoulder of Taliban.” Wali also blamed media for its partial behavior. “Most of the calls of responsibility of the attacks were fake,” Wali said. He said through fake calls, Taliban were held responsible for certain attacks which have nothing to do with the objective of Taliban....


Related: 67 die in suicide bombing of Pakistan mosque  

If you like propaganda.And the reason for the deceit: 

"Pakistani police foil suicide bombing plot" by Asif Shahzad, Associated Press / November 27, 2010

ISLAMABAD — Police arrested two would-be suicide bombers planning to attack a mosque and a government building in Pakistan’s capital yesterday, as local officials said another suspected US missile strike near the Afghan border killed three alleged insurgents.

Al Qaeda and Taliban militants seeking to topple Pakistan’s US-allied government have carried out scores of attacks across the country, killing thousands....

Most attacks have been on government, security, or Western targets, though there have been seemingly indiscriminate blasts in public places, presumably to spread terror and undermine confidence in the government....  

Yeah, who would want to do that again?


I guess I'll just pray for all the lost souls murdered by U.S. missile strikes:

"A pair of US drone strikes killed 14 suspected militants in northwestern Pakistan yesterday in the latest attacks against Al Qaeda and Taliban militants seeking sanctuary in the region, local intelligence officials said....


"US strike reported to kill 5 militants

MIR ALI — A suspected US missile strike hit a Taliban stronghold near the Afghan border yesterday, killing five alleged militants as they traveled in a vehicle, Pakistani officials said. At least three of those killed were believed to be foreigners. The drone attack was the seventh this month (AP)."

"Missile strikes kill six in Pakistan" by Associated Press / November 22, 2010

Four suspected US missiles struck a house in northwestern Pakistan yesterday, killing six people in an area near the Afghan border teeming with militants, intelligence officials said.  

Isn't that overkill? One or two not enough, and if so WTF are we paying big bucks for?

The strike, carried out by at least one unmanned aircraft, was part of the Obama administration’s intensified campaign to use drones to target militants who regularly stage attacks against foreign troops in Afghanistan....

Meet the new AmeriKan war criminal, worse than the last AmeriKan war criminal (well, getting there anyway; it's a work-in-progress).


Also seeGroup detonates bomb in Karachi police compound (By Huma Imtiaz, New York Times)

Pakistani linked to N.Y. bomb is charged

Planes crash in Cuba and Pakistan

Cargo plane crashes, killing 11 in Pakistan

It was a Russian plane. 


The Ghost and Zimbabwe

And you thought he was dead?

"Zimbabwe tells investors our way or no way" by Associated Press  |  October 1, 2010

HARARE, Zimbabwe — Zimbabwe’s president yesterday told foreign investors that they must accept black Zimbabweans as the major shareholders in their projects — or stay away from the southern African nation....   

That type of attitude never goes over well with "investors."

At the funeral of a veteran leader in his ZANU-PF party Tuesday, Mugabe acknowledged the laws may deter potential investors, but said anyone who wanted to share the nation’s resources “must get our permission to do so, in the manner we define’’ or stay away....   

He's so bad he doesn't even deserve a first name.

Zimbabwe is rich in farmland and minerals.  

As its people are mired in incredible poverty.

Mugabe’s statements come more than a month after Zimbabwe sold its first batch of some 900,000 carats of diamonds, ending a nine-month ban. The 2006 discovery in Zimbabwe of one of the biggest diamond finds in southern Africa has generated great interest....   

Related: Diamonds Are a Dictator's Best Friend II

Ephraim Masawi, a former lawmaker and provincial governor in Mugabe’s party, died Saturday of cancer at age 60. He recruited guerrillas for the bush war that ended white rule at independence in 1980.

Mugabe said Masawi, a political commissar in his party’s Soviet-era style politburo, fought against colonial dominance and Western foes still seeking ways, including investment, to reestablish their influence in the country.

That's why he is hated or ignored by the AmeriKan media.

“Let them stay away. Our true friends are eager to come,’’ said Mugabe, who has championed stronger economic ties with Asian and Middle East countries.


I don't think the AmeriKan media is his friend; aren't ghosts supposed to be white apparitions?

"White farmers in Zimbabwe under siege" by Associated Press / October 29, 2010

HARARE, Zimbabwe — A white farmers’ organization said yesterday that its members had seen a renewed onslaught of farm seizures and attacks, including the slayings of two farmers, in recent weeks....

About 4,000 white farmers have been forced from their farms since 2000, disrupting the agriculture-based economy in the former regional breadbasket. Many farms went to Mugabe cronies and still lie idle.


And if the race card didn't work:

"Lions kill tourist at Zimbabwe reserve" by Associated Press / November 5, 2010

HARARE, Zimbabwe — A pride of lions fatally mauled a tourist while he showered under a tree as darkness fell at an unfenced campsite in a nature reserve, a conservationist said yesterday.  

Who would want to vacation in garbage-strewn, cholera-ridden Zimbabwe?

Five lions attacked Peter Evershed, a 59-year-old Zimbabwean businessman, at the Chitake Springs bush camp, a wildlife viewing area near the Mana Pools nature reserve, said Johnny Rodrigues, Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force head.


Family and friends heard Evershed scream and raced to the showers, but he was already dead from a gash to the throat, Rodrigues said.  

Where is Val Kilmer when you need him?

The lions retreated only after a safari operator pulled up in a vehicle with its headlights on and fired shots into the air, Rodrigues told Zimbabwe Herald Online.

Oh, here he comes.

Rodrigues said a surge in hunting amid Zimbabwe’s economic meltdown has made animals more “traumatized’’ and dangerous to humans, though lions are generally not killed by poachers....

Like the lions are reading the business pages of the Boston Globe?

Witnesses say three elephants and three buffalo were illegally killed to feed participants at a political meeting of President Robert Mugabe’s party in western Zimbabwe last month. The military, meanwhile, has denied witness reports it is shooting wildlife in “Operation Nyama,’’ or Operation Meat in the local language, to feed soldiers....

If true it is reprehensible; however, I often wonder if such things are true now.


If It's Not One Thing It's Another in Uganda

According to my Boston Globe:

"Uganda arrests 36 people believed tied to World Cup bombings" by Godfrey Olukya, Associated Press / October 9, 2010

KAMPALA, Uganda — If Ugandan police investigators are right, the size of the conspiracy behind the twin bombings during July’s World Cup finals could hardly have been bigger 

Related: "Al-CIA-Duh" Expanding Operations in East Africa

Ugandan police — with help from the FBI and Kenyan police — have arrested 36 people from seven countries....   

How charming! 

See:  Obnoxious Oregon Outrage

D.C. Metro

One Day Wonder: Kent State Cover-Up 

Yeah, they are a real "help."

The suspects hail from at least three countries with known terrorist links: Somalia, Yemen, and Pakistan.  

You gotta love the agenda-pushing bulls***, don't you?

At least one suspect said he was recruited and trained by Al Qaeda. The Somali militant group that claimed responsibility for the blast, Al Shabab, has known links with the international terrorist group.

Al-CIA-Duh, huh?

Uganda’s director of military intelligence, James Mugira, has said Al Qaeda is at least partly responsible, although authorities believe the planning took place in Somalia.

A day after the blasts, Al Shabab, Somalia’s most powerful militant group, said the bombings were retaliation for Ugandan troops’ participation in the African Union peacekeeping mission in Mogadishu. The militant group promised more attacks.... 

Yeah, they were allegedly shooting for the Dutch but missed by miles! 

The suspects in custody have varied backgrounds: businessmen, university students, and leaders of small mosques.

Here we go again.

Other suspects come from Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

“The conspiracy is really very big,’’ said James Okello, a senior police investigator. “It involves many people who also seem to be well funded.’’

Edward Ochom, head of Uganda’s criminal investigations department, said the arrests show that Uganda can successfully hunt down terrorists on its soil.

“It was not by mistake that we arrested those people,’’ Ochom said. “Police have sufficient evidence that all those charged in courts of law with terrorism were somehow involved in the planting of the bombs.’’

Human rights officials, though, say some of the suspects have nothing to do with the bombings and were taken in because they are people of interest to the FBI and Kenyan authorities.


And if it isn't PATSY TERROR PLOTS and FBI FRAME-UPS in my paper it is GUESS WHAT?

"Uganda newspaper lists homosexuals; Gives addresses, calls for violence; four are attacked" by Godfrey Olukya and Jason Straziuso, Associated Press / October 20, 2010

KAMPALA, Uganda — The front-page newspaper story featured a list of Uganda’s 100 top homosexuals, with a bright yellow banner across it that read: “Hang Them.’’ Alongside their photos were the men’s names and addresses. 

I'm not for hanging anyone except war criminals and looting bankers -- regardless of sexual orientation.

In the days since it was published, at least four gay Ugandans on the list have been attacked, and many others are in hiding, according to rights activist Julian Onziema. One person named in the story had stones thrown at his house by neighbors....   

I no longer throw stones at anyone because I live in AmeriKa.  

We torture! 

More than 20 homosexuals have been attacked over the past year in Uganda, and an additional 17 have been arrested and are in prison, said Frank Mugisha, the chairman of Sexual Minorities Uganda. Those numbers are up from the same period two years ago, when about 10 homosexuals were attacked, he said....

Homophobia is rife in many African countries. Homosexuality is punishable by death or imprisonment in Nigeria. 

But they have oil so you never read much about that when it comes to Nigeria. More about terrorists there (at least according to my morning newspaper).

In South Africa, the only African nation to recognize gay marriage, gangs carry out “corrective’’ rapes on lesbians.  

Decide for yourself regarding their South African coverage.

Solomon Male, a pastor and the head of a group of clergy in Uganda, said he is glad the antihomosexual bill has not yet passed, but said there needs to be an investigation to find out “why homosexuality is increasing in the country.’’

And why the AmeriKan media is so obsessed with it.

The Oct. 9 article in a Ugandan newspaper called Rolling Stone — not the American magazine — was published five days before the one-year anniversary of the controversial legislation. The article claimed that an unknown but deadly disease was attacking homosexuals in Uganda and that gays were recruiting 1 million children by raiding schools.

After the newspaper hit the streets, the government Media Council ordered the paper to cease publishing — not because of its content, but rather that the paper had not registered with the government....     

Isn't that what the United States government wants to do to bloggers?  

I mean, we ALL KNOW that the CORPORATE PAPERS are the MOUTHPIECES for GOVERNMENT here in AmeriKa so there is no need to go into that.

Rolling Stone does not have a large following in Uganda, a country of 32 million where about 85 percent of people are Christian and 12 percent are Muslim.

More like a newspaper than a blog then (and look at them stirring the old Christian-Muslim conflict canard again.  How shameful of the Zionist War Daily)!

And with all those people they are focusing on a handful of attacks?  

I'll bet more people were oppressed by the government (but they are an ally in the "war on terror," so....).

The paper published its first edition Aug. 23. It publishes about 2,000 copies, but a single newspaper in Uganda is often read by 10 more people ....  

The AmeriKan newspapers can only dream of that kind of circulation!!  

The Globe is lucky if the person that buys their doo-doo rag reads it (blog editor smiles)!


I generally don't cover the gay issue anymore, readers.  Too many other things doing.

Late to Liberia

Actually, I'm early:

"Liberian ex-warlord cleared for run; Presidential bid OK’d despite past" by Jonathan Paye-Layleh, Associated Press  |  September 23, 2010

MONROVIA, Liberia — One of Liberia’s most infamous warlords yesterday launched his presidential campaign, a race sure to be overshadowed by his reputation for gruesome acts and a government commission’s quest to try him for crimes against humanity.

The National Elections Commission said Prince Johnson’s party, the National Union for Democratic Progress, met the constitutional requirements to compete in next year’s poll in the West African nation....

The warlord-turned-senator is likely to face stiff opposition from President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, a Harvard-trained economist who became Africa’s first democratically elected female president in 2005.

She smells like CIA to me. 

Johnson is best known for the torture and slaying of ousted president Samuel K. Doe in 1990.

Maybe he should come over here and run for president in AmeriKa.

A videotape shows Johnson drinking beer as he ordered his men to cut off Doe’s ears....  


"In the late 1980s, the U.S. became disenchanted with entrenched corruption in Doe's government and began cutting off critical foreign aid to Doe. This placed him in a very precarious position. A civil war began in December 1989, when rebels intent on toppling Doe entered Liberia. Doe's forces were defeated, and in September 1990 he was captured, tortured, and killed.

So Doe was our guy before he wasn't our guy, and then the CIA turned on him with another guy (keep reading).

Liberia is still tending its wounds after a civil war that ravaged the country, turned children into cold-blooded killers, and was marked by cannibalism. The war ended only seven years ago.  

And it was ALL BROUGHT to them by AmeriKan CIA! Keep reading!

Johnson’s presumptive running mate, Senator Abel Massassey, warned that the failure of election officials “to do the right things may plunge Liberia into another round of chaos.’’

Rights activists have previously criticized Johnson’s candidacy; yesterday, an activist repeated warnings that his presidency could spark another war....   

Translation: better stick with the U.S.' latest tool.

Liberia’s truth and reconciliation commission recommended last year that Johnson and dozens of others be banned for 30 years from holding public office for their alleged roles in the war.

Sirleaf was even on that list.  

Oh, so we have TWO CANDIDATES that were in the CRIMINAL EMPLOY of AmeriKa's CIA (keep reading)!!

She has acknowledged giving up to $10,000 while abroad to then rebel leader Charles Taylor’s group, but says it was intended for humanitarian services.  

Yeah, sure.

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Memory Hole: Our Man in Africa  

I guess that's why this story was a one-day wonder.


I guess the U.S. is going to win either way.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Condoleezza War Criminal to Spew Hot Air at Harvard

I'm glad I'm not part of the alumni or club.

Condoleezza Rice will lecture at Harvard 

Do they have a jail cell for her?

Hillary Clinton Spoils Hanoi Celebration

And so did my Boston Globe:

"Draped in red Communist banners and propaganda slogans, Vietnam’s capital turned 1,000 years old yesterday in an extravagant ceremony intended to stoke national pride and show the world that this once war-ravaged country has moved beyond its dark history.... 

Yeah, good thing AmeriKa never does anything like that. 

Also related: Agent Orange Still Active in Vietnam

So WHEN is the U.S. and its mouthpiece media going to COME INTO the LIGHT?


I thought these items were important given the coming of WWIII (by Martin Fackler, New York Times)

Yeah, they seem to be the guys bringing it to you again.

"Vietnam detains activists prior to Clinton visit; US Embassy concerned about arrests" by John Pomfret, Washington Post / October 29, 2010

HANOI — In the run-up to a visit by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Vietnam has arrested two bloggers, refused to release another blogger after he completed a prison sentence, and convicted three labor activists and six Catholic villagers of human rights offenses.

I'm SO GLAD to READ that she doesn't want to send BLOGGERS to JAIL; however, ABOUT the MASS-MURDER and TORTURE based on lies....

The cases, which occurred this week and which the US Embassy expressed concern about in a statement yesterday, threaten the significant progress that has been made between the United States and Vietnam in recent months.

Pushed together by a shared concern over the rise of China, officials from both countries boast that the relationship is better than ever. With her two-day visit starting today, Clinton will have been to Vietnam twice in the past four months. Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates was here for talks two weeks ago, and Washington and Hanoi held their first-ever security dialogue between defense officials in August.

Analysts are split about the meanings of this week’s arrests and court cases. Some, generally Western diplomats, say they are part of a yearlong crackdown on dissent as Vietnam’s Communist Party readies for its first party congress in five years in January. Since last October, 21 people have been sent to jail for crimes involving a peaceful expression of their views.  

And here I sit a rat-a-tat-tat.

Other analysts, generally Vietnamese, believe that the activity this week is part of a pattern related to an internal struggle within the Vietnamese Communist Party over its relations with the United States. Vietnam has moved closer to the United States as a hedge against aggressive behavior by China.

Are they the ones doing war games and making provocations?

But that shift is controversial within a party that remains deeply influenced by China and fears that the United States is committed to overthrowing the Vietnamese political system....   

It's not as if we have ever tried that before.


"Vietnam cultivating ties with US, others; Friendships form as relations cool with the Chinese" by John Pomfret, Washington Post / November 2, 2010

HANOI — Putting China on a par with “Western aggressors’’ marks a psychological breakthrough for Vietnam’s military and is troubling news for Beijing.  

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.

Can't you hear the war-promoting newspaper and its agenda-pushing drums?

For years, China has tried to forge a special relationship with Vietnam’s Communist government. But China’s rise — and its increasingly aggressive posture toward Vietnam — has alarmed the leadership of this country of 90 million, prompting it to look differently at its neighbor....

Prominent among its new intimates is the United States, which is equally eager for partners to help it cope with Beijing.  

I don't know if you want to snuggle up to us as about now -- unless you like the smell of hulking, decayed, on-its-deathbed empire.

“It is always good to have a new friend,’’ mused Nguyen Chi Vinh, the vice minister of defense, in an interview. “It is even better when that friend used to be our foe.’’

The budding US-Vietnamese friendship was on display Friday when Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton arrived here for her second visit in four months....  

I hope she is laying off the booze.

Vietnam and the United States are hammering out an agreement that would give Vietnam access to American nuclear energy technology 


That, Vietnamese officials say, could help Hanoi end its dependence on China for electricity.

Meanwhile, Vietnamese defense officials say they are eager to buy US military technology....

And defying Chinese pressure, three American oil companies are carrying out offshore exploration in Vietnam’s waters....

After what happened in the Gulf of Mexico this past spring and summer? 

And -- as usual -- OIL is LITERALLY at the BOTTOM of it ALL!!!


Update: Clinton calls WikiLeaks files an attack on the world

She was dipping her bill!

Brazilian Gender Bender

Congratulations, Brazil.

"Brazil elects 1st female president; Ex-Marxist rebel Rousseff succeeds popular de Silva" by Bradley Brooks,  Associated Press / November 1, 2010 

SAO PAULO — A former Marxist guerrilla who was imprisoned and tortured during Brazil’s long dictatorship was elected yesterday as president of Latin America’s biggest nation, a country in the midst of an economic and political rise....

Wildly popular President Luiz Inacio “Lula’’ da Silva entered office with a background as a lefist labor leader, but he governed from a moderate perspective. Under his leadership, the economy grew strongly, and Brazil weathered the global financial crisis better than most nations.  

Hasn't Brazil also criticized Bernanke's destruction of the dollar?

He is loved within Brazil by the legions of poor, who consider the nation’s first working-class president one of their own. His social programs and orthodox economic policies have helped lift 20 million people out of poverty and thrust another 29 million into the middle class....

New president Dilma Rousseff was a key player in an armed militant group that resisted the 1964-1985 military dictatorship and was imprisoned and tortured for it.  She is a cancer survivor and an ex-minister of energy and Silva’s chief of staff. 

You know, the one the CIA had a hand in helping.

Centrist rival Jose Serra also battled the dictatorship, but through politics rather than armed resistance. He headed a national student group that opposed the regime and was forced into exile in Chile in 1965 before heading to the United States, where he earned a doctorate in economics at Cornell.  



"Brazilian wed in US may still be deported; Attorney general won’t reverse denial of asylum" by Russell Contreras, Associated Press / November 9, 2010

A Brazilian man who was recently reunited with his Massachusetts husband when federal officials temporarily allowed him into the United States said he could face deportation because the attorney general will not reverse the immigration ruling that first separated the couple.

Genesio Oliveira, 31, and husband Tim Coco, 49, of Haverhill, were forced to live apart when Oliveira was denied asylum over claims he was raped as a teenager.... 

I don't like the AGE DIFFERENCE -- and it has nothing to do with sexual preference.

The case gained international attention as gay rights and immigrant advocates criticized US officials for separating a legally married couple....   

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Boston Globe Boots Brazil

And I've booted them!   


Although Brazil is one of Latin America’s most tolerant countries toward gays, a number of Brazilian gays have persuaded US judges to grant them asylum on the grounds they would face persecution if sent home....   

What is the penalty for lying to a judge?

The couple is looking at all options, including trying to reapply for asylum, suing the federal government, or trying to persuade Congress to pass a bill that would allow Oliveira to stay, Coco said.

“But each one of those options come with risks,’’ he said. “Junior could be forced to go back.’’


From a man old enough to be his father?


Aaaah, blame it on Rio:

"Brazilian troops, drug traffickers engaged in standoff in Rio slum" by Juliana Barbassa, Associated Press / November 27, 2010

RIO DE JANEIRO — Brazilian military forces took fire from drug-gang members holed up in a massive slum complex yesterday but stood their ground, trapping the traffickers inside.

About 800 troops are supporting a massive police operation at the Alemao complex of shantytowns, an operation that came just a day after police took over a separate slum.

Authorities are not publicizing their plans, but it appears an invasion of Alemao, Rio’s most dangerous slum, is imminent....   

Brazil AT WAR with her OWN PEOPLE!

Among those wounded yesterday was the chief Brazil photographer for the Reuters news agency, Paulo Whitaker. Reuters said he suffered a non-life-threatening bullet wound in the shoulder.

The source of the shot was not immediately clear.

Brazil is trying to clean up the seaside city before the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics. Over the past two years, authorities have established permanent police posts in 13 slums as part of an effort to bring basic services to the communities and rid them of violence related to drug trafficking.  

In Lula's Brazil?


Update: Rio police claim victory against gangs

Wow, that didn't take long after the invasion. 

Maybe the Brazilians could pass on some pointers and we can get the hell out of Iraq and Afghanistan, Americans. 

Obama's Lost Tribe

I doubt anyone will miss him:

Harvard scholar Laurence Tribe to leave Justice post 


"Obama creates nebulous niche for legal mentor; Harvard Law scholar Tribe works for poor" by Charlie Savage, New York Times | April 8, 2010

WASHINGTON — Laurence H. Tribe, a Harvard Law School professor who is arguably the most famous constitutional scholar and Supreme Court practitioner in the country is also largely invisible. The Justice Department is not allowing him to give interviews, apparently in part because of nervousness in the administration that his unabashedly liberal views might draw criticism....

Several friends and administration officials said Tribe had initially sought and believed he would be given a far broader title and assignment: counselor for “rule of law’’ issues, which would have come with a mandate to help shape matters of national security and foreign policy.

That did not happen, but Tribe came to Washington anyway....

And he disappeared as fast as my relationship with the Boston Globe.


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Also see: Obama receives elbow on court, then 12 stitches 

As much as I dislike the man's presidency I never wish injury upon an opponent on the basketball floor. 

The AmeriKan Media's Poison Pill

Otherwise the AmeriKan newspapers wouldn't be giving them such attention.

"Wikileaks Is Zionist Poison

by Jonathan Azaziah

Disinformation is defined as ‘misinformation that is deliberately disseminated in order to influence or confuse rivals.’ It is used by governments to mislead and brainwash their citizen populations, instigate wars, and blackmail foreign regimes. It is the ultimate instrument of the media. The most effective disinformation is that which is comprised of falsehood as well as facts. Wikileaks, founded by Julian Assange, fits this description perfectly, right down to the letter. Seemingly overnight, it has become one of the biggest ‘whistle-blowing’ agencies in modern history. In reality though, it is one of the biggest disinformation projects in modern history, and it may be the most dangerous because it is masquerading as an organization of truth. The information released by Wikileaks isn’t new; it isn’t groundbreaking; it doesn’t hurt the US as much as people think, it’s fractional really; and it is overloaded with as much as propaganda as the day-to-day Zionist media is. This propaganda is benefitting someone. And that someone is the illegal usurping entity of Israel. Even the Israeli government itself thinks so (1).

Afghanistan Drivel

The first major ‘leak’ released earlier this year by Assange was about occupied Afghanistan in the form of more than 92,000 documents. These docs included ‘secret files’ about civilian killings by the US and NATO along with boogeyman stories about the long-dead Osama Bin Laden, garbage regarding the Taliban acquiring ground-to-air missiles, and plenty of lies about Pakistan’s intelligence agency, the ISI (2). There wasn’t a single document about the Israeli training of the Taliban (3), the massive drug profiteering by the Mossad (4), the CIA (5) and the US-puppet Hamid Karzai and his brother (6), Karzai’s connections to Unocal and Zionist war criminal Henry Kissinger (7), the clandestine Israeli business operations set up to take control of the oil fields in neighboring Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan (8), or the Russian-Jewish mafia, fully protected by the Zionist entity, selling guns to US-backed Afghan warlords (9). Why weren’t any of these massively important, critically damning events and operations mentioned? Because by doing so, it would incriminate the already internationally condemned Zionist regime. Journalists, bloggers and activists, from occupied Afghanistan and abroad, have been reporting on the vast civilian casualties in Afghanistan since US intervention began more than 30 years ago. Wikileaks revealed nothing that wasn’t already known; however, it did reinforce Zionist propaganda regarding the illegal ‘war on terror.’

Iraq Malarkey

The next major ‘leak’ by Assange’s organization, which has gained more notoriety than the previous ‘leak,’ was about occupied Iraq in the form of nearly 400,000 documents. Like the occupied Afghanistan disinformation, it included ‘secret files’ about mass civilian killings by US forces, torture by war criminal Nouri al-Maliki and his forces (which according to Wikileaks, US military officials attempted to halt) (10), US government failings in reprimanding Blackwater (XE) for committing murder (11), and brutal executions by the American and British occupiers mixed with more tripe about fictitious Al-Qaeda, nonsense about Iran training militant Iraqi militias and Iranian drones flying over Iraq (12), Iran smuggling guns, munitions, and explosives into Iraq (13), ridiculous accusations of the Lebanese Resistance movement Hezbollah training Iraqis in the art of kidnaping (14), slanderous attacks on Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, and other absurd assertions about the Islamic Republic involved in the murder of innocent Iraqis. The Wikileaks Iraq war logs also ‘reveal’ civilian casualties numbered at 66,081 (15). The logs also ‘reveal’ that Iraqi WMDs actually did exist, as US soldiers found chemical weapons labs, terrorist toxin specialists, and chemical weapons caches (16).

There was nothing ‘secret’ about American and British forces murdering, torturing and raping innocents in occupied Iraq. Like Afghanistan, Iraqi and international journalists, bloggers, and activists have been reporting the murder of civilians in Iraq since the beginning of the illegal occupation, with much more effectiveness than Wikileaks. The US military didn’t attempt to halt the puppet al-Maliki’s torture of unlawfully imprisoned Iraqis, they partook in it. They led the way after they signed off on it. They were the primary perpetrators (17). Secret prisons are still operating at this very moment where US forces barbarously torture innocent Iraqis (18). The US hired Blackwater’s contractors to instill fear and execute terrorism against the people of Iraq, of course it didn’t reprimand them. Erik Prince’s private army of terror was only doing what it was told to by the US government.

The concept of Hezbollah training foreign militias to meddle in state affairs is absolute lunacy; Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah himself has stated on numerous occasions that if Hezbollah wanted to overthrow the Lebanese government, they would’ve done so already (19). Their objectives (as evidenced by their actions), are to protect the Lebanese people, provide them with security and uphold their dignity. Hezbollah hasn’t undermined its own government, it is asinine to think it would undermine the government of another nation. The propaganda targeting Iran is pathetic; there are enough guns in Iraq thanks to American support of Saddam Hussein to last lifetimes (20), there was no need for Iran to provide weapons to Iraqi militias through ‘smuggling.’ The only drones that were flying in Iraq’s skies belonged to the repulsive Zionist entity, not Iran (21). The other accusations sound like concoctions dug up from the dungeons of Zionist think tanks and lobby organizations salivating for the destruction of the Islamic Republic, not the work of whistle-blowers attempting to expose corruption and disseminate truth. These accusations further the Zionist case for striking Iran militarily. These accusations are promoting more war, not peace.

Wikileaks must not have gotten the memo about civilian casualties in occupied Iraq. They are nowhere near 66,081. They have eclipsed the 1.5 million mark. Anything less than this, especially a number as low as the one presented by Wikileaks, is classic misreporting aimed at protecting the United States government and its collaborators. That is an insult to the 5 million Iraqi orphans and the 5 million Iraqi refugees. It is a slap in the face to the dead Iraqis whose names will never be known because they were incinerated by US and Israeli weaponry. And the notion that US soldiers found WMDs in Iraq, after the ‘Iraq has WMDs’ myth has been debunked as Zionist-designed propaganda over and over again, is frankly, infuriating. The only WMDs that exist in Iraq are the mark-77, white phosphorus, and thousands of tons of depleted uranium used in Basra, Baghdad, and Fallujah by the terrorist army of the US and strategically placed Mossad agents of Israel (22).

Targeted On Behalf Of Israel

Where are the leaks on the 55 Zionist companies profiting from Iraqi blood being spilled (23)? Where are the leaks on Iraq’s artifacts being stolen by Zionist agents (24)? Where are the leaks on hundreds of Mossad agents operating in Mosul (25)? Where are the leaks on the Mossad bomb-making facility in Kirkuk (26)? Where are the leaks on the Mossad murderers stationed in several villages around the devastated area of Fallujah (27)? Where are the leaks on the depleted-uranium-tipped IEDs of Zionist-owned Zapata Engineering that have massacred thousands in Najaf, Karbala and Tal Afar, just to name a few (28)? Where are the leaks on the Israeli arms dealers supplying weapons to CIA-trained death squads (29)? Where are the leaks on Zionist war criminal Paul Wolfowitz importing Shin Bet torture experts to train the US military (30)? Where are the leaks on Mossad conducting interrogations and torture in Iraq jails, including Abu Ghraib (31)? Where are the leaks that will actually tie the illegal war, which was exclusively designed by Zionists, to Israel? They don’t exist because Wikileaks isn’t concerned with uncovering the truth regarding the real criminals; they’re concerned with leading the public away from the truth to keep them under control. It’s COINTELPRO all over again.

The target of Wikileaks’ first release was the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The objectives of the operation were to give credibility to war criminal Obama’s illegal drone strikes that have murdered over 1,000 civilians (32), raise the possibility of a future overt occupation, and cover up the meddling of Israel in occupied Afghanistan. It is vital to note that the de-stablization of Pakistan has been a Zionist objective since the declaration of al-Nakbah architect, David Ben-Gurion (33). The target of Wikileaks’ second release was the Islamic Republic of Iran. The objective of this operation was to slander two of the very few entities on earth resisting Israel, Hezbollah and Iran; as well as cover up the Zionist fingerprints all over the mutilation of Iraq. The IAEA has already inadvertently foiled the Zionist plan to attack Iran based on the nuclear premise, confirming that the Iranian nuclear program is peaceful in nature and has nothing to do with weaponization (34). The Zionist hasbara experts needed to try something new; through Wikileaks, the accusations of the Zionist Bush administration against Iran have resurfaced under the guise of ‘whistle-blowing.’ What a sham.


A final note needs to be made about Julian Assange, the man who has been praised as a freedom fighter, a revolutionary and a friend of the oppressed people. In a recent interview, he stated, "I'm constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud (35)." It’s shameful that Assange is annoyed by those seeking truth regarding the reason 1.5 million innocents are dead in occupied Iraq, 1.2 million innocents are dead in occupied Afghanistan, and thousands of more innocent men, women and children are dead in occupied Palestine, Lebanon, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. 9/11 is anything but a false conspiracy; there is overwhelming evidence that American and Israeli officials didn’t just have foreknowledge of the event, but planned the attack and carried it out. It was a Mossad-CIA false flag used to protect the Zionist entity from any future military threat and expand the parasitic hegemony of the US and the illegitimate Tel Aviv regime throughout the world via the Zionist-inspired ‘war on terror (36).’ Someone insulting the seekers of 9/11 truth, slandering the righteous movement of Hezbollah, spreading propaganda about Iran which adds to the demonization campaign levied against the Islamic Republic by the Zionist lobby and the Zionist media, and deliberately leaving out Israeli crimes in occupied Afghanistan and Iraq is no freedom fighter; such a person is a liar and a propagandist.

Wikileaks’ most recent ‘leak’ about occupied Iraq was delivered to several mainstream news outlets including Al-Jazeerah, the Zionist New York Times, Der Spiegel of Germany, which has smeared Hezbollah in the past by despicably accusing the Resistance of selling narcotics (37), Zionist-controlled Le Monde of France which has also smeared Hezbollah recently (38) and The Guardian of the UK, in packages, as if it was some sort of gift for a holiday. This isn’t a leak. This isn’t an expose. This is a press release. This is a media spectacle. This is a circus to cover up real crimes. Those interested in seeing a real leak, in addition to real courage, should read the story of Mordechai Vanunu, who blew the whistle on Israel’s nuclear program and has spent the last 26 years in and out of Israel’s inhumane prisons, including 18 years consecutively with 11 of those years in solitary confinement (39).

Iraq was annihilated for the Zionist regime, as was Afghanistan. When discussing the destruction of these nations, and the murder of millions of their people, it is integral to the understanding of the crimes committed to discuss the Israeli role in these crimes. Any person or institution failing to do so is ignorant, a coward or a collaborationist. None of these persons have any place in the movement to restore the occupied lands to the indigenous people and bring their tormentors to justice. By supporting Wikileaks, you are not fighting the occupier. You are not honoring the martyrs. You are not combating imperialism. And you are not striking back at the oppressor. You are supporting Israel and the cover-up of the activities of its criminal network. Wikileaks is Zionist poison. Wake up.



Wikileaks is an intelligence operation to weaken and undermine the American government, orchestrated from Tel Aviv, using dozens of operatives, dual citizens, some at the highest authority levels, spies for Israel.   Through leaking carefully selected intelligence along with proven falsified documents, all fed to a controlled press, fully complicit, Wikileaks is, in fact, an act of war against the United States.


Yeah, Wikileaks is a false-front fake.
According to the London-based daily al-Hayat, the WikiLeaks release includes documents that show Turkey has helped al-Qaeda in Iraq...

"This further proves that Wikileaks is a "front" for the nudge-nudge-wink-wink crowd. Today Turkey threatens to stand with Palestine, and suddenly we get disinformation from Wikileaks trying to insinuate Turkey was helping The Toilet in Iraq." -- Wake the Flock Up

Wikileaks and the Setup to End Free Speech: The US Embassy Cable "Leaks"

And just this morning I saw CBS report that puke Peter King is calling for treason charges.


Israel gets a pass in new 'Wikileaks' - Focus is on Iran

Yeah, I notice THEIR NAME rarely -- if ever -- COMES UP! 

Isn't that ODD?

Also see: Wikileaks Psyops Takes a New Twist

Wikileaks and the CIA - Third Rate Romance

Wiki-Leaks is Israel


Wikileaks Story Down to a Whisper

AmeriKan MSM Whistling While Wikileaking Lies

MSM Monitor Goes Deaf

Will You Still Love Wikileaks Tomorrow?

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Occupation Iraq: Moving In on Maliki
Occupation Iraq: Iran Controls Iraq 

Wikiweaks SMELLING MORE and MORE like a PROPAGANDA FRONT every day, folks! 

That's why it MAKES the AGENDA-PUSHING PAPER!   

Leak opens door into diplomacy’s back rooms (By Scott Shane and Andrew W. Lehren, New York Times

Yes, embarrassing U.S. officials let's everyone know who has a hold of their balls.   

 It also lets the tools know that Israel is watching them.

Cables show Israel, Arabs share fear of Iran (By David E. Sanger, New York Times)  

Yup, the war-promoting agenda at work. The attack on Iran must be on.

US diplomats ordered to gather intelligence (By Mark Mazzetti, New York Times)  

"CIA officers serving overseas often use the State Department as their official “cover’’ to avoid revealing the true nature of their work

Then I will see all U.S. "diplomats" as such in the future -- the same way I see all corporate media reporters 

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Israel Writes The New York Times News Pages 

The New York Times: Israel's Mouthpiece


Also see: WikiLeaks founder sought by Swedish

I smell bulls*** to make someone look like he is legitimate and under attack. 

US warns of fresh WikiLeaks

The Israelis gave them a heads-up, huh?


I think it is an outrage

Update: Israel satisfied as WikiLeaks shows 'consistency' on Iran

I don't know what more you need.  

Just in case: 

Hidden Intelligence Operation Behind the Wikileaks Release of "Secret" Documents?