Sunday, January 31, 2010

Taking Obama to the Hoop

I can't tell you how PISSED OFF I WAS when he INTERRUPTED my BALL GAME yesterday!!!!

You just CAN'T GET AWAY from the guy, huh?

"The president.... provided about seven minutes of nationally televised hoops commentary.


Yeah, I MISSED the

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Btw, I never want to see anyone injured out there

"Man wounded while playing basketball

A man was shot yesterday while playing basketball in the John Marshall Elementary School in Dorchester, police said. The unidentified man, who appeared to be in his early 20s, was shot in the hand and leg around 6:50 p.m. and suffered injuries not believed to be life-threatening, said police spokesman Eddy Chrispin. Police believe the victim was targeted, and they were searching for the shooter. The gymnasium was being used at the time as a community center run by the Boston Center for Youth and Families, Councilor Charles C. Yancey said. On Nov. 3, a 23-year-old man was killed after he was shot 100 yards from the school, sparking a meeting of residents and police.

I'm sorry, Bostonians, but that never happens out here in Hoosierville!


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This Day in History

Maybe this Sunday Globe WAS destined to be my last because I never would have noticed these had I not purchased a paper.

"Today in History" by The Associated Press | January 31, 2010

Today's Highlight in History:

On Jan. 31, 1950, President Harry S. Truman announced he had ordered development of the hydrogen bomb.

That's the "highlight," huh?


On this date:

In 1606, Guy Fawkes, convicted of treason for his part in the "Gunpowder Plot" against the English Parliament and King James I, was executed.

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In 1945, Pvt. Eddie Slovik, 24, became the first U.S. soldier since the Civil War to be executed for desertion as he was shot by an American firing squad in France.

We need that kind of movement EN MASSE, soldiers!

It's the ONLY WAY this INSANITY is going to get SHUT DOWN!

In 2000: An Alaska Airlines jet plummeted into the Pacific Ocean, killing all 88 people aboard. Atlanta Braves pitcher John Rocker was suspended by baseball commissioner Bud Selig for disparaging foreigners, homosexuals and minorities in a Sports Illustrated interview. Pro Bowl linebacker Ray Lewis was charged with murder in the deaths of two people outside an Atlanta nightclub hours after the Super Bowl. (Lewis ended his trial early by pleading guilty to obstruction of justice; two codefendants were acquitted.)


In 2005: Jury selection began in Santa Maria, Calif. for Michael Jackson's child molestation trial. (Jackson was later acquitted.) SBC Communications Inc. announced it was acquiring AT&T Corp. for $16 billion.

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How FAR we have FALLEN, America.

Enough to make even
Zinn cringe!


The Boston Globe's Invisible Ink: Southern Snowstorm

I really don't understand the pitiful news selections and choices at the BG anymore, folks -- and I'm tired of trying to figure them out. Screw 'em.

My First Invisible Ink: Forecast: Weekend no brrr-eak from cold

Yeah, how was it out there?

"Bundled up against temperatures in the teens.... people who braved temperatures barely out of the single digits"

How cold was it again, Glob?

"Temperatures chillin’ in the teens, 20s, but no records" by Sean Teehan, Globe Correspondent | January 31, 2010

Temperatures across the state were expected to remain well below freezing.... but temperatures haven’t dropped to the record lows - 6 below zero in 1888 and 5 below zero in 1873, respectively.


ClimateGate really has SEALED YOUR FATE, huh, MSM?

In Falmouth, it was frigid enough to cause a major pipe to burst at an elderly housing complex.

Oh NO!! That is the LAST THING they NEEDED!!

The accident, which occurred in the attic of the Harborview Apartment Complex, displaced residents in about 20 units, said Falmouth Fire Lieutenant Timothy Smith.


Temperatures are expected to stay in the teens to mid-20s today with winds of 10 to 15 miles per hour resulting in wind chills dropping to zero.... The frosty weather was enough to keep Boston University freshman Michelle Gattenio and three of her sorority sisters ducking the cold as much as possible. A warm-up is expected tomorrow, with temperatures rising to 30 in the afternoon in Boston.


Yeah, what a "warm-up," pffffffffftt!

But for Ashley Collin, 22, of the North End, the cold made a woeful contrast to the near springlike weather of a couple of weeks ago.

WHEN, Globe?

When we were POUNDED with RAIN last MONDAY?

You guys are UNREAL and I NO LONGER BELIEVE YOUR BULLS*** anymore!!!!


I guess I shouldn't be
surprised, readers.

"South blanketed with ice, snow; mid-Atlantic next" by Erik Schelzig, Associated Press Writer | January 30, 2010

A storm that blanketed the South with snow Saturday had children eager to sled down hills, while grown-ups were warned to stay off slippery roads as officials worked to clear a mess of wrecks and downed power lines.

Nearly a foot of snow had fallen in parts of western North Carolina, and nearly 10 inches had fallen in some areas north of Memphis, Tenn. In Nashville, about a half-foot of snow was on the ground, the National Weather Service said.

A central Tennessee woman was killed when a tree weighed down with ice crashed into her mobile home early Saturday, Maury County Fire Department Assistant Chief Roy Brooks told The Tennessean of Nashville. The woman, whose name was not immediately released, was pronounced dead at the scene.

To the northeast, the Washington-Baltimore area was preparing for 4 to 8 inches of snow as the storm approached. The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning for parts of Maryland and Virginia and the District of Columbia.

In southern Maryland, one person was found dead after a house fire in Accokeek that firefighters said they had a hard time getting to because of the snow. Prince George's County fire department spokesman Mark Brady said the winter storm and snowfall made driving conditions hazardous. About a foot of snow was reported in the Richmond area in Virginia, the weather service said.

In northern Virginia, the weather caused several multi-vehicle crashes along Interstate 81 in Shenandoah County, Virginia State Police said. Four people were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. Transportation officials were urging drivers to stay off the roads.

Yeah, at WHAT POINT to the GLOBAL WARMING LIES become FATAL, folks!!!!

The weather also cut short a farewell celebration Saturday at the National Zoo in Washington for young panda Tai Shan, who will be flown to China on Thursday to become part of a breeding program.

The storm left roads icy and snowpacked across the South, and thousands were without power as ice accumulated.


Although police said they had to clear hundreds of wrecks overnight, there were no deaths or serious injuries reported. Few cars were on roads around Nashville, and most people seemed to be hunkered down indoors.

I know that feeling!

Some ventured out on camouflage all-terrain vehicles usually reserved for hunting season.

Can't keep a Good Old Boy inside, huh?

In Smyrna, southeast of Nashville, a high school bowling tournament was postponed after snow and ice caused the roof to collapse at the bowling alley where it was to be held, according to the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association.

I'm GLAD no one was INJURED! That is where my local (which alerted me to the piece) cut it.

The rest:

Jake Guthrie, manager of a Nashville Ace Hardware, pasted a "Sold Out of Sleds" sign at the entrance of the store after selling "several hundred" in the past two days. Workers had to tell a steady stream of callers that they wouldn't have any more sleds until Friday. "But winter's not over yet," Guthrie said.

The DuBose family was enjoying a second day of sledding on Nashville's outskirts. "We ran over the dogs yesterday, so we left them at home today," said Jane DuBose, 47, as her two sons, ages 8 and 12, were sledding down the entrance ramp to a closed road.

Hey, WHY NOT?! It is a LOT of FUN!!!!

Will O'Halloran, publisher of City Social Magazine in Baton Rouge, La., got caught in the storm in both directions of his monthly trip to pick up the publication from a printer outside Louisville, Ky. At one point he thought his headlights were broken, only to find they were covered in ice. "People are crazy out there," O'Halloran, 49, said over breakfast at a McDonald's outside Nashville. "Cars spinning, trailers jackknifed. I just tried to keep it at 40 mph and move along."

The Carolinas were preparing for a treacherous night if water on roads and bridges turned icy. North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue declared a state of emergency as some mountain areas got more than a foot of snow throughout the day Saturday. More than a dozen emergency shelters opened across the state, Perdue said. However, officials said the storm was not as bad as they had predicted.

Except we are talking NORTH CAROLINA!!!!!!

States of emergency also were declared in Arkansas, Tennessee and parts of Virginia.

In Kentucky, the state transportation cabinet said in a news release that about 5 to 6 inches of snow had fallen in most of the state, with nearly a foot piling up closer to the Tennessee line. Temperatures around the region were forecast to remain low through the weekend.

Meanwhile, states in the storm's wake were uncovering from inches of snow and caked ice that fouled electricity to hundreds of thousands of customers. Gov. Brad Henry requested a federal disaster declaration for all of Oklahoma after a massive storm left up to a half-inch of ice on trees and power lines. A spokeswoman for Public Service Co. of Oklahoma, Andrea Chancellor, said it could be five days before electricity is restored to all customers.



And why didn't my Sunday newspaper find this story important when they ran so much crap instead?

Sunday Globe Censorship: Trailing Along in Haiti

Well, I can't say they didn't cover it, but my local yokel destroys them by picking up the whole piece.


"Push to send trailers to Haiti criticized" by Associated Press | January 30, 2010

INDIANAPOLIS - The trailer industry and lawmakers are pressing the government to send Haiti thousands of potentially formaldehyde-laced trailers left over from Hurricane Katrina - an idea denounced by some as a crass and self-serving attempt to dump inferior American products on the poor.

You gotta be f***ing kidding!!!

See: FEMA Knew Katrina Trailers Were Poisonous

FEMA Seeks Immunity for Willful Negligence and Poisoning of Americans

But our government is coming to help you, Haitians.

Bordering on the edge of GENOCIDAL RACISM is what it is doing!!!

The 100,000 trailers became a symbol of the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s bungled response to Katrina. The government had bought the trailers to house victims of the 2005 storm, but after people began falling ill, high levels of formaldehyde, a chemical that is used in building materials and can cause breathing problems and perhaps cancer, were found inside.

Bulls***, MSM newspaper article!

THE GOVERNMENT KNEW BEFOREHAND, and wants unconstitutional immunity for poisoning people when they were supposed to be "helping."

DON'T TAKE the TRAILERS, Haitians!

Many of the trailers have sat idle for years, and many are damaged.

Yeah, let's fob 'em off on the stoo-pid Haitians, huh?



Slow Saturday: The Definition


"Push to send FEMA trailers to Haiti stirs backlash

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) - The trailer industry and lawmakers are pressing the government to send Haiti thousands of potentially formaldehyde-laced trailers left over from Hurricane Katrina -- an idea denounced by some as a crass and self-serving attempt to dump inferior American products on the poor.

"Just go ahead and sign their death certificate," said Paul Nelson of Coden, Ala., who contends his mother died because of formaldehyde fumes in a FEMA trailer.

I'm STARTING to think that is the POINT!

The 100,000 trailers became a symbol of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's bungled response to Katrina. The government had bought the trailers to house victims of the 2005 storm, but after people began falling ill, high levels of formaldehyde, a chemical that is used in building materials and can cause breathing problems and perhaps cancer, were found inside. Many of the trailers have sat idle for years, and many are damaged.

All seemed familiar, huh?

The U.S. Agency for International Development, which is coordinating American assistance in Haiti, has expressed no interest in sending the trailers to the earthquake-stricken country. FEMA spokesman Clark Stevens declined to comment on the idea and said it was not FEMA's decision to make. Haitian Culture and Communications Minister Marie Laurence Jocelyn Lassegue said Thursday she had not heard of the proposal but added: "I don't think we would use them. I don't think we would accept them."

In a Jan. 15 letter to FEMA, Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, said the trailers could be used as temporary shelter or emergency clinics. "While I continue to believe that these units should not be used for human habitation, I do believe that they could be of some benefit on a short-term, limited basis if the appropriate safeguards are provided," he wrote.

And HE is a BLACK MAN, can you believe it?

For the recreational-vehicle and trailer industry, which lost thousands of jobs during the recession, the push to send the units to Haiti is motivated by more than charity.

Let me take ONE GUE$$!!!

Bidding is under way in an online government-run auction to sell the trailers in large lots at bargain-basement prices -- something the RV industry fears will reduce demand for new products. Some of the bids received so far work out to less than $500 for a trailer that would sell for about $20,000 new. Lobbyists for the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association -- which includes some major manufacturers in Elkhart, Ind., among them Gulf Stream -- have been talking with members of Congress, the government and disaster relief agencies to see if it would be possible to send the trailers to Haiti instead. "This isn't really the best time for the RV industry to have very low-priced trailers put out onto the market," said the group's spokesman, Kevin Broom.

Especially when they are POISONOUS!!!!

How much formaldehyde the trailers contain -- or if they still have any at all -- isn't known.

Yeah, SURE!

The auction site warns that the trailers may not have been tested for the chemical, and FEMA said buyers must sign an agreement not to use the auctioned trailers for housing. Broom contends the majority are "perfectly safe," and "the handful of trailers that might have a problem" can be removed. Though the formaldehyde fumes in the trailers may have lessened with time, Haiti's hot, humid weather would boost the amount released, said Becky Gillette, the formaldehyde campaign director for the Sierra Club.

In other words, POISONING THEM!!!!

Lindsay Huckabee, who blames a rash of illnesses on the two years she lived with her husband and five children in FEMA trailers in Kiln, Miss., said that while "some shelter is better than no shelter," sending FEMA trailers is a bad idea without tight controls and warnings. "I think it's very self-serving to hand off a product that's not good enough for Americans and say, 'Hey, we're doing a good thing here,'" she said.

I find it CRIMINAL as well!!!!!

In Haiti, Ermite Bellande said she has had no shelter since losing her three-story house. Still, she doesn't want one of the trailers. "We have nothing," she lamented. "But I would rather sleep outside than be in a metal box full of chemicals."

Turns out that HAITIANS are NOT ONLY POLITE and PATIENT, but also SMART!!

Joseph Pacious, who was hoping to find shelter at a tent city near the Port-au-Prince airport, disagreed. "The trailers may be hot, and they may make us sick," he said. "But look at how we are living already. How bad can it be?"

When you start BLEEDING FROM the NOSE then GET BACK to ME!

Myriam Bellevu, who is sleeping in a tent because she does not feel safe in her damaged home, said: "If the trailers are not good, the Americans must keep them for themselves. It's true that we are poor, but if they want to help, they must help in a good way."

Yeah, and that means NOT SENDING THEM POISONOUS TRAILERS to get 'em off our hands!

Among the lawmakers backing the idea is Mississippi state Sen. Billy Hewes. "If I had the choice between no shelter and having the opportunity of living in a shelter that might have some fumes, I know what I'd choose," he said. "If these trailers were good enough for Mississippians, I would think they were good enough for folks down in Haiti as well."

Then YOU WOULDN'T MIND taking up RESIDENCE in ONE for a FEW YEARS, right?


The Boton Globe's Invisible Ink: Halting Haitian Airlifts

Did not make my paper.

"US halts airlifts of Haiti patients, citing space" by Jennifer Kay, Associated Press Writer | January 30, 2010

US military doctors discuss the medical history of Betina Joseph, 5, as she lies with her mother Denise Exima, 28, at the University of Miami-run field hospital at Haiti's international airport in Port-au-Prince, Saturday, Jan. 30, 2010. Doctors said that tetanus developed in Betina's small leg wound and if she's not evacuated in the next 24 hours, she may die. Efforts to treat the injured suffered a setback as the US military said it had halted flights carrying earthquake victims to the US for emergency medical care, because of an apparent cost dispute.
US military doctors discuss the medical history of Betina Joseph, 5, as she lies with her mother Denise Exima, 28, at the University of Miami-run field hospital at Haiti's international airport in Port-au-Prince, Saturday, Jan. 30, 2010. Doctors said that tetanus developed in Betina's small leg wound and if she's not evacuated in the next 24 hours, she may die. Efforts to treat the injured suffered a setback as the US military said it had halted flights carrying earthquake victims to the US for emergency medical care, because of an apparent cost dispute. (AP Photo/Ariana Cubillos)

The U.S. military has halted flights carrying Haitian earthquake victims to the United States because of an apparent dispute over where seriously injured patients should be taken for treatment.

(I really don't know what to say, readers. Uncle Sam has no heart)

An American doctor treating victims in Port-au-Prince warned that at least 100 patients needed to get to better hospitals or they could die, while the U.S. government said it was working to expand hospital capacity in both Haiti and in the U.S. It was unclear exactly what prompted the Wednesday decision by the U.S. military to suspend the flights, or when it would end. Military officials said some states were refusing to take patients, though they wouldn't say which states....

They said "space," right?

The halt came one day after Florida Gov. Charlie Crist wrote a letter to U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, warning that "Florida's health care system is quickly reaching saturation, especially in the area of high level trauma care." But officials in Crist's office said they didn't know of any Florida hospitals were turning away patients. He asked Sebelius to activate the National Disaster Medical System, which is typically used in domestic disasters and pays for victims' care.

It's called PASSING the BUCK!

Speaking of which:

Poor coordination and limited resources, not costs, drove the governor's request, said John Cherry, spokesman for the Florida Division of Emergency Management. "We've made it clear that (the cost) is an issue we'll deal with down the road," he said....

As usual.

Meanwhile on the ground in Haiti, Dr. Barth Green, a doctor involved in the relief effort in Port-au-Prince and chairman of the University of Miami's Global Institute for Community Health and Development, warned that his patients needed to get to better hospitals. Civilian flights have not been stopped, but Green said he was relying on U.S. military flights to fly out patients because they are larger and better equipped to handle injured patients.

At a temporary field hospital at Haiti's international airport set up with donations to Green's institute, two men had already died of tetanus. Doctors said 5-year-old Betina Joseph faced a similar fate within 24 hours unless evacuated to a U.S. hospital where she can be put on a respirator. The girl -- infected with tetanus through a two-inch cut on her thigh -- weakly shooed a fly buzzing around her face as her mother caressed her corn rows, apparently unaware that getting the girl out could mean life or death....

Yes, THEY LOVE THEIR CHILDREN just as YOU and I DO, Americans!!!

The White House said federal officials were working with other states and non-government aid groups in Haiti to expand hospital capacity so they can make more room for critically injured patients aboard the USNS Comfort hospital ship anchored off the coast of Port-au-Prince....

You know, it has been OVER TWO FLIPPING WEEKS!!!! WTF?!!!


The Boston Globe's Invisible Ink: Caught With Children at the Haitian Crossing

I don't get it; my LOCAL YOKEL ran it.

Please see:
Going Missing

It's ALL TRUE, readers!

"Haiti detains 10 Americans at border" by Frank Bajak, Associated Press | January 31, 2010

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - Ten Americans were detained by Haitian police yesterday as they tried to bus 33 children across the border into the Dominican Republic, allegedly without proper documents.

The Baptist church members from Idaho called it a “Haitian Orphan Rescue Mission,’’ meant to save abandoned children from the chaos after Haiti’s earthquake. Their plan was to scoop up 100 children and take them by bus to a rented hotel at a beach resort in the Dominican Republic, where they planned to establish an orphanage.

Whether they realized it or not, these Americans - the first known to be taken into custody since the Jan. 12 earthquake - put themselves in the middle of a firestorm in Haiti, where government leaders have suspended adoptions amid fears that parentless or lost children are more vulnerable than ever to child trafficking.

“In this chaos the government is in right now we were just trying to do the right thing,’’ the group’s leader, Laura Silsby, told reporters at the judicial police headquarters in the capital, where the Americans were being held pending a hearing tomorrow before a judge.

Silsby said they only had the best of intentions and paid no money for the children, whom she said they obtained from well-known Haitian pastor.

Meanwhile, relief officials were scrambling to confront a sanitation crisis that could spread malaria, cholera, and other deadly diseases throughout the chaotic camps packed with earthquake survivors.

I wouldn't worry about it: Haiti's Saviors

Shortages of food, clean water, adequate shelter, and latrines are creating a potential spawning ground for epidemics in a country with an estimated 1 million people made homeless by the quake. The crisis occurred amid an apparent dispute over where seriously injured victims should be taken for treatment. The US military has halted flights ferrying patients into the United States.


It’s not clear when the flights will resume. Military officials say some states are refusing to take patients, though they wouldn’t say which.

That WARM HEART HARDENED kind of quick, 'eh, AmeriKa?

The White House says there was no “policy decision’’ to suspend the flights and that they stopped because the United States “started to run out of room.’’

Gitmo is FULL?

How LAME, readers!

Translation: OUR GOVERNMENT is NOT REALLY INTERESTED in helping Haitians, so WHAT COULD be their CUI BONO MOTIVE, huh?


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Haiti's Saviors

The same elites that have made life a hell, who else?

Readers, this article is a disgusting piece of happy horses***; however, it DOES SHOW YOU WHO the PAPERS WORK for and it is NOT YOU, readers.

"Much rests on Haiti elite; Stung by losses, the wealthy consider fleeing or rebuilding" by Maria Sacchetti, Globe Staff | January 31, 2010

PETIONVILLE, Haiti - Days after the powerful earthquake, the wide-screen TVs still flashed inside the exclusive walled estates high on a verdant hill in this suburb. Servants poured espresso into fine china, delivered glasses of water on silver trays, and tapped cupboards filled with enough vegetables and pasta to last for weeks.

Translation: The elite rulers were not touched by this catastrophe.

The eerie calm contrasted sharply with the devastation a few miles below in Port-au-Prince, a hot, dusty swath of collapsed buildings where hundreds of people scoured the rubble for food or gulped water from busted pipes.

Though the 7.0-magnitude quake left the rich and the poor mourning the dead, the cavernous gap in incomes in Haiti is even more pronounced in the aftermath. In the frantic days after the Jan. 12 quake, the wealthy spirited their loved ones overseas in private planes, sought refuge in armed compounds powered by generators, and even ordered pizza and surfed the Internet.

Oh, Lord, while ALL THOSE PEOPLE are WAITING for HELP!!!!!

The question now is whether the wealthy elite that controls the bulk of the economy will help rebuild Haiti and create a thriving middle class.

Why would they (unless there was a buck in it for them)?


Eighty percent of Haitians live in poverty, while a handful of often light-skinned descendants of the French, who ruled the country’s coffee and sugar slave plantations until Haiti declared independence in 1804, and other groups control most of the wealth.


The yawning gap has come at a cost for all groups. Many wealthy are prisoners in their own homes, traveling with armed guards and living in constant fear of kidnappings for ransom.

Oh, the POOR RICH F***S, can you BELIEVE IT????

At least they HAVE a HOME (with Internet and pizza)!!

Go try LIVING in a TENT and SLEEPING OUTSIDE before you LOSE YOUR HEADS, shitters!!!

Oh, man, is this ever BAD, BAD "journalism!"

Meanwhile, impoverished Haitians subsist in tin-roofed huts, with vast unemployment and, according to the World Bank, one of the lowest life expectancies - age 60 - in the Western Hemisphere. Only 56 percent of adults can read and write, according to the State Department. Public education is technically free, but parents have to pay for uniforms and supplies, making it unaffordable. Ninety percent of primary schools are privately run. Barely 20 percent of secondary school-age children attend school.

You know, with all the GLOBALIST LOVE and ATTENTION all these years, WTF?

The walled estates in the high hills above downtown Petionville reflect the divide. Petionville sustained collapsed buildings and numerous deaths, and had residents sleeping on the street. But looting was not apparent and the destruction was far less pronounced than in the capital. In the quiet hills above the city, destruction was even less widespread, perhaps because of the location or better-built housing. Near the top of one hill, the owners of a lemon-colored villa had a stockpile of fresh water and tomato sauce, plus three generators. The family’s servants said the residents had decamped to the United States almost immediately after the earthquake.

A few streets away, Abraham Farrah, a 72-year-old businessman, hunkered down in his white-walled compound, guarded by armed men. Framed art hung on the walls, news blared on the television, and a servant brought cups of coffee on a tray. The self-made businessman, who followed his father from Syria to Haiti when he was 18, said both of his supermarkets in Port-au-Prince collapsed in the quake. “I lost everything ,’’said Farrah, a gentle, white-haired man who wore a T-shirt emblazoned with a picture of his grandson. “I worked for 50 years and in one second I lost everything.’’

Welcome to life in Haiti for the other 80%.


Farrah said he misses the Duvaliers, the father and son who ruled Haiti for 29 years in brutal dictatorships. For him, though, life was safer. “Under Duvalier we had security,’’ he said. “You could go out at anytime and come back anytime you wanted.’’



Even the Caribbean Supermarket on a busy street in Petionville was a fortress; the parking lot was hidden behind soaring concrete walls topped with barbed wire, and protected by armed guards from a bulletproof tower. The four-story building collapsed in the earthquake.

Now the wealthy are mulling whether to rebuild. Farrah was unsure. He said his son opened a factory in the neighboring Dominican Republic because of Haiti’s instability....

Since the earthquake, some say, promising signs of cooperation between the rich and the poor have emerged....


The Petionville Club allowed the US Army’s 82d Airborne Division to set up relief efforts, dominating everything from the golf course to the tennis courts.

Oh, the Glob reporter is AT the U.S. BASE!!!

But the country club president, who is white, spoke sharply to some waiters, according to a translator. The staff gathered at the front door daily, hoping to go back to work, and said the club president did not respond to them.

Across the courtyard at the club, Nelly Boyer and her husband, Jean Claude, said they hoped the reconstruction would take Haiti in a different direction.

“We have to erase the blackboard and we have to start all over again with compassion, love, and to help each other,’’ said Boyer, a business professor at Quisqueya University, who was there to volunteer for the 82d Airborne....

Something ORWELLIAN there that I just can't put my finger on.



The HAITIANS TOSSED those f***s before and they will DO IT AGAIN -- no matter what
some propaganda outfit says!

Then again, THAT is what FILLS your SUNDAY GLOB, readers!

"Keeping up a united front for hope; US soldiers, refugees part of aid effort" by Brian MacQuarrie, Globe Staff | January 31, 2010

PETIONVILLE, Haiti - Evans Cybrien and his sister Marie managed to smile. They had just been given enough rice, beans, flour, and cooking oil to last a month, as part of a cooperative emergency effort by Catholic Relief Services and the US Army’s 82d Airborne Division.

The Cybriens were the latest beneficiaries of a five-day whirlwind effort to funnel food to tens of thousands of people who have turned one of Haiti’s most affluent country clubs into a place of shocking misery. Although there are an estimated 50,000 refugees in the camp by day, that number is thought to double at night, when tens of thousands of the displaced return from an arduous and often unfruitful search for jobs and money in the capital of Port-au-Prince.

This is humanitarian assistance at its most elementary, the delivery of basic staples to a people who otherwise might starve in the flimsy, unpoliced city they have built for themselves. And it’s an example of rudimentary adaptability by an aid group, the Army, and refugee leaders who have devised a striking, simple way to deliver that assistance. Helicopters made the green grounds of The Petionville Club - complete with golf course, handball courts, pool, and patio bar - the busiest landing zone in Haiti, outside of the airport. The aircraft have delivered 240 metric tons of food to the club, set on a hilltop with a spectacular view of the city, harbor, and nearby mountains....

Yup, it's all a GRAND SUCCESS -- and I CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE, readers, sorry!!!

Catholic Relief Services, which provided the food, sent workers from tent to tent in the camp, handing color-coded tickets to female heads of households in an exhaustive, expansive effort to ensure that aid is fairly distributed. It’s a system that appears to have cut down on fraud and paced the effort, color by color, over five days this week.


That's why we are beat over the head with pedophile priests in the newspapers!

Also the fact that CATHOLIC POWER can STAND AGAINST THEM if need be!!!!

Therefore they are a THREAT that must be CHECKED by the TOOLS of POWER!


The patience of the waiting refugees was stunning.

NOT TO ME! And it REALLY MAKES you wonder about WHO those LOOTERS were!

Standing in line for hours in 90-degree weather, pressed hard against one another’s backs, the Haitians did not push, shove, or complain.

Aaaaah, this OLD MAN is IN TEARS!!!!


The nearby presence of American M-4 rifles might be one reason, but there also seems to be a profound sense of community at work here amid the shared, stunning, and staggering loss.

Yeah, they get GUNNED DOWN by the UN "peacekeepers" all the time, so I DON'T THINK the AmeriKan GUNS had anything to do with it!

I think the Haitians are just POLITE PEOPLE, that's all! Not the LOOTING MOBS and ANIMALS the AmeriKan MSM has made them out to be (all the better to occupy, right?).

“Every day, they come in here like this,’’ said Tiyeau Simon, 42, another of the volunteers from the tent city. “They are all grateful for the food.’’

The work appears to be a welcome change for the soldiers, many of whom are veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. “It’s good weather, and we’re doing a good thing for the Haitian people,’’ said Specialist Josh Larsen, 30, a native of Littleton, Mass.... The hill is used to strategic advantage. With food within sight of thousands of hungry refugees, holding the high ground helps the Army control the scene. At the crest, splayed on the ground or sitting in low-slung chairs, soldiers focus binoculars on the sea of people, trying to spot trouble before it happens....

After the food is delivered, the patient but blank unsmiling faces of people who have waited in line for hours suddenly turn bright, if only for a few minutes. Eighty pounds seems nothing for many of these refugees, whether balanced on the heads of elderly women or hoisted on the shoulders of skinny teenagers....

With a two-week food supply in each sack, the effort is a brief window in which the homeless and the jobless can focus on jobs and rebuilding in the time they otherwise would devote to scavenging for nourishment. And that, in a country hungry for a crumb of hope, is a small but important victory.

Oh, COME ON!!!




"Haiti is facing sanitation emergency" by Frank Bajak and Paisley Dodds, Associated Press | January 31, 2010

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - Relief officials are scrambling to confront a sanitation crisis that could spread malaria, cholera, and other deadly diseases throughout the chaotic camps packed with hundreds of thousands of Haitian earthquake survivors.

Is this PART of the GLOBALIST'S GENOCIDAL PLAN, is that why they are taking such an interest?

It certainly isn't to help; otherwise, Haiti wouldn't have been the hellhole it was before the quake destroyed it.

Shortages of food, clean water, adequate shelter, and latrines are creating a potential spawning ground for epidemics in a country with an estimated 1 million people made homeless by the Jan. 12 quake.

Which is really weird, because the articles above mentioned none of those things.

Yesterday, a single portable toilet served about 2,000 people in a sprawling camp across a street from the collapsed National Palace, forcing most to use a gutter that runs next to an area where vendors cook food and mothers struggle to bathe their children.

I can't imagine it, folks.

And it makes me ill just thinking about it; they are LIVING IT!!!!

“We wash the vegetables first from water brought in by trucks, but a lot of times the water isn’t clean,’’ said Marie Marthe, 45, cooking a large pot of collard greens, carrots, and goat as flies gathered on her daughter’s diaper. “We don’t have any choice.’’

Survivors have erected flimsy shelters of cloth, cardboard or plastic in nearly every open space left in the capital. Women wait until night to bathe out of buckets, shielding their bodies behind damaged cars and trucks. Water is recycled - used first for brushing teeth, then for washing food, then for bathing. “My 1-year-old has had diarrhea for a week now, probably because of the water,’’ said Bernadel Perkington, 40. “When the earthquake happened I had 500 gourdes (about $15), which I was using for clean water for her. The money for that ran out yesterday.’’

Gee, the tone of the other two articles in my Glob was so positive. WTF?

The crowding and puddles of filthy water that breed mosquitoes have begun to spread diseases such as dengue and malaria, which were already endemic in Haiti. Some hospitals report that half the children they treat have malaria. Tight quarters also expose people to cholera, dysentery, tetanus and other diseases.

Is this the cover story for the introduction of biological weapons now that they have the Haitians in concentration camps, or are they just going to be left to flounder? Or is it another vaccine money-making boo$t, huh?

Dr. Jon Andrus, deputy director of Pan American Health Organization, said nearly three dozen organizations were joining a U.N.-led effort to build latrines and handle solid waste disposal. Authorities also plan to build more permanent resettlement camps with plumbing.

I don't like the sound of that.


And why not make it a hat trick of happy, huh?

"‘Luck’ leads survivor of Haiti quake to MGH" by David Abel, Globe Staff | January 31, 2010

Petit Homme was among the survivors, but his luck went beyond making it out of the rubble. Not only did he find doctors from Massachusetts to help him, he found a way to make it to Boston, on his own, one of the few earthquake victims in Haiti to receive care here.

Must have had connections like the rich, huh?


For much more, read my Haiti posts.

Yemen Reaches Cease-Fire With Shi'ites

And WHY does that FACT unmentioned in my PoS MSM brief, readers?

"Rebel leader OK’s terms of cease-fire

SANA - The leader of Yemen’s northern rebels said yesterday that he is ready to accept government conditions for a cease-fire to bring a halt to an intensifying war that has devastated the area and even drawn in the military of Saudi Arabia. Yemen has come under international pressure to end more than five years of sporadic battles with the rebels to free up resources to confront a separate threat from an Al Qaeda offshoot that established a base in the country a year ago.


So WHY DOES the U.S. want to ATTACK IRAN when Shi'ites are AGAINST "Al-CIA-Du.... oh, right.

Obama Moves Missiles Into Middle East

WORLD WAR is CLOSE, readers!!!

Was nice having you here, and I thank you once again this morning.

"US speeds deployment of missile defenses to counter Iran; Obama steps up pressure over nuclear program" by David E. Sanger and Eric Schmitt, New York Times | January 31, 2010

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Iran Gets an Israeli Reprieve

So either we are going to do it for them, or no reprieve, right?

Which makes the AmeriKan MSM a liar again.

WASHINGTON - The Obama administration is accelerating the deployment of a series of new defenses against possible Iranian missile attacks in the Persian Gulf, placing special ships off the Iranian coast and antimissile systems in at least four Arab countries, according to administration and military officials.

Because they are PLANNING an ATTACK, readers!!!!

The IRANIANS are TOO SMART to be ATTACKING ANYONE -- and they haven't for centuries, so.... cui bono?

The deployments come at a critical turning point in President Obama’s dealings with Iran’s leadership, when he is warning that his diplomatic outreach will now be combined with the “consequences,’’ as he put it in the State of the Union address, of the country’s continued defiance on its nuclear program.

Even thought they are NOT BUILDING a BOMB!!!

Hey, why not be a war criminal like all your predecessors, 'ey, Obomber?

The administration is trying to win broad international consensus for sanctions....

Not going to get them, despite the hopeful, prayerful wishes of the war-promoting paper!

As part of that effort, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton publicly warned China on Friday that its opposition to sanctions was shortsighted.

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Chinese Ticked Off Over Taiwan Weapons Deal

No more dollar and no more deficit funding of wars, 'eh, Hitlery?

The Senate, meanwhile, last week unanimously approved a resolution authorizing sanctions that include cutting off gasoline to Iran, a step Obama’s aides say he is reluctant to take.

Not only an ACT of WAR, but a CRAVEN CONGRESS to boot -- literally! Into the Potomac with 'em!

And thanks for overlooking that all week, MSM and Glob.

The deployments are partly intended to address US concerns about retaliation for whatever sanctions are imposed. The administration is also trying to demonstrate to Israel that there is no immediate need for preemptive strikes against Iran.

This is all NYT CRAPOLA, folks!


The news that the United States is deploying antimissile defenses - which included a rare public discussion by General David H. Petraeus - appears to be part of a coordinated strategy to increase pressure on Iran.

Yeah, WE KNOW what is COMING!

By highlighting the defensive nature of the buildup, the administration was trying to contain any threat without provoking a sharp response from Tehran.

Translation: We are GOING to NEED THEM after IRAN RETALIATES over USraeli AGGRESSION!!!!

Because many countries in the Gulf are hesitant to be publicly identified as accepting US military aid, Petraeus declined to say who was taking the equipment. In fact, the names of the countries where Patriot antimissile batteries are deployed are classified, but many of them are an open secret. Military officials said that the countries that accepted the missiles were Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Kuwait. Saudi Arabia and Israel have long had similar equipment of their own.

So the STAGE is SET, folks!!!!

Petraeus spoke about the deployments at a conference on Jan. 22, saying that “Iran is clearly seen as a very serious threat by those on the other side of the Gulf front, and indeed, it has been a catalyst for the implementation of the architecture that we envision and have now been trying to implement.’’


Petraeus also described a first line of defense: He said the United States was now keeping Aegis cruisers on patrol in the Persian Gulf at all times. Those cruisers are equipped with advanced radar and antimissile systems designed to intercept medium-range missiles. None of those systems would be useful against Iran’s long-range missile, the Shahab III, but intelligence agencies believe it will be years before Iran can solve the many problems involved in placing a nuclear warhead atop that missile.

They ONLY HAVE WEEKS, folks!!!

Obomber NEEDS a WAR!!!!!!!

US officials contend that that willingness of Arab states to take the US antimissile emplacements illustrates the region’s growing unease about Iran’s ambitions and abilities.

Yeah, but NO NAMES!!!


Oh, MSM left you something there, readers.

In discussing the deployments, Petraeus’s main message has been to reassure allies in the Gulf that the United States is committed to helping defend the region, said a senior military officer who spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the diplomatic sensitivities. But the general’s remarks were also pointed reminder to the Iranians of US resolve, the officer said.

So WHEN does the THIRD WORLD WAR BEGIN, general?


Occupation Iraq: Sunday Morning Suicider

Briefly, readers; not like their is an actual war going on there after the "surge."

"2 killed in suicide blast at restaurant

BAGHDAD - A suicide bomber detonated an explosives belt yesterday at a restaurant popular with police in an Iraqi city that was once a flash point for sectarian slaughter, killing at least two people, authorities said. The attack came the same day an Al Qaeda front group in Iraq claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing Tuesday at Baghdad’s main crime lab that killed 22 people.

Yup, "Al-CIA-Duh," yup!


Latest related:
Occupation Iraq: All Hell's Breaking Loose

Also related:

"Vermont has more deaths per capita in Iraq war than other states" by John Curran, Associated Press | January 27, 2010

An antiwar protester held a sign during a rally at the State House in Montpelier in February 2006.
An antiwar protester held a sign during a rally at the State House in Montpelier in February 2006. (Toby Talbot/ Associated Press/ File)

It's a WHOLE LOT MORE of America than JUST THEM, world!!!!

BENNINGTON, Vt. - This state has suffered more deaths per capita in the Iraq war than any other state....

Another factor may be the Vermont GIs’ assignments. Nearly half the 22 killed were members of the Vermont National Guard....


The Vermont National Guard is heavy with cavalry and infantry operations and has the US military’s only mountain infantry brigade, specializing in mountaineering and small-unit tactics....


Iraq is mostly desert.

“When Erik died, I just looked at that coffin, and whatever religion I had, I just lost it,’’ said his mother, Dorothy Halvorsen, who was against the US invasion of Iraq and told him so after he was sent there.


Slow Saturday Special: Britain's Bliar Admits War Crimes

Now she salutes her fallen son by contributing to local peace organizations and gathering with other antiwar activists in an annual vigil timed to mark the anniversary of the war’s start.



It's the ONLY WAY!!!

Gandhi's way!!!!

Vermont is among the bluest of blue states.


In an Associated Press exit poll last November, a third of respondents in Vermont described themselves as liberal, while 1 in 5 did so nationally.

The worst!

The state’s three members of the House and Senate are all war opponents, including Senator Bernie Sanders, the only self-described socialist on Capitol Hill.

The Buying Off of Bernie Sanders

Some "socialist."

What a FRAUD, just like them ALL!!!!

And what does a WAR OPPONENT mean?



Meet Your Antiwar New England Liberals


In 2007, the state Senate adopted a resolution calling for Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

Yup, we see where that went. It's 2010 now and those war criminals are walking around free. Heck, Obama won't even investigate Bush's crimes, and is using him to loot Haitian aid!

And Vermont went for Obomber, huh?

Also that year, the towns of Brattleboro and Marlboro voted to seek indictments against Bush and Cheney over the war, and dozens of other towns voted at town meetings for impeachment.

See how our representatives listen to the will of the people, world?

It was up to Welch, I believe is the reps name, to deliver the articles to Congress.

He never did, and he's a DemocraP!


An Anti-War Secessionist Movement

I think they are REALLY ON TO SOMETHING -- but I live in Massachushitts!!

Sunday Globe Censorship: Afghan Anger at AmeriKan Airstrike

Yup, brought to me by my LOCAL YOKEL instead!

: Afghan Forces Turning On AmeriKa

How sad for you, Boston Globe; how many other things are you minimizing, concealing, or censoring -- and who cares anymore?

"Anger as NATO airstrike kills 4 Afghan soldiers

KABUL – A joint U.S.-Afghan force called in an airstrike on what turned out to be an Afghan army post after taking fire from there before dawn Saturday, killing four Afghan soldiers and prompting an angry demand for punishment from the country's defense ministry.

Both NATO and Afghan authorities described the clash around a snow-covered outpost in Wardak province southwest of Kabul as a case of mistaken identity. NATO called the attack "unfortunate" and promised a full investigation.

"What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty or democracy? -- Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948), "Non-Violence in Peace and War

Nevertheless, the deadly strike threatens to strain relations between NATO and the Afghan government at a time when both sides are calling for closer partnership in the fight against the Taliban. The fighting came on the heels of several cases of bloodshed between Afghans and Americans in recent weeks.

NATO and Afghan officials said an Afghan interpreter angry over "job issues" shot and killed two U.S. soldiers Friday before he was gunned down by an American service member in the same district as the airstrike.

What, because he had one? Pfffffft!

NATO officials said the two attacks appeared unrelated.

Saturday's fighting erupted about 3 a.m. when a group of U.S. Special Forces and Afghan commandos approached a remote Afghan army outpost that was set up about 18 months ago to guard the main highway between Kabul and Kandahar. NATO said the Afghan soldiers believed the unit was the Taliban and started shooting. The joint force returned fire and called in the airstrike, which killed the four Afghan soldiers, NATO and the Afghan Defense Ministry said. Seven Afghan soldiers at the checkpoint were wounded, provincial spokesman Shahidullah Shahid said.

"Besides expressing heartfelt condolences to the families of the martyrs, the Afghan Defense Ministry is condemning this incident," an Afghan statement said. "After the investigation is completed, the Defense Ministry wants to bring those responsible to justice."

Another "investigation" that will just FADE AWAY!

Associated Press Television News video of the aftermath showed snow around the fortified compound blackened by the airstrike. American armored vehicles stood guard on the highway, about a half mile (a kilometer) from the hilltop outpost, while a U.S. Black Hawk helicopter roamed the skies overhead. "I am from this area, and I witnessed the entire incident myself," said local resident Khan Mohammed. "Planes arrived and bombed the Afghan National Army checkpoint. They hit some of the houses around the area with mortars."

NATO said the joint force called in the airstrike only after failing to halt the fighting with return fire. The alliance said a joint Afghan-NATO investigation would "determine the facts and circumstances of this unfortunate incident." "We work extremely hard to coordinate and synchronize our operations," NATO spokesman Brig Gen. Eric Tremblay said.

It was believed to be the first fatal friendly fire incident since November, when eight Afghans — four soldiers, three policemen and an interpreter — were killed in northwestern Afghanistan during close combat as troops searched for a missing U.S. paratrooper who was later found dead. Afghanistan's Defense Ministry said at the time that the deaths had been caused by "an air attack by NATO forces" during the fighting.



Saturday's clash and the string of recent deadly encounters between Americans and Afghans are likely to stoke public anger against foreign forces — even though the United Nations reported this month that most civilian casualties were caused by the Taliban.

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"Al-CIA-Duh" Validates United Nations Report on Afghanistan

U.N. Says Taliban Not Terrorists

Also: "In a related development, five former Taliban officials were removed from a UN sanctions list earlier this week.... --more--"

And: Why Can't AmeriKa Leave Afghans Alone?

How the AmeriKan MSM Reports a Losing War


NATO said its troops opened fire Friday on a taxi as it sped toward a patrol in Ghazni province, killing two civilians and wounding another. U.S. soldiers shot and killed an Afghan imam Thursday when his car approached a convoy on the eastern outskirts of Kabul.

Yeah, take a look at the Glob reporting on that: Covering Up the Killing of a Cleric

Last week, protesters in Ghazni blocked a major highway for three days, claiming that a NATO and Afghan force killed four civilians in during raid there targeting a Taliban official. NATO insisted the four dead were insurgents....

REALLY? And Glob said NOTHING?


"In other violence, militants fired on police yesterday, sparking a gunbattle in the middle of a protest over the deaths of four men in a NATO-Afghan raid, officials said. At least two people were wounded in the fighting in the Qara Bagh district of Ghazni province.


That is HOW they reported it? UGH!


Afghan Forces Turning On AmeriKa

Wouldn't you after we BOMB YOU in a FRIENDLY FIRE(?) exchange?

"Taliban deny meeting with a UN envoy about peace talks with Afghanistan" by Dexter Filkins, New York Times | January 31, 2010

KABUL, Afghanistan - Four Afghan army soldiers were killed and seven were wounded in what appeared to be a case of friendly fire. A firefight broke out at about 3 a.m. between Afghan soldiers at a checkpoint near Syed Abad, west of Kabul, and a team of American and Afghan Special Forces. NATO and Afghan officials both said the coalition team returned fire and called in a helicopter gunship before realizing the initial shooting had come from an Afghan Army outpost.

Yeah, WE DON'T KNOW WHO the F*** we are KILLING, just BOMB and FIRE AWAY!!!!

Separately, the American military said that two American soldiers killed west of Kabul on Friday had been shot by their Afghan interpreter. Investigators said the man appeared to be acting under personal motives.

Yeah, sure, it was 'personal."

Also yesterday, the Taliban’s leaders have denounced reports that their representatives had met with a senior UN official to discuss the possibility of face-to-face peace talks with the Afghan government. In a statement sent to reporters, the Taliban leadership council called reports that its people had met with Kai Eide, the United Nations’ representative here, “futile and baseless.’’

I expected that. I don't take peace talk seriously anymore, and it never hangs around long in my war papers.

“The leadership council once again emphasizes the continuation of the Islamic jihad against all invaders,’’ the statement said. The leadership council is commonly referred to as the Quetta shura, named for the Pakistani city where most of its members, including the supreme leader, Mullah Muhammad Omar, are thought to be based.

The Taliban statement followed reports by American and UN officials that a group of men representing the Taliban had met Eide at an undisclosed location this month. The Taliban’s angry denial suggests either that the group’s senior leaders did not know about the meeting or are trying to hide that they are considering a possible deal.

Not like the West ever does anything in secret and then denies it (as MSM conceals it).

For the West, striking a deal with the Taliban leadership would be tricky as well, not least because Mullah Omar provided sanctuary to Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden, who coordinated the Sept. 11 attacks.

I'm just going to say that I am so sick of the dead guy and the LIE.