Friday, January 29, 2010

Whose That Girl in Haiti?

Which one?

"Fla. university tells students it is time to grieve" by John M. Guilfoil, Globe Staff | January 28, 2010

Lynn University’s president, Kevin M. Ross, told his students, faculty, and staff yesterday that the time has come to grieve the loss of four students and two faculty members lost under the rubble of a hotel in Haiti....

Twelve students and the two faculty members were in Port-au-Prince on a weeklong mercy mission. Early reports indicated that all had been found safe. Those reports turned out to be false....

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Maybe they should not have given up yet:

"Teen found alive in rubble 15 days after earthquake" by Ben Fox and Gregory Bull, Associated Press | January 28, 2010

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - French rescuers pulled a teenage girl - very dehydrated, with a broken left leg, and moments from death - from the rubble of a home near the destroyed St. Gerard University yesterday, a stunning recovery 15 days after an earthquake devastated the city.

Darlene Etienne was rushed to a French military field hospital and then to the French military hospital ship Sirroco, groaning through an oxygen mask with her eyes open in a lost stare....

Authorities say it is rare for anyone to survive more than 72 hours without water, let alone more than two weeks. But Etienne, 17, may have had some access to water from a bathroom of the collapsed home....


"Rescued girl’s mother never lost hope

The astonishing rescue of the high school student, by a French search team that refused to go home when others did, offered a moment of joy in this grieving city, where uncounted thousands were entombed in a landscape of broken and heaped-up concrete, wood, and metal.