Monday, January 25, 2010

Occupation Iraq: Dy-No-Corp!

Yup, GOOD TIMES, readers!

"the lone officer was approving all DynCorp invoices without questioning them."

And to think, YOU PAID FOR IT ALL, American taxpayers.

Over LIES, no less!

Aren't they the group that took over for

"State Dept. miscues in Iraq costly" by Richard Lardner, Associated Press | January 25, 2010

WASHINGTON - For nearly $4.5 million a year, the State Department in June assigned a 16-person security detail to protect six US contractors in Iraq who already had a team of hired guards they did not really need.

Good thing you couldn't have used $4.5 million bucks, 'eh, America? Not like you are bankrupt or anything.

The expensive miscue is one of many described in an audit issued today of a $2.5 billion State Department contract with DynCorp International for training Iraq’s police force.

The department repeatedly failed to oversee the contract properly, according to the audit by the special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction. The findings also suggest the department remains ill-equipped to watch over the vast amount of US money flowing into Afghanistan.

When you say State Department you might as well just say CIA.

“I think they need to act quickly to remedy this long-standing concern,’’ the special inspector general, Stuart Bowen, said about the State Department’s shortage of people and resources to oversee work done by the private sector.... Bowen said the police training contract awarded to DynCorp of Falls Church, Va., in 2004 is the largest ever managed by the State Department. Yet for the few years of the arrangement, the department had a single contracting officer in Iraq to monitor invoices to ensure the government got what it was paying for. Overwhelmed by the volume and complexity of the paperwork, the lone officer was approving all DynCorp invoices without questioning them. That means there is “no confidence in the accuracy of payments of more than $1 billion to DynCorp’’ during the early stages of the contract, the report says.

Good thing you have that kind of pocket change, 'eh, America?

Yup, the wars cost you in ways you never even dreamed.

There are now three contracting officers in Iraq overseeing the work, but the audit says that is still too few. These officers also lack needed guidance on how to do the job.

I hear change going down a rat hole, do you?

In a statement, DynCorp spokesman Douglas Ebner said the company has done well in a “difficult environment’’ and welcomes additional oversight personnel....

Yeah, sure he does. Why you ripping us off, looter?