Friday, January 29, 2010

Forgotten Flood Photo From Peru

You won't find it on the website.

I'm always amazed at how AmeriKa's MSM minimizes some weather events and emphasizes others. Obviously, the agenda-pushing drives all coverage, no matter what the issue.

"FLOODS, MUDSLIDES HIT PERU -- Buildings, including hotels, were flooded and damaged yesterday by the Vilcanota River in Machu Picchu, Peru. More than 2,000 tourists were trapped for days. Some were forced to sleep outdoors or in train cars near the country's Incan citadel as they waited to be airlifted out. By nightfall, helicopters had ferried 975 more people out, and 600 tourists remained, Chief Cabinet Minister Javier Velasquez told Lima's RPP radio.

Yeah, the photo only made the printed paper because of tourists.

And they have been TRAPPED for DAYS, and yet NOT ONE WORD of PRINT?

Instead it's "terrorists" and "suiciders" non-stop.