Saturday, January 30, 2010

AmeriKa Gives Up on Iranian Opposition

Therefore, I will lead with what is important.

"Iran opposition leader accepts Ahmadinejad; Shifts stance on legitimacy of government" by Ali Akbar Dareini, Associated Press | January 26, 2010

TEHRAN - In Brussels yesterday, European Union foreign ministers urged tougher United Nations sanctions against Iran because of its nuclear program, but decided to put off unilateral EU sanctions. Although Iran has said it will soon announce progress on answers about its nuclear goals, the 27-nation EU said it wants to assemble the broadest possible front to isolate Iran....

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Might as well say abandoning our agents, 'er, assets, um, allies, I mean. We always do.

In a major shift, a senior opposition figure is saying he now recognizes Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the head of Iran’s government while standing by his claims that the election was rigged, the opposition leader’s son said yesterday. Mahdi Karroubi’s new position is a retreat from his statements after the June 12 presidential election, when he insisted Ahmadinejad’s government is illegitimate.

The softening aimed to show that the opposition, while still seeking Ahmadinejad’s removal, is not protesting against Iran’s entire ruling clerical system, including Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said Karroubi’s son, Hossein. The election sparked widespread street demonstrations against Ahmadinejad’s government during the summer, but in recent months the movement has appeared to broaden, sharply criticizing the clerical leadership, including Khamenei.

Then why the retreat?

I'm getting some of that old wishful MSM thinking again, aren't you?

That has raised fears of an even sharper crackdown against the movement. Hossein Karroubi said his father cited Khamenei’s endorsement of the president as the reason to recognize Ahmadinejad. “I still strongly believe that the election was massively rigged. I stand by my word. But since Mr. Khamenei endorsed Ahmadinejad, I recognize him as the head of the government,’’ Hossein Karroubi quoted his father as saying. The elder Karroubi deliberately refrained from using the word “president’’ in order not to give full legitimacy to Ahmadinejad’s administration....

Like I'm interested in Zionist misinterpretations of mistranslations.

Earlier yesterday, the semi-official Fars news agency had quoted Mahdi Karroubi as saying that he “recognized Ahmadinejad as Iran’s president elected by the Iranian people.’’ But Hossein Karroubi denied the Fars report, saying his father never made such statement.

Who cares about the word games? This is my newspaper?

Iran’s top opposition leader, Mir Hossein Mousavi, has refused to explicitly recognize Ahmadinejad’s government and Karroubi’s statement is the first time that a senior opposition figure is doing so. The opposition says....

For that you can go here


"Iran hangs 2 antigovernment protesters

The media’s depiction of the executions may aim to intimidate the opposition ahead of new street demonstrations expected in February.

Yeah, good thing the AmeriKan MSM never pushes agendas or anything.