Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Morning Missile Strikes

Yeah, start the morning of right with a cup of blood before your coffee, Obomber!

"Suicide bomber kills 16 at Pakistan checkpoint; 9 others dead in suspected US hit" by Habib Khan, Associated Press | January 31, 2010

KHAR, Pakistan - Suspected US missiles killed nine alleged militants, intelligence officials said. Washington has waged its own fight in Pakistan’s tribal territories through its covert CIA-led missile program.

Yup, and the MSM has KEPT IT ALL QUIET here.

Elsewhere in the lawless tribal belt bordering Afghanistan, a suicide bomber killed 16 people yesterday at a police checkpoint in a northwest Pakistani tribal area where the military declared victory over the Taliban and Al Qaeda last year, highlighting the difficulty Islamabad has in holding regions once the battle phase of its army offensives end.

So when can our troops officially come in, cui bono?

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Yeah, "suiciders," Al-CIA-Duh, whatever, MSM. Bye.

Fourteen civilians and two police officers died in the suicide attack in the Bajur tribal region, while 20 people were wounded, local government official Bakhat Pacha said. The attacker, on foot, struck a market area in the region’s main town, Khar, he said.


"Now stop and think here for a moment. All revolutions depend on public support. Revolutionaries try to first win the people before they take on the government. So, no revolutionary goes out and murders civilians in cold blood. Did Washington and his men just mow down a marketplace of their fellow colonials for the heck of it? No, they did not. Washington and the Founding Fathers knew that their revolution to build a new country needed the support of those who would live in that country. This is true for every revolution in history. Therefore, these acts of terror being blamed on the insurgency must all be fakes, committed by intelligence agencies working for the governments to be blamed on the insurgents in order to destroy public support for the revolution." -- Wake the Flock Up

The attack occurred a day after officials said security forces had killed 44 militants in three days of battles on the outskirts of Khar.

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Pakistan waged a major military offensive against Taliban and Al Qaeda insurgents in Bajur in 2008, declaring victory over the militants by February 2009. But in recent weeks, clashes and this latest suicide attack have signaled a deteriorating security situation in the area.

So can our troops come in, huh, can they, can they, huh, huh?

The violence comes as Pakistan’s army has focused on an offensive in South Waziristan tribal region, the primary stronghold of the Pakistani Taliban. That military operation is believed to have led many militants to flee to other parts of the tribal belt. The United States has praised the Pakistani operations, but also wants Islamabad to pursue militants in North Waziristan, where many of the insurgent groups are focused on battling Western troops across the border in Afghanistan.