Friday, January 29, 2010

Haitian Aid Helping AmeriKan Occupation

And you thought it was going to the children the MSM is showing on your television screens, America!

"Each American dollar roughly breaks down like this: 42 cents for disaster assistance, 33 cents for US military aid, nine cents for food, nine cents to transport the food, five cents for paying Haitian survivors for recovery efforts, just less than one cent to the Haitian government, and about half a cent to the Dominican Republic

That's what the authorities and newspapers are claiming.

And when you consider the disater assistand and transport is all U.S. military, you are up in the 80% range, huh?

Nice to know where your GOODHEARTED DOLLAR is going, huh, America?

"US cash eschewing Haiti’s government; Nonprofits handle the bulk of aid, AP review finds" by Yesica Fisch and Martha Mendoza, Associated Press | January 28, 2010

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - Less than a penny of each dollar the United States is spending on earthquake relief in Haiti is going in the form of cash to the Haitian government, according to an Associated Press review of relief efforts.

Well, that corrupt set of U.S. puppets is impotent anyway.

They shouldn't be seeing a cent. They signed the country over to us.

Two weeks after President Obama announced an initial $100 million for Haiti earthquake relief, US government spending on the disaster has nearly quadrupled to $379 million, the US Agency for International Development announced yesterday. That’s about $1.25 each from everyone in the United States.

Can we do the SAME for PALESTINE?

Each American dollar roughly breaks down like this: 42 cents for disaster assistance, 33 cents for US military aid, nine cents for food, nine cents to transport the food, five cents for paying Haitian survivors for recovery efforts, just less than one cent to the Haitian government, and about half a cent to the Dominican Republic. The US government money is part of close to $2 billion in relief aid flowing into Haiti - almost all of it managed by organizations other than the Haitian government, which has been struggling to reestablish its authority since the quake. Yesterday, President Rene Preval acknowledged his country’s reputation for graft, but said aid money isn’t lining the pockets of government officials.

“There’s a perception of corruption, but I would like to tell the Haitian people that the Haitian government has not seen one penny of all the money that has been raised - millions are being made on the right, millions on the left, it’s all going to the NGOs,’’ nongovernmental organizations, Preval said, said at a news conference.

Relief specialists say it would be a mistake to send too much direct cash to the Haitian government, which was already unstable before the quake and routinely included on lists of the world’s most corrupt countries.

Is AmeriKa included in there? It ought to be.

“I really believe Americans are the most generous people who ever lived, but they want accountability,’’ said Timothy R. Knight, a former US AID assistant director who spent 25 years distributing disaster aid. “In this situation they’re being very deliberate not to just throw money at the situation but to analyze based on a clear assessment and make sure that money goes to the best place possible.’’

Yeah, then HOW COME we DO NOT GET IT for the BANKS and WAR LOOTERS?!!!

The AP review of federal budget spreadsheets, procurement reports, and contract databases shows the vast majority of US funds going to established and tested providers including the UN World Food Program, the Pan American Health Organization, and nonprofit groups such as Save the Children, which have sent in everything from the $3.4 million barge that cleared the port for aid deliveries to pinto beans at 40 cents a pound.

I gave to Doctors Without Borders.

They must be good people if the U.S. is denying them landings at the airport.

“We are trying to respond as quickly as we can to this catastrophe of biblical proportions by mustering all of the resources that the United States government can bring to bear, first on rescue leading into relief, which is where we are right now, and hopefully seamlessly into recovery,’’ said Lewis Lucke, US special coordinator for relief and reconstruction.

Blah, blah, blah.

Major relief efforts were launched within hours of the Jan. 12 earthquake, devastated the capital of Port-au-Prince, and affected a third of the nation’s 9 million people. Behind each effort has been cash and contracts, airline tickets to be purchased, and ocean freighters to be leased. The United States is providing the largest slice of a global response that totals more than $1 billion in government pledges. The European Union’s 27 nations are contributing $575 million. The United States also has long been the largest donor of ongoing foreign aid, which Haiti depends on for up to 40 percent of its budget.

Yeah, we're great!

Even when we overthrow your government numerous times and keep your people down, we are great, world! We are AmeriKa!!!


Others contributing but unmentioned in the AmeriKan MSM:

Gaza donates to Haiti

Are you kidding me?

Incredible people!

"Netanyahu to returning Haiti team: You raised Israel's image

"And here we thought they went there to save lives!" -- Wake the Flock Up

Troops fire on starving crowds in Haiti

Only there to "help," right?

Also see: The Horror of Haiti

That's why the world is really concerned.


"You're Looking Good, Peckerwood


So, Leonardo Dicaprio gave a million dollars to the Clinton-Bush Haiti’s (Hades?) relief charity that they put together? This is similar to some member of the middle class making a hundred dollar donation to a cause; I think Leonardo gets about 20 million a film… probably more. That hundred dollar donation is not going to garner the same publicity however. That’s not my point though. My point it the Clinton-Bush charity.

Aren’t both Clinton and Bush personally responsible for a great deal of suffering in Haiti irrespective of the earthquake? I believe if you look into the matter you will find it to be so and there’s a great deal of talk that the earthquake was engineered by unnatural means. It’s not like the government doesn’t engage in manufactured crises for the purpose of profit. They might not have had this particular technology back then but… they do now. If they did do the deed, one can reasonably assume that Clinton-Bush was and are associated with the forces that carried it out. I can see The Walrus (Clinton) and The Carpenter (Bush) strolling arm and arm through Port au Prince bemoaning the tragedy. I can see it clear as crystal.

Of course Madonna and Sheryl Crow had to show up; looking good peckerwood! I think we’ll include my homage to Madonna as the song for today at the end of this… this… whatever this is. There’s no word on whether Sheryl has hooked up with Payton Manning yet. He’s a bigger human billboard than Lance Armstrong and was a heavy Bush supporter. It seems the logical choice.

I would dearly love to see the Haitian people get relief, make no mistake about that. Pardon me if I am a little uncertain that it’s going to arrive via Clinton-Bush. I see where the mining companies are virulently and violently active in various parts of Haiti and; weren’t the mining interests the biggest contributors to Bush the Stupid’s presidential campaigns? You know, I believe they were. This is one of those moments where you can see irony and hypocrisy equally balanced on the seesaw. It’s a beautiful thing.

I suspect there are some legitimate charities but you will have to do the research. I suggest you do. Money has a funny way of not arriving at its advertised destination. I suspect there are some celebrities who actually give a shit about the Haitians. I suspect they were already helping out before the tragedy… or helping out with some condition of human misery… somewhere?

Hundreds of thousands of Haitians have hit the road for other places which, I suspect is an indication of how effective the relief efforts have been at the primary location. Why would they go migrating into the unknown when all the food, shelter and assistance are back the way they came?

I have the highest regard for Medicins Sans Frontieres (pardon, my keyboard does not have accent a grave or accent a gue) and the remarkable work they have done around the world under the most trying of circumstances, most often caused by people like Clinton-Bush. I know there are selfless lightworkers around the world who serve beneath the radar. They are vastly outnumbered by those showing up for the cameras. I hope you can forgive my cynicism. I’ve seen things and they are hard to forget. I sense things and they are hard to deny. Once I become a little more realized, I will probably be more understanding than I am now. This piece is not to praise those who are doing the right thing. This piece is to point out certain odious behavior that I suspect is afoot.

Clinton-Bush and their charming wives (one of whom is certainly the reincarnation of Elizabeth Bathory; or that might be Barbara Bush), family and associates in the trade along with their comrades in weapons development, the arms trade and the financial world see no confusion of purpose between their wholesale mass murder and genocide of Iraqis, Afghanis, Pakistanis, Lebanese or Palestinians and their glad-handing the Haitians who are migrating away from those firm handshakes of support as I write these words. No, it’s business as usual and there’s plenty of death and suffering at both ends of this spectrum, just the way they like it....