Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Weakened Bear

Gotta have you believe that, 'murkn, if we are going to have a Third World War!

"Russia upbeat on arms talks with US" by Associated Press | January 23, 2010

MOSCOW - Russia and the United States will resume stalled talks on a replacement nuclear arms reduction treaty in early February, Russia’s foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov, said yesterday....

“The remaining questions will be solved rather quickly,’’ he told journalists. “The talks will resume in the very beginning of February.’’

US officials said earlier they expected talks to resume Monday in Geneva. Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Jim Jones, a retired general who is President Obama’s national security adviser, were in Moscow this week to discuss treaty negotiations....


Russian Rapprochement?

"NATO, Russia resume military ties" by Associated Press | January 27, 2010

BRUSSELS - Russia and NATO formally resumed military ties yesterday in the latest sign of improving relations between the Cold War rivals as they move to boost cooperation in the fight against insurgents in Afghanistan.

It was the first meeting between NATO and Russia military officials since relations broke down after Russia’s war with Georgia in August 2008....

Translation: Us Europeans are freezing our asses off and need the gas imports.

Officials said the meeting was expected to focus on furthering cooperation in areas of common interest such as Afghanistan and antipiracy and counterterrorism operations. No specific decisions were anticipated yesterday, but the talks were expected to pave the way for closer technical cooperation....

Everyone getting all chummy with Russia all of a sudden, huh?

Moscow has repeatedly expressed its willingness to help the war effort in Afghanistan because of fears that any return to power by Taliban extremists would destabilize Central Asia and endanger Russia’s own security.


Taliban aren't going to invade anyone; they just want occupiers to leave!

It has allowed NATO nations to use its territory and air corridors for the transport of supplies to Afghanistan; routes through Pakistan have come under repeated Taliban attack. But Fogh Rasmussen and NATO’s military commander, US Admiral James Stavridis, have indicated they would like cooperation to be expanded to include items such as Russian military help in maintaining the large fleet of Soviet-built military helicopters being used by both the alliance and the Afghan Army and police.

Oh, we NEED THEIR HELP, that's why!!!!!


And don't worry, AmeriKa; Russia is weak!

"Russian stealth fighter makes first flight" by Associated Press | January 30, 2010

MOSCOW - Russia’s first stealth fighter intended to match the latest US design made its maiden flight yesterday, boosting the country’s efforts to modernize its rusting Soviet-built arsenals and retain its lucrative export market....

Russian officials said it will take five years more for the new jet to enter service. Still, the flight marked a major step in Russia’s efforts to burnish the faded glory of its aviation industries and strengthen a beleaguered military....

You READY to TAKE 'EM ON, 'murka!

Ummm, you DO KNOW they have a LOT of NUKES, right?