Wednesday, December 31, 2008

U.S. Giving Up on Pakistan

Just another in a series of progressions, readers. They are plainly visible if you encompass the Zionist, neo-con strategy for total world war; however, much like the Titanic, the leviathin known as the USraeli War Machine needs time tio change course and set the proper conditions for what is to come. Once the U.S. goads India into taking action against Pakistan, you bet this route will be cut off!!

Pakistan Battlefield Has Been Prepared

"US set to expand its Afghanistan supply routes; Militants often target strategic Khyber Pass" by Thom Shanker and Richard A. Oppel Jr., New York Times | December 31, 2008

WASHINGTON - The United States and NATO are planning to open and expand supply lines through Central Asia to deliver fuel, food, and other goods to a military mission in Afghanistan that is expected to grow by tens of thousands of troops in the months ahead, according to American and alliance diplomats and military officials.

Another reason for the surge: must secure those oil pipelines and energy resources!

The plan to open new paths through Central Asia reflects an American-led effort to seek out a more reliable alternative to the route from Pakistan through the strategic Khyber Pass, which was closed by Pakistani security forces yesterday as they launched an offensive against militants in the region.

Yeah, when you are planning a third World War the last thing you want are supply lines in enemy territory!

The militants have shown that they can threaten shipments through the pass into Afghanistan, burning cargo trucks and Humvees over recent weeks. More than 80 percent of the supplies for American and allied forces in Afghanistan now flow through Pakistan.

But the new arrangements could leave the United States more reliant on cooperation from authoritarian countries like Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, which have poor records on democracy and human rights.

Like the U.S. really gives a shit about all that blather!

The officials said delicate negotiations were underway not only with the Central Asian states bordering Afghanistan, but also with Russia, to work out the details of new supply routes. The talks show the continued importance of American and NATO cooperation with the Kremlin, despite lingering tension over the war between Russia and Georgia in August.

Which makes you wonder why the dim-wits of USrael find it necessary to tweak the Russians' nose, but I'll let that go....

American officials said they were trying to allay Central Asian concerns by promising that the supplies would be hauled only by commercial shipping companies and would not include weapons or munitions. Officials also say that no additional American bases will be required on their territory.

Sounds like they DON'T REALLY WANT US THERE! All they want is the $$$$ -- because that's all we got!

Some of Afghanistan's neighbors, in particular Kyrgyzstan, already serve as staging areas for American supplies, and officials involved in the talks said these countries appeared eager to increase their role, both to help bring stability to the region, and to benefit commercially from the arrangement....


NATO officials say the attacks in Pakistan do not yet present a strategic threat to the American supply lines. But the closing of the supply line through Pakistan yesterday underscored the vulnerability of the route on which American and NATO forces depend.

You know, it would help your case, NATO and western mass-murderers, if you didn't lie every time you opened your mouths!

That route now runs more than 700 miles from the southern Pakistani port of Karachi to Peshawar, in northwestern Pakistan, and then through the Khyber Pass, the ancient gateway between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Khyber and the narrow highway that winds through it were once relatively safe, guarded by tribes paid by the Pakistani government that were subject to collective punishment for crimes against travelers, no matter who committed them. But this year militants have largely taken over the area as the Taliban have encroached on Peshawar, a frontier hub of 3 million people.

That's because the U.S. and Pakistani military have been MURDERING THEIR FAMILIES in the "War on Terror!!!!" Duh!

The militants now routinely attack convoys on the route, firing rocket-propelled grenades and Kalashnikov rifles. Many truck drivers have stopped making the trip because it so deadly. Yesterday, troops from the Pakistani Frontier Corps finally shut down the route.

Is this the reason, or did Pakistan just know what is coming and decide to cut the U.S. loose now?


Because the Pakistanis are not stoo-pid, Amurkn, no matter what your Zionist media tells you:

"India sent troops to border, says Pakistan" by Chris Brummitt, Associated Press | December 31, 2008

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - .... Most observers say a fourth war between the countries is highly unlikely, because few can imagine a scenario in which India would benefit from it. Any attack on Pakistan would destabilize the country's new civilian government and strengthen its militant fringe, they say.

You mean, like what Israel has done in occupied Palestine?

"When people talk of the military option, I don't think they really mean it, because it has unpredictable consequences," said Lalit Mansingh, India's former ambassador to the United States....

That NEVER seems to stop Iz-ray-HELL!!!


No Need For a Draft

Yup, MONEY is NEVER a CONCERN when it comes to WAR here in AmeriKa!!!

Sig Heil!!!!!

"Bonuses, elite repute boost Marine numbers; Growth eases strain on forces sent overseas" by Lolita C. Baldor, Associated Press | December 31, 2008

WASHINGTON - Buoyed by more recruiters, bigger bonuses, and an elite reputation, the Marine Corps has grown by nearly 27,000 members in a little more than two years - half the time that military officials believed it would take.

While the rapid expansion has stretched the Marine budget and put some recruits in temporary or quickly refurbished barracks, it is also easing the strain on Marine forces tapped for duty in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In early 2007, the Marine Corps launched a program to expand its ranks - planning to add about 5,000 Marines a year for five years and reaching a total of 202,000 by 2012. But this month the Marines already hit 200,000, and General James Conway, commandant of the Marine Corps, said they will meet their 202,000 goal in early 2009.

According to Brigadier General Robert Milstead Jr., commander of Marine Corps Recruiting Command, the Marines brought on more than 500 additional recruiters and increased the budget for recruiting bonuses from $66 million in fiscal year 2007 to $89 million in 2008.

Would that have paid off your mortgage, Amurkn?

These WARS based on LIES getting EXPENSIVE, huh?

At the same time, as more recruits were coming in the doors, military leaders also launched a campaign to get more current Marines to reenlist for another tour. In the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, the budget for retention bonuses was $464 million, and that amount was boosted to $469.5 million for the current fiscal year.

Gee, imagine how many roads that would have fixed or schools it could have built or people who could have gotten health care. Naw, better used to serve our kids up for slaughter for a bunch of wars based on the lies of empire!

The bonuses made their mark. In fiscal 2008, 35 percent of active duty Marines reenlisted, compared with 24 percent two years ago. As the size of the Marine Corps grew, officials increased the number of battalions from 24 to 27 and bolstered the ranks of critically needed specialties, including linguists, cryptologists, and intelligence officers....

Translation: The WARS will go ON and ON and ON!! In fact, looks like they are getting ready to start the BIG ONE, don't it?


Marine leaders said retention rates may be benefiting a bit from the economic meltdown. Marines and their families may be deciding that now is a good time to stay on and wait out the plunging job market, said Milstead.

Almost as if PLANNED (it was and is, readers)!!!!

But while bonuses may draw recruits, a more lucrative enticement for first-time recruits may be the Marines' legacy and identity, Corps officials said. "Kids join the Marines because they want to join the Marines, not because they're tired of flipping burgers," Milstead said....

Yeah, I'm sure the LACK of MONEY and JOBS have NOTHING to do with it!!!!


Occupation Iraq: The Forgotten Man

St. Saddam? Who'da thunk it!?

I mean, it is
this guy that is in fact FULFILLING PROPHECY.

One more mission
to perform and he's done.

"Iraq shoe-throwing trial postponed

BAGHDAD - .... In the most telling sign of the changes that are sweeping over Iraq, yesterday's second anniversary of Saddam Hussein's hanging went by almost unnoticed - a near-forgotten footnote in a war that has claimed the lives of more than 4,200 Americans and tens of thousands of Iraqis.

That second part a "near-forgotten footnote" for the war-promoting War Daily here!!!!

The anniversary was not marked in Hussein's hometown of Tikrit, where the insurgency took hold after the '03 invasion.


Not that the guy was an angel; however, he was at his worst when he was OUR BUTCHER!!!

"Under Saddam Hussein, Iraq's million or so Christians for the most part coexisted peacefully with Muslims, both the dominant Sunnis and majority Shiites (New York Times October 17, 2007)....

Sunnis, Shi'ites, and Christians lived side by side; many intermarried"


By the way, the MSM LIED about the CAPTURE of Saddam.

"On December 15th, the head of the U.S. occupation in Iraq, Paul Bremer, held an early morning press conference. His first words were "Ladies and Gentlemen, we got him." This was how millions of people around the world learned of the capture of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein.

A week after Bremer's announcement, a different account of Saddam's capture has emerged.

An article in last weekend's British Sunday Express, says "The full story of the fallen dictator's capture last Saturday in a "spider hole" near his birthplace of Tikrit exposes the version peddled by American spin doctors as incomplete."

According to the Sunday Express, Saddam was actually captured by Kurdish forces who then drugged him and abandoned him for U.S. troops to find after brokering a deal. The article quotes unnamed British and Iraqi military intelligence officers."


So they LIED ABOUT Saddam's CAPTURE, too!?!?

Then they have LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING!!!!

How can ANYONE believe ANYTHING the MSM "reports" anymore, readers?

Don't Inhale in Tennessee

Also, don't drink the water....

The Blob of Tennessee

"Suit filed over coal ash spill in Tenn.; Billion gallons of sludge unleashed" by Beth Rucker, Associated Press | December 31, 2008

KINGSTON, Tenn. - A group of landowners sued the Tennessee Valley Authority for $165 million yesterday over a burst dike that spilled more than a billion gallons of coal ash sludge.

The six-page lawsuit was filed in state court by Jot and Brenda Raymond, owners and developers of North Lake Estates in eastern Tennessee's Roane County. The suit claims a creek running through the development has been damaged and is backed up as a result of the Dec. 22 spill from a power plant. The deluge destroyed three houses, displaced a dozen families, and damaged 42 parcels of land, but there were no serious injuries.

TVA has begun cleaning up the sludge and taking air, soil, and water samples because of potentially hazardous materials in the fly ash, the waste created by burning coal. Federal officials have cautioned residents who use private wells or springs to stop drinking the water pending more tests. Samples taken near the spill slightly exceed drinking water standards for toxic substances, and arsenic in one sample was higher than the maximum level allowed for drinking water.

Officials also are concerned about air quality as the sludge containing the fly ash dries out. The dust can contain metals, including arsenic, that can irritate the skin and aggravate preexisting conditions like asthma.

But you can make
cookies out of it!


As usual, the MSM is covering up and minimizing an absolute environmental disaster.

I mean, Who Remembers Ike?

Prius Pfft

Go smell your own farts you smug sacks of shit!

"Longer road to breakeven; Prius hybrid owners have no regrets, even as gas prices plummet" by Erin Ailworth, Globe Staff | December 31, 2008

.... Some hybrid owners are comforting themselves with their vehicles' other street cred: The cars get about 50 miles per gallon, helping to reduce their drivers' carbon footprints....

You know, when the richers STOP JETTING and LIMOING and NASCAR is SHUT DOWN, then I'll listen.

Otherwise, step in this "carbon footprint": PFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTT!!!!!

Meg Wilcox, a spokeswoman for Ceres, a green investment coalition based in Boston:

"I feel good that I'm doing what I can to reduce my carbon footprint."

How about calling for a HALT to the OVER-POLLUTING WAR MACHINE, huh?


Meanwhile, CONTRADICTORY EVIDENCE piles up all around the fart-mist fanatics!

"Spokane buried by record Dec. snows

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane residents were trying to dig out yesterday after a record-breaking month of snow collapsed roofs and clogged streets. Bismarck, N.D., also set a snowfall record....

And it is COMING DOWN HERE, too!!!

Spokane set a monthly record for snowfall, at 59.7 inches, after 8.3 inches was recorded in the 24-hour period ending at 4 p.m. Monday, said National Weather Service meteorologist Ellie Kelch. That's more snow than the area receives in a typical winter.

And they got it in ONE MONTH, huh?


Nevertheless, the agenda is flogged

"Air New Zealand test flies biofuel

Air New Zealand tested jet fuel made from the jatropha plant yesterday as the airline searches for an affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to crude oil.

For two hours, pilots tested the oil, in a 50-50 blend with conventional jet fuel in one of the four Rolls-Royce engines powering a Boeing 747-400 aircraft - the first test flight by a commercial airline using jatropha oil.

Rob Fyfe, Air New Zealand's chief executive, called the flight a milestone in commercial aviation.

The project has been 18 months in the works. Unlike other biofuel crops such as soybeans and maize, jatropha needs little water or fertilizer and can be grown almost anywhere - even in infertile soil.

So then WHY are the globalist sickies running this show using FOOD like CORN?

Why does the EndGame scenario suddenly pop into my head?

Each seed produces 30 to 40 percent of its mass in oil, meaning it has higher yield per acre than many other plant oils, specialists said. The results of the flight - and two others planned by airlines in the United States and Japan in January - will be closely watched by an industry trying to shift toward renewable, low-emissions fuels.

A sharp rise in crude oil prices last summer offers a strong incentive for the industry to reduce its exposure to volatile oil prices. But pressure to reduce carbon emissions has also driven the search for alternatives. The International Air Transport Association, which represents 230 airlines, wants its members to use 10 percent alternative fuels by 2017.

Oh, well, I guess the crisis isn't THAT SERIOUS -- except when it comes to YOUR CARBON FOOTPRINT, Amurkns!!



Massachusetts Liberals Are the Biggest Liars

And we have the RANK LIES and CORRUPTION to prove it!

Just remember this all the next time so high-minded, self-righteous, can't-smell-his-own-shit liberal lectures you about anything!

"State faces $1b more in cuts; Patrick says pain will be spread; local aid may suffer" by Matt Viser, Globe Staff | December 31, 2008

Governor Deval Patrick said yesterday that he was preparing for up to $1 billion in additional budget cuts, raising the specter of reductions in aid to municipalities, more layoffs of state employees, and drastic cutbacks in the services that state government provides to its residents.

What services? I just see a lot of wasted money and looting.

"There's a lot of pain, and it's going to have to be spread around," Patrick told reporters during a 30-minute briefing in his State House office. "Nobody's enjoying this. This is incredibly difficult."

Of course, it's okay to be "flushing . . . millions of dollars away supporting a highly profitable industry" when it comes to $300 million in taxpayer dollars for Hollywood is o.k., even as the price of a school lunch rises; paying $13 million for a computer software system that could have cost less than $3 million is all right because the winner was a close friend of the House speaker, even as my poorer-than-dirt district "has been struggling to close a $2 million budget gap."; the lottery shelling out "millions of dollars" for sports tickets for "lottery officials, their family members, and friends" is fine, even as schools are closing; making interest payments to banks to the tune of "a staggering $22 billion" for the Big Pit, as we call it around here, is required, even as bridges are neglected across the state; and again, paying off banks like UBS, who can "demand repayment of an additional $2 million a month beginning in January" while also receiving a "$179 million payment," while the state pension fund loses $1 billion dollars -- which still didn't stop the executive director from carving himself a nice "$64,000 bonus on top of his $322,000 annual salary."

Yup, the BILLION DOLLAR GIVEAWAY to the pharmaceutical corporations was a GOOD THING, even though "it's never been easy to turn a profit in biotech?" Flush that money away, too, taxpayer.

And look whose backs they are balancing the budget with: the blind, mentally ill, kids, and cripples!!

Of course, "one of the governor's pet projects, the $3 million Commonwealth Corporation, is only taking a 5 percent trim."

And that is not counting the troubles at the Turnpike!

"The authority was attempting to renegotiate terms of a complex financial deal with the banking giant UBS. Known as a swaption, the arrangement could force the authority to pay out a $450 million lump sum"

Of course, the war looters were next in line for a handout. And should the state be appropriating money for a "multimillion-dollar reconstruction" of golf courses?


And did I forget about PAYING FOR the CORPORATE TV COMMERCIALS or the outlays for illegal immigrants?

Need one final insult, Mass. taxpayers?

Town officials... are trying to decide how much of a property tax break to offer and how they can secure state funding for infrastructure improvements.... although it could take several years for the studio to realize its potential"

Also see: Hollywood, Massachusetts

Hollywood (East) Disses Veterans

More Mass. $$$ to Movie Makers

Sorry, that wasn't it:

"$5m in tax breaks going to IBM for Littleton project

The Massachusetts Economic Assistance Coordinating Council approved $5 million in state and local tax breaks for IBM Corp., which recently began a $63 million expansion in Littleton. IBM vice president Bob McDonald said the company plans to create 42 jobs at the site over the next decade. McDonald said the computer giant, based in Armonk, N.Y., has already begun renovating a building and hopes to move into it next month. McDonald said the tax incentives were important, but the company would have gone forward with the expansion without them. IBM has 4,000 employees in Massachusetts, including about 2,000 in Littleton (Boston Globe October 30 2008)."

Yup, but the CUTS are "difficult." This after they told you KEEPING the INCOME TAX would SPARE SERVICES!! How does it feel to be LIED TO AGAIN, Mass. residents!


Patrick cautioned that his estimate of an up to $1 billion shortfall is as much in flux as the national forecast. Cuts to local aid - coming in the middle of the fiscal year, when municipal budgets have already been set - would probably force some municipal officials to immediately begin slashing services and laying off teachers and police officers....

The rest of the article is an excuse for Patrick with blame heaped on Republicans for earlier reductions in state spending -- even though those cuts were a QUARTER of what we are looking at now under the LIBERALS of Massachusetts!!! They are indeed WORSE than conservatives because LIBERALS LIE about how much they care about YOU!!!


Yeah, WHO FACES the brunt of the CUTS? The OLD and ILL!!!

"Fiscal woes already mean wait, worry for ailing elders" by Kay Lazar, Globe Staff | December 31, 2008

More than 300 disabled senior citizens will enter the new year on a waiting list for basic home care services, not knowing when or whether the assistance might arrive, because of state budget cuts.

Just a couple of months ago, there was almost no wait for a home care aide who could help with daily tasks such as bathing, dressing, and grocery shopping, the kind of services that keep people out of far more expensive nursing homes. But budget cuts announced Oct. 15 sliced nearly $4 million, roughly 3.6 percent, out of the program, said Al Norman, executive director of Mass Home Care. The association represents 27 nonprofits that, in turn, oversee delivery of the care.

Yup, NO MONEY for PEOPLE in this "liberal" state!!!!

The budget cuts resulted in a waiting list that, on Dec. 15, stood at 320 and is expected to grow, especially after yesterday's announcement from Governor Deval Patrick that the state may face a second round of budget cuts of up to $1 billion, Norman said.

"This is like walking below the sword of Damocles," he said, lamenting cuts to a program that "keeps people out of institutions and saves the taxpayers money." It serves 33,400 elders statewide.

Well, THAT sure makes SENSE, huh? Yeah, we got plenty of money to piss away in Massachusetts -- as long as you are a bank, war-looter, pharma-poisoner, or Hollywood!

The cuts have come amid a broader range of spending reductions that diminished services for some of the state's most vulnerable residents. Programs taking the biggest reductions, nearly $300 million, include the state's Medicaid budget, which pays for health insurance coverage, mental health services, dental care, and an array of other programs for low-income children and elderly residents....



Phyllis Dubielak, at home recovering from a broken hip, is far down a 320-name waiting list for home care. The 84-year-old learned that she will no longer get physical therapy at home.

Phyllis Dubielak, at home recovering from a broken hip, is far down a 320-name waiting list for home care. The 84-year-old learned that she will no longer get physical therapy at home. (Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe)

Would YOU want to SIT and CARE for her all day?

COULD YOU, kiddo?

Among those waiting for home care is Phyllis Dubielak, an 84-year-old Bedford grandmother who fractured her hip in early November and now relies on a walker to get around. Dubielak has had home-based physical therapy since she was released from a rehabilitation facility a few weeks ago, but she just found out that service ends on Friday, and she does not yet feel able to live entirely on her own.

For that reason, she was especially eager for home care services to help her bathe and do laundry, she says. But given how far down she is on the waiting list, that is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

"I fear getting in and out of the shower," said Dubielak, who has started wearing a medical alert button around her neck, so she can call for help if she falls again....

Yeah, WHO CARES if the OLD LADY goes for a tumble, 'eh?

As long as it is not YOUR MOTHER, right?


Meanwhile, the state appears awash in dough:

The Lying Looter at the State Lottery

"Cahill ally ends lobby work for lottery vendor; Kelly had also represented firm competing for state job" by Frank Phillips, Globe Staff | December 31, 2008

One of state Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill's close friends and top political fund-raisers ended his controversial lobbying work yesterday for a major state lottery vendor after it came to light that he represented both the company and one of its competitors in their pursuit of the same lucrative work with the agency that Cahill controls.

Nothing like picking up TWO CHECKS for the SAME WORK, huh? Probably BID UP the PRICE, right?

Thomas F. Kelly, who received at least $132,000 in hidden fees from Scientific Games in his effort to get the firm $21 million worth of work at the lottery, issued a statement after Scientific Games learned that he had also signed a contract in June 2007 to be the "business development agent" for Bingo Innovative Software. Both firms have been trying to develop a new bingo game for the lottery, but the contract has not yet been awarded. Kelly made no mention of the conflict in his statement....

Oh, isn't that nice? The guy was LOBBYING for BOTH SIDES -- sort of like the bankers funding both sides of each war!!!!

Oh, gag!! The STENCH of CORRUPTION in pure-as-the-driven snow Massachusetts!!!!


More stink corruption.

This time it is influence-peddling, is it not?

"DA's office is sued over prosecution of drug case; Defendant alleges political interference" by John R. Ellement, Globe Staff | December 31, 2008

A Winthrop man and his lawyer alleged yesterday that the Suffolk district attorney's office surrendered to political pressure and decided against prosecuting the brother of an East Boston state representative on drug charges.

In interviews and in court papers, Pasquale Capogreco and lawyer Bernard Grossberg contend that the influence of Representative Carlo Basile led a judge to drop drug conspiracy charges against Anthony Basile in 2007 and has since blocked prosecutors from indicting his brother.

"His brother's a state rep," said Capogreco, adding that Carlo Basile "in the political game, and he's got political pull over there."

Capogreco has been indicted on charges of drug trafficking after allegedly trying to sell oxycodone to Anthony Basile. "How did I get an indictment when we were both in the car together?" Capogreco said. "All the blame is going on me, and he's home free with his family."

Grossberg, who has persuaded Judge Carol S. Ball of Suffolk Superior Court to look into the misconduct allegations against the office of District Attorney Daniel F. Conley, said that charges against Capogreco should now be dismissed because of the handling of the case against Anthony Basile.

"It's just unconscionable that the district attorney's office doesn't either indict both or dismiss against both," Grossberg said. "It's certainly not equal protection under the law. . . . It's clear, unequivocal prosecutorial misconduct."

But in separate interviews yesterday, Representative Basile and Conley's top aide, First Assistant District Attorney Joshua Wall, denounced the allegations as false claims by a desperate man.

"I never called any prosecutors, any police, anybody, for preference on my brother," said Carlo Basile, who won a special election Sept. 25 and took his first oath of office Nov. 1.

Wall said the evidence shows that Anthony Basile got into Capogreco's car on Oct. 25, 2007, with $7,400 in cash, intent on buying prescription painkillers. But because Basile never consummated the deal before Boston police pulled over the car, there is no legal basis for prosecuting him for drug possession or drug conspiracy.

Wall also denied that political influence was involved.

"Neither the police investigation nor the grand jury investigation provided any evidence that Mr. Basile possessed the drugs," Wall said. "Representative Basile has reached out to no one in this office. He didn't send an e-mail. He didn't leave a message. He didn't have any communication. Same answer for his surrogates."

Anthony Basile and his lawyer, Sean Donahue, could not be reached for comment yesterday.

At the heart of the influence allegations is a revision Boston police made to the original arrest report and the way former East Boston District Court Judge Paul Mahoney and Clerk Magistrate Joseph R. Faretra reacted in October 2007 when Capogreco and Anthony Basile were arrested and appeared in court.

In an earlier ruling in Suffolk Superior Court, Ball wrote that the case appeared to get unusual treatment in the district court, including Mahoney's decision to essentially dismiss drug conspiracy charges against Anthony Basile one day after his arrest.

"The Commonwealth concedes that since Basile faced a felony charge, the district court was without authority to do this," Ball wrote. "Of note is that Basile is the brother of a Massachusetts state representative."

The judge also pointed out that Boston police identified Basile as the passenger or "pass" and first wrote that "pass removed a plastic bag containing 100 (80 mg) tablets of OxyContin from right front pocket." But this Febuary, an updated version blamed a typographical error and linked all of the drugs to Capogreco alone.

Wall, in the interview, said that when read in its entirety the original sentence clearly identifies only Capogreco as the person handing drugs to police. In her ruling, Ball applauded prosecutors for being precise, but said she was skeptical of prosecutors' assertions they could not charge Basile with drug violations.

Mahoney did not return a telephone call seeking comment. Faretra, the clerk magistrate, said in a phone interview that he handled the case ethically and was not influenced by the state representative, whom he acknowledged knowing.

"The matter went before the judge," Faretra said. "I can't tell a judge what to do."

Faretra said he does not recall meeting with Anthony Basile on Oct. 26, 2007, as Capogreco asserts in a sworn affidavit. Capogreco, meanwhile, is free on bail but faces 10 years in prison for what he said was his first arrest. "They are making me out to look like a Colombian drug lord here," he said.

That's why you can't trust anything presented to you by the protectors of power and privilege (unless the agenda-pushers want you gone) -- AmeriKa's MSM newspapers and government.


And what is the nswer to every problem in Massachusetts, readers?

I'll give you a hint: it starts with the letter T!

"Cape towns seek to extend room levy to private homes" by Erin Ailworth, Globe Staff | December 31, 2008

A summer rental could cost vacationers hundreds of dollars more in taxes next year if some Cape Cod towns get their way. State legislators are being asked to approve a request to impose room taxes on rentals of private homes and condos, popular havens for visiting families hoping to save on their seaside getaway.

That's right: RAISE MORE TAXES!!!

Do me a favor, anyone reading this and thinking of coming here... DON'T!

Stay as far the fuck away from Massachusetts as you can.

In the next legislative session, state lawmakers will consider requests from Provincetown and Brewster seeking to expand the current 9.7 percent tax on hotel, motel, and inn room charges to include short-term rentals of three months or less. Under the proposal, approved by voters in those towns in November, homeowners would be taxed about $97 for every $1,000 charged for a rental - a cost likely to be passed on to vacationers.

So DON'T COME HERE!! It is EXPENSIVE ENOUGH out on the coast!!

Seasonal workers and others who rent short-term housing on the Cape for job reasons would be exempt from the tax....

Translation: ILLEGALS and those that shack 'em up are EXEMPT from the TAX!!

How do you like that, Mass. business person?


Helping Jews Afford Houses


"Frank seeks $10b for affordable housing; Tax-credit plan would boost 31 projects in Mass., legislator says" by Jenifer B. McKim, Globe Staff | December 31, 2008

US Representative Barney Frank said yesterday he wants the government to spend $10 billion to jump-start the stalled development of affordable rental housing nationwide, including 31 projects in Massachusetts that can't move forward because of a lack of funds.

Frank is proposing that the US Treasury buy $5 billion in low-income housing tax credits, a key source of funding for affordable housing, and provide states with another $5 billion they can spend on hundreds of stalled projects.

"We have some projects ready to go, and there is nobody to buy the tax credits," Frank said yesterday. "We are pushing both of these" proposals, he said. Frank intends to include a provision for $10 billion in spending in the economic stimulus bill Congress is expected to take up next month....

Why wasn't that in the ORIGINAL BAILOUT, Barn?

Why couldn't they get TARP funds?

The OUTRAGE keeps getting larger the more you find out about that BLANK CHECK the Congress wrote the Wall Street looters!

Oh, yeah, they got their taxpayer bailout in a week, and yet YOU have to wait another month, SHIT-CHEWING Amurkns!


Housing advocates say there are many projects that can't even sell their credits, as buyers have fled the market. With the kinds of losses banks and investors have suffered in 2008, few have any need to buy tax credits to offset profits. So advocacy groups have been lobbying lawmakers to have the government step in....

And wait until you see WHOM will BENEFIT!!

Among the projects in Massachusetts is the proposed 150-unit Shillman House in Framingham, sponsored by the Boston-based Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly....


I guess Jews are the ONLY ONES WHO MATTER to our Congress!!

Time to OVERTHROW this government, folks!!!


Auction-Rate A**holes

How much do you think they would go for?

"$135b still frozen by an early '08 debacle; Later events eclipsed the auction-rate mess" by Beth Healy, Globe Staff | December 31, 2008

As they grapple with the credit crunch, many businesses across the country have yet another cash constraint: more than $100 billion tied up in a part of the bond market that shut down last February and that isn't going to reopen.

Vicor Corp. is one of them. The Andover maker of power systems for electronics invested $38 million in so-called auction-rate securities, a type of bond that everyone used to think was ultra-safe. Now it won't see that money again until at least 2010.

James A. Simms, Vicor's chief financial officer, said the publicly traded company, which employs 1,000 people, is fortunate it doesn't need the cash to fund daily operations, but it's still a hassle.

"Roughly half our cash is tied up in illiquid investments," Simms said. "It is a nagging anxiety. It's always in the background."

The investment firms that marketed these bonds sold them as cash-like equivalents. But the market collapse means Vicor and others cannot sell the bonds and get their money back, some $135 billion in trapped funds, according to Capital Advisors Group Inc. of Newton. Among the companies with money trapped are Tufts Health Care of Watertown and Five Star Quality Care Inc., a Newton owner of residences for senior citizens.

I'm glad I pulled all my investments out.

In a year of bewildering financial scandals, from the implosion of the mortgage market to Bernard L. Madoff's alleged Ponzi scheme, the auction-rate securities debacle was one of the first big failures. Regulators have not untangled the mess, though they have forced the Wall Street giants that ran the auction-rate market to buy back more than $60 billion, mostly from individuals, nonprofits, and small businesses.

But large companies still have billions of dollars in bonds frozen, and they're not likely to get their money back for at least two years. Meanwhile, the US government has spent billions bailing out troubled banks, insurers, and carmakers - adding to the companies' frustration....

Hey, it is all WHOM YOU KNOW and WHOM PULLS the STRINGS!!!


The $330 billion auction-rate securities market collapsed on Feb. 13 after every Wall Street firm stopped trading the bonds, saying demand for them had dried up. With credit short in numerous debt markets, the banks were not willing to prop up the auctions by purchasing the bonds themselves. That left thousands of investors - individuals, nonprofits, and businesses - trapped, unable to engage in the one basic thing US markets always promise: the orderly trading of securities.

The collapse also hurt the issuers of these bonds, who had become accustomed to this cheap form of borrowing: municipalities, student lenders, hospitals, museums, and other nonprofits.

In retrospect, the shutdown of the auction-rate market offered a warning of the chaos to come - before the collapse of Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac. The auction-rate mess offered a glimpse of just how much caution Wall Street had thrown to the wind, and how unaware regulators were of the brewing trouble that would bring the financial system to its knees.

"When we make money, the same reward circuitry [in the brain] gets stimulated as when you're on cocaine," said Andrew W. Lo, a professor of finance at MIT's Sloan School and director of its Laboratory for Financial Engineering. "This explains Madoff. It explains the rapid growth of securitization, the subprime mortgage market, and the auction-rate securities market."

Yeah, our economy is like a coke addict! Just great; what a SOUND FOUNDATION!!! As for Madoff, he a marked man!!!

There were, in fact, warnings about the dangers of these securities, from investment advisers and major accounting firms.

Yeah, this was all ENGINEERED on PURPOSE to IMPOVERISH the American people, push more wars, and create an integrated economic union in North America! That's why NO ONE LISTENED!

Auction-rate securities had boomed once before, in the 1980s. They were invented by a former Lehman Brothers investment banker, Ronald Gallatin, in 1984 and widely used by American Airlines, Chase Manhattan, Sarah Lee, and other companies, including savings-and-loan institutions. By the late 1980s, after having attracted billions of dollars, some of the auctions failed, forcing the companies to redeem their debt.


Joseph S. Fichera of Saber Partners, a New York investment adviser that specializes in municipal finance, has long warned about the pitfalls of auction-rate securities. "It never was an auction," he said. "It ultimately collapsed under its own weight."

In effect, brokerage firms were looking for new investors to buy out the old ones, he said, even after they knew the market was in trouble. By the time they all stopped trading, the veneer of safety - AAA ratings on the underlying debt - had vanished. Investors were trapped holding debt that paid decent returns, but debt they could not sell if they wanted their money back.

Now the still-trapped investors find their quandary has been eclipsed by the dramatic events of the last few months.

By the time Congress held hearings on the freeze in the auction-rate market, in September, Wall Street was burning, and key legislators such as US Representative Barney Frank, a Massachusetts Democrat who is chairman of the House Committee on Financial Services, seemed relieved that many financial firms had stepped up with settlements. There was a sense the worst was over. Tell that to the legions of investors and companies stuck holding auction-rate securities in closed-end investment funds or in securities related to student loans.

Five Star Quality Care, a publicly traded senior living-services provider, has nearly $75 million tied up, leaving it with just $39 million in available cash at the end of the third quarter. The company last month said it would take a loan from UBS against those securities, for now.

And when might it get its money back? Between 2010 and 2012.

"It's a huge inconvenience," said Bruce J. Mackey Jr., Five Star's chief executive.


Here is more about another asshole (in a BRIEF, no less; nice cover-up, Zionist MSM):

"More Madoff scandal details emerge

The financial whirlpool created by Bernard Madoff continued to churn yesterday as the price tag of liquidating his old firm rose, and duped investors including actors Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick struggled to accurately estimate how much they lost.

You know, I like some of their movies; however, there is no sympathy for letting themselves get taken by this looter.

Oh, btw, Kyra is Jewish. Surprised? I'm not.

A publicist for the celebrity couple confirmed they were among the victims of what Madoff, according to the FBI, has described as a Ponzi scheme. Yeshiva University, which had initially estimated its losses in Madoff's alleged scheme at $110 million, said yesterday its actual losses had been much smaller.

The university's chief financial officer, J. Michael Gower, said the school's principal investment in a hedge fund linked to Madoff had been $14.5 million. On paper, that stake had exploded in value to $110 million, but Gower said all of those "profits" now appear to be entirely fictitious, meaning the losses were mostly fictitious, too.

Another victim of the alleged scam, the Robert I. Lappin Charitable Foundation of Salem, Mass., is reaching out to alumni to help save this year's planned Israel trip for Jewish youths.

Related: The Most Racist Site You’ll See Today

The foundation is sending letters of appeal to alumni of the trips and their parents in an effort to raise $576,000 by Jan. 23. Meanwhile, a US Bankruptcy Court judge approved the transfer of $28.1 million to cover expenses tied to the liquidation of Madoff's investment firm.

Also yesterday, three New York investors sued Madoff, saying he should have his assets permanently frozen and be prevented from continuing the alleged fraud. Madoff is expected to comply with a deadline today to provide the SEC a list of his assets, liabilities, and properties.


Nothing from the Globe yet on his planned INSANITY DEFENSE, either!!

But they are giving you all the "news" you need to know -- after they censor it through their Zionist prism!

Money Managers to Manage Mortgage Maladies

But they aren't going to get around to YOU and YOUR TROUBLES until SPRING, Amurkns! Aren't you glad you have BAILED EVERYONE ELSE OUT, 'murkn?

What do you think their
FEE will be?

"Fed taps top money managers; Plan to purchase $500b in securities expected to keep mortgage rates down" by Bloomberg News | December 31, 2008

WASHINGTON - The Federal Reserve chose BlackRock Inc., Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Pacific Investment Management Co., and Wellington Management Co. to manage a $500 billion purchase of mortgage-backed securities it plans to complete by June....

First of all, WHERE is THAT $$$ coming from, because it is not in the "bailout," and secondly, why are the SAME GUYS who are PART of the PROBLEM now in charge of seeing how the $$$$ is spent?

Oh, Amurka, did you ever get took!


What Can GMAC Do to Put You in This Vehicle Today?

What if no one has jobs to afford the loans?

"Relieved GMAC expands lending" by Bloomberg News | December 31, 2008

WASHINGTON - GMAC LLC, bolstered by a $6 billion federal bailout intended to help keep General Motors Corp. in business, expanded its lending program yesterday, resuming offers to GM buyers with credit scores below 700.

The Treasury Department said Monday it would take a $5 billion stake in Detroit-based GMAC and lend GM another $1 billion to invest in GMAC. Dealers have blamed a lack of customer financing for the automaker's 22 percent slide in sales this year, and within hours, GMAC had lowered the minimum acceptable credit score to 621.

Reviving GM's sales has become a priority for US policy makers because of concern the automaker and its suppliers might go bankrupt and deepen the recession by firing millions of workers. The funds for GMAC are on top of $13.4 billion the Treasury agreed to lend to GM and Chrysler LLC this month.

Just wondering why GM outsourced and offshored so much production then.

"The economy has stopped on a dime, and the Fed is looking anywhere there are large markets they can affect in big ways," said Greg Prost, chief investment officer at Ambassador Capital Management in Detroit. "If they are going to save the car companies, there is going to have to be financing."

The 700 score minimum, put in place two months ago, had excluded about 42 percent of US consumers. The relaxed policy "will allow us to return to more normal levels of financing volume, and should help in efforts to stabilize the US auto industry," GMAC president Bill Muir said in a statement yesterday....

Notice how none of YOUR TAXPAYER BAILOUT actually went to BAILING YOU OUT, America?

It all went into BANKERS' POCKETS or for LOANS that will CHARGE YOU INTEREST for BORROWING your OWN MONEY!!!!


Globe Says It Was A Great Christmas Shopping Season

I'm so sick of the MSM and their slanted bias and lying. This takes the holiday cake, folks!

"Consumers could not say no to some presents; Wii consoles, Ugg boots topped the list of presents that made shoppers spend" by Ylan Q. Mui, Washington Post | December 31, 2008

WASHINGTON - .... Despite the economic gloom and doom that saddled this Christmas shopping season, a few products rose above the recession and flew off the shelves faster than eight magical reindeer. Gifts such as the Nintendo Wii, Amazon's electronic book reader Kindle, and those furry Ugg boots remain in short supply - a sign consumers may not be quite ready to cut every indulgence out of their budgets....

Still, this thin silver lining was overshadowed by what has been a largely stormy Christmas. Retail experts are anticipating the weakest holiday sales in decades, with little relief expected for next year....

Yeah, but to go read about HOW GREAT Christmas sales were, please go HERE

That sure was a LOT of PRINT for a "THIN SILVER LINING," huh?

Yeah, I AM SICK of this AGENDA-PUSHING, CORPORATE CRAP posing as "news!"

The Tin Ear of Barack Obama

I've already dismissed him and his "change," you American fools.

He serves the masters just as his predecessor -- and if he doesn't, his head will get blown off.

A handful of pro-Palestinian activists protested yesterday near the Hawaii vacation home of President-elect Barack Obama, urging a new approach to the Middle East. Obama did not acknowledge the protesters as he went by in his motorcade.
A handful of pro-Palestinian activists protested yesterday near the Hawaii vacation home of President-elect Barack Obama, urging a new approach to the Middle East. Obama did not acknowledge the protesters as he went by in his motorcade. (Tim Sloan/AFP/Getty Images)


Yeah, I won't expect that to "change"; however, I do wonder about the CARBON FOOTPRINT of that motorcade.

Little Girl Wrapped in Yellow

Same question as yesterday, America.

Palestinian mourners carry the body of 4-years-old girl, Haya Hamdan, killed with her sister, Lama, 12, in background, in an Israeli missile strike, during her funeral in town of Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza Strip, Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2008. Israeli aircraft kept up a relentless string of assaults on Hamas-ruled Gaza on Tuesday, smashing a government complex, security installations and the home of a top militant commander as thousands of Israeli ground troops, backed by tanks and artillery, massed along the border, waiting for a signal to attack.
Palestinian mourners carry the body of 4-years-old girl, Haya Hamdan, killed with her sister, Lama, 12, in background, in an Israeli missile strike, during her funeral in town of Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza Strip, Tuesday, Dec. 30, 2008. Israeli aircraft kept up a relentless string of assaults on Hamas-ruled Gaza on Tuesday, smashing a government complex, security installations and the home of a top militant commander as thousands of Israeli ground troops, backed by tanks and artillery, massed along the border, waiting for a signal to attack. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)

Of course, the article mentions nothing of the funerals or the children Israel is murdering.

: In Pictures: Massacre of Gazan Children

The Casting Lead Massacre

"Israel rejects truce call, attacks Gaza" by Ibrahim Barzak and Matti Friedman, Associated Press Writers | December 31, 2008

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip --Israel rejected international pressure to suspend its air offensive against Palestinian militants whose rocket barrages are striking close to the Israeli heartland, sending warplanes Wednesday to demolish smuggling tunnels that are the lifeline of Gaza's Islamic Hamas rulers.

The diplomatic action was set in motion by the scale of destruction in Gaza since Israel unleashed its campaign Saturday, and a casualty toll that Gaza officials now put at 390 dead and some 1,600 wounded. Hamas says some 200 uniformed members of Hamas security forces have been killed, and the U.N. says at least 60 Palestinian civilians have died. Four Israelis have been killed by militant rocket fire, including three civilians....

Overnight, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert discussed a 48-hour truce proposal floated by France with his foreign and defense ministers. The meeting ended with a decision to continue the punishing aerial campaign....


The article confirmed my decision to reject purchasing a Boston Globe today. I already previewed a bit of it on-line, and I'm not into it. Honestly, I think the Zionist lies and propaganda have finally gotten to this decades-long reader and purchaser. I will be going out shortly (already snowing here, global fart-misters) so there is a chance I may give them one more chance and plunk down a dollar. If I do, I'll be back, readers.

Otherwise, New Year's resolutions are tonight, and I think I've found mine for this year.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Little Girl Wrapped in Green

What if she were YOUR CHILD, American?

What if the daughters were YOUR DAUGHTERS?

How would you feel then?

A relative carried the body of one of five young sisters who authorities said died in an air strike at Gaza's Jabalya refugee camp.
A relative carried the body of one of five young sisters who authorities said died in an air strike at Gaza's Jabalya refugee camp. (Reuters Photo / Mohammed Salem)

Nothing about the girls' funerals in the body of the article, though.

"Israel vows 'all-out war' on Hamas; Palestinians put death toll at 364; Rockets continue to rain from Gaza" by Griff Witte and Sudarsan Raghavan, Washington Post | December 30, 2008

JERUSALEM - Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak declared "an all-out war against Hamas" yesterday, as fighter jets raked the Gaza Strip with bombs for the third straight day and as Palestinian fighters sent dozens of rockets flying deep into Israeli territory.

The Palestinian death toll rose to 364, according to Palestinian medical officials. The Israeli death toll stood at four, including three people killed in rocket fire yesterday....


And can you imagine yourself running from airstrikes, Amurkn?

Palestinians ran yesterday during an Israeli airstrike at the Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza Strip.
Palestinians ran yesterday during an Israeli airstrike at the Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza Strip. (Mohammed Abed/ AFP/ Getty Images)

"Amid casualties, Gaza's civilians say there is no escaping onslaught" by Ibrahim Barzak and Diaa Hadid, Associated Press | December 30, 2008

GAZA CITY - In three days of treating the wounded from Israel's air assault, nurse Ragda Mustafa has not had time to shower when she changes her blood-splattered clothes, and she takes just brief naps at her small hospital in northern Gaza.

At one point, she collapsed, mistaking a dead child she helped carry on a stretcher for her own son. Eight children under the age of 17 were killed in overnight strikes, medics said....

The UN said Sunday that one Palestinian UN employee and eight trainees were also among the dead. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon again condemned what he called Israel's excessive use of force and urged an immediate cease-fire....

Yup, Iz-ray-HELL can KILL U.N. PERSONNEL and GET AWAY with it as well as snub all the resolutions!

That basically tells you WHO is CALLING the SHOTS down there, and why the world does NOTHING!!!!


And for the ultimate in hypocritical chutzpah, just chew on this for a while:

.... George Saxe, 70, who works at the Butcherie, a nearby grocery store stocked with Israeli products, said.... "If it was me, I'd take an A-bomb and wipe them out."

Oh, my bowels!!!!


Monday, December 29, 2008

Last Day For MSM Monitor?

It very well may be, readers.

You see, my New Year's resolution for 2008 was to cease purchasing the New York Times. Well, that pledge has held. I have not purchased a New York Times since Dec. 31, 2007, and I never will again. In fact, I can't even stand the sight of it on the news rack, and the thought of touching one makes me want to puke.

Furthermore, what I have noticed is a decrease in visits to their website as I have distanced myself from their garbage propaganda. The simple fact is, the New York Times is NO LONGER a DESTINATION I WILL VISIT on a daily basis -- and I can not remember the last time I went to their site. It has been WEEKS, if not longer, and I have NO DESIRE TO NOW or in the future.

Which brings me forward to today. For years I purchased both the Boston Globe and New York Times in the morning. I thought I was learning about the world and getting informed.
Anyhow, after the New Year, I continued to purchase the Boston Globe (even though owned by the Times); however, as you can see from the posts below, I am becoming less and less enamored with the lying, obfuscating, agenda-pushing, shit-shoveling from AmeriKa's MSM.

The fact is, with so much information on the blogs and given how fast the world moves now, I'm just wasting my time and money with AmeriKa's MSM. Why bother commenting and typing about things that are already out of date? It is not like the MSM ever does any serious investigations of anything more than local or state corruption these days, so why bother? They certainly aren't reporting or investigating the truth and it is just costing me too much time, money, and health. That effort is better spent on blogs and truth, not lying shit-bags that call themselves "newspapers."

So while I am keeping this site open for additional stories
, I may not be posting much here. The New Year is almost upon us and it is time to make another resolution. Last year it was the cessation of purchasing and reading the New York Times. This year, it looks like the Boston Globe is up next. That is coming from a DECADES-LONG PURCHASER and PATRON, MSM!! Of course, once I stop purchasing the paper, my inclination to go to their web site diminishes tremendously. See ya, Globe!

Don't worry, readers. If you are interested in my work, you can still check out these sites

Rock the Truth

Truth Rocker

Gladio Exposed in Greece


Btw, the item is ABSENT from my papers YET AGAIN today. I guess that means there are
no more riots or protests in Greece, huh?

"Greek Riots 2008 - Agent Provocateur Cops Caught Red Handed

Cops in disguise like anarchists are burning and breaking shops in athens.In the video you can see the "anarchists" talking with other cops in uniforms like nothing happens.This video was taken by a greek tv show....

Protestors at Montebello are accusing police of trying to incite violence. Video on YouTube shows union officials confronting three men that were police officers dressing up as demonstrators. The union is demanding to know if the Prime Minister's Office was involved in trying to discredit the demonstrators.

--MORE w/video--"

You know, it is NICE to be PROVEN TRUE again, readers, because now you now THEY are the LIARS, not the BLOG!!!!

Madoff a Marked Man

For DEATH!!!

I guess this must have been the "crazy" Bernie, huh?

Did Madoff Move $100 Billion to Israel?

UBS loses 6 Billion in Madoff Ponzi Scheme

Credit Suisse customers loose 1 Billion because of Madoff

"Bernie's funda-mental defense

If you thought Bernard Madoff’s $50 billion investment scheme was audacious, get ready for his alibi. Lawyers for the accused scammer are exploring an insanity defense, we hear.

Don't you fucking people have any shame, shit NaZionists?

“Bernie’s family and his attorneys may argue that, somewhere along the line, he had a mental break,” says a Madoff acquaintance. “They may even say he has a multiple personality disorder.”

Madoff’s grip on reality does show signs of slipping. The 70-year-old financier, now a prisoner of his East Side penthouse, wore a weird smile when he was photographed shortly after his Dec. 12 arrest. He’s also said to be taking a heavy dose of anti-anxiety medication.

“He seems really out of it,” says a source, who believes Madoff’s family fears he’ll follow the example of Rene-Thierry Magon de la Villehuchet, the Madoff client who slit his wrists last week.

Oh, so the Zionist overlords above him are going to KILL HIM, huh?

"De La Villehuchet was found "with his feet propped up on his desk, a trash pail nearby to collect blood," and no sign of a second person.... He had "
multiple stab wounds" to his arms and wrists, and a box-cutter and pills were nearby"

Suicide by STABBING HIMSELF with a BOX-CUTTER and a BUCKET to catch the BLOOD?? Couldn't think of an easier way?


When Peace Talks, Suiciders Listen

Funny how they ALWAYS STRIKE just when the U.S. NEEDS THEM, huh?

And CUI BONO, 'eh?

The blast went off near the entrance to a police and army post.... US troops are also stationed inside the outpost, but no troops were wounded or killed in the attack.... the attack came as Pashtun tribal elders from Mandozai District were meeting inside the compound to discuss security issues"

"Suicide truck bombing kills 14 Afghan schoolchildren, US says; Deadly explosion recorded by US military camera" by Jason Straziuso and Amir Shah, Associated Press | December 29, 2008

KABUL, Afghanistan - A single-file line of school children walked past a military checkpoint yesterday as a bomb-loaded truck veered toward them and exploded, killing 14 young Afghans in a flash captured by a US military security camera.

The video shows a sport utility vehicle slowly weaving through sandbag barriers at a military checkpoint just as a line of schoolchildren, most wearing white caps, comes into view. They walk along a pathway between the street and a wall, several of them pausing for a few seconds in a group before moving forward again. The vehicle moves toward the security camera while the children walk in the opposite direction, nearly passing the SUV when the footage ends in a fiery blast.

Photos of the bombing's aftermath showed bloodied textbooks lying on the ground beside small pairs of shoes. Afghan officials said the children were attending a final day of class for the year to find out whether they would move up to the next grade. Dr. Abdul Rahman, a doctor at a hospital near the blast, said the children were ages 8 to 10.

The US military said the attack in the eastern province of Khost killed 16 people, including 14 children, an Afghan soldier and another person, probably a private security guard that Afghan officials reported killed. The United States said 58 people were wounded. In an angry condemnation of the attack, President Hamid Karzai said those that carried it out "cannot escape the revenge of Afghans and God's punishment."

The UN mission in Afghanistan and the NATO-led force also strongly condemned the attack. The blast went off near the entrance to a police and army post, said Yacoub Khan, the deputy police chief of Khost. US troops are also stationed inside the outpost, but no troops were wounded or killed in the attack.

US General David McKiernan, the top NATO commander in Afghanistan, said he believes the militant network run by warlord Siraj Haqqani was responsible for the attack. "The brutality and disregard for human life by terrorists is sickening, as I continue to witness innocent men, women and children being killed and maimed in the pursuit of this pointless insurgency," McKiernan said....



Khan said the attack came as Pashtun tribal elders from Mandozai District were meeting inside the compound to discuss security issues. It was not immediately clear how many, if any, of those tribal leaders were wounded or killed. Khan said it was possible they were the target but that there was no way for him to know for sure.

The attack occurred on the last day of school for the year. Students had gathered in the classrooms to receive end-of-year certificates and learn if they had passed on to the next grade, said Asif Nang, a spokesman for the Ministry of Education.

A UN spokesman said the UN mission in Afghanistan was "appalled" at the suicide attack. "The deaths of young children who were receiving their end-of-year education certificates are particularly galling," said Dan McNorton.

The blast in Khost Province came only hours after a late-night rocket attack in Kabul on Saturday killed three teenage sisters. McNorton said that attack "also reminds us of the true impact this conflict has on those who play no part in it."

Violence has spiked across Afghanistan the last two years, and the US plans to send between 20,000 and 30,000 troops to Afghanistan over the next six months to reinforce the 32,000 US forces already in the country.

More than 6,100 people have died in insurgency-related violence this year, according to an Associated Press count of figures from Western and Afghan officials. The year has also been the deadliest for NATO soldiers since the 2001 ouster of the Taliban.

In the south, a roadside bomb killed two Canadian soldiers and two Afghans working alongside them in a dangerous region of southern Afghanistan, Canada's military said yesterday.


I didn't comment or highlight, readers, because I am sick of the hypoctritical garbage and "journalistic style" of Amerika's shit MSM!

"The suicide attack yesterday.... comes amid concern that... Pakistan is shifting troops away from the region toward India"

Yeah, if you plan to USE INDIA to INVADE PAKISTAN, well, you wouldn't want them running troops to the border, would you? You would want to STRETCH their military THIN, wouldn't you?

And CUI BONO? Why would "Taliban terrorists" bomb to KEEP Pakistani forces in the area, readers?

Oh, what a deadly web we weave.....

"Suicide bombing kills 34 in Pakistan; Blast comes as Marriott reopens in Islamabad" by Sebastian Abbot, Associated Press | December 29, 2008

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - A suicide bomber pretending to need help with his car killed 34 people in northwest Pakistan yesterday while the target of another recent attack, the Marriott in Islamabad, partly reopened three months after a brazen truck bombing at the luxury hotel left 54 dead.

The Marriott building was badly damaged by the September blast - blamed on a Pakistani militant group accused of killing US journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002 - but renovations, a security overhaul, and the addition of a giant bombproof wall meant the hotel was ready to welcome guests again, the owner said....

Oh, yeah, about the Marriott:

Who Benefits From the Pakistan Attack?

Videos of Pakistan Attack

Who Were the "Terrorists" That Bombed the Marriott?

Another Terrorist Attack in Pakistan by U.S and India

Because You'll Believe Anything: Unknown Terrorist Group Claims Responsibility For Marriot Bombing

The suicide attack yesterday, at a polling station close to the Swat Valley, comes amid concern that extremist violence is set to spike now that Pakistan is shifting troops away from the region toward India....

Yeah, and WHO would be concered about that?!!


Notice how "suiciders" are never murky and opaque when it comes to the MSM reports -- as opposed to U.S. slaughter of civilians!

And let's not forget Iraq, folks!

"US soldier, Iraqi killed in bombings

BAGHDAD - A roadside bomb killed a US soldier in Baghdad's Shi'ite slum of Sadr City yesterday while an Iraqi died when a bicycle-riding suicide bomber blew himself up amid a mass rally against Israel's air strikes on Gaza.

The bigger the lie!!

And why would a PIOUS, JEW-HATING MUSLIM bomb an anti-Israeli rally, hmmm?

Please see Occupation Iraq: Israel's IEDs and related links, readers.

You false-flag fuckers gotta start thinking these things through more!

The two attacks were demonstrations of the violence that still flares up in Iraq as the government prepares to take responsibility for security from the US military in a few days....

Translation: WE AIN'T LEAVING, Amurka!!!!

There has been no claim of responsibility for the attack on the Mosul demonstration, the local police officer said. The rally was one of several throughout Iraq to protest the Israeli attacks.

Yeah, I notice THOSE PROTESTS are QUITE ABSENT from my Zionist War Daily!!

That SAYS it all, and is ONE MORE REASON I don't want to read MSM papers anymore!!!!