Monday, October 27, 2008

You Have The Answer

First the blind and mentally ill and now this!

"Patrick pulling back on education; Emergency budget cuts slow launch of initiative; Vision of free programs gets incremental approach" by James Vaznis, Globe Staff | October 27, 2008

The launch of Governor Deval Patrick's ambitious proposal to provide students with a free education, from preschool through community college, will have to be scaled back next year because of the state's ever-worsening budget problems, Education Secretary Paul Reville said.

His acknowledgement, accompanied by recent emergency cuts that touched several educational programs, raises doubt about how much Patrick will be able to accomplish on this key initiative before his term ends in two years.

"We don't have the dollars to do it," said Michael Widmer, president of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation. "It's not that we don't believe in the virtue. We don't have the money."

That guy makes every damn article on the state budget no matter what it is. So where is his office in the building, BG?!

And how many times I got post and repost?

Of course, "flushing . . . millions of dollars away supporting a highly profitable industry" when it comes to $300 million in taxpayer dollars for
Hollywood is o.k., and paying $13 million for a computer software system that could have cost less than $3 million is all right, and the lottery shelling out "millions of dollars" for sports tickets for "lottery officials, their family members, and friends" is fine, and making interest payments to banks to the tune of "a staggering $22 billion" for the Big Pit and paying off banks like UBS, who can "demand repayment of an additional $2 million a month beginning in January" while also receiving a "$179 million payment," while the state pension fund loses $1 billion dollars -- which still didn't stop the executive director from carving himself a nice "$64,000 bonus on top of his $322,000 annual salary." Oh, and did I not mention the golf courses, the tv ads, or the RECKLESS BORROWING while SITTING ON $2 BILLION DOLLARS! Need one final insult?: Massachusetts Gives More Money to Hollywood

Yeah, that's all O.K.

Get the damn $$$ from HOLLYWOOD, BIG PHARMA, and

Many state and local leaders are already bracing for possible cuts in local aid. These could force districts to layoff teachers, eliminate programs, or seek voter approval for hefty property tax increases.

Do I even have to type it, readers? Do I?

When Patrick announced his education overhaul in June 2007, he said that maintaining the status quo was not good enough to compete with China and other nations for business.

Education has nothing to do with world trade and China!!!

How stoo-pid does he think we are?

The China/globalized economy bs has to do with LABOR COSTS and TAX BREAKS for CORPORATIONS to RELOCATE THERE!!! Hey, it is a great labor market (for corporations) when you can get buck-a-day (or less) labor chained into a sweatshop for 12-14 hours with no breaks.

This month when the governor made a slew of budget cuts to plug a $1 billion shortfall. The governor reduced full-day kindergarten expansion grants by $3 million to about $31 million while the Department of Early Education and Care had its budget slashed by $14 million, which will affect several programs that serve low-income children.

And he's a "liberal, huh -- as TAXPAYER money goes rolling out the door to CORPORATIONS, et al, huh?

But the governor's supporters say those cuts were minor compared with other agencies and applauded the governor for not cutting local aid to communities, sparing school districts from making some potentially devastating cuts - at least for now. --more--"

Of course, "one of the governor's pet projects, the $3 million Commonwealth Corporation, is only taking a 5 percent trim."

I get tired of typing, relinking, and reposting the stuff, folks -- and of combatting the relentless agenda-shoveling propaganda. It's all Zionist-controlled division, agenda-pushing, and lies. I know it, you know it, they know it, everybody knows it!!!