Thursday, October 30, 2008

Is West Driving Congo Crisis?

It happened before, readers, and it is inexplicably be featured in the Zionist War Daily I purchase everyday.

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Remember, weapons shipments by the West are always hidden, which adds to the confusion you would feel reading the obfuscating AmeriKan MSM.

"Congo soldiers, refugees flee rebels' advance; Amid chaos, US officials depart key city" by Michelle Faul, Associated Press | October 30, 2008

GOMA, Democratic Republic of Congo - Firing wildly, Congolese soldiers commandeered cars, taxis and motorbikes yesterday in a retreat from advancing rebel fighters, joining tens of thousands of terrified refugees struggling to stay ahead of the violence.

As gunfire crackled in this eastern provincial capital, the Tutsi rebels said they had reached the outskirts of Goma and declared a unilateral cease-fire to prevent panic as the army retreats and residents flee. Congo said Rwandan troops had crossed the border and attacked its soldiers - raising the specter that neighboring nations will again be drawn into Congo's war. Rwanda's Tutsi-led government immediately denied the charge, but Congo turned to Angola for help defending its territory.

This could get REAL BAD REAL QUICK!!! Watch, that will be about the time it fades from a Zionist war Daily, watch.

As the chaos mounted, the United States announced its officials were leaving Goma and urged all American citizens to do the same. The State Department said Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Jendayi Frazer was heading to the capital, Kinshasa, and would arrive today.

Oh, that is why this is in the papers: AMERICANS are AFFECTED!!!!

"There is a lot of violence," said spokesman Sean McCormack. "This is of deep concern to us."

Thousands of panicked refugees clogged the dirt roads out of Goma, struggling to reach safety. Women carrying huge bundles on their heads and babies in their arms trudged alongside men pushing crude wooden carts crammed with clothing, food and cooking utensils. Bewildered children walked alongside. Young boys led goats and pigs on tethers as men on bicycles weaved in and out.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees said about 45,000 people fled the nearby village of Kibati, where they had been sleeping in a makeshift camp in the open air, in a matter of hours yesterday. Goma's governor, Julien Mpaluku, acknowledged panic was spreading, but stressed that UN peacekeepers were still in charge and rebels had not yet entered the city. UN spokesman Madnodje Mounoubai said peacekeepers were deployed at the airport and at other strategic points.

The UN says its biggest peacekeeping mission - a 17,000-strong force - is now stretched to the limit with the surge in fighting and needs more troops quickly. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uruguay and South Africa are the main contributors to the existing force.

But hopes for immediate backup from the European Union dimmed. French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said yesterday the EU had considered sending troops to reinforce the peacekeepers in Congo but some countries refused.

Yeah, no need to rush when it is black people being slaughtered!

Fears have grown of a wider war that could drag in Congo's neighbors. Congo suffered back-to-back wars from 1996 to 2002 that embroiled eight African nations. The unrest in eastern Congo has been fueled by festering hatreds left over from the 1994 Rwandan genocide, in which half a million Tutsis were slaughtered. More than a million Hutu extremists fled to Congo where they regrouped in a brutal militia that helps fuel the continuing conflict in Congo. --more--"

Something more is going on, more than what the MSM is telling us.

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He's claiming 10 MILLION DEAD?!!! Good God!!!!