Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Confusion Over Chinese Rescue Mission in Sudan

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"'Scared' abductors kill 3 Chinese hostages in Sudan" by Sarah El Deeb, Associated Press | October 29, 2008

KHARTOUM, Sudan - The kidnappers of nine Chinese oil workers in Sudan killed at least three hostages yesterday after being spooked by a surveillance plane, a Sudanese government official said, contradicting Chinese claims of a botched rescue.

Initially, the Sudanese government said five had been killed, but the undersecretary at the Foreign Ministry, Mutrif Siddiq, told reporters only three of the Chinese workers were confirmed dead and three others were injured and receiving medical care. Three more remain missing.

China originally said that the hostages had been killed during a Sudanese rescue operation. But Siddiq insisted there were no clashes, only a plane tracking their movements overhead. The kidnappers, he said, shot randomly at the aircraft as they fled the scene.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jiang Yu said China was involved in the rescue attempt, but declined to say if the Chinese government had been in contact with the rebels and refused to give further details. The deaths are one of the most violent acts China has faced in recent years as its businesses expand worldwide to buy energy and other raw materials or find new markets.

And CUI BONO, readers?

Who views China as an adversary in the world energy market?

Defense Minister Abdel Rahim Hussein of Sudan called the slayings a "terrorist act," and Foreign Ministry officials said there will be new measures to protect foreign interests in Sudan.

China, which buys nearly two-thirds of Sudan's oil, has angered anti-government forces in Darfur, who argue China is providing crucial revenue to the government amid a civil war in which 300,000 people have been killed. --more--"

At least they left the Darfur reference in the piece today -- even though the Zionist agenda-pushers and enemy-creators imply that the fault is China and Sudans.

Of course, OUR AGENTS waiting for

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