Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bailout Bill to Pay For Job Losses

(Blog author just disgusted by the piggish greed; this "bailout/rescue" gets WORSE EVERY DAY)

GM has approached members of Congress and the administration about a number of ways that government funding could be used to help the company.... in the Chrysler deal.... Any role by the government in a GM-Chrysler deal would... lead to significant job losses.... perhaps
using some of the money to shut down redundant Chrysler operations"

"Automakers seek additional US aid" by Associated Press | October 29, 2008

WASHINGTON - Beleaguered US automakers are seeking federal help beyond the money available for them as part of a financial industry bailout and a loan package to fund more fuel-efficient cars, the White House said yesterday.

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said the auto industry has talked to the Bush administration about funding on a much broader scale than the two programs approved by Congress earlier this fall.

General Motors Corp., which is in talks about acquiring Chrysler LLC, is pursuing $5 billion to $10 billion in government aid, said an industry official, who declined to be identified because the discussions were private. GM officials declined comment. GM has approached members of Congress and the administration about a number of ways that government funding could be used to help the company, including playing a part in a Chrysler deal.

The requests have come as General Motors and Chrysler LLC are burning up cash because of an auto industry sales meltdown due to the US economic downturn. Industry analysts say government funding might be necessary to seal a deal because of the difficult economic conditions and frozen credit markets.

Yeah, frozen credit, yup: U.S. Banks Driving Credit Crunch ON PURPOSE!!

Bush Administration Created Credit Crunch Crisis


The Bush administration and Congress would have an interest in the automakers' survival because of the magnitude of the pension obligations it would face in a bankruptcy and the potential for massive job losses. Chrysler employs about 49,000 in the United States and has about 125,000 pensioners. GM has 177,000 US workers and around 500,000 people receiving pensions.

So the PROMISES were NO GOOD, 'eh, GM?

And the TAXPAYERS are going to have to FUND PENSIONS, too?!!

The Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, Mich., estimates that for each auto manufacturing position, there are 7.5 jobs with parts makers and other companies, meaning the industry accounts for millions of jobs. Any role by the government in a GM-Chrysler deal would face scrutiny from Congress because it would likely lead to significant job losses as the companies combine operations.

The White House is focused on two major options to aid the industry, Perino said. They include the $25 billion in government loans approved by Congress for fuel-saving technology and money to free up credit through the $700 billion Wall Street bailout. Perino said the White House is trying to help automakers access part of the $25 billion.

Where is YOUR BAILOUT, American?

Both Barack Obama and John McCain have urged the Bush administration to expedite the money after estimates that it could take six to 18 months to fund the loans. While the government wrangling continues, all three US-based automakers are having cash troubles, with Chrysler and GM considered by industry analysts to be in the worst shape.

There is your "CHANGE" right there!! Both candidates are BEHOLDEN to CORPORATE INTERESTS!

GM, which is burning through more than $1 billion per month, is interested in acquiring Chrysler to access its $11 billion cash stockpile. Chrysler, however, has an unspecified amount of debt, and many of its dealers, factories, brands, and models duplicate GM's and likely would be shed if GM acquires Chrysler.

GM likely wants government dollars to make the numbers work to acquire Chrysler, perhaps using some of the money to shut down redundant Chrysler operations. Industry analysts say Chrysler is in such bad shape that it could go into bankruptcy next year if it doesn't take on a partner or isn't acquired by another automaker. GM also could reach the minimum amount of cash needed to pay its bills sometime next year, analysts have said.

David Cole, chairman of the Center for Automotive Research, said the aid would attempt to save some Chrysler jobs rather than lose all of them. Ford or Chrysler also could be in trouble if the global economic turmoil continues into next year, he said. Cole estimated that 2 million jobs, including parts suppliers and other vendors, could be lost if GM or Ford went under. --more--"

You believe the looting liars, their scare tactics, and their promises, 'murka?

Do you?
Remember, this was all done ON PURPOSE!!!!