Friday, October 31, 2008

Time to Ban Football

I know America won't like it; however, do you NOT LOVE YOUR KIDS?

"Everett footballer has brain surgery; Teen doing well, family reports" by Gabrielle T. Dunn, Globe Correspondent | October 31, 2008

A 14-year-old Everett High football player who collapsed at practice is doing well after undergoing surgery for a blood clot on his brain Wednesday, his father and older brother said last night.

Hantzley Audate, a freshman, was operated on for two hours for a hematoma at about 7:30 p.m., several hours after he collapsed Wednesday afternoon, said his 22-year-old brother, Reynaldi Audate. Hantzley's father, Renold, said his son remembers a tingling feeling on his left side just before he collapsed. He said Hantzley was hit on his left side four times during a practice drill. Hantzley also has a small bruise on the left side of his head, his father said.

"It's a little bruise," Renold Audate, 48, said. "It's not the kind of bruise that would suggest the kind of head injury he has suffered, but I think he got hit pretty badly."

Reynaldi said doctors predict that his brother, currently in a medically induced coma to take stress off his brain and prevent future swelling, may stay in the hospital as long as a month. Renold Audate said his son will undergo more brain surgery in three months. --more--"

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So what is more important, parents?

Football or your kids' lives?