Thursday, October 30, 2008

Criminal State Senator Will Not Quit

Please, you corrupt piece of shit, just GO AWAY ALREADY!!!!

"Wilkerson vows to stay in race; Decries timing of bribery case; federal investigation widens" by Matt Viser, Globe Staff | October 30, 2008

State Senator Dianne Wilkerson vowed yesterday to remain in her reelection fight despite her arrest this week on federal corruption charges and the release of photos allegedly depicting her accepting cash bribes, accusing US Attorney Michael J. Sullivan of engaging in a "political calculus" to derail her campaign.

There she goes again: playing the RACE CARD of VICTIMIZATION!

Wilkerson remained out of public view yesterday, but in a brief statement handed out by campaign volunteers at her headquarters in Roxbury, the Democrat urged voters to stick with her in Tuesday's election after 15 years in office.

If you do, voters, I will have NO RESPECT for you whatsoever! It would certainly drop my workload, however, since I will stop posting political items then.

"Not only does this represent the biggest challenge in my personal and political life, but it will test to the limit the notion of innocent until proven guilty," Wilkerson said in the statement.

Yeah, it is ALL ABOUT HER!!! How ARROGANT!!!

What about YOUR CONSTITUENTS? Didn't they deserve an HONEST REP?

Yet even as she sought to salvage her political career, the investigation into her activities blossomed into a much broader investigation as federal authorities blanketed the State House and City Hall with subpoenas yesterday. Agents also delivered a subpoena to the developers of Columbus Center, a major project Wilkerson supported.

Please see: Columbus Center Chutzpah

So, WHO IS NOT RIPPING OFF taxpayers, readers? Anyone?

Wilkerson remained elusive through most of the day yesterday, as she tried to figure out whether to continue her efforts to revive her political career. The lights were on, but the doors were locked for most of her day at her campaign headquarters. No one answered at her stately lime-green and yellow-trim home near Franklin Park, and she did not answer a cellphone that had a full voice mailbox. Her lawyer, attorney, Max Stern, declined to comment.

Just before 4 p.m., a campaign worker cracked open the door of Wilkerson's headquarters and handed out a brief statement. "While there is great curiosity about the particulars of my case I am not at liberty to discuss them for obvious reasons," her statement said. "For those of you who must be thinking, 'There has to be more to this story,' of course there is. But it is not a story that I am able or willing to lay out in the press."

Pfffffffftt! What HORSE SHIT!!!

In addition to announcing her plans to continue her campaign, Wilkerson attacked Sullivan.

"From a purely political perspective, it seems a lot of people, including myself, have seriously underestimated US Attorney Sullivan's political calculus," Wilkerson said. "In one fell swoop and even before an indictment had been returned, he's sought to imperil my reelection campaign, and has set much of the state's Democratic Leadership back on its heels. He brought this issue forward at this time knowing full well that I would never have an opportunity to have my day in court prior to November 4."


What an EMBARRASSMENT this DISGUSTING PIECE of SLIME is to Massachusetts!!!!

And how could it be political? There is NO REPUBLICAN OPPOSITION in the general, only a socialist?!!

So just SHUT the FUCK UP, you LOOTING LIAR!!!!

As for the timing: "On Oct. 2, she accepted a $10,000 cash payment from the agents posing as developers, saying she needed the funds for her reelection effort, the FBI said"

Can you tell this woman really gets under my skin? It is the ARROGANCE, folks!!!

Sullivan, a former Republican state legislator and Plymouth County district attorney, would not comment yesterday in response to Wilkerson's statement, said his spokeswoman. At a press conference Tuesday announcing the charges against Wilkerson, he denied any link between the timing of the arrest and the election.

"It's coincidental that this happened one week before the election," Sullivan said. Some residents in Wilkerson's district did not seem eager to send her back to office.

Thank God there are SOME aware people in Massachusetts!

"I think she's looking for the pity vote," said Jimmy McNeill, a 63-year-old retired MBTA worker from Roxbury. "She's like a boxer. When does he quit? When he can't think for himself."

When you been sucking on that public teet for so long, it is like your teeth are locked on that nipple!

Still, several people said the allegations leveled against her were politically motiviated.

See: Massachusetts Voters Are Fools

"I've given her staunch support and I'm going to stay loyal," said Dave Goodman, a 43-year-old Roxbury resident who said even photos and audio can be doctored.

But he wouldn't want to look into 9/11 or "terrorism," would he? Pfffffft!

Deborah Shah, the campaign manager for Sonia Chang-Díaz, who beat Wilkerson in the Democratic primary and has been trying to fend off a vigorous write-in campaign by Wilkerson, said, "We are now, as we've always been, focused on our own campaign rather than Senator Wilkerson's campaign."

In addition to subpoenas of multiple government officials and agencies, federal authorities have also subpoenaed information from WinnCompanies, a development firm owned by Arthur Winn, a longtime political benefactor of Wilkerson's, according to a source with knowledge of the subpoena.

Arthur Winn declined a request to be interviewed through a spokesman. WinnCompanies also declined to comment. The source, who described the subpoena as a broad request for information, said it does not request any records or communications relating to Columbus Center, an $800 million development Winn is trying to build over the Massachusetts Turnpike in Boston. --more--"

Then the shit bag is LYING, isn't he?

Here is a bit more on the investigation:

"Developer reportedly worried about demands made by senator" by Shelley Murphy, Globe Staff | October 30, 2008

In the FBI affidavit, he is known as Associate A, a street-savvy neighborhood businessman with a zeal to build a development in Roxbury. In real life, his name is Azid Mohammed, and from the very beginning, a colleague said yesterday, he was uncomfortable with the pressure being applied to him by state Senator Dianne Wilkerson.

The colleague, Christopher Marrano, learned this week why Wilkerson kept insisting that Raj from Atlanta be included. Raj was really an undercover FBI agent who the government says was paying thousands of dollars in cash bribes to Wilkerson.

The FBI affidavit says it taped Associate A telling an undercover agent that he would have to pay Wilkerson, two state representatives, and a Boston councilor to push the transfer of the state land. The FBI affidavit described it as a "politician payment plan."

"The biggest chunk that we gotta worry about is the senator," Associate A told the agents, according to the affidavit. "This woman is extremely powerful. . . . If she say no, you're [expletive] dead. If she say yes, you're golden."

Associate A suggested the agents pay $5,000 to one state representative, $1,000 to another, and $1,000 to a Boston city councilor. The officials, while known to the FBI, are not named in the affidavit. --more--"

Why not? We wanna know who else is a scum-sucking looter!

Yeah, I'm sure the government went to loads of trouble to set up some rinky-dink state senator from Massachusetts.

And where are the STATE ATTORNEY'S in all this? Why was it the FEDS who had to BUST this scum?


"Senate asks Wilkerson to resign

The state Senate passed a unanimous resolution this afternoon asking Democratic Senator Dianne Wilkerson to resign immediately following her arrest on charges she accepted eight bribes worth $23,500.

Lawmakers also stripped Wilkerson of her chairmanship of the Committee on State Administration and Regulatory Oversight and her committee assignments and asked the Senate Ethics Committee to explore the accusations made by the FBI after an 18-month corruption probe. This morning before the vote, Wilkerson sent a letter to Senate President Therese Murray saying she would follow the will of the Senate"