Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BP Made $8 BILLION Last Quarter

How did you do, Amurka?

And not only that, they are BENEFITING from the economic "crisis."

"Bolstered by profit, BP looks to buy" by Bloomberg News | October 29, 2008

LONDON - BP PLC, Europe's second-biggest oil company, may seek acquisition targets and intends to boost future dividends after posting an 83 percent increase in third-quarter profit on higher crude and natural-gas prices.

Net income advanced to $8.05 billion. Excluding one-time items and gains or losses from inventories, profit was $8.88 billion.

Chief executive Tony Hayward said the global financial crisis may "create opportunities for us and we will look at those very closely." --more--"

What 'opportunities" has it created for you, Americans -- other than to be endlessly poked in the pooper?