Thursday, October 30, 2008

France Wants Its Seat at the Globalist Table

Yes, one can see this in how hard Sarkozy has pushed for world economi9c integration in the midst of this "crisis" -- even to the point of not waiting for a new president.

"France seeks to preserve global role

PARIS - The French government decided yesterday to increase military spending by an average of $1.8 billion a year as part of an effort to field a trimmer but better equipped army to safeguard France's role in world affairs.

The five-year program, which has been under study since President Nicolas Sarkozy took office in May 2007, was maintained despite a financial crisis that has undermined the already sluggish French economy and led to predictions of budget cutbacks across the government. Defense Minister Herve Morin said the decision illustrated Sarkozy's determination, even amid financial turmoil, to conduct activist policies in Afghanistan, Africa and other trouble spots around the globe.

I'd rather you Frenchies just GO HOME!!

There are LESS DEAD PEOPLE that way!!!

Sarkozy proposed yesterday, for instance, that European countries, including France, dispatch a military force to Congo to help end the spiraling conflict there.

So MORE can DIE?

"In spite of the crisis, we will not touch defense funds," Morin told the Figaro newspaper. "France wants to maintain a strong foreign policy. For its voice to be heard, it must be a credible military power."

But OUR ENEMIES can not have weapons, huh?!!!

The Defense Planning Law, which is likely to pass unaltered, provided for $230 billion through 2014. --more--"

Those are YOUR TAX DOLLARS, Frenchies!!!

Do you want to be a globalist cop?