Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Looting Lock-In of AmeriKa's Homeowners

Also see: The Home Heating Oil Scam

"Utility offers a 3-year lock on electricity rate; Dominion's deal would cut average bill by a few dollars" by Erin Ailworth, Globe Staff | October 30, 2008

A subsidiary of Dominion power company is offering thousands of Massachusetts utility customers a modest deal: the chance to lock in their electricity-supply charges for the next three years.

Despite the potential savings, a consumer advocate cautioned customers to do their homework before locking in an electricity-supply price - especially since energy prices have been volatile recently.

Larry Chretien, executive director of the nonprofit Massachusetts Energy Consumers Alliance, which advocates for affordable and environmentally sustainable energy choosing to lock in a price or stay with a utility's basic service option is something of a tossup. --more--"

Yeah, and it just so happened to work out in the ENERGY COMPANIES FAVOR the LAST TIME you got LOCKED IN, Amurkns!