Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Whale of a Hotel

A further example the the Sun Never Sets on the Rich.

"Rare whale shark held at Dubai resort making waves; Debate suggests culture of excess has its limits" by Ellen Knickmeyer, Washington Post | October 30, 2008

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - The newly opened Atlantis, a project of a state-owned development company and a foreign developer best known for founding the Sun City resort in apartheid-era South Africa.

Gee, I wonder who that could be (keep reading).

Guests pay $7,500 a night to stay in Atlantis's Poseidon and Neptune suites, where a glass wall affords a private view of the whale shark and the smaller fish in her tank. Diners in a seafood restaurant enjoy the same view. Developers are generally the unchallenged heroes of Dubai's $1 trillion-plus building boom. But the fate of the freckled gray shark has caught public attention, suggesting that even Dubai's culture of developer-driven excess has its limits.

Yeah, those ARABS live to excess, the Muslim-hating, Jewish War Daily reminds us!

Spokeswomen in the United States and Dubai for the hotel's lead owner, Sol Kerzner of South Africa, did not return repeated calls for comment. Kerzner has withstood controversy before. His Sun City resort in South Africa inspired the Steve Van Zandt song that includes the refrain "I ain't gonna play Sun City" and became a symbol of international protests against South Africa's then-segregated government. The boycott lasted until apartheid ended in 1994; Sun City remains. --more--"

Just who is Sol Kerzner?

"Born outside Johannesburg in 1935 to Russian Jewish immigrants... by 26, he had entered the hotel business and in 1964 opened his first luxury hotel in South Africa using money invested by his accounting clients....

Part of the Russian/Jewish mafia is he?

In 1979, Kerzner created Sun City — the world’s first modern casino-resort, in the heart of the apartheid-era black homeland of Bophuthatswana. Technically not considered a part of South Africa, the location allowed Kerzner to operate a gambling casino and screen X-rated movies, activities that were illegal at the time in white-governed South Africa....

In mid-1987, Kerzner left South Africa under a cloud of suspicion and resettled in London. He was charged by a prosecutor in the black homeland of Transkei of bribing the governor of that state for casino rights. The governor served a nine-year prison sentence for accepting payment from Kerzner. Kerzner later admitted paying the money but claimed he was extorted. He spent years and millions of dollars in an eventually successful effort to get the charges dropped.

What is with the JEWISH GUYS and the

Kerzner later sold most of his interest in his South African hotel empire and began looking for new markets....
his taste for the fast life would be breathlessly chronicled in the world media for decades....

Len Wolman, chairman and chief executive of lodging concern Waterford Group, of Waterford, Conn., first brought the Mohegan Sun deal to Sol Kerzner....
Butch [Kerzner, Sol's son] also befriended members of the royal family of Dubai, who became large investors in the company as well as several Kerzner projects and awarded the Kerzners a key piece of land in Dubai for a second Atlantis resort scheduled for completion in late 2008....

Puts the LIE to all the Zionist's Muslim propaganda, doesn't it?

When $ is involved, it is a different story.

The deal had barely closed when Butch was killed, along with the two pilots and another passenger in the helicopter crash.... None of Kerzner’s other children are expected to figure into his succession plans....

Kerzner International will likely bid on Britain’s “super-casino” project announced last month for Manchester, England. Kerzner also says he’s interested in pursuing a project in Las Vegas."

Quite a story, 'eh?

Oh, and I no longer want to hear about any MUSLIM-JEW TENSIONS, 'kay? Not when some SCUM ZIONIST is operating CASINOS in DUBAI!!!!

Now back to your regularly-scheduled blog posts.