Sunday, May 31, 2009

Airstrikes Go On in Afghanistan

If our leaders were truly sorry they wouldn't do this anymore, America.

Welcome to the War Criminal's Club, Mr. Obama.

"3 US troops killed in Afghan suicide blast; Attacks up 25% in the first four months of 2009" by Amir Shah and Fisnik Abrashi, Associated Press | May 27, 2009

PUL-E-SAYAD, Afghanistan - As the conflict intensifies elsewhere in the country, US troops called in air strikes on groups of insurgents in the eastern Logar province yesterday, killing 13 insurgents, the US military statement said.

Can you verify that, MSM?

Separately, in the eastern Khost province, a convoy of Afghan and American troops killed the driver of a car when the vehicle did not slow down in response to shouts to stop and warning shots, said Chief Petty Officer Brian Naranjo, a US forces spokesman.

It is called a CHECKPOINT KILLING and if you talk to a vet you know they happen WAY MORE than the war-pounding, occupation-promoting press tells us!

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In the south, US forces said they killed eight Taliban fighters in a clash in Uruzgan province on Monday. The troops were on patrol when Taliban fighters attacked with small-arms fire and heavy machine-guns....

Body counts like Vietnam?

Shortly before he rammed his vehicle into an American military convoy, the young bearded suicide bomber waved at Sayed Najibullah to move away. As Najibullah sped off a huge explosion ripped through a US armored vehicle, killing three American troops and three Afghan civilians.

But Najibullah lived to tell the story. Yesterday's attack in the northern Kapisa province, which is a stronghold of insurgents loyal to the Afghan warlord Gulbuddin Hekmatyar north of Kabul, follows warnings from American military officials that more suicide attacks and roadside bombings can be expected as thousands of new US troops join the fight this year....

Hekmatyar the CIA ASSET?

"Gulbuddin Hekmatyar the favored warlord of the ISI and CIA. Casey was said to be particularly fond of him as both shared a goal of extending the fighting beyond Afghanistan into the Soviet Union itself. He was a ruthless fighter, who also led several raids into USSR territory. He was also a major drug trafficker. Almost half of all the covert weapons directed at Afghanistan were sent to his group"

The 22-year old Najibullah was riding a motorbike on a tree-lined village road just outside the bazaar in Pul-e-Sayad when he saw the suicide attacker in a white Toyota Corolla vehicle speeding in the opposite direction. "He was young, bearded men, wearing a white cap," Najibullah said. "He slowed down, looked at me, and motioned with his hand at told me to get away fast."

The bomber did the same to the passengers of a rickshaw riding behind Najibullah. At that moment Najibullah also heard the roaring engines of military vehicles coming from behind.

And than the explosion happened. His bike shook violently but Najibullah did not fall off. Shocked, he stopped to see what had taken place. "I turned my head only to see fire and dust," Najibullah said. As the dust settled, he saw American soldiers running outside. Some lay on the ground.

Three US troops died in the blast....

But the press can't get to the hills to verify civilian casualties.

The troops served with NATO's International Security Assistance Force. Three civilians also died and two others were wounded, the Interior Ministry said in a statement. Such attacks are quite common across Afghanistan.


Taliban and other insurgent groups regularly use suicide and roadside bombs in assaults on foreign and Afghan troops. According to military figures, 172 coalition forces were killed in such attacks last year - and far more Afghan civilians died....


You can add thse to the grim and gruesome carnage:

"US-led troops kill 34 militants in Afghanistan; Coalition forces raid Al Qaeda training camp" by Fisnik Abrashi, Associated Press | May 29, 2009

KABUL, Afghanistan - US-led coalition troops attacked a suspected training camp for foreign fighters in eastern Afghanistan yesterday, and an Afghan official said 34 militants were killed, including 22 Arabs and Pakistanis. Among the dead were six who detonated their suicide vests during the battle, the US coalition said.

Well, we discount what the lying US military says at this point, and WTF do you mean "suspected?"

The raid on the heavily guarded compound in Paktika province, which lies on Afghanistan's porous border with Pakistan, serves as a reminder that the rugged region remains a breeding ground for Islamist fighters waging insurgencies in both countries.

The administration of President Obama has declared eliminating militant havens as a priority in defeating Al Qaeda and winning the war in Afghanistan. Insurgents use such areas as a base for operations, from which US military officials say they launch attacks on Western troops.

At least six insurgents wearing suicide vests blew themselves up during the battle, and one coalition member was wounded in the assault, the US military said in a statement. Afghan authorities said they recovered 34 bodies, including 22 Arabs and Pakistanis, said Hamidullah Zuhak, a spokesman for Paktika's governor. They found personal documents on the bodies of those killed, he said.

I can see Atta's passport coming out of the fireball and fluttering to the ground

Yeah, they found documents on 'em so..... ???

Coalition troops were hunting for a rebel commander named Sangeen, but it was unclear if he was among those killed in the raid on the compound in Wor Mamay district, the US military said. The military alleges Sangeen plans and coordinates the movement of Al Qaeda leaders and that of hundreds of foreign fighters from Pakistan to Afghanistan, the coalition statement said.

Please see: Occupation Iraq: Tortured Logic and related links for why I no longer believe in "Al-CIA-Duh" or anything else the agenda-pushing, war-promoting, Zionist AmeriKan war press has to report about Muslims!!

Dozens of militants tried to repel the predawn attack on the heavily fortified positions, some using high ground to fire on the forces and forcing them to call in airstrikes, the coalition said.

Yup, THEY FORCED us to OBLITERATE them with our bombs over a damnable lie -- whoever they are!!!!

Forces also uncovered a weapons caches containing rocket-propelled grenade launchers, AK-47 assault rifles, suicide vests, and other armaments, the military said.

Yup, found an arms cache, whatever: Arms Sent by U.S. May Be Falling Into Taliban Hands

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In southern Afghanistan yesterday, a NATO soldier was killed in a roadside bomb blast, the military alliance said in a statement. It did not provide any other details about the location of the blast or the nationality of the soldier.

Also yesterday, arsonists burned down a boys' school in Daman district in neighboring Kandahar province. Two men attacked and tied up the school's two night watchmen and locked them in a room, then set fire to the surrounding buildings, according to Yaar Mohammad, one of the guards.

Sounds familiar: Islam's 9/11

Both guards managed to escape after the assailants left, Mohammad said. No one was injured in the fire, but all the classrooms were destroyed, along with schoolbooks and Korans, the Islamic holy book, said Abdur Razzaq, the school principal.


Whatever they are, they would NOT BURN a KORAN!!!!!!!!

Another boys' school in Kandahar city was hit by a rocket but only a wall was damaged, said Najibullah Ahmadi, the provincial education director. Militants regularly attack government-run schools and their students in Afghanistan as part of their campaign to weaken the government's grip.

Readers, the RIVER of MUSLIM-HATING J**SH** just crusted, 'er, crested.

Many of the harshest attacks have been on girls' schools, seen by extremists as antithetical to their brand of Islam, but boys' schools have not been immune.

Nor are the ISLAMIC HOLY BOOKS to the PIOUS, EXTREMIST "terrorist" Taliban!!!!!

This STINKS, readers!!!!!

As a result, scores of schools have been closed.


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Btw, look what bulls*** prop showed up in between:

"Afghans dump books seen as insulting" by Associated Press | May 28, 2009

KABUL, Afghanistan - The Afghan government quietly dumped more than 1,000 Shi'ite texts and other books from Iran into a river after a local governor complained that their content insulted the country's Sunni majority.

Had to be on U.S orders. Had to be.

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Karzai Kicks Off Afghan Civil War

The move appeared to be an attempt by President Hamid Karzai's US-backed government to smooth over a potential thorn in relations between the Muslim sects.

HowTF does TOSSING BOOKS in a RIVER do that?

But instead of burying the issue along with the books at the bottom of the Helmand River, the government was facing condemnation yesterday from Shi'ite leaders after news leaked a month after the dumping.

As expected! And WHO BENEFITS from DIVISIONS in MUSLIM SECTS, readers?

And if you think about it, the different sects have lived together and intermarried now for centuries without slaughtering each other with suiciders and blowing up each others' mosques. That only happens once WE GET THERE!


"It is a humiliation for all Shi'ites," said Mohammad Akbari, a prominent Shi'ite member of parliament. He said a joint commission of Sunni and Shi'ite leaders should have reviewed any complaints about the books.

But they were never given a chance in this provocative act!

Merchants who had ordered the books said there was nothing offensive about their content and that they were destroyed simply because of prejudice against Shi'ites, who make up about 20 percent of the population.

And WHO has it in for SHIITES and IRAN, 'eh?

The dispute highlights the continuing tension between Sunnis and Shi'ites in Afghanistan despite efforts by the government to preach tolerance across the sectarian divide.


This is AmeriKan journalism? What RUBBISH!

What ABSOLUTE RUBBISH! Do they truly think we are that 'too-pid?

Shi'ites were persecuted under the largely Sunni Taliban regime that ruled the country until the US-led invasion in 2001. Since then, the two sects have settled into an uneasy coexistence, with the post-Taliban constitution giving Shiites the right to create some laws that apply only to them.

Like the abusive women's act?

The latest episode started six months ago when a container full of books arrived in western Nimroz province from neighboring Iran, said the governor's spokesman, Haaji Nazir. Nestled among boxes of computer and English instruction manuals were more than 1,000 history and religious books promoting Shi'ite Islam, Nazir said. Iran is a mostly Shi'ite country.

How come the computer manuals weren't sunk, too, 'eh?

"Books like these are more dangerous than Taliban bullets," Governor Ghulam Dastagir Azad told The Associated Press.

Or AmeriKan BOMBS because IDEAS are BULLETPROOF!!!!!!!


Oh, about that sectarianism:

Islam's 9/11

Memory Hole: The Dream Vacation

Memory Hole: Sistani's Reach

Memory Hole: The Uniters of Islam

Occupation Iraq: Sectarian Saviors

The Real Muqtada al-Sadr

Are we CLEAR, readers?

Boston Sunday Globe Censorship: Afghanistan

They gave me a BRIEF!

"30 militants killed in battle with army

KABUL - A battle in a militant-controlled region of western Afghanistan killed 30 insurgents and nine Afghan soldiers, while a roadside bomb in the north wounded a governor, officials said yesterday. That's on the OTHER SIDE of the country, folks.

You know, near IRAN not Pakistan!

Violence elsewhere
in the country killed 17 others, part of a spate of attacks that killed 56 people overall (AP)."

My LOCAL (still WASP-owned and run) ELABORATES further

"56 die in Afghan violence; bomb targets Afghan Gov

A battle in a militant-controlled region of western Afghanistan killed 30 insurgents and nine Afghan soldiers, while a roadside bomb in the country's north wounded an Afghan governor, officials said Saturday. Violence elsewhere in the country killed 17 others, part of a spate of attacks that killed 56 people over all.

So that is where the Globe chose to ax the piece and bury it in the briefs, 'eh?

Happens to often to be a coincidence.

The battle in Badghis province began Friday and continued into Saturday. Afghan troops supported by international forces killed 30 militants in the Bala Murghab district, a region where the Afghan government has little control. Nine Afghan soldiers died in the battle, and four "disappeared," the Ministry of Defense said. The ministry did not elaborate.

The roadside bomb detonated on the main highway in Kunduz province, and shattered glass slightly wounded Gov. Mohammad Omar, said his spokesman, Ahmad Sami Yawar. He blamed the "enemies of peace and security," a phrase that commonly refers to militants.


"Something of a catchall term for loosely affiliated insurgents without a singular command structure. Often, the Afghan government favors the phrase 'enemies of the state' (New York Times July 24, 2007)."

The Taliban is growing and creating new alliances not because its sectarian religious practices have become popular, but because it is the only available umbrella for national liberation," says Pakistani historian and political commentator Tariq Ali. "As the British and the Soviets discovered to their cost in the preceding two centuries, Afghans never like being occupied."

Also see:
Afghanistan's Other Government

And today, readers?

"More and more, people here look back to the era of harsh Taliban rule from 1996 to 2001, describing it as a time of security and

Oh, oh, oh!!!! I'm so offended by the AmeriKan MSM and its bullshit!

Taliban and other militants often target Afghan officials. Northern Afghanistan was once thought to be a peaceful enclave unaffected by rampant Taliban violence in the country's south and east. But militants have increased attacks in the area in the last two years as the insurgency has spread across the country.

Oh you are SO BEING LIED TO by the BOSTON GLOBE, world!!!!

They BRIEF this because they DON'T WANT YOU to know how BAD IT IS over there!!!!

In other violence, five militants were killed in an operation in the Musa Qala region of southern Helmand province on Friday, the Interior Ministry said. Six militants were killed during a battle with police in the western province of Farah on Friday, said Raouf Ahmadi, a police spokesman. Two would-be suicide attackers were shot and killed in Herat, also in the west, on Friday, he said.

And here is a bonus for you and me, readers!

In Kandahar province - the spiritual birthplace of the Taliban - a roadside bomb killed four civilians on Friday, said deputy provincial police chief Abdullah Khan. Militants lay bombs in hopes of hitting Afghan or NATO forces. But most bombs kill or wound Afghan civilians.

Thanks for making me search the web for the full story, Globe.

Maybe we don't need them after all!


Occupation Iraq: Welcome to the Camp

Where is the house, Mr. Bush?

This was "surge success?"

Residents waited for the distribution of relief goods by the Red Crescent organization to a neighborhood in Baghdad's Abu Dsheer district last September.
Residents waited for the distribution of relief goods by the Red Crescent organization to a neighborhood in Baghdad's Abu Dsheer district last September. (Mohammed Ameen/Reuters/File)

"An unbearable stench hung over the brown, blue and yellow tents, aggravated by an occasional wind.... There is no electricity. Water is trucked in, and garbage is strewn across the camp. Attempts by aid agencies to install latrines were blocked by local officials"

And those precious little people and ladies are LIVING IN IT!

All I can say is I beg to Allah that Fatima gathers up my tears when I look at the women and children's faces. I don't know what else to do; you know I want it all to stop -- the killing, the occupations, the lies that brought it all about and are ignored by a MSM that should know better and proves that it is nothing but an agenda-pushing piece of crap with one-day wonders like this. Betcha won't see an item like this in tomorrows paper -- then it will be back to suiciders, bulls*** politics, or ignoring completely.

"Displaced Iraqis lead fractured lives; Few options amid squalor, hardships of war" by Nada Bakri, Washington Post | May 27, 2009

SULAYMANIYAH, Iraq - Mohammad Jaffar cast his eyes toward a barren patch of land he calls home.

"There is no life here," Jaffar said. "No life."

Jaffar and 400 other Iraqi Arabs have lived here in a squalid camp, along a road that seems to lead nowhere, since they were driven from their homes in the sectarian bloodshed that plunged the country into chaos in 2006 and 2007.

Please see: Occupation Iraq: Tortured Logic and related links for why I no longer believe in sectarianism or anything else the agenda-pushing, war-promoting, Zionist AmeriKan war press has to report about Muslims!!

And if you think about, the different sects have lived together and intermarried now for centuries without slaughtering each other with suiciders and blowing up each others' mosques. That only happens once WE GET THERE!

The camp illustrates some of the problems Iraq faces as it attempts to build the institutions of a modern state:

As if they DID NOT HAVE ONE before the U.S. SMASHED IT through 18 years of sanctions and wars!!!!!

I keep saying it, readers, but I'm tired of the Muslim-hating insults in the war-promoting Zionist AmeriKan MSM. I'm glad I'm done with the BG soon.

Although there is a semblance of peace, the country remains riddled with fault lines of sect and ethnicity, and saddled with competing authorities. Jaffar and his neighbors live at the intersection of those realities. They cannot return home, and they cannot rebuild their lives, a situation that threatens to make a temporary solution permanent.

You tell that to the women and little girls. You go tell 'em.

Iraq has witnessed many tragedies, with tens of thousands dead in what amounted to a civil war. But added to the hardship of these displaced Iraqis is a feeling of helplessness.

Please see: Occupation Iraq: Undercounting the Dead

In a no man's land in the suburbs of this city in the Kurdish autonomous region in northern Iraq, the families deem themselves the victims of Kurdish officials who have no interest in helping them and a distant government in Baghdad whose authority falls too short to provide assistance here. Humanitarian agencies complain that they encountered difficulties when they tried to help. "This is what the war did to us," said Intissar Saadou, whose tent is next to Jaffar's.

I know some Americans understand how they feel.

An unbearable stench hung over the brown, blue and yellow tents, aggravated by an occasional wind. But perhaps because of their past, none of the refugees seemed bothered by it.

In September 2006, soon after the onset of some of the worst sectarian killing, they boarded minivans and buses that took them through perilous territory. By their own account, they arrived breathless. Jaffar was one of the first to come.

A few weeks earlier, masked gunmen had knocked on his family's door in the Zayouna neighborhood of Baghdad. They threatened to kill the family members and burn the house down if they did not leave in two days, Jaffar said. The family stayed put. Three days later, gunmen killed his father as he headed to a nearby mosque for the dawn prayer. They found his corpse at noon, thrown on the side of a street, with three bullets in his head.

Stink, stink, stink -- see the link!

His mother was next. Days after her husband's death and caught in crossfire between militiamen and government security forces, she was killed as she hurried from one room of the house to another. Shortly afterward, Jaffar and his brother left, each buying a $10 bus ticket to Sulaymaniyah.

Although they are registered with the government in Baghdad, residents say that unlike others displaced by the fighting, most of them have received no financial assistance. In Sulaymaniyah, employment is almost impossible without a local sponsor. Some find work as day laborers; others beg on the city streets or go door to door asking for food and clothes.

There is no electricity. Water is trucked in, and garbage is strewn across the camp. Attempts by aid agencies to install latrines were blocked by local officials. "Local authorities were not welcoming them," said Charles Lynch, head of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees office in Irbil, capital of the Kurdish region. "They did not want them there."

Kurdish officials seemed to agree....

That sense of abandonment, heightened by the sometimes arbitrary realities of geography and politics, courses through the camp. "We get nothing from the government of Kurdistan and nothing from the government of Baghdad," said Nashwan Hassan, 20, who lost eight relatives during the sectarian killing, which he calls "al-ahdath," the events.

Saadou, Jaffar's neighbor, sat cross-legged on the shabby beige mattress on the floor of her tent. With her husband's lighter, she started a rickety burner on a kerosene tank and placed a frying pan on top. She waited a few minutes to hear the oil crackle, then added fresh fish caught from a nearby river. "It is much better here," she said. "I am happy to endure this hard life than go back and get killed."

Her husband, Yass Khodayr, a former policeman, said that in 2007, gunmen in a village in Diyala province asked him for $15,000. They said they would kill his family, he recalled, if he failed to pay. He asked for two days to gather the money. The next morning, he fled to the camp with Saadou and their daughter, Hoda, then 2 years old. Their other child, Mohammed, was born in the tent. Khodayr now works in construction, earning $15 a day, half of which he spends on food and cigarettes.

Although a fragile normalcy has returned to Baghdad and other parts of Iraq, memories shape Khodayr's perspective. He remains scared. "If I know it is safe, if the government was strong, I would go back this minute," he said. "For now, we will remain stranded here. There is nowhere to go and no one to help us."

We've traumatized a people with what we have done, America.

There is no honor in that. None.


Occupation Iraq: Sunday Globe Special

Here is the article they chose about Iraq today:

All clear about censorship, readers?

Afternoon web update:

"US: Unclear troop number remaining in Iraq cities" by Chelsea J. Carter, Associated Press Writer | May 31, 2009

BAGHDAD --Thirty days before the deadline to withdraw U.S. combat forces from Iraq's urban areas, it is still unknown how many troops will remain in cities as commanders determine their new roles, a U.S. general said Sunday....

A rose, by any other name.... Occupation Iraq: Non-Combat Combat

After six years of the same s***-shovel, I believe that carrot out in front of you is a mirage, Amurka!

Army Brig. Gen. Keith Walker, commander of the Iraqi Assistance Group, told reporters during a briefing in Baghdad dismissed any suggestion the U.S. military was just renaming its combat units as trainers....

Either you or Brigadier General Frederick Rudesheim is a liar then, sir.

Also Sunday, two American soldiers died from non-combat related injuries in separate incidents in Iraq, the U.S. military said.

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Hey, what's in a name, 'eh?

We should stay there so we kill more of our own (and Iraqis) for Bush's lies, 'bamer.

Please see: Occupation Iraq: Tortured Logic and related links for why I no longer believe in "suiciders" or anything else the agenda-pushing, war-promoting, Zionist AmeriKan war press has to report about Muslims, Iraq -- or anything else for that matter!!

The deaths raise to 24 the number of American troops killed in Iraq in May, making it the deadliest month since last September when 25 were killed. At least 4,306 members of the U.S. military have died in Iraq since the war began in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count.

Wait a minute.

It was reported to be 4,303 on Saturday, and when you add 2 to that it makes 4,305.



Occupation Iraq: Slow Saturday Special

"But attacks persist despite several crackdowns"

'nuff said.

Please see:
Occupation Iraq: Tortured Logic and related links for why I no longer believe in "suiciders" or anything else the agenda-pushing, war-promoting, Zionist AmeriKan war press has to report about violence in Iraq!!

They never stopped lying, and are continuing to lie, folks!

"Bomb explosion at bus station kills 4 north of Baghdad; At least 10 are hurt; US soldier dies in 2d attack" by Sameer N. Yacoub, Associated Press | May 30, 2009

BAGHDAD - A bomb exploded inside a bus station north of Baghdad yesterday, killing at least four people and wounding 10, police said, the deadliest in a series of attacks in northern Iraq.

A US soldier also was killed yesterday in a grenade attack, raising to at least 22 the number of American troop deaths so far in May. That's the deadliest month for US forces in Iraq since September, when 25 died. The grenade detonated near a US patrol in the northern province of Ninevah, the military said in a statement, providing no further details.

At least 4,303 members of the US military have died in Iraq since the war began in March 2003, according to an Associated Press count. Insurgent activity has persisted in northern Iraq despite several US-Iraqi military operations.

How come we never get reports on those "clean-up" operations?

Yesterday's bus station bomb was attached to a car parked inside the station in the Shiite enclave of Khalis, according to local police and a report from the provincial security headquarters.

And who has a CUI BONO hard-on for Shia (think Iran), readers?

Police officers gave the casualty toll on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to release the information. The US military said the attack occurred near a vegetable market, killing at least one person and wounding 14. Conflicting casualty tolls are common in the chaotic aftermath of bombings in Iraq.

How am I to believe what is on my printed page then?

Earlier yesterday, a local leader of a government-backed Sunni paramilitary group was killed when a bomb hidden on a motorcycle exploded as he opened his butcher store on the outskirts of the Diyala provincial capital of Baqubah, police said. The head of Baqubah's main group fighting Al Qaeda in Iraq, Khalid Khudeir Mohammed, confirmed the death and said Khazal al-Sammaraie was the leader of a local chapter of the so-called Awakening Council.

Major Derrick Cheng, a spokesman for US forces in northern Iraq, said the military had an initial report of at least five people wounded in the attack. US commanders say the Sunni groups have been pivotal in helping drive down the levels of violence in Iraq. But members have been frequently targeted as insurgents seek to derail security gains ahead of June 30 deadline for the Americans to withdraw from urban areas in Iraq.

I'm tired of the propaganda, but I thought I'd leave it for you, readers.

Police also said a roadside bomb struck a civilian car late Thursday on a highway linking the towns of Khanaqin with Qara Tappah. The blast killed two boys ages 8 and 10 and their father, according to a provincial police report.

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Occupation Iraq: The Dead Boys

Diyala, an ethnically and religiously diverse province that borders Baghdad, and Mosul to the north are considered the main battlegrounds in US-Iraqi efforts to solidify security gains.

They never solidified them; however, the agenda-pushing narrative (Bush's surge won Iraq so he could go out a winner) continues to be advanced -- except on a slow-circulation Saturday!

But attacks persist despite several crackdowns. The US military said yesterday that 301 people have been detained and more than a dozen weapons caches discovered in the latest US-Iraqi military operation in Diyala dubbed "Glad Tidings of Benevolence II," which began May 1.

I don't know what makes me sicker: the psy-op lie to deceive the reistant and sow discord or the disgusting names they give these mass-murdering "security" sweeps.

Separately, Iraqis held a funeral procession in Baghdad for revered former national football coach Emmanuel Baba Dawud, known as Ammo Baba. He died Wednesday in Dahuk, 260 miles northwest of Baghdad, according to the Iraqi sports ministry said. The coffin was carried by mourners in a procession that included senior government and sports officials at Baghdad's Shaab stadium.

As if the physical and emotional state of Iraqis isn't bad enough, let's heap some spiritual and national pain upon them, too. How much more can they endure?


Occupation Iraq: May Day! May Day!

Boston Globe cut the transmission (a brief):

"Roadside bomb kills US soldier in Baghdad" by Associated Press | May 28, 2009

BAGHDAD - A roadside bomb killed a US soldier yesterday in Baghdad, making May the deadliest month for the American military since September....


At least 4,302 members of the US military have died in the Iraq war total, according to the AP....

All sacrificed for a lie; shouldn't one liar's head (take your pick as to whom) be sacrificed as well, America?

That's 4,302 of your dead for a war crime -- with many more not counted as having died in the war.

How many more, America?


Occupation Iraq: Memorial Day in Iraq

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How to Honor a Suicider

You can add three more to the Bushbama toll....

"3 Americans die in Iraq roadside bombing" by Liz Sly, Los Angeles Times | May 27, 2009

IRBIL, Iraq - Three Americans were killed on Memorial Day in a roadside bombing near the town of Fallujah in Iraq's Anbar Province, the US military said yesterday.

The dead included a soldier, a Department of Defense contractor, and a civilian State Department employee. They were returning from a visit to a waste-water treatment plant under construction in the town when their car drove over an improvised explosive device....

Also see: The Quiet Wars

It is relatively rare these days for US civilians to be killed in Iraq, but Monday's deaths bring to four the number who have died since Friday, when two defense contractors died in Baghdad's heavily fortified Green Zone. One was killed when a rocket exploded in the zone; the other was found slain in his car.

On the other hand, Iraqi civilians....

Related: Occupation Iraq: Death Toll Unknown

"In all, at least 432 people, including 80 Iranian pilgrims, have been killed in violence so far [in April], compared with 335 people in March, 283 in February, and 242 in January"

Oh, so it's on the rise, huh?

Fallujah is a former insurgent stronghold that was wrested from militants by US Marines in one of the fiercest battles of the war in 2004.

Oh, yeah, about Fallujah: Memory Hole: Willie Pete

Yes, WE USED WMD THERE just like ISRAEL in GAZA, Amurkn!!!

Why does the must-know-about-it AmeriKan MSM omit that, readers?

The rest of Anbar remained under insurgent control until 2007, when Sunni tribesmen formed the Awakening movement and turned against the insurgency. Though the province is now largely peaceful, secretive Al Qaeda in Iraq cells continue to operate, periodically targeting US and Iraqi security forces....

Yeah, the SECRETIVE "Al-CIA-Duh!"


Please see:
Occupation Iraq: Tortured Logic and related links for why I no longer believe in "suiciders" or anything else the agenda-pushing, war-promoting, Zionist AmeriKan war press has to report about Muslims!!

The MSM Monitor's Future Relationship With the Boston Globe

And, unfortunately, with you, readers -- NOT!!!!

We'll find a way without them.

"In the back of your mind, you have to be prepared that it just might not be there. At the end of the day, you're just going to have to cut out some expenses and save more."

When you consider who said it -- "a blogger for" -- you also realize that Douglas McIntyre was right: the Globe isn't going to be in print much longer .

Looking like less now.

The New Newspaper

One Day (Soon) There Will Be No MSM Monitor

Maybe it is for the best (didn't make my printed paper, can you believe it?):

"Globe, win first local Emmys" by John M. Guilfoil, Globe Correspondent | May 31, 2009

The Boston Globe and won its first local Emmy awards for news last night, a milestone as the organization intensifies its video efforts. The two awards were for the categories of Advanced Media Sports and Advanced Media Arts/Entertainment....

Yup, THAT'S the GLOBE'S NEWS!!!!!!!!



Also see: The Boston Globe Shuts Off Its Spotlight

And It's One, Two, Three Strikes Your Out at the Old Boston Globe!

The Boston Globe Finally Lost Me

What I Found When I Opened My Sunday Globe

It's the same thing I find every morning, except a lot bigger!!!!

I'm going to keep posting this every morning because it is true.

".... Bullshit in colorful packagingsugar and shit spun together in a monstrous confection....

We all realize that the 24 hour, false propaganda, spin system of the main stream media is nearly entirely owned by Zionist interests as is the entertainment industry and that they are a mouthpiece for murder and disinformation to be justified by all possible means. They are becoming increasingly bankrupt in the eyes of the peoples of the world which is evidenced by the collapse of the newspaper industry and associated enterprises. They are going down. The Apocalypse has lifted the skirts of these shameless whores and revealed the agendas beneath....


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The Great Deception Machine

The Boston Globe is a Mouthpiece For the Jewish Mafia

Boston Globe Protecting Jewish Mafia

Update: I must admit, even a raging, jaded fool like me was stunned by the pile today. I'm literally drained from getting through what I did.

I don't know how much longer I can stick with this; maybe it would be best if they charged for the web so I won't bother with them anymore. The Zionist/Jewish propaganda, obfuscations, and omissions are simply overwhelming here upon a
Sunday. It's not worth the cost of a printed paper, and there is no way -- NO WAY -- I am paying twice for the same s***!!!!

One Day (Soon) There Will Be No MSM Monitor

"Shhhh. Newspaper publishers are quietly holding a very, very important conclave today. Will you soon be paying for online content?

Here's a story the newspaper industry's upper echelon apparently kept from its anxious newsrooms: A discreet Thursday meeting in Chicago about their future.

"Models to Monetize Content" is the subject of a gathering at a hotel which is actually located in drab and sterile suburban Rosemont, Illinois; slabs of concrete, exhibition halls and mostly chain restaurants, whose prime reason for being is O'Hare International Airport. It's perfect for quickie, in-and-out conclaves.

There's no mention on its website but the Newspaper Association of America, the industry trade group, has assembled top executives of the New York Times, Gannett, E. W. Scripps, Advance Publications, McClatchy, Hearst Newspapers, MediaNews Group, the Associated Press, Philadelphia Media Holdings, Lee Enterprises and Freedom Communication Inc., among more than two dozen in all. A longtime industry chum, consultant Barbara Cohen, "will facilitate the meeting."

Perhaps the age of content theft is coming to an end....
Ultimately, many in attendance will start charging for some online content because they don't know what else to do.'

How about TELLING the TRUTH instead of the fabulous, agenda-pushing lies??!!

"NOTICE TO ALL MEMBERS: PLEASE DO NOT POST ANY MORE LINKS TO AP STORIES. I love the rant about the cost of content creation, when mostly AP just accepts press releases from the White House and corporations and forwards them as news." --Wake the Flock Up

Why not? Now, more than ever, is a time for creativity and nerve, not just hunkering down and crossing fingers that safe harbor will appear on the horizon. It's a wonderful and important product, vital to American communities. Unlike a lot of jobs, you can look yourself in the mirror and know you're doing some good.

What are you guys smoking in those newsrooms?

Many newsrooms remain filled with a sense of mission


If one believes that newspapers are critical to democracy, one must wish the best to those attending the Thursday meeting. It's sort of like the auto industry: those guys in Detroit screwed things up something fierce but I do hope those companies succeed. In this case, I hope the newspaper honchos, and minions back home, devise new "models to monetize content" and marry them to sophisticated, high-quality editorial visions.

"We need to start a reporting co-operative where we all agree to post stories we cover local for the use of other blogs around the world. The US media may charge for content, but that just encourages us to use citations from foreign sources which are likely to be more accurate and honest anyway. I would not mind paying for online content if they were truthful with us, but why pay for the government's lies?" -- Wake the Flock Up

Of course, the Globe didn't report it until SLOW SATURDAY!

Saying Goodbye to the Boston Globe

"Time Warner CEO hints at online fees" by Michael Liedtke, Associated Press | May 30, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO - Time Warner Inc. chief executive Jeffrey Bewkes chimed in yesterday with the chorus of publishers wondering how much longer newspapers and magazines can afford to keep giving away their stories on the Internet.

See ya!! I ALREADY PAID my $1.50 (or $4 on Sunday) and I'M NOT PAYING AGAIN!

And IF I DON'T READ a PRINTED PAPER, I am a LOT LESS LIKELY to POST and LINK their stories since I RARELY GO THERE WITHOUT a PRINTED COPY! I guess its farewell soon, 'eh, Globe.

Good: What Is My Boston Globe Made Of?

With little hope that online ad sales will ever compensate for the erosion on the print side, more publishers are drawing up plans to charge for access to websites that have been mostly free for the past decade.

See ya, s***ters. Won't miss you; I'm sure my mouth will feel much better about things once I cease reading the agenda-pushing crapola!

Newspaper industry executives met Thursday in Chicago to discuss the prospects....


Besides, it doesn't matter; there are no good journalists out there anymore, nor will there be

"Nieman conference suspended" by Milton J. Valencia, Globe Staff | May 30, 2009

Harvard University's Nieman Foundation for Journalism announced a series of budget cuts yesterday, including suspension of its popular writing conference, in the latest financial setback for the university and another strike to journalism.

The cuts occur as the journalism industry is struggling, particularly newspapers with plunging circulation and advertising revenue.

Not my fault; I've been a sucker and bought them.

The conference was seen as a valuable resource both for the country's elite and developing journalists.

Translation: they are training the next group of propagandists how to write.

Anne Hull, a prize-winning reporter with The Washington Post, a 1995 Nieman fellow and a speaker at its conferences:

"Reporting.... the very thing that's nearing extinction in journalism right now...."

Yeah, they are just a bunch of stenographers passing along government hand-outs and lies now.

Robert H. Giles, the foundation's curator, said the organization is facing the same economic challenges hurting other organizations, as the Nieman Foundation faces an 8 percent cut in its endowment payout....

See: Where Your Pension Went

The suspension of the national conference is expected to have a widespread effect. In past years, more than 1,000 journalists and writers, experienced and college-aged, came to the Boston-based gathering to study the best in reporting and narrative writing, a form of journalism storytelling.

Well, it ISN'T TRUTH, no matter what they call it.

Giles said Nieman's devotion to narrative writing will remain through its website features and publications. He also said the foundation will continue to serve as a tool for journalists, not only for newspapers but for new forms of media as well.

They MUST mean BLOGS!!!!!

"We think we play an important role in moving forward for journalism," he said. "Our focus is journalism, and we're fundamentally optimistic."

Tom French, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter from the St. Petersburg Times who plans to begin teaching at the University of Indiana, said the cuts are the result of the economy and should not be seen as a reflection on journalism or narrative writing....

Actually, they SHOULD because IT'S the LIES, stoo-pid!

See: The Boston Globe Admits Iraq Lies Killed It

Hull, who shared in the 2008 Pulitzer Prize for public service for her work exposing mistreatment of wounded veterans at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, said that the suspension of the conference is the latest setback for the craft, as newspapers have cut back on the number of journalists they train.


About 500 people attended the last conference, many of them book authors, not reporters. Hull recalled attending the conference several years ago and seeing the excitement of young journalists who braved a snowstorm just for a chance to learn from some of the industry's top writers.

"It was like going to see a Springsteen concert halfway across the country," she said. "Everything is being scaled back right now, and this is just sort of one more elimination of training in our craft."

Look at the arrogance, comparing themselves and their lame-ass work to the Boss!

And I didn't know slinging bullshit propaganda was a craft.

Now I do.


So what do you tell the kids who have journalism degrees and are graduating?

"What to tell my journalism grads" by Madeleine Blais | May 25, 2009

This spring, I was tempted to give an un-graduation speech and to suggest that the newly minted grads lower their expectations, that they rein in their rambunctious natures, and recognize a painful truth:

Even in the best of times, your 20s can be rough.

You're going to run up against bosses who have it in for you. The fault lines in your family will become clear in a way they may not have been earlier in your life. Friendships you thought would last forever get redefined and sometimes erode altogether. Your very youthfulness will inspire as much envy as it does admiration.

And these are not the best of times.... you can volunteer to do a newsletter for an organization you admire, coach in a sport you might want to write about, create programs or videos for a charity event you support - something, anything, to stay in the game.

As long as they aren't about 9/11 Truth.


Because you really do never know.

And then I thought twice. Young people setting forth in the tradition of James Joyce to forge in the smithy of their souls the uncreated consciousness of their race need pipe dreams, not lectures, now as much as ever....

That's what BONGS are FOR!!! Is she saying lie to the kids?

I saw myself at that age: juiced with energy, low on wisdom, and champing at the bit to find my place in the world.... but by the time they leave, some have produced 100-page honors theses with titles like "Celebration Riots at UMass" about the collision of sports, alcohol, and high spirits after big games, and "A Longitudinal Study of the Effects of the Guest Editor Program at Mademoiselle on the Careers of Women who Participated in the 1960s," and "Nationalism in the Japanese Press."

That's the best ya got?

"Should I apply to be an assistant manager at Wendy's?" asks a student whose dream it was to work for a small-town paper, her voice shrill with disappointment.

Our town's Wendy's closed down.

With luck, they stay in touch. They e-mail with their book ideas, they send the article they wrote for Sports Northwest about a Major League baseball player named Allie Moulton who crossed the color barrier when no one else did, and they ask your advice over an emergency cup of tea whether to continue with Teach for America in Bridgeport, Conn. (That was easy: yes.)

Yeah, you are a big help, teach.

School got any job openings?


Zionist AmeriKan MSM Exposes Jewish Mafia

"Investigations into their net worth paint a very different picture - that of Zionists and Jews with billions' worth of carefully sheltered assets worldwide."

For more on that stunning and shocking revelation, go

Also related: Madoff, Mossad and the AmeriKan MSM

Who’s behind Madoff?

The Boston Globe is a Mouthpiece For the Jewish Mafia

Boston Globe Protecting Jewish Mafia

Zionist AmeriKan MSM Finally Looks in the Mirror

It cracked.

"Israel's rulers, the latest in an unbroken line of war criminals since 1948, have ignored the international outcry."

For more on this stunning and outstanding expose, go HERE

Burmese Case Gets More Bizarre

He's HER CIA HANDLER, America!!!

"Yettaw, who also secretly visited the house late last year"


Skinny-Dipping in Burma

Burmese Skinny Dipper Takes Towel

Tossing Suu Kyi Into the Lake

"Burmese dissident denies violation; Suu Kyi says she only gave intruder 'temporary shelter'" by Seth Mydans, International Herald Tribune | May 27, 2009

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia - Taking the stand for the first time in her trial, Burma's prodemocracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi denied yesterday that she had broken the terms of her house arrest when she allowed an intruder to spend the night three weeks ago, according to reports from the court.

Yeah, and STAY THERE for TWO DAYS, you disassembling piece of s***!!!

Suu Kyi, 63, said she had only given "temporary shelter" to the intruder, an American who swam across a lake to her residence, according to the Associated Press, whose reporter was one of several locally based journalists allowed to attend. Her trial has aroused growing condemnation from around the world, including from a meeting of Asian and European foreign ministers in Hanoi yesterday.

Which PROVES TO ME this guy was some sort of intell agent!

The OUTRAGEOUSNESS of the story and the WAY the AGENDA-PUSHING and OBFUSCATING MSM is reporting this STINKS to HIGH HEAVEN!

In the courtroom, she testified that the American intruder, John Yettaw, had arrived at her home at about 5 a.m. on May 4 but that she did not immediately know of his presence, according to wire service reports. She conceded that she had not informed authorities and said that she had given Yettaw "temporary shelter" until he left just before midnight that night. He was arrested as he was swimming away....



You know, Aung San Suu Kyi is Burmese for CIA,, right?

Her lawyers have said she did not report the intrusion or make Yettaw leave immediately because he complained of cramps and because she did not want him or the security officers who guard her house to get into trouble.

Oh, BULL-ONEY!! What if he was an ASSASSIN or RAPIST?!!

I mean, SHE KNOWS WHO HE IS, readers (keep reading)!

Yettaw is on trial as well, for immigration violations and for violating municipal sanitation codes by swimming in the lake. If convicted, he faces up to six years in prison....

And the U.S. isn't making a BIG, PUBLIC STINK about it, huh?

I haven't heard 'bamer or anyone from the government speak out much (another hint he's a CIA under NOC).

In London, a group of former leaders and Nobel Peace prize laureates known as the Elders also called for her release. One of them, former US President Jimmy Carter, said, "Aung San Suu Kyi is a hero for those who believe in human rights and dignity."

Oh, ISEE!!! Carter is USEFUL to the AmeriKan jewpress when he SPEAKS OUT about the CIA ASSET but a dink when he WRITES a BOOK about PALESTINE!!!


"Burma dissident's defense limited; Suu Kyi allowed only one witness" by Associated Press | May 28, 2009

RANGOON, Burma - The American whose uninvited visit to Suu Kyi's home triggered the case against her meanwhile testified that he was "sent by God" to make his nighttime swim to sneak into her compound earlier this month, according to lawyer Nyan Win. Suu Kyi is accused of violating the terms of her house arrest by sheltering the visitor, John W. Yettaw of Falcon, Mo.


The regime's critics charge that the case against the Nobel Peace laureate was concocted to keep her detained during elections the government has planned for next year.

What, the generals put a gun to his head and tell him to swim the lake?

You GOTTA DO BETTER than THAT PILE of BULLSHIT, government and MSM!

In her defense. Suu Kyi's side is seeking to prove that her harboring Yettaw did not constitute a violation and that it was the duty of government guards outside her property to prevent any intrusions....

Then why didn't you turn him in? I mean, he's CRAZY!!!!



During three hours of prosecution questioning yesterday, Yettaw spoke repeatedly of his plan to warn Suu Kyi of his premonition that she would be killed, said Nyan Win, who added that Yettaw said he had been sent by God.

Yettaw, who also secretly visited the house late last year without meeting Suu Kyi, said he visited because "in his vision, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi would be assassinated by terrorists and the terrorists would put the blame on the government. So he came to warn both the government and Daw Aung San Suu Kyi," said Nyan Win. 'Daw' is a term of respect used for older women.

Oh, the RIVER of SHIT is SO DEEP it's a FLOOD!!!!!

Yeah, right, he DID THIS BEFORE and DIDN'T SEE HER!!!!!!

And if he had such a VISION, WHY didn't he just WARN the GOVERNMENT? And WHO BELIEVES TERRORISTS, anyway?

Please tell me you are NOT BUYING this TURD, America!!!!!

Many of Suu Kyi's supporters have criticized Yettaw as a fool or dupe for getting her into trouble. But Nyan Win said the democracy leader scolded people in the courtroom who mocked Yettaw for his testimony.

Readers, HE is DEFINITELY her HANDLER!!!!!!!!!

He is GETTING HER TOSSED INTO JAIL when she was set to be released -- and she is NOT UPSET ABOUT IT, and is IN FACT DEFENDING the CRAZY FUCKER and HIS LIES!!!!!


And the river keeps flowing, folks:

RANGOON, Burma - Burma's military regime lashed out at foreign critics of Aung San Suu Kyi's trial yesterday, accusing them of meddling in the country's affairs....

Well, I WOULD SAY SO, too!!!! Not the subtle bias from the objective MS?

It was the government's strongest reaction yet to international outrage at Suu Kyi's trial on charges that she violated her house arrest by harboring an uninvited American in early May.

No date for a verdict was set, but a conviction is widely expected. In Burma, renamed Myanmar by the junta, the courts routinely interpret the law to suit the generals.

Yeah, GOOD THING AmeriKa doesn't have MILITARY COMMISSIONS or anything like the BURMESE KANGAROO COURTS!! F*** you, AmeriKan MSM!!

I'm TIRED of your STINK-S*** reporting!

Suu Kyi's supporters have quietly gathered each day near the prison, which is ringed by armed police and barbed-wire barricades. There have been no major protests so far, but police arrested a lone protester at a market near the prison yesterday....

Burma's generals, the latest in an unbroken line of military rulers since 1962, have ignored the international outcry....

Of course, when Israel does it -- if there is even an outcry -- it's no big deal!

The American intruder, John Yettaw, of Missouri, whose swim to Suu Kyi's home on May 4 triggered the trial, told the court on Wednesday he had a "vision" that Suu Kyi was assassinated by "terrorists" and had wanted to warn her.

Yeah, don't go into too much detail about the CRAZY CIA HANDLER, s*** press!!


Lets' get you a LIE for your Saturday morning MSM shit swill, too, readers:

RANGOON, Burma - Detained pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi urgently needs medical attention in the Burma prison where she is being held, her party said yesterday. Closing arguments in her trial were delayed until the end of next week.


"The Nobel peace laureate appeared spirited and healthy."

Yup, and TWO DAYS LATER she's a WRECK!!!

Never mind me, HOW MUCH MORE can YOU TAKE, readers?

A party statement said it was "gravely concerned" about the Nobel Peace Prize laureate's health, saying she cannot sleep well because she suffers from leg cramps.

Tell it to the guys who got waterboarded, you CIA pieces of shit!!!!!!

Suu Kyi, 63, was treated for dehydration and low blood pressure in early May, a few days after an American was arrested for sneaking into her home.

Then WHY did the PAPER and WITNESSES report SHE LOOKED GOOD?!!!!

Why is this the FIRST WE ARE HEARING of it after A MONTH!!!!!!?????

This is why newspapers are failing. I'm the only one putting up with this shit; the rest of the public has DROPPED the NEWSPAPERS and MOVED ON!

They are SO MUCH SMARTER than ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The military government has accused her of violating the terms of her house arrest for harboring the American, and if found guilty she could spend up to five years in prison. In her courtroom appearance Tuesday, Suu Kyi looked pale and weak.


Myanmar's Foreign Ministry said in a statement Sunday that Suu Kyi, who is being held in a prison "guest house," is being "provided with adequate healthcare and she is in good health."


They have been calling the country BURMA all week -- when the rulers changed the name to Myanmar!

Imagine if something like that happened to ISRAEL and it was called PALESTINE again; it would be blared from the front page of the AmeriKan jewspapers for weeks!!!!

The government earlier said a team of doctors was taking care of her. Closing arguments were rescheduled for Friday.

She ain't sick, readers.