Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why I am Buying a Boston Globe Today

An exception because of the news. It may not be there much longer!!!


"the Boston Globe.... may abandon their printed edition within two years"

That's what happens when you shovel s*** lies and agenda-pushing crap concealed as news!
I WON'T MISS THEM AT ALL!!!! Good riddance!

Update: Globe didn't cover their upcoming demise(?); however, they did cover the tip of the iceberg:

"Boston Globe cuts 32 advertising jobs" by Robert Gavin | March 12, 2009

The Boston Globe said yesterday it reduced by half the sales force that takes classified advertising over the telephone. Thirty classified employees, including two managers and 13 part-time employees, lost jobs. In addition, the positions of two other advertising managers were eliminated, said Robert Powers, the Globe's spokesman.

The reductions follow a decline in classified advertising that has affected newspapers nationwide.

Nobody likes a liar. The Globe in January stopped publishing classified ads Monday through Thursday.

That's why the damn thing has been so thin; at least its helping the environment!

In addition, classified ads are increasingly placed online, rather than by phone, Powers said.

The BLOGS have WON, folks!

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Dan Totten, president of the Boston Newspaper Guild, the union that represents the workers, called the job cuts "horrendous." He said job cuts have fallen disproportionately on union workers compared with managers. "Management has yet to do their fair share," Totten said.

They NEVER DO!!!!

And that is your LIBERAL, ENLIGHTENED, PRO-LABOR Globe, 'eh?



Aaaah, what's ANOTHER OMISSION, 'eh?

No wonder they are going to out of print in two years.