Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Typical Terror Trial Coverage

The template is the same, readers. Big build up before the trial starts, big opening day for prosecutors, and then the coverage starts to lag and wane.

The Siddiqui Sham

That's what all terror trials are in the U.S.

"Alleged Pakistani militant stands trial today in NYC; Scientist trained at MIT, Brandeis" by Farah Stockman, Globe Staff | January 19, 2010

NEW YORK - The woman turned out to be a Pakistani named Aafia Siddiqui, an MIT- and Brandeis-trained scientist who spent years in Boston before returning to Pakistan and vanishing with her three children in 2003.

Yeah, where are Aafia Siddiqui's children?


".... Siddiqui, who lived in Roxbury and studied at Brandeis University as well as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, disappeared with her three children while visiting her parents' home in Karachi, Pakistan, in March 2003, around the same time the FBI announced that it wanted to question her.

For five years, US and Pakistani authorities have denied knowing her whereabouts. But human rights groups and Siddiqui's relatives have long suspected that she had been captured in Karachi and secretly taken into custody.


One can only hope this woman was not

"Scientist now suspect in bizarre tale of Grey Lady of Bagram

August 6, 2008

ISLAMABAD -- For years, her existence was known only through her cries of pain and the occasional glimpses of her by other prisoners at Bagram, the U.S. base in Afghanistan that houses a notorious prison. She became known as the Grey Lady of Bagram, a ghostly figure who was said to have lost her mind.

They tortured her and her children, didn't they?

It has been long suspected that the woman is Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani scientist accused by the United States of offering her services to al-Qaeda....

A very different story of the arrest was told by Afghan police. According to a report filed from Ghazni by the Reuters News Agency, U.S. soldiers demanded that local police hand over Dr. Siddiqui, which they refused. The troops disarmed the Afghan police at gunpoint, at which time Dr. Siddiqui approached the Americans, complaining of mistreatment by the police. The U.S. troops, according to an unnamed Afghan police officer, "thinking that she had explosives and would attack them as a suicide bomber, shot her and took her."

The case of Dr. Siddiqui has become a national cause in Pakistan, with horrific tales of her being tortured and repeatedly raped. It is fuelling already rampant anti-Americanism in a key Western ally in the war on terrorism.


Also see:
Prisoner 650


"We have your sons: CIA

Two young sons of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the suspected mastermind of the September 11 attacks, are being used by the CIA to force their father to talk. Yousef al-Khalid, 9, and his brother, Abed al-Khalid, 7, were taken into custody in Pakistan in September when intelligence officers raided a flat in Karachi where their father had been hiding."

"Would you admit to being the mastermind of 9-11 to save your kids from being tortured before your eyes? Assume that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed loves his children as much as you do and that any confessions are worthless." -- Mike Rivero of whatreallyhappened.com

Yes, I would, and the same assumption stands for Ms. Siddiqui.

Would you like to continue with today's propaganda?

Siddiqui, 37, is scheduled to stand trial beginning today in a federal courtroom in New York, accused of grabbing a rifle and trying to shoot the FBI agents who came to interview her in Ghazni. If convicted, she faces life in prison. The testimony will hinge on narrow questions of her actions when she was confronted by US agents, but the trial may also help settle a lingering mystery that hangs over her strange story: Where was Siddiqui from 2003 until her capture in 2008?

After her disappearance, Siddiqui’s family said she was abducted and tortured by US intelligence agents.


She has become a cause celebre in Pakistan, as thousands routinely rally in her support, chanting anti-American slogans with posters of her photograph. The government of Pakistan is paying for her defense.

Wow! THEY KNOW the TRUTH, readers!

But US officials insist that Siddiqui ran away to join a militant group, and prosecutors have filed documents that portray her as an anti-American fighter in Pakistan’s lawless border areas during her years of absence. “The US government had an interest in clearing up . . . what they say are wild charges,’’ said Tom Malinowski, Washington advocacy director for Human Rights Watch, one of several groups that included Siddiqui’s name in reports about possible secret CIA prisoners but never drew a final conclusion as to what happened to her. “It matters where she has been for the last five years. I don’t know what the truth is.’’

And you are not going to find out reading AmeriKan newspaper reports of her show trial, either.

Pretrial documents filed by prosecutors allege that Siddiqui, who graduated from MIT in 1995 with a biology degree, was a fervent believer in jihad and interested in weaponry. Some of her behavior and statements were seemingly bizarre, leading to a court-ordered evaluation of her mental status, which has also been in dispute....

Well, AFTER BEING TORTURED all those statements need to be THROWN OUT!

Siddiqui’s lawyers have maintained that she was abducted, by either the United States or Al Qaeda, and that as a result is suffering from a mental illness caused by post-traumatic stress....

Siddiqui came from Pakistan to the United States on a student visa in the 1990s and attended MIT, where she was known for collecting donations for charitable Muslim causes. She entered into an arranged marriage with Amjad Khan, a Harvard-trained anesthesiologist who came from Pakistan to work at Massachusetts General Hospital. She went on to get her doctorate on visual memory from Brandeis, a secular Jewish university, in 2001, while mothering three young children.

Oh, I'M NOT LIKING the STINK of this at all!!!!!

Feng Zhou, a fellow graduate student who worked in a lab with Siddiqui, recalled her as a polite and focused mother who often brought her kids in to the lab.

So WHO GOT TO HER (if anyone at all)!?

But an Orthodox Jewish professor who asked that his name not be published said Siddiqui constantly tried to convert him to Islam....


I'm really going to believe that one in my Zionist War Daily!

Besides, if true, she was DOING YOU a FAVOR!!!!

In 2002, Siddiqui and her husband came under FBI scrutiny when they ordered night-vision goggles from a website that sells military gear and after suspicious funds were sent to a bank account associated with their Roxbury apartment. Around the same time, Siddiqui insisted that the family move back to Pakistan. Her husband later told the Pakistani newspaper The News that she wanted to move to Afghanistan to provide medical care for Islamic fighters, and flew into a violent rage when he refused.

You think I'm buying this government concoction?

The couple divorced, and in April 2003 she married Ammar al-Baluchi, the nephew of self-described Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.


A pretrial motion filed by prosecutors in her case says Siddiqui “admitted associating with various Al Qaeda members - including her former husband, Ammar al-Baluchi - but astutely denied knowing their Al Qaeda affiliations at the time she dealt with them.’’

Both Mohammad and Baluchi were captured in March 2003 and taken to the Guantanamo Bay military prison.

But not before stops at CIA black site torture chambers, but hey, who is really paying attention or caring anyway, right, Glob?

Siddiqui disappeared shortly after their arrest, and the FBI posted her photo as a “person of interest.’’ (Mohammad and Baluchi were recently transferred to the United States, where they are awaiting trial in the same New York court as Siddiqui.)

Siddiqui’s family, including her sister, Fowzia, a Harvard-trained epilepsy specialist, publicly accused the United States of secretly detaining and torturing Siddqui at the US military base in Bagram. She offered little evidence of that claim, except a report that a former prisoner had seen her there.

But what a JEWISH PROFESSOR at Brandeis said doesn't cause such skepticism amongst the AmeriKan jewsmedia, huh?

The Boston Globe makes me sick. What a shit paper.

The charges have sparked deep outrage in Pakistan, where Siddiqui is widely viewed as a victim.

“There is this feeling in Pakistan that she is being used, and it is all manufactured, and that she was tortured for years,’’ said Jessica Eve Stern , a terrorism specialist and lecturer at Harvard Law School. “Whatever the truth is, this case is of great political importance because of how people view her.’’

Yeah, that NEVER SEEMS to be IMPORTANT in AmeriKa!

Pakistan’s government does not accuse the United States of holding Siddiqui in secret, but it has said it does not know the truth of her whereabouts. The government’s current position is that Siddiqui is in a weak mental state and should be sent home. “This is an issue that has become very sensitive,’’ said Nadeem Kiani, a Pakistani embassy spokesman. The government of Pakistan is paying an estimated $2 million for the expenses of three of the lawyers on her defense team....

They wouldn't do that unless they were sure she was innocent.

Reports from her defense team that Siddiqui was a prisoner of war prompted Leslie Powers, a forensic psychologist working at the medical center where Siddiqui was evaluated, to determine Siddiqui mentally unfit to stand trial. But Powers reversed her opinion after reviewing portions of FBI reports that stated Siddiqui had not been held captive by the United States.

Translation; She caved for the government and believed their lies.

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In a pretrial hearing, she told the court she now believes that Siddiqui is faking mental illness. Siddiqui has repeatedly tried to fire her lawyers, spoken of her fears of “dark angels’’ in her jail cell, of being poisoned by the US government, and of visions of two of her youngest children whose whereabouts are unknown. Her 11-year-old son, who was taken into custody with her in 2008, now lives with his aunt in Karachi.

But she's FAKING! What a DAMN INSULT by the "DOCTOR!"

He has not spoken publicly. But an Afghan intelligence official in the ministry of the interior who investigated Siddiqui’s case, who requested anonymity for security reasons, said the boy reported that he and his mother worked in an office in Pakistan, purportedly collecting funds for poor people, and that they were later dispatched with maps and documents to Afghanistan.

The Afghan official said he believes that Siddiqui was working with Jaish-e-Mohammed, or army of God, a Pakistani military group that fights in Kashmir and Afghanistan. He said he traveled to Ghazni in 2008 to investigate the case, but by the time he arrived, the Americans had already taken Siddiqui away.


Then the case moves from the FRONT PAGE to the National lead on page A2

"Outburst punctuates opening of MIT scientist’s trial; Accuses witness of falsehoods, US of torture" by Farah Stockman, Globe Staff | January 20, 2010

NEW YORK - The trial of Aafia Siddiqui, an MIT- and Brandeis-trained neuroscientist accused of trying to shoot American agents in Afghanistan, opened yesterday with unusual courtroom drama: Siddiqui shouted that the first witness was “lying’’ and used the public forum of the trial to reiterate her accusations that she was tortured in a secret prison - accusations the US government repeatedly has called baseless.

So what drugs is she on? What is the U.S. feeding her while in custody?

Of course, because the lady is crazy we can't believe a word she says, cui bono?

Siddiqui, a 37-year-old mother of three who is believed to be the wife of a senior Al Qaeda operative who is also in US custody, was swiftly expelled from the courtroom. But yesterday’s events highlighted the pitfalls of using US federal courts to try suspected militants captured abroad....



Siddiqui, who earned a biology degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a doctorate degree from Brandeis University, returned to Pakistan after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and disappeared after the FBI revealed in 2003 that agents wanted to speak to her. Her family maintains she was secretly arrested, but US officials insist she went into hiding.

Oh, they INSIST, do they?! All the more reason to doubt the liars!

She resurfaced in 2008 in the Afghan province of Ghazni, when police arrested her as a suspected suicide bomber. Her purse contained notes about “mass casualty attacks’’ and chemical and biological weapons, witnesses said yesterday....

Which CIA or FBI man planted them there?

Siddiqui also shouted an incoherent sentence about being held in a secret prison and her children being tortured.

Yeah, it was probably done RIGHT IN FRONT of HER OWN EYES -- which is why the lady has lost it!!!


Defense lawyers say Siddiqui, who has had several such outbursts in previous court proceedings, is not mentally fit to stand trial. But Judge Richard M. Berman has ruled that she understands the charges....

Another witness, John-Caleb Threadcraft, a US Army captain and liaison officer in Ghazni at the time, described how President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan tried to directly intervene in Siddiqui’s case to prevent the American officials from initially taking her into custody. US officials were allowed only to question her, but after she was shot, they took her into custody to give her medical attention and eventually brought her to New York.

Right, it was for her own well-being, yup.

How come "terrorists" get better health care than you, American?

The trial of Siddiqui, who faces life in prison, is expected to last two weeks.



Let's TRACK the Glob's coverage, 'eh?

"Witness recalls Qaeda suspect struggle" by Associated Press | January 21, 2010

What, the Glob took Farah off the case already?

NEW YORK - An Army interpreter recounted yesterday how he subdued a US-trained Pakistani scientist prosecutors say tried to kill Americans during a shoot-out in an Afghan police station in the summer of 2008.

Ahmad Gul told a jury in federal court in Manhattan that he heard someone shout, “She got the gun!’’ before turning to see Aafit Siddiqui pointing an assault rifle at US soldiers and FBI agents in a tiny office....

Yeah, how did this FRAIL LITTLE WOMAN get the GUN AWAY from the AmeriKan officer, huh? He been fired or anything?

Siddiqui - a specialist in neuroscience who trained at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Brandeis University - has insisted in courtroom rants that she’s innocent.

Nice objective terminology, huh, readers?

Does an Israeli ever rant, readers?

She also has refused to work with her defense lawyers, including some paid for by the Pakistani government.

A hallmark of mind control tampering and torture, isn't it?


And that was the 21st of January.

Globe coverage of the trial since:

You understand what the blank patch means, right, readers?

And WHY did the Globe STOP COVERING this case they presented with such fanfare?


Case against Aafia Siddiqui begins to unravel

The case against Pakistani citizen Aafia Siddiqui, who is charged with attempted murder of FBI agents and US military personnel, is beginning to unravel as witnesses have offered conflicting accounts in testimony delivered at her trial.

Yeah, the Globe wouldn't want us to KNOW THAT, especially since they will come back at the end when the verdict is issued and provide no in-between context -- and I'm sick of it, readers!

Two jurors released from 'Lady Al Qaeda' Aafia Siddiqui trial; Wounded soldier relives day of attack

"Propaganda doesn't get any more shameless than this. WE are supposed to feel sorry for this invader, this conqueror, while ignoring the fact that the person on trial has been tortured. We are supposed to hate the victims of this war, while lionizing the invading barbarian hoards. If the Chief Warrant Officer didn't want to get blown up, maybe he should have stayed in his own country. And note that they do not actually connect Aafia Siddiqui with the roadside bomb that injured the Chief Warrant Officer. He is just on the stand to wring sympathy from the jury in the hopes they will convict Aafia Siddiqui out of an emotional need to make someone pay for the crime.... which is how so many innocent people get sent to jail or worse in the United States." -- Wake the Flock Up

Where are you, Glob?