Saturday, January 30, 2010

Occupation Iraq: All Hell's Breaking Loose

Because of you-know-who, readers.

Wouldn't they wait until we actually left?

It would cost us so much more to go back in!

"36 killed in bomb attacks at 3 Baghdad hotels; Iraqis’ confidence in security forces is shaken again" by Anthony Shadid and John Leland, New York Times | January 26, 2010

An Iraqi woman stood in front of her home after it was destroyed in a car bomb attack in Baghdad yesterday.
An Iraqi woman stood in front of her home after it was destroyed in a car bomb attack in Baghdad yesterday. (Hadi Mizban/ Associated Press)

BAGHDAD - In a coordinated attack as devastating as it was ruthlessly efficient, three bombs unleashed minutes apart on yesterday wrecked landmark Baghdad hotels catering to foreigners, wilting a tattered sense of security and underscoring the uncertainty of the political landscape weeks before parliamentary elections.

The bombings, which killed 36 people and wounded 71, seemed to be the latest chapter of a campaign that began in August and that has hewn to a relentlessly political logic.

That would be tortured logic, readers.

With similar attacks in August, October, and December, insurgents have sought to wreck pillars of Baghdad’s government and civic life, proving that the government and its security forces are unable to preserve the state’s fledgling authority.

Wouldn't they WAIT until AFTER we left?

The targets yesterday were hotels that served foreign journalists and expatriate businessmen, and they were soon to house observers of the March 7 parliamentary elections, suggesting that the attack was aimed as much at shaping opinions abroad of the government’s durability as it was aimed at wreaking destruction. “The attackers wanted to send a message to the world,’’ said Hazim al-Nuaimi, a political analyst here. “The message is that Iraq can’t provide security for foreigners.’’

And THUS the U.S. must STAY!!!!

The bombs cut through snarled traffic at rush hour and sheared off a facade of one hotel. In streets strewn with broken glass, where the scent of shorn eucalyptus trees mixed with the stench of charred flesh, some survivors rued a sense of the inevitable. In the past attacks - wrecking ministries, government offices, a courthouse, colleges, and a bank - the blasts had thundered across the capital, only to be followed by weeks of relative calm. With the passage of each peaceful day, they said, time for a recurrence seemed to be growing short.

“We had been expecting more,’’ said Abbas Salman, gazing at a street where rescue workers carried severed legs and arms through crowds of stunned onlookers. The three bombs exploded within about 10 minutes of each other during afternoon rush hour. The first struck the Ishtar Sheraton at 3:28 p.m.; followed three minutes later by one at the Babylon Hotel; and then, at 3:37 p.m., by one at the Hamra Hotel. The Hamra and Sheraton are home to much of the capital’s foreign press corps. The Washington Post reported that three of its staff members were wounded by flying glass, though the injuries were not life threatening.

The blasts shook the city and shattered windows miles away. In neighborhoods near the hotels, which are within about a mile of each other, residents spilled into the streets wailing, as plumes of dust, smoke and debris wafted across the skyline. Staccato bursts of gunfire echoed through the streets, as security forces tried to cordon off the bombing scenes, some of them draped in the banners and flags of a major Shi’ite Muslim commemoration this week. “By God, move!’’ one officer shouted. “Are you staring at people’s disasters?’’

Oh, THIS STINKS, readers!! If it is "Al-CIA-Duh" ....

Residents often answered with their own anger, in a striking sign of the lack of respect the security forces, particularly the police, are often shown in the capital. “We have the right to complain!’’ one survivor shouted at a police officer....

Damn right!

The highest toll, 16 dead and 33 wounded, was reported at the Hamra Hotel, situated in a densely populated but fortified neighborhood....

So how did they get through, huh?

At checkpoints punctuating nearly every street, intersection, and bridge, nearly all of the Iraqi forces deploy a bomb-detecting device that Britain has banned for export on the grounds that it is useless. Iraqi officials have said they would begin an investigation into why the government paid at least $85 million to a British company, ATSC Ltd., for at least 800 of the bomb detectors, called ADE 651s. But the Interior Ministry has yet to withdraw the device from duty, and some officials have continued to defend its effectiveness....



"Fraud alleged over devices used in Iraq to detect bombs" by Riyadh Mohammed, New York Times | January 24, 2010

BAGHDAD - The ADE 651 is a hand-held wand with no batteries or internal electronic components, ostensibly powered by the static electricity of the user, who needs to walk in place to charge it. The only moving part is what looks like a radio antenna on a swivel, which swings to point toward the presence of weapons or explosives....


Barnum was right: there is a sucker born every second, and the world is now full of them!

The owner of a British company that supplies possibly worthless bomb detectors to Iraq has been arrested on fraud charges and export of the devices has been banned, British government officials confirmed yesterday. Iraqi officials reacted angrily to the news, noting a series of horrific bombings in the past six months despite widespread use of the bomb detectors at hundreds of checkpoints in Baghdad.


“This company not only caused grave and massive losses of funds, but it has caused grave and massive losses of the lives of innocent Iraqi civilians, by the hundreds and thousands, from attacks that we thought we were immune to because we have this device,’’ said Ammar Tuma, a member of the Iraqi parliament’s Security and Defense Committee.

Well, now you know better about your "liberators."

Liberating you only from your money over a lie.

But the Ministry of the Interior has not withdrawn the device from duty and police officers continue to use them.


They KNOW they DON'T WORK but are USING THEM anyway?

Iraqi officials said they would begin an investigation into why their government paid $85 million to the British company, ATSC Ltd., for about 800 of the bomb detectors, called ADE 651s. The New York Times first reported official doubts about the device in November, citing American military officials and technical experts who said the ADE 651 was useless, despite widespread reliance on it in Iraq.

Oh, what a STINKING STENCH, folks!


More stink:

"Architect of biggest chemical weapons attack against civilians is executed; Majid ordered gassing of 5,000 in Kurdish village" by Brian Murphy, Associated Press | January 26, 2010

BAGHDAD - Ali Hassan al-Majid bore a striking resemblance to Hussein and was one of the most brutal members of the dictator’s inner circle.

The general led sweeping military campaigns in the 1980s and 1990s that claimed tens of thousands of lives - wiping out entire villages in attacks against rebellious Kurds and cracking down on Shi’ites in southern Iraq. He was one of the last high-profile members of the former Sunni-led regime still on trial in Iraq.

Related: Occupation Iraq: Gas From the Past

Majid was a warrant officer and motorcycle messenger in the army before Hussein’s Ba’ath Party led a coup in 1968.


"A Tyrant 40 Years in the Making

In 1963 Britain and Israel backed American intervention in Iraq.... The United States armed Kurdish insurgents. The C.I.A.'s ''Health Alteration Committee,'' as it was tactfully called.... set up a base of operations in Kuwait, intercepting Iraqi communications and radioing orders to rebels.... In 1968, after yet another coup, the Baathist general Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr seized control, bringing to the threshold of power his kinsman, Saddam Hussein. Again, this coup, amid more factional violence, came with C.I.A. backing."

Gee, it all FEELS SO FAMILIAR, doesn't it, readers?

He was promoted to general and served as defense minister from 1991-95, as well as a regional party leader. In 1988, as the eight-year Iran-Iraq war was winding down, Majid commanded a scorched-earth campaign known as Anfal to wipe out a Kurdish rebellion in the north. An estimated 100,000 people - most of them civilians - were killed in less than a year....

We've killed millions in just seven years.

We're number one.


Poison gas had largely fallen out of use after its horrendous effects in World War I until Hussein used it as a way to stave off Iran’s superior numbers during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war.

Which the U.S. HELPED HIM WITH as far as MATERIAL and TARGETS.

Strangely absent from the synopsis, as is AmeriKa's chemical weapons use in Vietnam.

Under Majid’s leadership, chemical weapons became the Iraqi tool of choice against the villages of the rebellious Kurds hidden in the mountainous terrain of the north, making the victims primarily civilians this time instead of enemy soldiers....

Hey, I'm not FOR gassing ANYONE, folks. Just making a point about MSM selectivity.

The 5,000 dead in the March 16, 1988, gas attack on Halabja represents the biggest chemical weapons attack against civilians in history, and the world could no longer turn a blind eye to Iraq’s tactics.

Even though they DID JUST THAT at the TIME!

The Reagan administration BLAMED IRAN at first!!!

Of course, the Kurds FOUGHT on IRAN'S SIDE (the Shiite south -- Arab, not Persian -- did not(?) -- which is why they got the gas!

The development, production, and stockpiling, as well as use, of chemical weapons were banned under a 1997 UN convention.

Of course, U.S. has TONS of the s***, but....

To date, 188 countries have ratified the convention; only Angola, Somalia, Egypt, Syria, Israel, North Korea, and Myanmar have not.

Who is that again?

Majid was also linked to crackdowns on Shi’ites in southern Iraq, including the bloody suppression of their 1991 uprising, which also involved the use of poisonous gas.

Oh, really? Hadn't jeard as much about that one!

He was also sentenced to death for that.

They can only kill you once, right?


Unless you are an "Al-CIA-Duh" cut-out!

Then they keep bringing you back. But that's for later.

More boom-boom first:

"Insurgents launch another attack in Baghdad; Truck bomb kills 38 one day after hotels targeted" by Qais Mizher and Leila Fadel, Washington Post | January 27, 2010

BAGHDAD - A suicide bomber driving a truck packed with explosives attacked the Iraqi Interior Ministry’s forensics division yesterday morning in downtown Baghdad, killing at least 38 people.

The attack, occurring a day after coordinated bombings on three landmark hotels in the capital, demonstrated that insurgents remain capable of carrying out back-to-back attacks in this heavily guarded city. Yesterday’s blast drove up the death toll in the capital over the past 24 hours to nearly 75 people. Nearly 200 people were wounded in the explosions.

Outside the building targeted yesterday, residents and police officers spoke angrily about the country’s leaders, blaming the bloodshed on political rivalry.... Police officers at the scene were uncharacteristically blunt. When an argument broke out over whether to allow a reporter access to the site, one officer prevailed by saying, “Let him work; we shouldn’t keep covering up the mistakes of the politicians.’’

The recent attacks and a string of powerful, coordinated bombings that targeted government buildings last fall are believed to have been carried out by Sunni extremists determined to topple Iraq’s US-backed, Shi’ite-led government. Government officials say members of Saddam Hussein’s Ba’ath Party have joined forces with the insurgent group Al Qaeda in Iraq in an effort to return to power by making Iraq ungovernable as the US military withdraws....

THAT LIE didn't work BEFORE the WAR and it AIN'T GOING to WORK NOW!!

“Let me tell you one thing,’’ a police officer at the bomb scene said, standing near concrete barriers that were toppled by the blast. “The best of our commanders are from the Ba’ath Party, and if anyone tells you this explosion was carried out by Al Qaeda or Ba’athists, don’t believe them.’’

I don't.

General Ray Odierno, the top US commander in Iraq, said Al Qaeda in Iraq, which he contended has turned into a leaner, more mobile organization, carried out Monday’s bombings. “It’s morphed into a covert terrorist organization,’’ Odierno said yesterday morning. “Their focus is to conduct clear terrorism.’’

What BULL-CRAP -- unless he means "Al-CIA-Duh!!!!"

Speaking before news of yesterday’s attack broke, Odierno said the recent coordinated attacks have happened weeks apart, suggesting the organization behind them is unable to plan and carry out sustained attacks. He said Al Qaeda in Iraq is currently controlled by 5 to 10 highly educated Iraqis with backgrounds in engineering and finance.


No longer able to control large areas in Baghdad and northern Iraq, the group has established small, well-trained cells, Odierno said. “They focus resources on these cells and they move them around the country very carefully,’’ he said. Odierno said the bombs are probably manufactured in the outskirts of Baghdad and smuggled into the city, which has hundreds of checkpoints.

Using a PoS detector from the false-flagging British!

He said he expects the 60 days after the vote will be the most critical because political infighting over the myriad unresolved issues could make establishing a new government a protracted process. More blasts are likely in the days ahead, he said....




"Qaeda group says it carried out hotel blasts" by Washington Post | January 28, 2010

Remember, readers, the Washington Post is the CIA 's newspaper.

Yup, straight from the horse's mou..., well, try the other end.

BAGHDAD - The umbrella organization that includes Al Qaeda in Iraq has taken responsibility for three massive bombings that targeted prominent hotels in Baghdad on Monday, calling them “legitimate targets.’’

The Sheraton, Babylon, and Hamra hotels, which are heavily guarded and surrounded by blast walls, were picked because the group sees them as assisting the Iraqi government, according to a translation of the claim of responsibility issued by SITE Intelligence Group, which analyzes terrorist organizations.

Oh, another SCOOP for SITE, huh?

The hotels have housed Western journalists, which the organization accused of writing unduly positive stories about Iraq’s security forces....

Yeah, I'm sure the "terrorists" care what is written in the jewspapers -- especially since most of them are illiterate!!!

Where do you find a copy of the Boston Globe in the Middle East anyway? Israel?


BAGHDAD - A key Al Qaeda in Iraq figure involved in smuggling hundreds of suicide bombers across the border from Syria has been killed in a raid in northern Iraq, the US military said yesterday.

The military called the death a blow to the insurgent organization in Iraq, but acknowledged it remains very much capable of carrying out well-planned, coordinated assaults with large body counts. A series of attacks against three hotels and a police crime lab in Baghdad this week killed dozens. The US military said it had confirmed the identity of the operative through fingerprints and other means.

Oh, well, who could doubt that?

The man was identified as Saad Uwayid Obeid Mijbil al-Shammari, also known as Abu Khalaf, the military said in a statement. Abu Khalaf was killed Jan. 22 during a joint US-Iraqi raid in the northern city of Mosul, about 60 miles from the Syrian border. He was killed after he broke free from his restraints and attacked his guard, the military said.

Yeah, whatever.

He was believed to have been moving foreign fighters across the border since 2006, the same year a US air strike killed Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the founder of Al Qaeda in Iraq.

Uh-huh: Al-Zarqawi Video Is A Pentagon Propaganda Psy-Op

The military said he also worked as a financier, gathering and distributing money and weapons to Al Qaeda throughout the country....

Not anymore, right?