Friday, January 29, 2010

Sarkozy Shills For New World Order

Sucking up to the masters is he!

"Sarkozy seeks new monetary system; He would reduce role of US dollar" by Katrin Bennhold, International Herald Tribune | January 28, 2010

DAVOS, Switzerland - France wants to use its presidency of the Group of 20 next year to create a new international monetary system, President Nicolas Sarkozy said yesterday, adding that he believed the US dollar should no longer be the primary reserve currency in the global economy.

And SAY GOODBYE to YOUR STANDARD of LIVING, America! Now you will know what it feels like to have money in Zimbabwe!!!

Btw, THAT COUNTRY has been ABSENT the NEWS PAGES for a long, long, time -- as has MOST of AFRICA lately (as usual).

You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd swear my Zionist War Daily was racist, but we all know better than that. There would never be any divisive, ulterior motive to their noble and altruistic agenda-pushing, 'er, news reporting. They would never conceal misery or poverty anywhere on the planet, right?

In an expansive and lofty speech to the business and political leaders gathered here at the annual World Economic Forum, Sarkozy also called for a revolution in international regulation.... Like British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, he backed a tax on financial market transactions.

Yeah, we all know they are in this together.

But Sarkozy, pursuing his call for a more moral form of financial capitalism, suggested the proceeds be used to combat climate change and create a World Environment Organization like the World Trade Organization....


But before an audience that contained many Americans and many Chinese, his comments on currencies arguably had the greatest resonance. “We need a new Bretton Woods,’’ Sarkozy told a packed auditorium. “We can’t have on the one hand a multipolar world and on the other a single reserve currency on a global level.’’


The powerbrokers at Davos were not Sarkozy’s only audience. Six weeks ahead of regional elections in France, which are widely seen as at least a partial judgment on his presidency, the president has tried to reverse a decline in his approval rating, currently at a record low....

Sarkozy was the first French president to give the keynote address at the Davos forum, and it afforded him the chance to pit well-paid bankers against ordinary citizens....

Yeah, right, he is DOING IT for the GOOD of the PEOPLE!