Wednesday, January 27, 2010

House Considering Hollowed-Out Healthcare Bill


"Democrats consider dropping insurance ban on pre-existing conditions

An astute blogger noted that the new proposals floated by Democrats in the wake of the massive health care bill's collapse is a provision that would bar denying coverage for those with pre-existing conditions -- but only if they were under 19. "Did someone just chuck pre-existing conditions overboard?" he wrote."


So ALL you are getting is a MANDATE to PURCHASE an OVER-EXPENSIVE, INADEQUATE, CRAP CARE PLAN from the insurance companies or face a TAX PENALTY!

WASHINGTON - Seeking to salvage a health care overhaul, congressional leaders are considering a plan to pass the Senate bill with some changes to accommodate House Democrats, senior Democratic aides said yesterday.

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Checking the Pulse of Democrats

Oh, they were just "playing" dead, huh?

Leaders will present the idea to the rank and file this week, but it is unclear whether they have enough votes to carry it out.... Democratic congressional aides, speaking on condition of anonymity because the issue is in flux, said the latest strategy involves using a special budget procedure to revise the Senate bill. The procedural route - known as reconciliation - would allow a majority of 51 senators to amend their bill to address some of the major substantive concerns raised by the House. That would circumvent the 60-vote majority needed to hold off Republican stall tactics.

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Only changes that affect taxes and government spending would normally be allowed to pass with a majority of 51 senators.

That is why you are ONLY GETTING the TAX, America!

It is unclear that other major disputes - for example, how to restrict taxpayer funding for abortions - could be settled similarly. The new strategy is politically risky..... Polls show the public is deeply skeptical of the Democratic bills, and Republicans would accuse Democrats of ignoring voters’ wishes.

That never stopped them before.

Obama initially voiced doubts last week that a comprehensive bill was still viable, but he now seems to be pushing for it.

And THAT is NO CHANGE at ALL from the LAST LIAR, America!!!

And tonight he is going to give a speech no one gives a shit about except the MSM.

Among those arguing for a quick strike on health care is David Plouffe, the political adviser who helped elect Obama president and has just been summoned back by the White House to help in this year’s elections.

Oh, it is not 2008, Obama.

It's 2010, and times have changed in this regard. Bringing back your 2008 hack isn't going to help us forget all the broken promises, betrayals, andBush policies you continue to promote.

I didn't think it would happen myself, but this country has FORGOTTEN ALL ABOUT George Bush and the before times!

Please tell me your brilliant political staff is not as dim-witted and blind as his.

“I know that the short-term politics are bad,’’ Plouffe argued in a Washington Post op-ed. “But politically speaking, if we do not pass it, the GOP will continue attacking the plan as if we did anyway, and voters will have no ability to measure its upside.’’

So the hope is gone with the change, huh?



"Democrats back off on health bill, say there’s ‘no rush’; Little movement expected for several weeks" by Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Associated Press | January 27, 2010

WASHINGTON - House Democratic leaders were trying to get their rank and file to accept a modified version of the Senate bill. Representative Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, the number three Democrat, told reporters he believes the House could pass the Senate bill if lawmakers get rid of special Medicaid deals for Louisiana and Nebraska and dial back a tax on high-cost insurance plans opposed by labor unions....

Then those same senators kill it, right?

Democrats now have four options, Hoyer said: No bill, a scaled-back measure designed to attract some Republican support, the House passing the Senate bill, or the House passing the Senate bill with both chambers making changes to bridge their differences. Of the four options that Steny Hoyer, a Maryland Democrat and the House majority leader, outlined, only one has been ruled out. Pelosi said last week that she does not have the votes to pass the Senate bill without any changes....

Opposition to the health care remake in Washington helped spark the Massachusetts revolt....

Oh, now we are "revoltin'" up here!! Thanks for the compliment!


Btw, I'm one of the ONE-PERCENTERS of Massachusetts, so MY HANDS are CLEAN!!