Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Same MSM Formula For Flight 409

Formula 409 is an all-purpose cleaner here in the U.S., readers -- and a perfect analogy for MSM cover-ups.

So while passengers must be searched and scanned over non-existent bogeymen and pitiful patsies, the real problems with aircraft remain unaddressed or concealed?

To see why I will never believe a MSM account of plane crashes ever again, see
plane crashes and go 5, 10, 15 deep.

The papers and government lie about everything else (including the most mundane and minute s***), so what makes you think they are coming clean about... anything?

First report:

"Ethiopian plane with 90 aboard crashes into sea" by New York Times | January 25, 2010

It's good dung, I have to give 'em that.

NEW YORK - An Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed into the Mediterranean Sea this morning shortly after it took off from Beirut International Airport in stormy weather. Officials said 82 passengers and eight crew members were on board.

“The flight lost contact with Lebanese air traffic controllers shortly after takeoff,’’ said Wogayehu Terefe, a spokeswoman for Ethiopian Airlines. She added that a rescue crew was headed to the crash site to see if anyone had survived....

A Lebanese aviation official told the Associated Press the plane disappeared from radar 45 minutes after taking off. Although African airlines in general have a shaky safety record, Ethiopian Airlines has a relatively good history....

Sniff, sniff?

The Boeing 737 is one of the most widely used planes in the world, and while it has a fine overall safety record.... There have been questions about the plane’s rudders, notably in a 1994 crash near Pittsburgh in which an airliner inexplicably fell out of the sky from about 8,000 feet.

Yeah, "inexplicable."


Second report (first in my printed matter):

"Witnesses saw Ethiopian plane tumble out of the sky; 90 feared dead; weather may have been factor" by Bassem Mroue, Associated Press | January 26, 2010

BEIRUT - The first sign of trouble was a flash of light on the horizon yesterday - and then witnesses said the Boeing 737 tumbled like “fire falling down from the sky’’ into the stormy Mediterranean Sea.

All 90 aboard the Ethiopian Airlines jet were feared dead in the predawn crash. Lebanon’s leaders ruled out terrorism while investigators collected witness accounts in hopes they could provide clues. Aviation experts cautioned it was too early to know what brought down the plane jet - particularly without the black boxes.

Yeah, a LOT of times the authorities claim they NEVER GET 'EM BACK!

We allegedly never did on 9/11, even though witnesses saw them and said FBI scooped 'em up. Allegedly never found them with the French crashes out of Brazil and Yemen, either, right? All sorts of conflicting reports there, but... ???

No survivors had been found by nightfall, and the health minister told reporters 21 bodies were recovered. Marla Pietton, wife of the French ambassador to Lebanon, was among those on board, according to the French Embassy.


Lebanese President Michel Suleiman said terrorism was not suspected in the crash of Flight 409. “Sabotage is ruled out as of now,’’ he said....


I mean, BODIES are still FLOATING in to the BEACHES, right?

Witnesses and the Lebanese army said the plane was on fire shortly after takeoff.

But it flew for 45 minutes before dropping off radar?

A defense official said some witnesses reported the plane broke up into three pieces....

And with a FLASH of LIGHT, huh?

Were there any WAR GAMES in the AREA?!!

How about a BOMB on BOARD, would THAT DO IT?

Sidney Dekker, a professor of flight safety at the School of Aviation at Lund University in Sweden and a 737 pilot, said that if reports of an engine fire proved to be correct, the accident could have resulted from a loss of control at a relatively low altitude where it would have been difficult to recover.

But they had 'em on radar for 45 MINUTES!

Poor visibility in low clouds combined with high winds may have contributed to the problem faced by the pilots trying to regain control, he said. An international rescue effort was launched after the crash.

Translation: the COVER-UP is beginning.


And just let the words REMOTE OPERATION sink into your mind before this next item. I'll let you know when they struck me.

"Pilot in Beirut crash made ‘fast and strange turn’ after takeoff; Ignored advice of tower, went opposite way" by Zeina Karam, Associated Press | January 27, 2010

Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!!!!

Hear the BELLS, readers?

BEIRUT - The pilot of a doomed Ethiopian Airlines flight made a “fast and strange turn’’ minutes after takeoff from Beirut in a thunderstorm, Lebanon’s transportation minister said yesterday, disclosing new clues about the plane’s few minutes in flight.


Ghazi Aridi cautioned, however, against reaching any conclusions about the cause of the crash, saying it was far too early and investigators still need to find the black boxes. All 90 people on board the plane bound for Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, were feared dead from the crash, which happened about 2:30 a.m. Monday. A second day of rescue operations using sonar-equipped boats and divers turned up only a few body parts, extinguishing hope of finding any survivors. Search teams scoured the sea floor trying to find the bulk of the wreckage as well as the black box and flight data recorder, which are critical to determining the cause of the crash.

We shall see how long the MSM keeps its eye on this, and what garbage the governments put out.

Aridi disclosed that the plane flew in the opposite direction from the path the control tower recommended after taking off in stormy weather. He said the pilot initially followed the tower’s guidance, but then abruptly changed course.

Oh, I'm hearing CHURCH BELLS NOW!!!!

“They asked him to correct his path, but he did a very fast and strange turn before disappearing completely from the radar,’’ Aridi said. “Nobody is saying the pilot is to blame for not heeding orders,’’ Aridi said, adding: “There could have been many reasons for what happened. . . . Only the black box can tell.’’

Anxiously awaiting recovery.

Dead people sort of taken a backseat, huh, readers?

Weird, interesting, fascinating, and sickening, that's all I can say.

It was not clear why the pilot veered off the recommended path. Like most other airliners, the Boeing 737 is equipped with weather radar, which the pilot may have used to avoid flying into thunderheads rather than following the flight tower’s recommendation.

Shaping, 'er, getting the official cover story, 'er, explanation out there?

Ethiopian Airlines said late Monday that the pilot had more than 20 years of experience.

The BELLS are NOW INSIDE MY HEAD, readers!


There ARE COMPANIES that DO IT, and it looks like it was done on 9/11.

Rescue teams and equipment sent from the UN and countries including the United States and Cyprus were searching an area up to 6 miles out to sea.

Yeah, when THEY ALL get involved I SMELL SOMETHING BAD!

Conditions were chilly but relatively clear yesterday.

Global warming.

It's the TROPICS and Mediterranean fer cryin' out loud, and it's CHILLY?