Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cutting Down Kenya's Classrooms

Had to do it!

Kenya Turns Terrorist

"Al-CIA-Duh" in Kenya

Of course, the proximity to the vital shipping lanes means nothing.

"US halts aid to Kenyan education programs" by Associated Press | January 27, 2010

NAIROBI - The United States has suspended a five-year plan to fund Kenya’s education programs following allegations that more than $1 million in funds went missing at the Education Ministry, its ambassador said yesterday.

The United States made the decision based on claims late last year that Education Ministry officials misappropriated $1.3 million of Kenyan government and donor funds to finance the country’s free primary school education program, US Ambassador Michael Ranneberger said at a luncheon of the American Chamber of Commerce in Kenya.

“Those culpable for the fraud should not merely be sacked; they should be prosecuted and put behind bars,’’ Ranneberger said.

So when is the U.S. going to do that with its own looters, 'eh?

The US funding was to be $7 million and begin this year, the ambassador said.

Gee, what a coincidence when they are looking to cut budgets, huh?

Kenya’s Finance Ministry audited the program late last year and found the funds missing. Britain announced in December that it was suspending its funding of the program....

When Kenya started the program in 2003, it earned praise across the world because more than 1 million children who had never been to school enrolled....

Well, so much for that!


Yes, these are the kinds of things the U.S government does when it turns hostile to you.

Policy is like a battleship: it can't turn on a dime, a needs time to pave the ground for "enemy" status. Can't go from being a friend to enemy overnight; then U.S. policymakers look bad.